tagErotic HorrorBoogeyman



Laura's descent into terror begins.

Chapter One: Not afraid of the dark

"Terror is when the lights go out and you feel something behind you, you hear it, you feel its breath against your ear, but when you turn around, there's nothing there..." Stephen King

Laura enters the dark bedroom closing the door behind her before reaching for the light switch. Her heart skips a beat as she catches a glimpse of ... something! Something is with her in the dark, just at the edge of her peripheral vision. She has never been afraid of the dark, so being in a dark room before reaching for the light switch is no big deal.

She remembers her Father telling her when she was five, "Darling, there is nothing in the dark that isn't also there in the light so go to sleep, 'mein schatz'." This was a comfort to her coming from a man who was so tall and strong, and like a Nordic god to her when she was little and settling in for the night.

Notwithstanding that perception, she could swear that what she saw was ... was ... a pair of eyes ... yellow eyes! She is thinking it might have been a light from outside—possibly lights from a passing car—flashing against the far corner.

"What the fuck!" she thinks to herself.

She has heard the family stories when she was eight from her Grandmother Laura, pointing a bony finger in her face as she told them, but she dismissed them as just ghost tales to excite a young girl's imagination. She loved her Grandmother—her namesake—and misses her since she disappeared some years ago.

She quickly flips the switch on and looks back in the same direction, and sees ... nothing! With her heart beating a little faster, she slowly and nervously reaches back and flips the switch back off. She is breathing very shallowly through her open mouth and can hear her heart beating in her ears as she slowly turns her eyes and gazes in the direction of the 'apparition.' Again, she sees nothing ... just her and the dark!

She breathes out with an audible sigh of relief, turns the light back on and slumps into the chair beside the door to relax her heart and breathing. Laura does not give the incident another thought as she rises and walks over to the bed, unbuttons her silk blouse letting it slide down her arms and off. She unzips the side zip on her skirt and wiggles her slender hips to let it slide from her shapely form. She takes the opportunity to smooth her hands over her panties-clad derriere. Her touch feels so good and gives her a slight tingle.

Laura has had a hard day at work and she is tired. She strips off the rest of her clothes and heads for the shower. Laura is tall and slender with blonde hair and clear blue eyes. She is the Chief Financial Officer for a local bank; she has a bachelor of science degree in finance and an MBA, both from Columbia. She is determined to wash her awful day away under the soothing rain, and maybe pleasure herself a little. She smiles to think about how naughty she is touching herself.

The water runs over her body as she moves her soapy hand over her large, firm breasts. It feels so good to her as her hands move over her tight thirty-two year old figure. She slides her fingers over her mound to tickle her clitty. She moans softly with the self-pleasuring, as the cares of the day rinse from her body, swirl around the drain and disappear. "Good riddance!" she thinks. She shudders in a jittery little orgasm, and can still feel a little of the lingering tingle in her buttocks as she towels off. "Mmm, delicious!" she says quietly to herself.

She slips into a maroon and gold over-sized long-sleeve T-shirt left behind by an ex-boyfriend. It is soft and well worn, and she just lets it caress her body and comfort her. This shirt says Harvard across the front in their distinctive block letters, with the school emblem under them.

Laura has made a thing of collecting long-sleeved T's and sweatshirts from different exclusive schools. She loves to wear them to sleep in, and just to relax around her townhouse. This one is long on her and covers her nearly to her knees. As she bends to lower the sheets and coverlet, she glances into the full-length mirror behind her. It reveals her slender muscular thighs, but no hint of her shapely ass.

She pads out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, pulls the cork from a bottle of Chardonnay, and then out to the living room to put on some music. She knows about wines and favors the consistently high quality of selected California vintners. French, Italian, and German wines are too 'iffy' mostly due to the changeable climate of those countries.

She likes popular music anywhere from Bruno Mars, and Usher, to Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. She also likes retro-French artists like Françoise Hardy and Charles Aznavour; and she likes the Baroque stuff: Bach, Telemann, and Scarlatti. But tonight, she is giving herself to Mr. Vivaldi and his Four Seasons. She wants Antonio's amazing sound in her ears and washing over her body as she relaxes.

The wine is crisp and the violin concertos lively, as she picks up a book she has ignored for a few days. As she reads with her feet propped up on the coffee table, she hears a creak coming from the bedroom. Laura is not easily alarmed, since she prefers reason and logic to superstition, but tonight she cannot keep her heart from skipping another beat from the sound. She decided to get up and look around, but just as she rises from her couch, her cell phone rings.

"This is Laura!" she says into the speaker.

"Hey baby, what's goin' on?"

"Oh hi David, um nuthin' just chillin'."

"Need some company doll?"

"Well, I had kind of a shitty day, and I am just mellowing before I hit the sack."

"Didn't really answer the question!" He insists.

She thinks about the strange apparition, and the noise and answers, "Um, yah! I guess so!" She is thinking that a little company might be nice with all of the startling little apparitions and creaks tonight.

"Well don't do me any favors, baby!" He chuckles. She becomes more direct and sincere with her invitation by saying,

"David I would love to see you tonight, but I am not going anywhere and not getting dressed, so you'll have to take me as is! I am wearing one of your old long-sleeve T's," then in a whisper says, "and nothing else!"

"Bangin ... see you in a few!"

"Bangin?" she chuckles questioning his choice of idioms.

"Yah, like it 'be bangin'!" he says with an inner-urban accent.

"Well, you 'be bangin'! Where the hell does a Harvard lawyer from an upscale part of Connecticut get a word like that?" She challenges him.

"This conversation is definitely ... not 'bangin'!" He says in embarrassed frustration. She chuckles at getting to him.

"See you darling!" She says singingly, ending the conversation.

She moves to the mirror in the entryway to check herself out.

"Shit! Hair's an f'ing mess!" She grabs her brush from the bathroom, and soon her blonde locks are soft and smooth to her shoulders. She checks herself out again and says, "Eh!" thinking it is good enough for David on a casual night.

David is a friend, sort of without benefits currently, but he is a good friend ... someone on whom she can unload her problems and worries. He and Laura had been romantic at one time but decided to remain just friends rather than breaking up, although she still has a warm affection for him. He is not happy with this arrangement, but he loves her and he hopes to improve his fortunes, with a return to their former romantic state. Laura is still not completely averse to saying 'yes' to him occasionally though. They are just at different places right now—at least that is what she uses as an excuse.

Laura is a busy professional and is not ready to commit to anything more permanent. They were simply at a better place during the time they dated. David is tall and good looking, slender and well-muscled at thirty-four, and a lawyer with a Harvard degree. He is a past racquetball champion at his club, having had to give way lately to younger and stronger players.

The doorbell chimes, and Laura moves to open it, still dressed only in the long-sleeve T, but she added pink bikini panties and footies. "No sense in driving him completely crazy tonight." She thinks.

"Hi doll." He says as he hugs her. He pushes her back at arm's length to take in her casual wardrobe.

"Damn Laur, you look a helluva lot better in that shirt than I ever did; especially with all of this ... poetry!" He says indicating her full round breasts filling out the shirt so nicely with nipples poking through.

"C'mon in David! That is, if you're through staring at me tits!" She turns to lead him into the living room, but looks over her shoulder and gives him a sexy look.

He walks in with his eyes glued to her ass, and hearing her music selection says,

"Oh Four Seasons! That's um a—"

"—total shit, yah I know, (she laughs) but it fits my mood after the long day—it's cheery." She says as she moves over to the machine and bends down seductively to shut it off.

"How about a movie tonight instead, David?" she asks as she starts to rummage through the cabinet drawer containing her DVD's and BD's. She is aware that the back her T-shirt is riding up and close to exposing the bottom of her ass cheeks, and without looking around asks,

"David! You're not staring at my ass, are you?"

"You know I am doll, you've got a great little ass ... as I remember!" He turns his head to different angles, enjoying the sight and the shape of her through the thin pink material of her panties. She lifts the shirt up a little and wiggles her ass, just to tease him.

"Well, if you are a good boy, maybe I'll give you some tonight ... and ... maybe not! But, thanks for calling it 'little.'" Then she giggles as she turns around with a couple of movie selections. He picks one, and she slips it into the slot in the player. As she is doing this, he goes into the kitchen yelling back to her,

"Gittin' myself a beer, want one?" She quickly drains her wineglass.

"Yah beer's good. Thanks baby!" she says in a cheery voice after such a crappy day. She is beginning to feel very happy about having David around tonight. "Maybe I will give him some tonight!" She is thinking to herself.

She settles on the couch again with her feet on the edge of the coffee table, and he is in the matching chair close to her where they can both watch the movie. He opens the conversation by asking her about her day. It seems that the word "shitty" describes it the best, but he asks for more details.

She tells him the details about her day: the argument with her boss over some figures and the constant interruptions from staffers and department managers, making demands on her time. She ends by telling him that her day was definitely 'not bangin.' David listens intently but smiles sheepishly at her last comment. His look tells Laura that he is intently listening to what she is saying. She really loves that about him ... he always shows genuine interest in her!

"I'm so sorry, what a selfish bitch I am tonight! David, tell me about your day honey."

"Laur, I'm a patent lawyer, every day is the same as every other day ... but I like it. The work is interesting; you get to see all of the ideas, inventions, and shit clients come up with. Plus, I get a little business travel in as well. I worked with a regular client today who is kind of a kitchen gadget king, with a new idea."

"Well, that sounds so ... so—" she starts to say, but he interrupts her,

"—boring? I know! Not as exciting as the world of high finance, but I like what I do!"

"Well you'd be surprised how boring that can be sometimes." She says as she is leaning forward, casually running her fingers through the hair on his forearm. She looks up into his eyes, and says,

"This movie sucks and I, um, don't exactly want to be alone David! Would you stay with me tonight?"

David can tell that she is in the mood for a little horizontal relaxation, and grabs the remote to end the sucky movie. They rise, and he takes her hand to lead her into the bedroom. He strips down to just his navy blue boxer briefs, and she backs up onto the bed. He craws into the bed, slides her sox off and she leans back on her arms. He kisses her, and she says,

"David darling, I need you tonight!"

"You know I'm here for you Laur, honey ... whatever you need!"

As he moves in closer, she lies back on the bed and puts her arms around him as they kiss passionately. He looks into her eyes, searching them for a clue as to why she it broke off with him, but still seems to want to keep him around. He is just about to say something softly to her when they both hear a loud THUMP, coming from either the living room or the extra bedroom beyond.

"What the fuck was that!" He asks rhetorically.

"Ch-check it out will you David? I'll wait here." She sits up pulling the coverlet to her chin and bites her lower lip, nervous ... frightened.

He leaves to look around, and as she looks around the bedroom. Her eyes travel to the dark hallway leading to her private bathroom. She sees a couple of glowing dots, like eyes, but as quickly as they appear and grow in intensity, they dim and disappear.

She gets out of bed, and walks down toward the dark hallway leading to the bathroom. She has to walk into the darkness for a little to get to the light switch.

"Shit!" She says as she remembers that.

She hears some coarse breathing ... heavy, like from someone—or something large. She feels the breath from in front of her, and then on the back of her neck. She reaches out slowly and nervously for the switch. She shuts her eyes, flips the light switch, opens one eye, then both and sees ... nothing.

Suddenly, a large hand falls on her shoulder and she lets out a blood-curdling scream as she braces against the wall away from the touch.

It is David. He says, "Nothing out there, must be the wind or something."

"Jesus Christ David!" She yells at him. "You scared the living shit out of me!" She says crying and breathing hard. He hugs her as she rushes into his arms, and he says,

"There's something going on here that you are not telling me!"

"I guess I'm just a little jumpy tonight, okay darling?"

"Not buying it Laur, tell me what's going on." He insists.

She explains about the sights and sounds she has seen and heard tonight, and tells him that she has no explanation for it. David realizes that Laurie is not generally delusional, and decides to accept her story at face value tonight, hoping for a better explanation later. She backs up onto the bed, and he follows. After she slides into the sheets, she softly says over her shoulder, still a little shaken up,

"Just hold me tonight, darling!"

Without answering, David slides in and spoons up behind her under the covers. She brushes her hair around the side and under her head, so it is not in David's face. He kisses her softly on the neck.

"Mmm! Feels so nice. Hold me tight David, I need you tonight."

He smiles to himself as he kisses her again letting his hand slide up under her T-shirt, over her stomach and up onto her round firm breasts. She can feel herself becoming aroused with his attentions to her, and she can feel him pushing into her crack, as David also becomes a little aroused.

She closes her eyes intent on falling asleep, but opens them a minute later. She reaches down and pulls her panties down as far as she can reach, and kicks them off the rest of the way. She turns around inside their embrace and pushes her crotch into his growing hard-on. She pulls his briefs down enough to free his thick seven-inch cock, and pulls him on top of her as she rolls onto her back with her legs spread.

She looks earnestly into his eyes and says softly,

"Please fuck me David! Do it nice and slow."

He can already feel that she is moist, and would love nothing more than to slide himself up inside her, but instead, he pushes her T-shirt up. She crosses her arms to pull it over her head and off, as her breasts jiggle and her blond hair mostly fans out on the bed underneath her. He kisses her. She can feel her arousal rising, and she jams her mouth into his kissing him open-mouthed as their tongues slide and slip around each other like some kind of soft fleshy duel.

He massages her breasts as she moans from the stimulation, and when he pinches her nipples, she squeals with delight. He kisses her stomach, the inside of her hips then her mound, and spreads the hood revealing her erectile clit to his lips and she lets out a squeal of delight as her body shudders from his sucking and biting it.

David just has to have a taste of her sweet pussy. He moves his lips down, and she can feel them on her sex as she breathes in short shallow breaths. When his slides his tongue inside her, she squeals again as she squirts all over his face in an earth-shattering-mind-blowing-sheet-grabbing orgasm.

That release of bodily fluids and her shudders seem to release all of the pent-up tensions of her day, and the frightening encounters. He moves up to hold her as she recovers from a dozen strong convulsions. She is crying on his shoulder as her body continues to shudder.

"Oh, David! You don't know how much I needed that, darling ... you were amazing!"

"Amazing is yet to come Laurie honey ... um, want to take a little break?"

"Okay yeah! Guess I am still a little hungry ... feed me David!"

She pulls on her long-sleeve T, and he is back in his briefs as they head for the kitchen. She pulls the cork from the opened bottle of wine, and sits on the on a kitchen stool watching him pull out some pans, and the makings for a midnight snack. Her smile belies her admiration for his culinary talents.

He quickly chops and sautés up some veggies with butter. He cracks four eggs, and beating them smooth, adds them to the the veggies when they are ready, covering the pan. The result of his work is a large thick omelet kind of thing. He cuts it in half and plates it for each of them. She giggles with anticipation looking down at David's creation.

"David, why did we stop having um—" she starts to say as he interrupts her,

"—sex? A relationship? You wanted to date around a little, but I seemed to be a good shoulder to cry on when those dates and your hard days at work don't go quite right."

"Oh David, I know ... I'm such a shit, and you are so good to me! I really don't deserve you!"

"You got that right doll-face! But, I am stuck; I love you. And—I know this is a girl's line—but you were not ready for that kind of commitment."

"I know honey. Maybe we can start again ... but slowly ... and we can just see—we'll just see David, okay?" She says this as earnestly as she can.

"Let's have another glass of wine, finish your eggs and I'll show you why we hooked up to begin with." He says.

"Mmm, (she giggles girlishly) I do remember the good things, you know!" She says, holding her wineglass with both hands and looking at him over the rim as a sexy smile traces across her pretty face.

He moves his stool closer to hers and slides his hands up her inner thighs as she opens them for him, and he massages her pussy as they kiss tenderly. She shivers a little, and softly says,

"David darling, take me to bed!"

He picks her up in his arms, carries her into the bedroom and places her gently on the bed. She pulls her T-shirt off as he pulls of his briefs. He looks down at the beauty beneath him,

"My God Laura, you are so beautiful!"

She smiles, as she slowly and seductively nods her head 'uh huh.' He reaches down to massage her swollen cunt lips to make her wetter, and then slides a finger inside her. He can feel her quivering under his touch and can smell the sweet aroma of her sex ... she is back in the zone. She is breathing fast and shallow with open mouth, as he retracts his finger, repositions himself, and begins to slide seven inches of manhood into her.

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