tagLesbian SexBook 02: A Match Made Ch. 04

Book 02: A Match Made Ch. 04


"Separation Desolation -- Chapter Four"

Note 1: Please be aware that this story is plot driven and sex is not the central focus.

Note 2: The title pretty much describes the tone of this story. For those who are wondering -- there is no way I could title the first story Book I without tipping my hand there would be a Book II.

Note 3: In another fairly radical departure from my norm, Book II has been written in the voices of Lissy and Kara. Kara's parts are not written by me. It's the first time I've done a story with a partner.

It's highly recommended you read Book I in its entirety. I hope you enjoy the chapter. ~ AVL ~


** December 21st **


I woke Saturday morning like we fell asleep the night before -- me, glued to Kara, arms around her. I wasn't sure if she was awake so I stayed as still as I could. My bladder screamed at me and my tummy took turns groaning and growling. You bitches will have to wait until blondie wakes up.

I have no idea of time, so I haven't a clue how much passed when I heard her say, "What time is it?"

I kissed her neck and whispered, "Who cares? Good morning! I'm so happy to wake up with you again, Kara. It's been too long. Do you wanna use the bathroom first or should I?" She giggled. "I know; the important decisions early, right?"

"You go first -- later. I like your arms around me; missed them muchly." I laughed.


"What of it? You make shit up all the time; I can too ya know." I laughed. Has last night already resolved itself?

"Okay, fine, whatever. I'm gonna piss the bed if I don't go. I'm older than you, remember?"


"Fuck you!"

"Promises, promises."

"I did already, remember?" I rolled my blondie to her back and did that kissing thing we love to do.

"Why are you so good to me, Lissy?" 39 had kissed 56 into breathlessness, so it took me a few seconds to answer.

"I love you. That should, I believe, be enough." Her arms tightened around my neck. I admit I flinched for a blink.

"Your love will always be enough, woman, and don't you ever forget it." I grabbed a bunch of blonde and shook it. "I never worry about your love, Kara, and I hope you never worry about mine either." I looked her dead in the eye and said, "And if you ever do, you better fucking well tell me. I need to know, okay? Cuz I wanna fix whatever it is that has you doubting it now. Not soon. Not whenever." I stopped and swallowed back a flood of tears. "Are we clear?" She smiled.

"Crystal." I giggled.

"I'm Lissy, not Crystal. I'm sure Crystal is very pretty, lover, but I'm Lissy." She rolled her eyes.

"Ridiculous; that's what you are." I smiled.

"I don't think that was what Nat King Cole had in mind -- but then again, he didn't know you." She didn't waste a second.

"Nor did he know you, baby."

"Touché." Yeah, you'll be surprised -- that kissing thing happened again. And the most amazing thing happened.

We made love. Absolutely out of nowhere. Sweet, pure love made by two women who love each other.

And I'm not telling y'all another word about it. Sorry -- not this time!


We were in Kara's car heading to my house. I drove; she was leafing through a mess of envelopes and other junk mail.

"I'm so fucked, Lissy. I'm behind on my mortgage, my credit cards.... and I have no idea about the utilities."

"Hush you. We can do the utilities first so the lights and the like stay on. We'll call from the house this afternoon and get it all straightened away. Credit cards can wait. We'll call whoever holds the mortgage Monday -- no, Tuesday. I can take a vacation... wait. You know what? When we get home, I'm going to call Shade and Destiny. I've called the kids but not the two people who helped us get you free of those idiots."

"Can you believe that this all happened because you and I happened into her sister and her honey." I laughed.

"Honey indeed. Yeah well whatever, it is what it is. Rach and June, Kim and Honey -- it all led to Shade and Destiny. Thank god for that slim coincidence." I reached across the car and took her hand. "I don't even want to think where we'd be if not for that chance meeting in a grocery store."

Blondie looked at me with what could only be described as lust. I giggled. It had been a long time since I could say that. It had to be at least 45 minutes. Hee hee. We rock!

I was surprised and pleased to see Rachel's car in the driveway. I looked at Kara.

"Are you going to be okay being with the girls, lover?" She shrugged.

"They're here, we're here. Yeah, I'm excited to see them. It's been a while." She looked at me and said, "Let's go."

We went in through the garage. I announced our arrival by saying, "We're home." There were shrieks from upstairs. Kara and I looked at each other and laughed. The shrieks were not followed by feet hurrying down the stairs. We took our coats off, hung them up, and waited on the couch. Two flushed, disheveled, embarrassed women came about halfway down the stairs. June came to an abrupt stop; Rachel almost knocked the two of them down.

"Kara!! Oh my god you're here!!" They flew the rest of the way and jumped on a very flustered Kara. I was all but forgotten as they smothered a red faced blonde with kisses and hugs.

"How are you?"

"When did you and Mom get together?"

"Your hair is longer."

"Are you two okay?"

You get the idea. The questions came at her in rapid fire fashion; she would turn to answer one question and the other would ask another. It was like watching a tennis match -- but from 18 inches away.

"It's only been a couple of days. We're both still getting our bearings and have only begun to work some things out. We've got a ton of stuff yet to do," Kara said, "and all the time in the world to get it done." She smiled brightly.

June had nodded as Kara spoke. She leaned in, gave her a kiss and said, "I love you. I'm so glad you're home." Looking at me, she said, "It's just two people, Mom, but the world is so much better now that you and your honey are back."

"When I woke up this morning my arms were around my honey and I didn't move a muscle till she woke up. It had been far too long since I'd awakened that way and no way was I gonna leave her."

"And you had to pee like nobody's business." I laughed.

"TMI blondie!" The girls laughed.

"Aren't ya glad I'm back?" I stared.

"Yeah, I am."

"Okay, okay... enough of the love fest. Mom, what are you going to do about going to Jenna's? I mean... you had no way of knowing all this was going to happen."

"I don't know yet, honey. This all happened so fast and Christmas is a few days away. We have that and a host of other things to deal with this weekend before I go to work Monday." I looked at Kara. "Speaking of, I'm going to go upstairs and call Shade." She nodded. I said to my daughter, "What's on tap for the two of you? I was kinda surprised to see you."

"Neither of us has to work until later today. We actually planned on cleaning today, doing laundry, dusting, vacuuming, that sort of thing." Rachel do housework? Hold me while I faint. I looked at June.

"Is this true?" She nodded.

"We don't have all the money in the world, Mom. Surprising you with a clean home was going to be part of our Christmas present. We were surprised to see you too." Kara and I laughed; June never batted an eye. "Yeah, okay, we're busted."

I stood, looked at Kara and said, "You going to stay and supervise the cleaning?" She laughed.

"Yeah, that's it; that's the ticket." Turning to the other two, she said, "Hop to it you two." With a laugh I headed upstairs.

I closed the bedroom door, sat in my chair, and dialed. "Shade, hi, do you have a minute?"

"Of course I do, Lissy. How are you and Kara adjusting to being back together?" I squirmed.

"It's still too early to tell, Shade, but there was a problem last night." I went on to tell her about Kara's... event. Shade was quiet for what felt like a couple of minutes.

"I'm sorry to hear it, Lissy, but I'm not completely surprised. Are you both okay?" I could feel myself in danger of losing it.

"Oddly, we were intimate this morning. It was very much like old times and like nothing had happened. It was wonderful and..." I paused before saying, "It kind of scared me. I love her, Shade, and I don't... I can't.... I mean I don't know how to live with her when I'm not sure she's going to go off on me out of the blue."

"Lissy, I think I have an idea what you mean. And yes, it's very difficult. Have the two of you talked about what happened?"

"We did, but only after a fashion. It was a very brief chat and consisted of 'Go away' and 'No;' not those words of course, but words to that effect."

"Kara said 'go away' and you said 'no'?" I felt myself nod.

"She said something about wanting to hurt me and/or hurt herself." I hesitated a moment before continuing. "I'm scared, Shade. I went through some of this shit with my husband. I have ZERO interest in doing it with the woman I love." I shook my head. "Getting both of us to a shrink is a high priority after the holidays are over."

"I have a question for you, Lissy."


"Are you going to work Monday?"

"I was planning on it, yes."

"Did you give any thought to what Kara would do while you were gone?" Uh, no.

"Actually, no; I didn't think that far ahead. I guess things are pretty much minute to minute. Why?"

"I'd like to suggest you bring Kara here. The office will be on holiday hours anyway. Destiny can take the day off and keep Kara company. You have to go downtown anyway. It's not like it's an easy drive but I'll make the offer. I'm pretty sure Destiny won't mind if you and Kara don't." I was speechless, stunned.

"I don't even know what to say, Shade. If you think Destiny won't mind I'd be thrilled. I'm in your debt as it is." My mind was whirring as we talked. "I think I'll talk to my boss and take vacation time Tuesday... and now that I think about it, I can take Thursday and Friday off as well. I'm going to Minnesota Saturday to see my daughter. She and her husband invited me to spend the New Year with them." I stopped. "Oh shit, that's what... oh geez."

"When are you leaving?"

I had notes on my desk from when I'd made the reservations.

"My flight is a little after 1pm next Saturday. I'm scheduled to come home the morning of Thursday the 2nd. I planned on going right from the airport to work. That may have to be changed now that Kara is... oh god!! I have to look at all of this now that my honey is home." I shook my head.

"Don't be silly, Lissy. Kara is perfectly welcome to stay with us while you go see your family. Actually, it's the perfect plan. I'm certain Kara and Destiny will get on famously." I smiled. "I'll check with her of course, but why don't we put all that in pencil and talk... maybe this time tomorrow." How am I... are we... ever going to repay these two?

"I have no words for your generosity, Shade. How about you talk to your sweetie and I'll talk to mine. Call me tomorrow whenever it's convenient to do so. I better get downstairs and see what mischief is going on. My youngest, her sweetie and Kara are all down there." Shade chuckled.

"Talk to you tomorrow, Lissy. Please give my regards to Kara."

After saying goodbye to Shade I sat at the desk. It's hard to explain what I felt at that moment. Kara and I had laughed about the coincidence of meeting Kim and Honey, but really, who would even dream what would come from that.

I shook my head, stood, and headed downstairs.

The girls were in the great room on the couch, Kara between the other two, watching a movie.

"Busy cleaning I see." Think birds exploding while feeding on bread crumbs when someone claps. All three of them screeched in surprise and bounded to their feet.

My kid said, "Hi, Mom, what are we doing for lunch?" And they say only boys think with their stomachs!!

"Make yourself a sandwich... after you're done cleaning the bathroom." I turned to June. "And you; go clean the kitchen. I want it spotless." She giggled as she scurried off. I turned to my blonde. I saw a gleam in her eye as she stepped toward me. "Fat chance, you. Go find something to clean." A gorgeous pout broke out. "Oh stuff it!"

Hands on her hips, she said, "Is that a threat or a promise?" I laughed.

"Yes. I love you. Now go do something productive."

"Um, does me taking your clothes off count?" I smiled.

"It could -- IF I hadn't come downstairs and found all of you on the couch without a vacuum to be seen."

"Details, details. They made me do it." I couldn't help myself. I laughed, took her cute face in my hands and kissed her.

"You're totally retarded, thank god." Kara nodded.

"It's why I love you like I do." Touché! I smiled.

"Good one!! Now go clean something." She pouted. "Do it, pet." The blues shimmered.

"I like it. I missed us."

"Me too, lover, me too."


All the bed linens and towels were washed. Fresh towels hung in the bathrooms and all the beds have clean sheets. The windows were clean, dusting and vacuuming was done, the kitchen and bathrooms were clean and smelled fresh. My house was ready for Christmas! The girls had showered, changed, and headed into the city. Kara had gotten more than her share of love from each of them. They both hugged me just a bit longer than normal; they're really great kids.

"It's the Saturday before Christmas, lover. What would you like to do? We could drive around and look at Christmas decorations. We can watch a movie." Blue eyes looked at me with mischief and merriment.

"It probably won't surprise you but I'd like you naked and screaming my name." That's hard to believe... NOT!

"Okay, and after those 15 minutes are up then what?" Hands went to hips as a mad came to her eyes.

"Is that a nice thing to say to your beloved? Santa's peeps are listening I'll have you know." I shook my head.

"Let's see if we can some sense of what shape you're in financially." Kara groaned but nodded.


We spent several hours sorting through the box of mail. At least 2/3 of it was junk which we threw out. We put all of the utilities on her bank's bill pay feature and paid some of the balance on each of them, enough that everything would be okay until we resolved her job situation at the very least. I won't bore you with much more. The credit cards were a little tougher to deal with but we managed to mitigate some of the damage by bringing them all up to date.

"Give me all your credit cards, lover." Kara looked at me, puzzled. "We need to be careful with your money for a while. We'll figure out some stuff the next few days before I leave for my trip, but for now, you've got to be frugal AND live on cash." I smiled before saying, "I'll help, okay. We need to get you straightened out before we worry about work."

"What did Shade have to say by the way?"

"She suggested that you spend Monday with Destiny at their condo while I went to work." Kara's eyes widened. "She's going to talk to her honey and get back to me tomorrow. Are you okay with that?" She nodded slowly.

"We don't know them very well, baby, but it will be fun to spend a day with her... I think." My honey sat quietly for a bit before looking at me with sad eyes and saying, "My life has always been a series of ups and downs with the downs ruling the roost way too often." She looked down again, shook her head, looked up and said, "I had it all -- you, the kids, work, a place to live, friends. All the things I always dreamed of. And all of it after the misery of that bitch Alexis."

Her breath hitched as she continued, saying, "Mistress Kelly started me on the road to recovery. I met you after I'd gotten back on my feet." Her eyes searched my face before she said, "I almost threw it all away because I was afraid." She dropped her head, shook it, and in a soft voice said, "You're too good for me. And that doesn't even include Shade and Destiny, who have helped both of us so much. I don't deserve all of you after how stupid I was."

I sort of knew Kara was 'damaged' by what had happened way back in Michigan but it seems I was still learning just how badly all of it had hurt , damaged her, seemingly wrecked her self esteem and who knows what else. It broke my heart.

"Kara, give yourself a break, okay. You and I share blame for what went down. And this far after the fact, it doesn't do either of us any damn good to let what happened be what either of us focuses on." I smiled and reached to touch her soft cheek. "I'm so happy that you're here, that you're safe." I took her hand in mine. "That's what matters most."

Sexy came and squeezed herself on to my lap, straddling me. "Are we done with this crap? Can we get nekky yet?"

"Making you whole financially is hardly crap, blondie, and that's putting it mildly." She nodded as she pushed my shirt off my shoulders, taking my bra straps with them. "I can see I'm having a major influence on your thinking."

"Mm hmm." She never took her eyes off her prize -- prizes -- Sally and Jesse.

"Stop it." She giggled.

"Really?" What do you do when the woman you love wants to love you?

"Um... yeah." Her mouth had already latched on to my nipple. Damn nipples. Giggle.

"Mmkay," was mumbled as she slurped on Sally.

"Can we at least go upstairs so the nei..." Um... yeah. We didn't. Kara kissed me to shut me up then went back to what she had been doing. When she had finished molesting my breasts (she did a damn thorough job of it!) she kissed her way up to my mouth, then headed south again. She unbuttoned my jeans as she was kissing my tummy. I lifted from the couch to help her. She started to tug on them and, oddly, stopped.

She lay with her head on my right thigh, her hands still in my jeans. I looked down and saw her shoulders shake. Crying? Why? I couldn't imagine. We had made love this morning; she was energetic, passionate, giving, just like always. I hate putting it like this but it can't be helped. It was good to have my lover back. The love we made was a drug like no other and, addict that she'd made me, I had missed my Kara fix. I had gotten a damn good hit off my blonde drug this morning.

I waited until I was sure the crying jag was over before I said, "What's the matter, lover? Sally and Jesse are still tingling from your vigorous and thorough attention. Why did you stop?"

I had to strain to hear the soft reply. "She tricked me. I hate her. When you touch me I hear her voice, calling to me like you do." She started to cry again; her hands came out of my jeans and hugged my hips. It was so pitiful, such hard sobs it made me cry too. I rubbed my hand on her back in slow, small circles.



"Would you please come up here and let me hold you?" She shook her head. Dear god, what am I going to do?

I was both relieved and grateful when she got up, straddled me, and rested her head on my shoulder. But before she did she wiped her snotty nose on my leg. Yuckers! Oh well, mothers have had much worse happen to them. This I know!

I wrapped my arms around her slender figure and held her tight as I rocked us very, very slowly, kissing her blonde locks.

"I want you so badly. Every day I was away from you I missed you like... I was missing a part of myself." Kara kissed my neck and continued. "I couldn't bring myself to orgasm when I masturbated. The only time I..." The pain was palpable. Her voice cracked, "I hate her. The one and only time I did cum was that night." She fought back her tears and somehow finished, "I thought it was you and I making love."

I was heartbroken for my lover and livid with those two feckless bitches!! I might have to inquire with Shade about what sort of mischief her 'people' could create for the both of them!! I had to try and make Kara feel better about herself.

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