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Book Club

bySean Renaud©

A forty five drive felt like a three hour trek from Rena's house in Marble Bay down to Fiona 's in Sunridge but it always felt like longer when they were getting together for 'Book Club'. That was a lie though.

Up the driveway Fiona 's husband, David, was packing up to go to his weekly game of Dungeons and Dragons. He was a handsome enough man, short curly hair and soft masculine features with a perpetual smile on his face. Even trying to balance his backpack and two separate briefcases filled with intricately painted figures he still managed to smile and greet Rena on the way to his truck.

Somehow it was always a bit funny to Rena the way they dressed for Book Club considering they both knew how it would end up. There was no reason for Fiona to be in that beautiful white sundress with white strap wedges. There was less reason for Rena to be wearing a pair tan slacks and a white blouse. She hadn't bothered with a bra this week and if David had taken the extra two seconds to check he have easily seen the darkened circles of her areola through it. It was just a waste of perfectly good dress up, if the two had actually been planning to sit around and read books t-shirts and jeans would have been more appropriate and comfortable sweats would probably have been best of all. Fiona insisted however on the dress up, that's how her mother used to do it and it was part of the entire mystique of it.

The two friends embraced quickly before turning around and waved bye to Fiona 's husband. "It's good to see you girl!" Fiona exclaimed giving a second deeper hug that involved grabbing to big handfuls of her girlfriend's ass.

The two women were quite different, where Fiona was a dark chocolate color Rena was a much lighter almond hue. Fiona was just shy of six feet and other than an ass that was the envy of women everywhere she was thin as a rail. She stood almost half a head taller than her much more curvaceous friend who threatened to spill out of every top she'd ever owned and wasn't at all lacking in ass department.

Rena raised up on tip toe squealing before swatting her friend's hands away. "What if someone sees!" The shorter woman hissed glancing quickly around the area. Once she was confident they were alone, including no more tail lights from Dave she pulled Fiona down into a long tongue twisting kiss. "Let's get inside. I want to show you what I got for 'Book Club' and see what you got!"

The two women laced arms and walked the rest of the way up the driveway and into the house closing the door behind them before slipping into a second more intimate kiss. "I think you should go first." Fiona broke the kiss exhaling a deep breath. "I'll get the wine ready and you can show me what you got your man." Rena agreed with a shrug and walked off into the bedroom with her book bag.

Fiona selected a pair of glasses from the cabinet filling them with wine. While she waited for Rena she turned her couch so instead of facing the television it faced the hallway to her bedroom. The dining room table went up against the wall along with all the chairs but one left right out in the middle of the room.

Just as she took her seat the high pitched creak of her bedroom door announced Rena who came skipping down the hallway in a pair of bright pink sneakers with balloons emblazoned on them. Thigh high white sweat socks with pink and blue stripes that matched the trim of her panties. A pink pony exclaiming 'Party Time' stretched across her plump rump. Here tits were per usual barely contained by white shirt with the same pony printed on it. Fiona smiled as her friend stepped in placing one foot on the chair and shaking her ass then turning around and doing the same with her chest.

"So what's with the fuckin' pony? I don't get it." Fiona sipped her wine. This was probably going to be a very funny explanation.

Rena lifted her glass and drained it in a single rather impressive gulp. "Honestly I don't fucking get it either. I just know the other day I woke up and Mike was watching 'My Little Pony' and he was into it enough that he didn't even notice me. I mean he was still watching when I got back from the bathroom." She shrugged. "Men can be such big babies sometimes." A low growl rumbled from her throat as she leaned over and kissed her friend. "Of course I don't mind as long as I get a good dicking, and before that something from you."

Hands expertly swatted way Rena pouted at Fiona 's retreat to the bedroom. "Nuh uh. I haven't changed yet and we haven't shown off the toys either." She slammed the door behind her. With a grin Rena gulped down her friend's glass of wine as well resting both empty glasses on the coffee table.

When Fiona came back from the bedroom she was wearing a pair of black lace panties made transparent when they stretched over her rear and a strapless nightie. She ignored the chair opting instead for a pair of slow twirls that almost ended with her putting her foot on the arm rest beside her friend. Instead it stopped a few inches short. "Yo, cow? Where's my wine?" Rena's response was a belch. "Oh no you didn't!"

Rena swiveled her head quickly on her shoulders. "Oh yes I did, and you won't do shit about-" She didn't quite get that last word out as Fiona grabbed Rena's hair pulling her face between her legs. It took a few twists for Fiona to tame the thicker woman so Rena was face up on the couch staring up at Fiona 's crotch. "I'm sorry, let me up!"

"You're not sorry yet you little heifer!" One hand still in Rena's hair the other slid her panties aside. "I'll let you know when I think you're sorry." She hissed pulling her best friend's face forward. Any struggle was purely superficial. It was an eager tongue that slid out against Fiona 's pussy and one that had been there enough times before to have Fiona grinding in just a few moments. A pleasant gasp was squeezed from Fiona 's lips by Rena's fingers wrapping around her middle and digging her fingers into her hips. "You're almost sorry aren't you heifer?" Fiona was going to keep talking but Rena's lips wrapped around her clit immediately ended any conversation in exchange for a quick series of gasps. She only tried to escape once but it was quickly squashed by the fact that Rena was stronger than she was. That and she wasn't really trying that hard to get away from a tongue lashing. Even one that threatened to drive her over the edge.

The absolute best part of sex for Rena wasn't the orgasm. Those were all good and well but she'd trade a dozen of them for that feeling a person, especially a woman, gives when she's completely surrendered to your touch. That was how Fiona was, her back was pulled taut. Her legs clenching shut around Rena's head a little too tightly and then she just sank back into place. It was like all the air went out of her body. "Okay, off ya go." Rena grunted rolling Fiona back to her feet. "Oh, and I'm not sorry bitch." Fiona 's eyes lit for a second then she shook her head and grabbed the wine glasses.

"So what have we got in the way of toys for the week?" Rena was already digging into her bag when she asked the question. As usual Fiona gulped just a bit when Rena pulled out her latest acquisition. It looked a little like one of the weapons from the Ninja Turtles. The main prong was maybe a little over seven inches and not too thick. It had a much smaller thinner prong jutting out in an 'L' shape from the side. The entire contraption was transparent and filled with flashing blue, red and green lights and Fiona could hear it humming. "You think you can handle it?" Rena grinned darkly from behind her weapon.

Fiona not to be outdone swallowed hard on her way to the bedroom. She'd hidden her newest toy in the usual spot beneath the bed. Even though it was in the usual spot her husband hadn't found it yet and the only reason she knew is she never heard the end of these things until she'd shown them in action. She gripped it towards the middle walking back into her living room to hold it out for Rena's inspection.

The curvy girl's tongue slipped out to whet her lips as the sight of what was definitely one of the more impressive toys she'd seen in person. It was probably close to twenty inches long, definitely longer than Fiona 's forearm, double headed, thick, dark purple, vein covered dildo. "And what do you intend to do with that?" Rena hadn't meant it to come out as an invitation. The purr had just slithered from between her lips at the same time her legs spread open.

"I thought first I'd beat your ass, and then see if you can actually take it up your ass." Fiona whacked the club like sex toy against her hand with a dull thud several times as she walked forward. "You think you can handle it?" Rena shuddered and crossed her legs in response. "Bitching out? Is that a little bitch? You know what happens to the first one who can't handle book club right?"

It was a more of a joke than something either woman had actually planned since neither one of them would ever actually admit that she couldn't handle just a little more. The first one to break was going to be the one to invite the other's husband to book club for an evening of whatever he wanted. Since it neither of them had been serious there weren't any rules beyond being the first one to tap out so to speak. "Bring it heifer."

Fiona grinned at her friend's renewed vigor. "Thatta girl. I have to make sure you're nice and ready for when you finally do have to invite my hubby over for a nice fuck." The grin on Fiona 's face was like something from a horror flick. "So what flavor lube do you want? Cherry or grape?"

"Grape. How do you want me?" Rena wriggled out of her pony panties and tossed them onto the table. When she was instructed feet on the floor, head on the arm rest, ass in the air she didn't hesitate. She spread her white socked feet against the green carpet and raised up onto her toes gyrating just slightly. "Hurry up."

Rena leapt when Fiona slapped her ass. "Calm down you little slut. You do want me to lube it before I stuff you with it right?" Rena only responded by impatiently shifting her weight from one foot to the other but she was silent until another slap forced a squeal from her lips. "You think you can take half in each hole?" Rena swallowed hard but nodded. "Now don't move bitch." Fiona growled.

Rena's breath caught in her throat the moment the cold gel poured out onto her asshole immediately followed by a single finger pushing and probing. "Please." Rena whimpered earning another quick spanking which after that came in rapid succession until her ripe moons started to redden and she learned to hold still.

It didn't take much longer for Fiona to finish greasing up Rena and start pushing the dildo into pussy. "If you move I swear I'm gonna hold you down and shove this entire thing straight up your ass." Fiona snarled pushing farther in. She was less than half way when she bent the rubber phallus in two and started in on her best friend's rectum.

The thicker woman dug her fingers into the couch wincing just slightly. It wasn't the first thing she'd taken up the rump but it was probably the thickest. Certainly it was the thickest she'd had in a long time but she wasn't going to give in. Not when she could feel the ring of her rectum relaxing and once that was in she actually found she enjoyed the feeling of the veins rubbing her insides. She'd never felt so stuffed. Rena sank her teeth into her bottom lip keeping a moan from escaping when. She could feel Fiona 's fingers wriggling against her cheeks and that was when she finally exhaled a breath she didn't know she'd been holding in.

"You like that?" Fiona gripped the dildo and buried her face in a couch cushion nodding. Fiona started pushing and pulling the double headed dildo alternating which of her friend's holes was stuffed every few seconds. She sawed back and forth, back and forth, back and forth at a steady pace. "I asked you a question Cow. Do you like that?"

Rena kept her face buried in the cushions of the couch with teeth digging into the coarse fabric. She forced herself to nod her head but she couldn't move much or she'd scream. It was taking every bit of her will power to keep from screaming out and pushing back against the object impaling her. Despite trying to hold still her fingers were clawing at the upholstery and would later ache from nearly pulling her nails free. Rena's toes curled and her feet alternated between kicking and crossing over and under each other. Fiona leaned in close laying a light kiss upon Rena's behind it twitch and spasm around the dildo. "You want to scream don't you?" Rena shook her head violently in response to Fiona 's question. "You lying cow. Cum and scream, I want the neighbors to hear it!" Fiona growled and then sank her teeth into Rena's bottom.

The erotic blend of pain and pleasure caused an immediate and dramatic reaction in Rena. A scream that she tried bury completely the pillow. She had to turn her head when she inhaled though and she didn't have time to put it back in place before a second howl pierced the air. She barely recognized the bestial sound ripping free from her throat.

Keeping a hold of the dildo against Rena's wild bucking was as close to riding a bull as Fiona had been in her life. After a few long seconds she let go and watched as Rena eventually relaxed with a goofy smile on her lips. "Damn." Without Fiona holding its shape the dildo slowly began to unfold eventually flopping out of Rena's stretched pussy and slapping wetly against her thigh. Gravity and a few more seconds and it fell from gaping anus.

It was hard for Rena to ignore the fact that that her best friend was literally staring into her body. She could feel Fiona 's gaze like fingers probing her. It tickled but she didn't have enough energy to laugh just yet her already goofy smile spread as wide as her legs. Rena's couldn't stop herself from blushing. Fiona was still gazing at her slowly closing holes. She wasn't saying anything at all. "What?"

"Nothing. Just I suddenly understand I just finally understand why David has all those Gaping Girls DVDs. It's sexy and gross at the same time." Fiona 's voice was spacing out just a bit as she spoke. "They're kinda twitching, like they aren't sure if they want to close or not."

"Shut up!" Rena hissed to force her anus to shut.

"Do it again!" Fiona giggled clapping her hands.

"Do what?" Rena asked. She knew her flesh must have been bright red.

"Make it wink." Fiona whispered. Without thinking Rena obliged her friend clenching and releasing several more times until her rectum finally completely clenched shut. "Wow." Fiona kissed her friend's ripe peach of a rump before lightly spanking it.

"Okay now it's your turn." Rena reached out for what she'd planned to be an intimidating weapon. It looked almost embarrassing compared to the purple thing on the floor glistening with a combination of her juices and lube. Rena tilted her head to the side until she felt it pop then did the same for the right.

"Oh I think I can handle that little bitty thing." Fiona teased, "but first." Fiona snapped up the two glasses of wine and gulped them both down before Rena could react. "That's for earlier cow."

Rena's eyes narrowed into angry little slits. "Go. Get. The. Bottle. Now." She emphasized each word by deepening her tone just slightly.

"Yes ma'am." Fiona's voice droned out foaming with sass. She made absolutely certain to exaggerate the natural roll of her hips on the way to the kitchen and back slamming her bottle down on the table a little a little harder than she'd intended. "So how do you want me ma'am?"

"Oh I bet you think you're funny don'tcha bitch?" Rena's voice still had the intimidating edge that made the hairs on the back of Fiona 's neck stand on edge. "C'mere." Fiona obeyed sauntering over to her friend. When Rena pointed down Fiona sank to her knees and when she pointed away. "Scoot out. I want you upside down."

Fiona tried to keep herself from shivering because she wasn't sure if she was nervous or excited but she did as she was instructed. Rena put her hands on Fiona 's shoulders and firmly pushed her down. There was need to tell Fiona to put her legs up over her head where Rena grabbed her by the ankles. She pulled her closer until Fiona 's knees were tucked beneath Rena's armpits. Fiona 's own arm pits were used like stirrups by Rena prompting an annoyed grunt. Attempting to wriggle and flex her legs Fiona realized that she was again completely at Rena's mercy. "That's right heifer struggle all you want."

Without saying another word Rena leaned forward and ran her tongue along her friend's already moist slit. "You've been looking forward to this haven't you." Fiona wasn't going to admit that she had so she turned her head away. "Fine be that way." Rena pressed her heels down a bit making sure her victim was secure. "Not like you'll be able to deny it when you're begging me for mercy."

Instead of gently inching it in Rena only barely gave Fiona a few seconds to adjust before pushing it all the way in. There was absolutely nothing Fiona could do either, she was held in place as her pussy was filled. She almost smiled when she felt it bottom out. The worst was over. The thing that clued her off that it wasn't over was the wide grin on Rena's face. Fiona wasn't sure how but not only was it a little longer than she'd thought but it was facing the wrong way.

"Oh God." No sound escaped Fiona 's lips but it was simple to read the her lips. Rena took the grip in both hands and twisted until it the hook shaped accessory was clearly pointed at her own anus and then it started descending into her again, this time slowly enough for her to appreciate each bit that filled her, especially the narrow bit in her rectum.

"I hope you're ready." Rena's wrist moved and there was a click. The thing she'd purchased didn't just vibrate, it pulsated, it felt like cocks orgasming inside her. If there was a such thing as ready for that Fiona wasn't. She was almost immediately reduced to wriggling and mewling. "Go on, you can ask me to stop." Rena hissed.

Fiona heard a loud click and the formerly vibrating, pulsating dildo became a vibrating, pulsating, rotating dildo. She'd never had anything churning around inside her. Some of the spots that incredible device was determined to bump, buzz, and brush against Fiona hadn't even been aware of. Despite Rena's grip Fiona 's hips twisted this trying to force that thing back to those new places and instead discovering more of them. Whatever sounds were pouring out of her mouth weren't in any language Rena understood. It was obvious however that 'stop' was not the meaning of any of the garbled bits, which was exactly why Rena turned it down a notch and started to slowly extract it Fiona tried to clench her legs. With Rena between them that was impossible. Next she tried to reach up and grab it but Rena's feet were still pinning her arms so she could barely reach her own hardened nipples and her aching pussy was completely out of the question.

There was only a single humiliating option left open to her. She only considered not taking that option for a second. "Don't stop!" Rena froze where she was looking down into Fiona 's brown eyes with her own green ones. "Please don't stop." Rena pushed just a little. Fiona couldn't remember if she'd ever felt as helpless as she did as she stared up into Rena's eyes. There was no need for Rena to tell her anything. "Rena! Make me cum." Rena raised a brow and casually turned her head like she was considering doing anything but. "What? What do you want?" Fiona 's stomach was starting clench and release. "Please anything you want just finish!" Rena hesitated for an extra second then with a shrug and a smile turned the device back up.

The entire world went white for Fiona when her orgasm slammed into her. She didn't scream. Her mouth opened but no sounds came out of her lips. Fiona 's body went rigid nearly breaking free of Rena until she relaxed back into place. Rena didn't stop though, she kept the dildo held firm in her friend until Fiona started writhing from the over stimulation. "Okay stop, stop!"

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