tagIncest/TabooBook Store Stories No. 02

Book Store Stories No. 02


With my head positioned under her pussy to catch the stream of semen that was dripping from her, I got the shock of my life when I heard her say, "Daddy"!

We were both shocked to have discovered each other there in the Adult Book & Video Store. But the thought that I had unknowingly just fucked my daughter through a glory hole was burning my skin, it was painful.

In my original story (Book Store Stories No.1) I had explained that I was like the guy in the TV commercial. The one who has a nice family, a nice house and was a member of the country club. How do I afford it? I was in debt up to my eye balls. That is me.

Except, I am bisexual.

Story No. 2

The shock of being outed, left me speechless. Candy had jumped off the chair to the floor and tried to dress all the while apologizing to me. Her boy friend just stood there with this big smile on his face. Quickly, I left the two of them in the adult video booth.

I ran to my car, unlocked the door and climbed in. My hand shook so badly that it was hard for to place the key into the ignition and start the car. Luckily the car started and I drove straight home. The events of the night were more than I had ever bargained for.

My mind was racing at light speed as I poured myself a strong drink of whiskey. My hands were still shaking as I sat down and to sip my alcohol. The question of the night was "What was I going to do?" How was I going to face my daughter? I knew I had another night before she and my wife would return home. I needed some rest. I needed time to think.

The next morning I woke up, still wearing the clothes I had on the previous night. I had spent the night on the sofa and now had a huge hangover. I stood and walked to the bathroom, I needed to pee.

Standing in front of the toilette I unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out and aimed for the water pissing last nights whiskey away. After returning my cock to my jeans I caught a slight odor and smelt my hand. Oh shit! My daughters scent was all over me. I needed a to shower quickly and climbed the stairs to my bedroom. I stripped off my clothes, leaving them in a pile to wash later and turned on the shower.

As I lathered my body with the cleansing soap, trying to wash away last nights dirty deeds, my cock popped to life. I could not believe it. My cock which had me in so much trouble was now aroused.

I guess I'm a weak spirited man, because I started stroking myself. And sure as shit my mind raced back to that glory hole. Me standing there dangling my cock through the hole. Feeling those fingers squeezing my cock through the hole in the wall. Then, feeling those wet warm lips engulfing my manhood. At last the feeling of my orgasm shooting into that pussy on the other side of the wall.

I nearly slipped on the wet shower floor as I squirted stream after stream of cum onto the shower door.

I turned off the shower and began drying myself off. That is when I heard her voice.

"Daddy, are you in here?"

I replied, "Don't come in, I'm in the shower!!!"

Never being an obeying child, Candy walked in anyway. I had swung the shower door open and had a towel around my waist, so at least I was not naked. Never the less I was embarrassed and told her so. "You shouldn't be in here." I said.

Candy replied with, "After fucking me last night, I don't see why it matters now."

Still it bothered me that she was in my bathroom and I was wearing only a towel.

Candy walked towards me, wearing the same clothes she had on when she entered the video booth last night. She stepped over the shower door and examined the glass. Candy took her finger and swiped my cum that was still clinging to the glass. She then rubbed the sticky white stuff between her fingers, then smelt it.

"Daddy, did you jack off in the shower while thinking about fucking me?"

She had me again. Caught in the act. I walked past her, mumbling a bull shit line.

She caught up to me in the bedroom where she quickly sat on my bed saying, "Daddy we have to talk, now".

Turning around and hanging onto my towel, I too sat down, at the far corner of the bed.

I told Candy how sorry I was to have been in the booth next to hers, last night. Then I tried apologize for fucking her. That's when Candy stepped in and stopped me.

She said, "Daddy it's OK. I'm good with it. Last night at Tom's, he and I talked about what happened. I could tell Tom was excited that he had witnessed an incest. He and I talked it though and I feel, well, not so embarrassed now.

"Daddy, I want you to know, that while Tom was fucking me, I fantasied that it was you who I was fucking. My orgasm so intense that I shuttered over and over, even after Tom fell asleep I was still finger fucking myself and cuming"

I asked Candy, "How will we handle this with your mother?".

Candy replied, "She will never know, unless you tell her." With that, Candy slipped off the bed and crawled towards me. "Daddy, I want more of you." With that she spread my knees, pulling the towel open and took my cock into her hand.

As we had talked I could feel my cock wanting to rise, but I tried to fight the erection off. So, when Candy opened the towel I was already half hard. She looked up at me and smiled. Candy took ahold of me much like last night, soft and genteelly. I watched as her lips parted. She licked her lips, then my cock tip. Opening her mouth wide, she lowered her head down and around my cock shaft. I could feel my cock twitching within her mouth. I knew that this crime was going to be worse, than the time before.

I was delighted in the fact that Candy was sucking on me. Truthfully, I wanted to fuck her again and fought the nasty thought off. Maybe this one more time would turn her off.

I grabbed the bedspread with both of my hands as I felt my cum rising up the shaft out of my tightening balls. I mutter out loud that I was cuming. Candy slowed her head movements and deep throated me.

I shot my cum. I had never had such an intense orgasm in my life. Now, I had some idea how Candy felt last night with their orgasms. I heard a satisfying moan come from Candy and felt the reverberations on my cock that was deep in her throat.

I fell back onto the bed totally taken over. The feeling was divine and I relished in it. I felt Candy moving. I opened my eyes and saw she was standing now. She looked at me, her mouth fully closed, yet leaking out a slight smile and a cum drop. She pulled her top over her head and dropped it on the floor. She was without a bra. Her titties glistened with perspiration and no telling what else. She had a magnificent body, slightly on the slim side but perfectly proportioned. Candy then wiggled out of her jeans and kicked them off to the side. I really didn't notice it last night in the dark, but she was trimmed to a slight strip of hair. Her long slender legs excited me so much, that I can't describe it.

Candy came around the side of the bed nearest to my head and place her foot on the mattress. Her pussy was spread open, I could see her pink folds glistening in her own moisture. She rubbed herself then I followed that hand to her mouth. She cupped the hand and spat my cum out of her mouth in to it.

Candy lowered her hand and rubbed my cum all over her pussy. Jumping up onto the bed she straddled me. Some of my cum fell onto my stomach, I knew what I was to do now. I sat up and began lapping cum from her pussy, right where we had left off at last night. Her fingers opened herself wide giving my tongue all of the good stuff. She and I tasted great. Maybe some of that taste was Tom's.

Candy whispered to me, "Keep it up Daddy, I'm going to cum all over your face."

Fifteen seconds later she grabbed my head and pulled it tighter against her cunt. She did flood me with her cum as my tongue flicked her clit.

When her orgasm finally subsided she knelt down on me. I could feel her cunt close to my cock. I could feel my cock seeking her opening on instinct.

But me fucking her now was not what she had planned for me, just yet. Candy started licking my face. Our lips met. The kiss was gentle and lingering before I felt her tongue enter my mouth. Again, my cock twitched for her opening.

I reached behind her and grabbed her tight ass and forced it down onto my cock. I slipped in to her pussy, effortlessly. Candy gyrated down on me while lowering her tits to my chest. Knowing her nipples there rubbing on me, fired a charge through my body. I held her tightly and fucked her like a mad man.

When my cock accidently slipped out I took a moment to roll her over onto her back. My hands went to each leg and followed her soft skin to her ankles.

I lifted and spread her ankles and positioned my cock head into her pussy opening. I rammed her hard. Then again and again. She cried to me, "More, more!"

The two of us bucked against each other until I spat my third cum for the morning. Fatigued, I laid on top of Candy as each of us tired to catch our breaths. It felt incredible.

When I could talk I asked Candy, "What are we going to do"?

Candy said, "What do you mean?"

"About your mother", I said.

Candy replied, "We can meet at the Adult Book Store, Daddy!"

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