"You sold it?" she said, a crestfallen look on her face.

"Well...yeah," he said, as he tried to hand her the money.

Emily shook her head and refused to take it. "But I found the book for you. I gave it to you because I thought you collected them?"

The last thing Aaron wanted was for her to be mad at him again. If she was, she might not tell him about the next first edition she uncovered. So he lied. "I do collect them, but when I went home and checked my books I saw I already had that one. And I knew a guy who really wanted it for his collection, so I sold it to him."

Emily slowly nodded in understanding. "I -- I guess that's okay then. I just wanted to make sure the book went to someone who really needed it."

"It did," Aaron lied. "It did."

* * *

Emily's disappointment was short-lived, and as the weeks went by he could feel a growing chemistry between them. Now when he needed to get down an aisle that she was already in, she didn't back away to let him get to where he needed to go. Instead, she turned to face the bookcase, and as he squeezed behind her both of them couldn't help noticing the feel of his crotch sliding against her round ass.

And if Aaron had to let her pass, he'd lean back against the bookcase and, facing him, she'd slide her body across his. When their eyes met she'd blush, smiling at the contact.

One time she was in an aisle and standing right where he needed to go. Without waiting for her to move, Aaron went directly behind her and reached up to put the book on the shelf.

Emily didn't move as his body pressed against hers, forcing her against the bookcase. She could feel his hardness pressed against her ass, and so could he.

After the book was in its place, Aaron put his hand on her shoulder. She lingered for a heartbeat, glancing back at him before breaking the contact and hurrying back to her aisle. After she left, Aaron adjusted his cock in his pants and wondered why the bookstore suddenly seemed so warm.

The very next night, he was sorting through a box of books when Emily wandered over and handed him an old copy of The Pearl by Steinbeck.

"I want you to have this one," she said.

Aaron flipped open the cover and his eyes lit up when he saw it was a first edition.

"But I don't want you to sell it."

"Oh," Aaron said, as the dollar signs dancing in his head slowly faded away.

Seeing the disappointed look on his face, she said, "look inside."

He flipped through the pages and saw there was something in between, a Valentine's Day card.

"You got me a valentine?" he said. "Aren't you, like, a month early?"

"No," Emily said, blushing with embarrassment. "It's not from me. I found it in the book."

Aaron pulled it out and saw it was a really old one from the forties, and on the back was written: "For Esme -- from Jerry."

"I love these old books and their stories," Emily said. "Not the stories written in them, but the stories of the books themselves. A girl named Esme must have owned that book, and she kept that valentine as a bookmark. Seeing it there makes me wonder what happened to them. Did they fall in love? Did they get married and have a family?"

"And you want me to have it?"

"Yes, I don't want the book to get bought by some stranger who'll just throw the valentine in the garbage. If you don't want it, I'll take it."

"No," Aaron said, smiling at her. "I'll treasure this book, and the valentine, forever."

After Emily had paid for her books and wished him and Miriam good night, Aaron took his book to the front counter, waiting for his change while he petted Molly.

"Indian food," Miriam said, as she handed him four dollars.

Aaron looked up. "Pardon me?"

"Indian food," she said. "Emily loves Indian food. You know, just in case you ever want to ask her out for dinner or something..."

Now it was Aaron's turn to blush. "I think she just wants to be friends."

"And do you just want to be friends?"

Aaron laughed. "Is this a bookstore or a matchmaking service?"

"You'd be surprised at what can happen in a bookstore," Miriam said, and gave him a wink.

* * *

A week later, Aaron was sorting books in his aisle when he heard footsteps approaching.

He assumed it was Emily, but as he looked up a smoky voice said, "Wow, you're cute!"

Aaron looked up and saw a beautiful blonde watching him from the end of the row. She had wavy, shoulder length hair and was wearing black yoga pants with a form-fitting tee. As he stood up, she walked over and introduced herself.

"Hey, I'm Chloe. I thought some old guy helped sort the books. I didn't expect to find someone like you here."

"Hey, I'm Aaron." He brushed his hand against his thigh to remove the dust from the books, and held it out.

As she shook it, her eyes drifted down his body. When they reached his crotch she glanced up, biting her lower lip as she smiled at him. "Maybe you and me should sort together? And you can, you know, show me how to do it?"

She looked over Aaron's shoulder as Emily peeked around the corner, wondering whom he was talking to.

By the time Aaron turned to look, she'd already ducked back out of sight.

"Is that your girlfriend?" Chloe said.

"No, she's just a friend. I don't have a girlfriend."

Chloe gave him a naughty smile, and said, "I'm glad to hear it."

Miriam explained to Aaron that, with him and Emily making such a large dent in the stacks, she felt there was finally space for a third sorter. Chloe often came to the bookstores on Thursday evenings, bored and looking to kill time, so Miriam asked her if she wanted to help.

But while Emily insisted on having her own aisle to sort, Chloe didn't want to be anywhere other than beside Aaron.

She sorted her books right next to him, and any time she found one she thought he might like she leaned her body close to him and asked if he was interested, smiling as he blushed every time she said it.

And every time he was in an aisle, Chloe found a reason to go down it. When she'd pass him, she always made sure to slowly glide her sexy ass across his crotch, smiling back at him.

"Tight, huh?" she said.

"Pardon me?" he said.

Chloe smiled as she caught him checking out her ass. "These aisles...they're so tight."

When she came back Aaron went to let her pass, but this time she stopped and placed her hand on his chest, looking down at his crotch. "Looks like your pants are getting tight too," she whispered.

She laughed when she saw him blush, but as she passed in front of him, squeezing her body against his, she let her hand trail down his chest and brushed her fingers across the bulge on the front of his pants, giving him a knowing smile.

Aaron went back to the box of books they'd been sorting, not sure what to say to Chloe; he'd never met anyone so forward.

"Sorry if I embarrassed you," she whispered, "but I like big ones, and it felt like you've got a big one."

She was just sliding her hand along his thigh, toward the outline of his stiff cock, when Emily poked her head around the corner to let them know that the store was closing.

Emily took her books to the counter and Aaron was behind her. He hadn't talked to her once the whole night. Miriam was counting the books when Aaron said, "I know it's late, but did you want to grab something to eat?"

Smiling, Emily turned to say yes, but quickly turned back around when she realized he was talking to Chloe.

"That sounds like it'd be a lot of fun," she said, glancing down at his crotch, "but I should really get going home."

"Did you need a ride?" Aaron said, not even noticing Emily as she quietly left the store.

"Not tonight, but I'd love a ride next week," she said with a wink.

* * *

The next week came, and when Aaron got to the bookstore Chloe was already there, sorting books and putting aside ones she thought he might be interested in.

She'd worn the same black yoga pants as the week before, but the tight top she had on was different, and highlighted her high, full breasts. Being January, Aaron knew it was cold outside, but he wasn't sure if that explained why her erect nipples were straining against the fabric. When Chloe caught him looking at them, she gave him a naughty smile.

He knelt to check the books she'd put aside, but she covered them with her hand. "What are you going to give me for them?" she said, as her eyes drifted down to the bulge in the front of his pants.

"You are such a tease," he said, and took the books from her as she leaned her body against him and laughed.

Emily was down the aisle they were headed to, and Aaron wondered why she looked different than normal. As she smiled at him, he realized she was wearing makeup and had taken her hair out of the ponytail. She'd also ditched the baggy sweatshirt for a beautiful, oversized cream-colored knit sweater, and was wearing black leggings with brown knee-high leather boots.

Aaron tried to back out of the narrow aisle, but before he could, Emily said, "It's okay, I can get by," and went to squeeze past him. As she slowly slid by, her body pressed tightly against his, she smiled and said, "After we're done tonight, did you want to go get a tea...or something?"

"Sorry, I've already got other plans," Aaron said. He actually didn't, but he was hoping that Chloe would take him up on the rain check from the week before.

As Emily left the aisle, head down, she glanced up at Chloe, who raised an eyebrow and half-smiled when their eyes met.

Once she was gone, Chloe sauntered down the aisle and pressed her ass against Aaron's crotch as she pretended to look for a book.

"Now, where was that..." But when she felt Aaron's cock stiffening through his pants, she smiled and said, "Oh, there it is."

She slid her hand behind her and rubbed his cock through his pants. "You do have a big one," she whispered. "You'd better be careful with that in here, you never know where you might end up poking some poor girl."

Chloe placed her hands against the opposite shelf to brace herself, and then ground her ass against Aaron's crotch.

"I think you'd better adjust yourself," she whispered.

Aaron reached in his pants and shifted his swollen shaft so it was pointing straight up.

Chloe leaned back so his cock was between her cheeks like a big hot dog and rubbed her ass up and down on it. Peeking down the aisle to make sure no one was coming, she took his hands and pushed them up under her tee.

She wasn't wearing a bra and her firm breasts fit perfectly in Aaron's large hands, and as he squeezed her tits, he could feel her erect nipples pressed against his palms. Chloe moaned as he played with her, and she kept rubbing his cock between the cheeks of her ass.

"You're so fucking stiff, let me suck it," she whispered.

"Let's leave here, and go back to my place," he said.

"No, I can't wait." She turned and lifted his shirt up so she could see his cock, which was sticking up above his waistband. She rubbed her finger against the tip, feeling the slickness of his pre-cum. "It doesn't look like you can wait either."

"Let's go out to my car," Aaron whispered, stifling a groan as Chloe slid her hand down his pants and squeezed his shaft.

"No, I want to do it here, in the bookstore," she said.

"Are you crazy? We can't do it here."

"Why? Are you afraid we'll get caught?"

"Yes, aren't you?"

"Not at all. I like being watched." Her hand was completely down the front of his pants, playing with his cock and balls.

Aaron didn't know what to say. He wanted her to suck his cock so badly, but was still worried that Miriam or Emily might catch them.

They heard footsteps coming and Chloe quickly pulled her hand out of his pants and tugged her tee down, which had been pushed up so that her tits were completely exposed.

When Emily came around the corner, Aaron had a book in front of his crotch, hiding his throbbing hardon. But Chloe made no attempt to hide her rock hard nipples, which were straining against the thin fabric of her tee, and Emily couldn't help noticing them. She also couldn't help noticing how close together they were in the aisle, as Chloe gave her a smug smile.

"Umm...I was just going to get a tea, and was wondering if you wanted me to grab you one, Aaron?" Emily said.

"Yeah, that would be great," he said, "and can you get one for Chloe too?"

Emily glanced at her, and then turned and left without answering the question. Seconds later, they heard the jingle of the bell as she left the store.

Aaron checked around the corner to make sure Emily was gone, and saw that Miriam was in the back of the store; there were no customers and she was using the opportunity to sort through some boxes of old magazines. When he turned back around, Chloe was already on her knees and undoing his belt.

She smiled up at him as she pulled his thick cock out of his pants. " do have a big one."

Aaron didn't answer, he just grabbed the bookshelves on either side of him for balance as she dragged his pants down around his knees, while still pumping his cock with her other hand.

He knew they had to make this fast, and so did Chloe. She leaned forward and engulfed his shaft with her mouth, and within seconds was bobbing quickly back and forth.

Her lips were wrapped around his cock as she slid up and down his length, and she moaned as she felt him growing stiffer.

Aaron's breathing was ragged and his head was spinning as he fought not to moan out loud. He had an ear open for the telltale jingle of the bell above the door, which would let him know Emily had returned, but in the silence of the bookstore the sounds of Chloe sucking his cock seemed deafening.

Stifling a groan as she pushed him toward the edge, Aaron went to put his hand behind her head, and as he moved it a paperback tumbled off the shelf.

Chloe started at the sound and pulled her mouth off his cock, gasping for air. She looked up at Aaron, her eyes filled with lust as she pumped her hand up and down on his spit-covered shaft, and said, "Your cock is so fucking huge!"

Aaron simply nodded and, holding her head between his hands, his fingers wrapped through her wavy blonde hair, slid his pole back between her lips. As he pumped away, fucking her mouth, Chloe felt how full his balls were and knew he was about to come.

Even though she looked up and nodded to let him know it was okay, Chloe's eyes still widened in surprise when Aaron groaned and filled her mouth with cum.

His own mouth was open in a silent moan and he felt as if his knees were going to buckle as Chloe swallowed his entire load. She let out a satisfied sigh as she kept sucking his cock, hoping for more.

He pulled his shaft from between her lips with a wet pop, and as he pulled up his pants and did them up she licked her lips and whispered, "That was a big one!"

Aaron walked out from the aisle, glad that Emily hadn't returned yet, and spotted Miriam sitting at her computer less than fifteen feet from where he'd just been sucked off.

He'd been so focused on Chloe's oral skills that he hadn't even heard her return from the back of the store. He had no idea how long she'd been sitting at her desk, and wondered what she'd heard.

Miriam glanced over her shoulder when she heard them coming out, and the look she gave him let him know she'd heard everything.

And if she had any doubts about what he and Chloe had been up to in the aisle, they were erased when she came around the corner licking her lips, tugging her shirt down and giggling at Aaron.

The bell jingled at the front of the store and Emily walked in with three teas, she'd conveniently forgotten Chloe's.

She smiled as she handed Aaron his tea, but the smile disappeared when he turned to Chloe and gave her the first sip, telling her they could share it.

Emily didn't see the two of them again until the end of the night, when she was paying Miriam for her nightly stack of books.

As he helped Chloe on with her coat, Aaron said, "Did you want to go get something to eat? Or, if you don't feel like going out, we can go back to my place and I can cook us something?"

"Mmm, sounds delicious," she said, her eyes traveling down his chest toward the outline of his cock, "but I really have to get going. Thanks for the tea...and everything else."

Chloe said goodbye to Miriam and Molly and left the store, disappearing into the night.

As the door swung closed, Emily said, "I thought you already had plans for tonight?"

Aaron had forgotten that Emily had already asked him out earlier. "Oh, yeah, my friend bailed," he lied.

"Well, it's not that late, I wouldn't mind getting something to eat."

Aaron glanced at the door, and said, "You know, I really do have to get an early start tomorrow. But maybe we can go out next week?"

Emily smiled, and said, "That would be great." But then the smile faded from her face. "Crap, I forgot -- I won't be here next week. My brother is coming by to talk about some stuff. Maybe the week after that?"

"Sounds good." Aaron wished both of them good night and made sure to pet Molly goodbye, but as he headed out the door and the bell jingled above him, his mind was on Chloe.

* * *

When the bell above the door rang a week later to announce Chloe's arrival, Aaron dropped the books he'd been sorting and headed out to greet her. He hadn't been able to stop thinking about her, and had been kicking himself for not getting her cell number.

Her lips curved into a smile when she saw him and, after greeting both Miriam and Molly, she followed him through the red curtain.

As soon as it swung shut behind them, she spun Aaron around, locked her arms around his neck and crushed her lips against his.

The kiss had caught him by surprise, but he soon recovered and wrapped his arms around her waist as they explored each other's tongues. His head was swimming from her kiss when she took his hand and put it on her ass, underneath her skirt.

As he squeezed the firm flesh, kneading it with his fingers as she moaned into his mouth, he realized she wasn't wearing any panties.

Sliding his hand between her legs he felt the soft, slippery folds of her pussy, and as he rubbed his fingers back and forth she ground herself against his stiff cock.

Aaron broke the kiss with a gasp and stepped back, his heart pounding. "Let's leave early," he whispered, "and go back to my place."

Chloe stepped close and rubbed his prick through his pants. "Why leave?"

Aaron knew Emily wouldn't be in tonight, but there was still Miriam and the odd customer to worry about. "We can't do anything here."

"Are you kidding?" she said. "Why do you think I made sure to wear a skirt this week."

She reached for his belt and was undoing it when he pulled her hands away; the curtain opened and Miriam peeked in.

"It's slow tonight so I thought I'd grab us some coffees." Miriam half smiled at the two of them, as they stood so close together that they were touching, and she couldn't help noticing that Aaron's pants were undone. "I'll make sure to lock the door so that no one disturbs your...sorting...until I get back."

When she heard the door lock, Chloe went back to work on Aaron's pants, pushing them down around his ankles along with his boxers.

He knew they didn't have a lot of time, so he pushed her up against the shelf, his mouth pressed against hers.

As they kissed, Chloe worked his cock and balls with both hands while he pushed her top up.

He lowered his mouth to her breast and was teasing her nipple with his tongue, when she said, "We don't have much time -- fuck me."

Aaron grabbed her ass and as he lifted her up with his strong arms, she locked her legs around his waist. Holding her with one hand, as she wrapped her arms around his neck, he reached underneath and guided his stiff pole to her opening.

Chloe moaned as he lowered her onto his shaft, and the shelves behind her rocked as he bounced her up and down on his cock.

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