The weather was terrible, windy and, for the last twenty minutes or so, the rain went from what you might call steady to a downpour. As dark as the skies were it didn't look like it would subside anytime in the near future. That is why Marc was surprised to suddenly hear the bell ring as someone stepped into the front door. As he glanced up from behind the counter, he could see a woman trying to shake off some of the water from her hair and clothes.

Looking closer he could see that even though she had an umbrella, she was completely soaked. Her hair was a complete mess and her blouse was so wet it was practically transparent. Although business was normally moderate at the bookstore, she was Marc's first customer of the day and with the weather, she would probably be his only customer.

Marc saw her look over to him as she said, "My umbrella kind of went crazy, do you mind if I leave it here at the door?"

"No, just lean it against the wall there," he replied, trying to avert his eyes from the outline of her breasts and very erect nipples. It wasn't easy.

Placing the umbrella against the wall she took a deep breath and said, "Oh I love the smell of books, just something about it makes me want to reach out and touch each and every one. And then when I get to read them it is even more special."

Marc smiled and nodded, a bit too flustered as the sight of her breasts to say anything. Fortunately the woman had walked down between some shelves and was out of sight so he could try to regain some of his composure. Reaching down and adjusting his erection he pined his neck to see if she was in sight.

After a few minutes he saw her appear and move down another aisle. Able to just see her head he watched as she moved deliberately down each section of shelving. Moving to another aisle, Marc could see all of her, but because she was turned away from him he missed seeing her breasts. As she went down a section she pulled out an occasional book, held it to her nose and breathed in. She then would run her hands over the cover and then finally open it to glance inside.

Most of the books she pulled out she put back, but Marc could see her take an occasional book, gently touch her lips to the spine and then slip it into the stack she was apparently planning to buy. He could see what seemed like the slightest tremble in her hands as she did this. He suddenly noticed her looking at him and realized she had asked him a question.

"Excuse me?"

"I said, 'The store is very well organized. You do a good job.'"

"Oh thank you, but I don't do it alone. Normally there are a number of people here, but with the weather several couldn't make it in because of the flooding."

"It didn't bother you."

"Oh I live nearby so I didn't have to worry too much," he said, moving from behind the counter to get a little closer so they didn't have to shout to each other.

"Oh, there you are. I guess this is better than shouting against the store," she said as she saw him standing at the end of the aisle.

"I hope I didn't startle you."

"No, I saw you moving away from the counter, just wasn't sure exactly where you were heading," she said, as her hands moved sensuously over a book cover.

Marc smiled.

Realizing what she was doing she looked at him and said, "I just love the texture of some of these." She was facing him now and he had to fight to keep looking at her face.

"I get to shelve them occasionally, I know what you mean. Kind of smooth, but just the slightest hint of..."

As he was talking she had walked directly toward him and now stood so close that the stack of books she was holding was the only thing between his chest and her breasts. Marc didn't move as she took her books, placed them on a shelf and leaned against him, pressing her breasts against his chest. When she looked up at him, Marc tilted his head and kissed her, immediately opening his mouth and slipping his tongue in.

She grabbed him and pulled him as she backed against one of the shelves. Marc fell towards her clumsily knocking a number of books from the shelves. She pulled her blouse over her head and Marc immediately began sucking on her nipples. Tossing her blouse aside, she knocked a few more books onto the floor.

By the time she had her pants off and moved down onto the floor, she was on a small stack of books, but as Marc fumbled with his pants he was simply too distracted to notice or care. She opened her legs as he kneeled down and leaned toward her, watching her take his cock and guide it into her pussy.

She was wet and he slid in easily, pushing his cock to the hilt. He then slowly withdrew and pushed back into her. While he was doing this, she had pulled some books onto top of her so as he leaned onto her with each thrust, the books were pressed between them. She also had one book up near her face where she was sniffing, smelling the book.

With just a few more thrusts she moaned loudly and came, her pussy gently squeezing his cock again and again. The sensation of her wet softness and the gentle squeezing sent him over the edge and he shoved deep into her and came, spurting his cum deep inside her. He then collapsed on her, uncomfortably pinching several books between their bodies.

They remained together in the stack of books as his cock slowly shrank and then slipped out of her. The then pulled the books away and stood up. Collecting their clothes they quickly dressed and Marc returned to the counter and she continued moving slowly down the aisles. Later, Marc returned and replaced the books they had knocked down as she continued shopping.

When the lady checked out Marc was still able to see through her blouse and he felt a tingling between his legs as he remembered sucking on those nipples. It took a while to ring up all her books but after she paid Marc said, "Well, at least the weather is not as bad for you."

Looking though the window she replied, "Yes, good thing because my umbrella is useless and I wouldn't want to get my books wet. They are so special to me." She then reached up, gently touched him on the cheek and then turned to walk out of the store.

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