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I am going to blow your mind boy, I am going to hold you tight to my body as I slowly move it in slow circles because I am feeling so sexy and I want to turn you on with my boom, boom. I see you watching me as I dance my body around you in this purple metallic dress and heels, rubbing my fat ass up on your crotch feeling you getting hard. I know I am bad, I know I am so fine, and I am going to claim you as mine tonight as I blow you mind. I turn to face you and rubbing my lips across your lips hardly touching you because I enjoy turning you on. Oh I feel so sexy with my boom....boom going on.

I dance away from you watching you watch me because I know you want to fuck my pussy and spill your hot cum into my juicy cunt. I move towards you, moving like a cat so slow, so secure, raising my dress up my thighs, licking my lips, my eyes are not moving off of you. Turning my back to you as you place your hands on my fat ass admiring my thong that matches the dress. I place my hands over yours and spread my cheeks as I bend in front of you shaking my ass and moving it up and down so you can see the wetness on my thong, you slowly run your finger over the spot. I feel your hardness as your move your hips with mine and I spread my legs a little wider as I feel your cock going inside of me as your fingers push my thong to the side.

Our hips are moving around and around, slowly moving up and down as the music in this place takes us to another place of total sexual escape. Oh I feel so sexy, you really are turning me on. My boom, boom is desired as your hands smacks that ass. I feel your hands pulling my hips against you so hard, I feel my pussy tightening as moans escape my lips. I don't want this feeling to stop as you fuck me in this crowded room. People are looking, but I don't care. I know they want my boom, boom too, and that makes me feel even so much more sexy as I smile up at each of them smiling watching this sexual party begin.

Everyone is joining in on this sexual dance of pure pleasure as my eyes are rolling in the back of my head from the orgasm working my body, pounding my hot tight soaking wet pussy. Women and men fucking all over the dance floor and my tits are in my hands as my dress has flown across the room. I feel you pounding my boom, boom with such power, desire oh fuck you really turn me on. Oh everyone looks so sexy with the smell of everyone's juices mixing into the air and I feel you in my stomach as a black haired beauty is now on her knees licking my hot swollen clit and I am now soaken wet as sweat drips from my head. Oh come on boy fuck my boom, boom in this full room. I place my hands on her head as my pussy is so fucking wet. Oh yeah I am so hot, so fucking wet and sexy. My legs feel like they are becoming weak and I feel your hands tighten on my hips as you fuck my pussy. Oh yeah I got that boom, boom you want. She raises up and kisses me allowing my taste of my own juice from her sweet lips and our hands touch each others clit's as we kiss and you fuck my boom, boom. The three of our bodies are becoming so hot, so turned on, yeah I got the boom, boom that everyone wants. We are blowing everyone's mind's from our sexual dance. She is taking her hand and touches every inch of my body as I feel your cock swelling so deep and hard inside of me. My pussy wants more of her fingers and your cock.

Oh yes, yes, more, take my boom, boom and turn me on all night long as we fuck right here on the dance floor with this black haired beauty whose juices I suck off my fingers and go in for me to bring her into a strong climax on my hand. Oh I love feeling so nawty and so hot as I cum all over your hard cock.....mmmmm, ah, mmm BOOM...BOOM

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