This is my entry for the 2015 Literotica Nude Day Story contest. I tried to squeeze it into three pages but it bulged over onto a fourth, so my apologies in advance to any readers who find four pages too long. For those who do make it all the way to the end, I hope you enjoy the story!

All characters involved in sexual situations are eighteen years of age or older.

* * *

Her body floated beneath the surface, waiting for him. He moved the candle closer and let its light spill across her lifeless form. He didn't want to miss a single detail.

His gaze slid across her swollen belly as the taper's glow flickered against his cold gray eyes, turning them the same silver hue as the small, sharp tools clutched in his hands. He touched her delicately, not wanting to damage her. She spun slowly toward him and the lambent flame turned her gossamer wings golden.

Will's eyes flashed as he dove into the taped-together shoebox beside him, keeping one eye on the female caddisfly floating in the small glass container as he pulled out the materials necessary for his work: hackle, thread, dubbing, a size twelve hook and straw-blonde bull elk hair for the wings.

His bobbin twisted and his scissors snipped and when he was done he proudly eyed his creation, a perfect simulacrum of the lifeless Trichoptera suspended in front of him. Yesterday, she'd plunged beneath the lake's surface and drowned. Today she lived again.

A skillfully executed improved clinch knot secured the newly-tied fly to his tippet and Will grabbed his fly fishing rod, blew out the candle and stepped out of his camper into the pre-dawn darkness.

Sunrise was only minutes away. The chill of night still hung heavy in the air and a thick fog blanketed the lake. He turned toward the water but had barely taken three steps when he stopped.

A monstrous shadow loomed in the darkness at the water's edge; a car, rising like a phantom from the mist.

Will blinked in surprise. He hadn't heard anyone drive in during the night. In fact, he hadn't seen a single soul in seven days spent at the lake. Based on what he'd been told this was hardly unusual and was the exact reason he'd chosen this remote, lonely place.

But there it was, less than fifty feet away. He could only see its silhouette but knew it was one of those landyachts from the early seventies, a ghost from a time before the oil embargo hit, waiting at the edge of the lake like a beacon from the past.

The car appeared black in the darkness and wispy strands of fog snaked beneath its dark belly like pale tentacles. But a soft, rising halo above the dark, thickly-forested mountains lining the eastern horizon announced the approaching sunrise and dispelled the shadows cloaking the car.

The mist also retreated before the encroaching rays and in the weak blue light of dawn Will finally recognized the make of the car, a Plymouth Fury. His grandfather had owned one similar to it, but that had been decades ago.

The car was huge and parked less than twenty feet from the water's edge. There were no tents nearby and Will could only assume whoever had driven it there was sleeping inside.

He shook his head, amazed they'd found their way safely through the woods in the dark. Even in daylight the forest road leading to the lake was dangerous and there was one turn near the end that was particularly treacherous. He'd been warned about it and had still nearly driven over the edge, more than a thirty-foot drop to the water's surface and who knew how deep below.

Will crept closer, hoping to peek inside the dark windows. Something crunched underneath his foot. A beer can. In the growing light he spotted more and more of them littered around the car.

Partiers, he should have guessed. Probably teens from the town he'd driven through on his way up to the lake. He was surprised he hadn't heard them.

Something shifted inside the car. Will rose up on the toes of his boots, trying to see if anyone was in the front seat, and as he squinted, struggling to see in the dim light, he felt his initial sense of surprise slowly give way to resentment.

The lake was huge. Why had they parked so close to his camper? Couldn't they have driven farther down shore? Didn't they know the rules? He was already in a sour mood after failing to catch a trout in the entire week he'd been there and the prospect of now having to share the lake only made his mood worse.

Determined to ignore the car, he turned back toward the water. He knew there were trout in there, he'd seen them jumping. But every trick he'd tried so far -- including matching the hatch -- had failed.

Will crept toward the water's edge and waded in as quietly as he could, letting out his line and lazily looping it back and forth as he savored the stillness of the forest around him.

He loved waking up in the wild, loved hearing a whiskey jack's early morning call echo across the water as an insect hummed past and a trout splashed in the distance. No sounds of civilization, no sounds of anything but him and his lake.

He flicked his line toward the center, letting his Elk Hair Caddis fly settle on the surface like its namesake. As he waited for a tell-tale strike he couldn't help glancing toward the car, the last vestiges of the ghostly mist that had blanketed it still crouching in the shadows beneath it.

The sun finally rose and its rays glided across the shimmering surface of the lake until they found the Fury, shooing away the remaining shadows and mist and turning the chrome-covered classic golden.

Will held up his hand to shield his eyes as the blinding beams bounced off the car's polished curves and stabbed at his corneas as if commanding him to look away. The vehicle that had seemed so menacing in the dark was now like a vision, dressed in a coat of lustrous metallic gold paint and trimmed in silvery chrome.

Someone shifted inside the car again and he heard a bump and a curse as they banged against the side door. Then he heard a second voice, the murmur of their unintelligible conversation carrying through the thick metal and glass and across the quiet of the clearing.

The front passenger door groaned as it swung open and the first of the car's occupants stumbled out, a twentyish female with tousled honey-blonde hair, bare legs and an oversized plain white tee.

She stepped sleepily from the car, swung the door closed, scratched her bum and turned to face the rising sun. Lifting her arms above her head, she yawned and mumbled, "How long have I been asleep?"

Will wasn't sure if she was talking to herself, him or her friends, but as she arched her back and stretched her hands toward the blue sky above he couldn't help noticing how her shirt slid up to reveal the pale pink panties hidden underneath.

Her eyes were closed, the sun's warmth caressing her face, and as she spun slowly toward him the lambent light turned her tangled hair golden. She opened her eyes and seemed surprised to see him. Lowering her arms to let her shirt fall back into place, she gave him a friendly smile and a sleepy wave. "Morning."

"Morning," Will mumbled back.

He turned away and tried to concentrate on his line as he reeled it in, tried not to think about those bare legs or those pink panties. But he couldn't help stealing another glance and was surprised to see her coming toward him, a dreamy smile on her face as she shook the sleep from her sun-kissed hair.

"Any luck?" she said, her eyes on his fly as she padded across the grassy shore toward him.

Will shook his head as he flicked his rod back and forth, letting his line out and then shooting his fly across the lake again.

She watched it settle gracefully on the surface. "I hope we didn't make too much noise when we arrived last night. We tried to be quiet. I was kind of surprised to see someone else was here."

"I didn't hear anything at all," he said, keeping his eyes on his fly. "How late did you drive in?"

"I guess a little after midnight."

Will was standing ten feet from shore, the water knee-deep around his waders. He looked back and saw she was standing at the edge letting her toes get wet, and as he watched she stretched her arms above her head again, seemingly oblivious to the fact that her panties were in full view as she savored the sun's warmth, that same dreamy smile on her face.

He looked away and cleared his throat. "That road's dangerous. You were crazy to drive in at night."

"That road's dangerous whether it's light or dark but it's never been a problem for me. I figure I know it better than anyone, that's why Mickey let me drive. I'm Ellie by the way."

He glanced toward the car, wondering what Mickey was going to think if he peeked out the window and saw his girlfriend flashing her panties at a stranger. "I'm Will," he said, and tried to focus on his fly.

The water splashed behind him and he spun around, shocked to see her wading noisily toward him. "What are you doing?" he hissed.

She stopped, taken aback. "I was just coming out to talk."

"You're scaring all the goddamned fish away! If you want to talk, go talk to Mickey."

As if on cue, the rear door of the Fury swung open and a gravelly voice growled, "Who's making all the fucking noise?"

Will was surprised to see a second girl step from the car. She was tall and full-figured with short, close-cropped brown hair and, like Ellie, at least ten years younger than him. She was also only wearing a t-shirt and panties but her top, which looked two sizes too small, was stretched tautly across her ample, full-sized breasts and didn't even come close to hiding her fire-engine red panties.

As he stared past her he couldn't help noticing a third girl still sleeping on the back seat, dark-skinned and obviously naked from the waist down, but his view was cut off as her companion swung the door shut.

"Morning, Mickey!" Ellie called.

She grunted a reply as she leaned back against the car. Mickey was obviously short for Michelle. There was a pack of cigarettes in her hand and she hit it against the palm of her other hand to tap one free. She shoved the filter between her lips and cupped her hand around her lighter as she lit the end and took a long drag. As she exhaled from the corner of her mouth, she said, "Who's the fucking old guy?"

Ellie smiled apologetically at him. "This is Will. He's camping here too."

"Oh yeah? Well, tell him to keep the fucking noise down. Izzy's still sleeping."

Will felt his anger surge back to the surface. "If you wanted quiet, you shouldn't have parked so close to me!"

Mickey squinted at him as a lazy curl of smoke drifted back toward her eye. "Shouldn't have parked so close to you? This is a forest not a fucking parking lot, and I'll park anywhere I damn well please."

Will furiously reeled in his line as he glared at her. "There's rules, you know!"

Mickey waved away the smoke. "Rules? What fucking rules?"

"Boondocking rules. You're not supposed to camp so close to me or the water."

"Poondocking? What the fuck is poondocking?"

"Boondocking," he said, emphasizing the B. "It's what they call this, camping with an RV in the wild where there's no campground, no hook ups."

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me," she said. "Well, I ain't got no RV so I guess I'll just keep calling it camping and camp wherever the hell I want. If you don't like how close we're parked, you move."

He was about to respond when he stopped, speechless, as Mickey flicked her half-finished cigarette toward the lake and yanked her shirt over her head, revealing a spectacular set of breasts.

Will was six feet tall and even from this distance he could tell Mickey was easily two inches taller than him. But she wasn't gangly or thin, her skin was bronzed all over and she had the raw athletic build of a pro beach volleyball player. And then there were those tits.

She arched an eyebrow. "You want to go get a camera and take a picture so you'll have something to beat off to later, or should I go for my swim now?"

Will looked away, burning with embarrassment at being caught staring. But his chagrin quickly turned to dismay moments later when Mickey splashed loudly into the lake beside him and dove in. He winced, imagining every trout within hearing distance rushing toward the depths.

He glared at her but she ignored him, calmly powering toward the center of the lake with smooth, well-practiced strokes. Then he noticed her fire-engine red panties lying in the tall grass right beside her shirt.

"Sorry," Ellie said. "Mickey's always grumpy when she wakes up. Once she gets a coffee and another smoke in her she'll be fine."

Will finished reeling in his line, hooked the failed fly to a guide on his rod and brought in the slack.

"Not fishing anymore?" Ellie asked.

"Not much point now that your friend has scared all the fish away."

"Sorry, maybe I can make it up to you with a cup of coffee?"

"No thanks. I'll make my own."

Will turned away from her and started to wade back toward shore, but stopped when he spotted Mickey's half-smoked cigarette floating by. Ellie smiled apologetically as he bent down to fish it from the cold water, but he just shook his head, pocketed the waterlogged butt and went back to his camper without another word.

* * *

Will opened his eyes, surprised he'd fallen asleep again. He peeked out the blinds beside him and saw the sun was high. It was nearly noon. He sat up, amazed at how long he'd slept, how groggy he was.

He pulled his fly vest and boots back on but left his waders on the floor. He wouldn't need them. He knew he had to go farther down the lake, not just due to his unwanted guests but because he needed to fish from a spot where the sun wouldn't send his shadow across the water, possibly spooking any trout that might be lurking nearby. He eyed the golden-winged fly still hooked to his guide, wondering if he should change it, and heard laughter from outside.

Will parted the blinds again and peeked out the window. All three girls were awake now and sitting in the sunshine on a log halfway between the Fury and the water's edge. Ellie was on the left and Mickey was on the right with a small, dark-skinned girl he could only assume was Izzy wedged between them.

Coffee time was obviously over as all three of them had beers in their hands. A thin wisp of smoke curled into the air as Mickey took a long drag from the cigarette in her hand. But when she stretched across to pass it to Ellie he realized that wasn't tobacco they were smoking.

Normally, this might have surprised him, but it was nothing compared to the shocking realization that all three girls were completely nude.

Will narrowed the blinds, worried they might spot him. He couldn't help watching as they sat on the log laughing and smiling like a trio of sirens, but no mythmaker had ever dreamt up a threesome like this one.

Mickey was regaling them with an enthusiastic and surprisingly vulgar recap of a live sex show she'd seen on vacation in Amsterdam while Ellie, in the middle of a coughing fit from laughing so hard, tried to keep from falling off the log. Between them, Izzy was shyly covering her mouth but her eyes were alight as she absorbed every detail.

She glanced toward the camper, and when she nudged Mickey her sharp eyes narrowed in on it too. Then she leapt to her feet and squeezed her huge tits together, blowing a kiss toward the window as she juggled her breasts up and down for Will's obvious viewing pleasure.

He jerked the blinds closed, burning with embarrassment at being caught again. He spun around to grab his rod as peals of laughter echoed from outside and his hip caught the corner of the table. The blow jolted the flimsy fold-out and his eyes went wide as the water-filled jar with the drowned caddisfly began to tip over.

Will lunged and caught it, but not before half the liquid inside spilled out and across the tabletop. A letter was lying nearby. Will grabbed it and sighed in relief when he saw it was still dry.

The envelope was sealed and had his name written across the front in faded letters. He'd forgotten he'd brought it down and returned it to its home on a shelf above the table, resting against a row of well-read paperbacks.

Will cleaned up the water with a towel and screwed the metal cap back on the jar to seal it. He lifted the now half-empty container and turned it back and forth to let the sunlight filtering through the blinds catch it. As the lifeless caddisfly trapped inside spun toward him, he compared her once more to the gold-winged double hooked to his rod and whispered, "Come on, baby, bring me luck."

He stepped out from the shade of the camper and tried not to make eye contact with the girls as he strode toward the trail leading around the north side of the lake. Ellie called his name but he pretended not to hear. When she shouted it a second time he had no choice but to glance in their direction.

"Will, come here!" She beckoned him with a friendly wave as Izzy and Mickey watched and waited impassively beside her.

He headed toward the girls, pretending to be far more interested in the scenery around them than the fact that all three of them were naked.

Ellie greeted him with a warm smile, her hands modestly resting in her lap, her pale, beautiful breasts on full display. Izzy, obviously shyer, had her shoulders hunched, her legs squeezed together and her arms folded across her chest. Mickey, on the other hand, didn't seem to give a damn whether he looked or not.

Her legs were splayed out in front of her and she idly scratched underneath her boob as he approached. Bending to her left, she reached into the cooler beside her and threw him a can of beer.

"Sit down and join us," Ellie said. Her smile was dazzling and the high noon sun made the waves of honey-blonde hair cascading across her shoulders seem golden.

"Thanks, but I've got other plans," he said, and tossed the unopened beer back at Mickey just a little harder than she'd thrown it to him.

She caught it with one hand and grinned at him as she popped the top and beer foamed out. She tilted the can back and guzzled it down, ignoring the amber liquid spilling down her chin and running between her breasts. When she was finished she tossed the empty onto the ground beside her and let out a loud belch.

"Come on," she said, "get your gear off. I promise we ain't gonna laugh if you got a small pecker."

All three girls burst into laughter as he turned crimson. He spun to leave, but Ellie leapt up and grabbed his hand.

"Don't be embarrassed," she said, "don't you know what today is?"

Will pulled his hand away, uncomfortable at her touch. "I don't know...Tuesday?"

She laughed. "You don't even know what day of the week it is? It's Saturday, but that isn't what I mean, today's Nude Day."

Will blinked in surprise as he stared at the three naked girls in front of him. "Nude Day?"

"Sure, every July 14th is National Nude Day. That's why we're here. You don't have to take your clothes off if you don't want to, but it'd be great if you could join us. Stay and have a beer."

Will shook his head and stared in disgust at the cans littered around Mickey, who seemed oblivious to them as she reached down for her pack of cigarettes.

"Did you ever hear of Earth Day?" he said. "Why don't you clean up your empties? And before you light up another smoke, maybe you should finish this one." He pulled the still damp, half-finished cigarette he'd fished out of the lake from his pocket and tossed it to Mickey.

She watched it land at her feet and glared up at him. "Jeezus, you ain't one a them goddamned enviro-mental-ists are ya?" she said, putting special emphasis on the word mental.

"No, I just don't like strangers showing up and leaving their garbage all over an area I'm camping in."

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