tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBoondoggle Ch. 02

Boondoggle Ch. 02


She awoke the next morning feeling a tingling all over her body. Her mind was awash in the possibilities of a new lifestyle. She had learned early on that she could get her way by using her looks, her personality and her body.

Her slim and trim physique accentuated by leaving a few buttons undone or stretching in the right way could turn almost any man's eye toward her. She had loved the sexual stimulation she felt whenever she knew she had turned a man on. It was a satisfaction of personal power that almost rivaled having sex. Sometime the hunt was better than the end.

But what happened yesterday at the office, then on her run and then at the ice cream parlor had taken her to a new level of arousal. Never had she felt such intensity during any orgasm.

"Eye Candy" she sighed. She then ran her hands over her nude body as she lay in bed. Everywhere she touched seemed to be more sensitive than the previous spots. As she fondled her petite breasts and her finger began to stroke her clit she felt her passions rise.

Suddenly she stopped and smiled to herself.

"Honey, today you're going to redefine eye candy! I'm going to make him beg for it."

She quickly slipped out of bed and jumped into the shower. After drying herself and applying her favorite body lotions she stood in front of her closet. Looking down with two rows of hangers she thought "What will really drive him crazy?" She walked into the closet and began holding the different outfits against her naked body. And then she saw the beige silk business suit. She held it against her and looked at her image in the mirror. The mini skirt ended about mid thigh and the jacket was just slightly short of that.

She quickly stepped to her dresser and opened the drawer that held her sexiest lingerie. The ones she only work at home for her husband. There in the back she found what she was looking for. The white tiny heart-shaped satin thong and the shelf bra that would leave for nipples exposed. She slipped on the thong and loved the way it felt against her pussy and how the back slipped so neatly between the cheeks of her tight ass. She enjoyed the same level of stimulation as she slipped on the bra and admired her own aroused nipples were poking beyond its confines.

She nervously applied her makeup, brushed her long hair and then dabbed her favorite perfume on her neck, between her breasts, along the inside of her arms and thighs and then with a smile underneath her thong.

She slipped into pink silk wrap around blouse with a deep plunging neckline capable of revealing as much cleavage as she might want anytime today. Finally she slipped on the business suit and found a pair of four inch pink slingback high heels.

As she was admiring herself in the mirror she chose a long string of pearls that hung down between her breasts. And put on the matching pearl earrings.

She noticed the time realizing she had to run to catch the flight.

At the airport she knew she was getting a lot of special attention from the TSA guards. As she hurried to her gate she enjoyed the looks she was getting from the business men.

She slowed down just before her gate and took a little more time as she swung her hips subtly walking towards him. She took care to have each foot step land slightly inward of her natural stride, giving her hips a very suggestive sway.

He looked up and she saw the surprise in his eyes. She locked on his eyes and was very deliberate in the directness of her path towards him. She knew she had him under control when she glanced at his crotch and saw the obvious signs of his arousal.

"Hi, I didn't think you're going to make it. I thought you were going to back out."

"No, I just took a little extra time getting ready. I wanted you to appreciate the Eye Candy!" And then she leaned into him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and smiled wickedly.

Before he could even say anything their row was called for boarding. When they found their row on the plane she asked "Would you mind if I sat near the window? Actually I think you'll appreciate the view more that way!" She took her time sliding in front of him with her ass gently rubbing against his crotch. As she sat down she didn't make any attempt to keep her skirt from sliding up. It was only inches from exposing her panties.

He set down next to her and his eyes had a tough time moving off of her skirt until she undid her jacket exposing her cleavage.

"Well!" she said, "Do you like it? I wore it for you, like you said you wanted some Eye Candy on this trip."

He was struck speechless, and his jaw dropped when she took his hand and placed it on her thigh saying "I hope you plan to do more than just look?"

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