tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBoondoggle Revisited

Boondoggle Revisited


As I come round the corner I see her standing in her cubicle working at her computer. Cute as ever, with blond hair down to her shoulders and the trim tight body. She is my communications specialist that I'd hired directly after her graduation. At only 23 she has naïveté and yet under the surface she oozes sex appeal. As I walk towards her I smile in anticipation of the next few moments.

"Hi kid! How was your weekend?"

"Well hi yourself. I had a great time we went and saw some new bands in the city. We stayed up too late and I'm exhausted." And then she gives a great stretch, leaning back having her hands behind her. It thrusts her small breasts forward pushing them tightly against her white linen shirt. I can clearly see the outline of her push up bra and the curve of her breasts. She doesn't seem to mind as my eyes moved over her body. I've learned that as long as no one else is around she always gives me a little show.

"Well good for you, you've been working hard and should get out and have some fun. When I was your age we were out having fun almost every night. Closing bars and raising hell."

Now as she leans to her right her blouse pulls away from her jeans exposing the edge of her hip and her flat abdomen. And through the unbuttoned gap in her blouse I can see the full swell of her breast and just barely the edge of her nipple. She smiles as she straightens up. "My friends and I don't get into that much trouble. I'm usually home early in bed, the first to leave the party. Except Saturday night I made some "Killer" margaritas that were too strong and got a little buzzed. Before I knew it was 3 AM."

"Okay, well when you get a chance I'd like to see you in my office to talk about my trip down south. I want to hear your ideas on how to improve communication between their office and ours."

"I'll come by around one o'clock." And then she clasps both hands over her head and does another sexy stretch.

I smile to myself as I enjoy the view of her tight abs from her belly button down 4 inches to her skin tight jeans. I gradually look back up her body and eventually end up staring into her eyes. "You are such a tease!" Then, I turn and walk towards my office.

Promptly at one o'clock she is at my office door. Her blouse is tucked back in her jeans but two more buttons are undone. She sits in the chair on the left side of my desk and hands me several pages of her thoughts on the trip. As I am reading her ideas I notice she crossed her legs and her high heel is loosely dangling on her foot. She leans forward while I read her notes, I try not to stare at her cleavage.

"These are great ideas. I like them."

"Good, then maybe I should fly down there with you and explain them to the team!" She is always trying to work some kind of boondoggle out of me. I suppress a smile as I think to myself "Gotcha!" She probably doesn't think I'd go for it.

"You know it's a two-day meeting. Are you sure this won't delay your other work?"

I can see the little gears working as she quickly works out how she can get it all done and go on the boondoggle as well. "Yes sir, I am certain I can get it all done."

I pretended to think for a moment before saying "Okay, then we are on. Here's my itinerary, book your flight and a room at the hotel."

I notice she takes a quick breath, apparently she'd been holding it, but she has gotten what she wanted. She gets up and walks to the door, turns and with a smile says "I am not a tease. I just like to show off sometimes."

"Well then, while we're there if you bring a little black dress I'll take you somewhere very fancy for dinner. I think I'd like to show you off, you're really beautiful eye candy."

She blushes and as she turns and goes out the door I hear her say "Hmm, eye candy!"

After arranging for her trip she leaves work early and is still thinking about being "Eye Candy" when she gets home. She is keyed up and decides a long run will do her good.

She quickly strips down to just her thong. Her nipples are still aroused and hard. She looks at her body in the full length mirror and turns around slowly to see every side. Smiling she runs her hands over the flawless curves. No cellulite here only a young healthy body. Gently stroking her breasts she pinches her nipples sending a shudder down through her pussy.

"Oh no you don't! Let's go running." She grabs her favorite Dolphin running shorts and sports bra. The shorts are tight and the white sports bra barely hides the color of her nipples. Then on a whim she rolls down the top of her shorts to just above her panties.

She runs for several miles working up a delicious sweat. She decides to stop and reward herself at the Old Stone Creamery with a cold ice cream. As she waits in line she becomes aware of the man ahead of her undressing her with his eyes.

She shivers as the AC evaporates the sweat off her body and realizes that her nipples and panties were clearly visible through the soaked running gear. Since it is just the man and the guy behind the counter she decides to stretch as she waits. Both the man and the counter guy are struggling to contain themselves as she arches her body. By the time she leaves both guys are sporting visible erections.

When she runs back home it is all she can do to strip out of her clothes and falls on the bed pleasuring herself. She strokes her breasts and the inside of her thighs. Finally she slips her fingers between the lips of her vagina and dives into her pussy. She strokes them back and forth while rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples.

Her body is soaring but she can't get herself off. Rolling to her side she reaches into the nightstand and pulls out her "Love Wand" - a penis shaped silver vibrator.

She turns it up and finally reaches the desired stimulation for her much needed orgasm. As she cums she cries out "I'm not a tease! I'm not a tease! Oh my God I am! Oh yes I AM!"

As she collapses back onto the bed with every muscle of her body relaxing all she can think about is "What should wear tomorrow? I'm going to really show him how much Eye Candy I can be!" She is feeling very sexy right now and doesn't want to ever stop feeling that way.

She awakes the next morning feeling a tingling all over her body. Her mind is awash in the possibilities of new opportunities. She has learned early on that she can get her way by using her looks, her personality and her body.

Her slim and trim physique can be accentuated by leaving a few buttons undone or stretching in the right way. She knows she can turn almost any man's eye toward her. She loves the sexual stimulation she feels whenever she knows she has turned a man on. It is a satisfaction of personal power that almost rivals having sex. Sometimes the hunt is better than the actual sex.

But what happened yesterday at the office and then at the ice cream parlor has taken her to a new level of arousal. Never has she reached such an intense orgasm before.

"Eye Candy" she sighs. She then runs her hands over her smooth nude body as she lies in bed. Everywhere she touches seems to be more sensitive than the previous spot. As she fondles her petite breasts and her finger began to stroke her clit she feels her passions rise.

Suddenly she stops and smiles to herself.

"Honey, today I'm going to redefine eye candy! I'm going to make him beg for it."

She quickly slips out of bed and jumps into the shower. After drying herself and applying her favorite body lotions she stands in front of her closet. Looking down with two rows of hangers she thought "What will really drive him crazy?" She walks into the closet and begins holding the different outfits against her naked body; she loves the feel of the different fabrics against her body. And then she sees the beige silk business suit. She holds it against her and looks at her image in the mirror. The mini skirt ends about mid thigh and the jacket was just slightly short of that. "Perfect!"

She quickly steps to her dresser and opens the drawer that holds her sexiest lingerie. The ones she only wears at home for her husband. There in the back she finds what she is looking for. The white tiny heart-shaped satin thong and the shelf bra that will leave her nipples exposed. She slips on the thong and loves the way it feels against her pussy and how the back slips so neatly between the cheeks of her tight ass. She enjoys the same level of stimulation as she slips on the bra and admires her own aroused nipples poking beyond its confines.

She nervously applies her makeup, brushing her long hair and then dabbing her favorite perfume on her neck, between her breasts, along the inside of her arms and thighs and then with a smile underneath her thong.

She slips into pink silk wrap-around blouse with a deep plunging neckline capable of revealing as much cleavage as she might want anytime today. Finally she slips on the business suit and finds a pair of four inch pink slingback high heels.

As she is admiring herself in the mirror she chooses a long string of pearls that hangs down between her breasts and puts on the matching pearl earrings.

She suddenly notices the time and realizes she needs to run to catch the flight.

At the airport she gets a lot of special attention from the TSA guards. As she hurries to her gate she enjoys the looks she is getting from the business men. It's exactly what she wants. She can already feel herself becoming aroused.

She slows down just before her gate and takes a little more time as she swings her hips subtly walking towards him. She takes care to have each foot step and land slightly inward of her natural stride, giving her hips a very suggestive sway.

He looks up and she sees the surprise in his eyes. She locks on his eyes and is very deliberate in the directness of her path towards him. She knows she has him under control when she glances at his crotch and sees the obvious signs of his arousal.

"Hi, I didn't think you're going to make it. I thought you were going to back out."

"No, I just took a little extra time getting ready. I wanted you to appreciate the Eye Candy!" And then she leans into him and gives him a kiss on the cheek, and smiles wickedly.

Before he can even say anything their flight is called for boarding. When they find their row on the Business Class section of the plane she asks "Would you mind if I sat near the window? I think you'll appreciate the view more that way!" She takes her time sliding in front of him gently rubbing her ass against his crotch. As she sits down she doesn't make any attempt to keep her skirt from sliding up. It is only inches from exposing her panties.

He sits down next to her and his eyes have a tough time moving off of her skirt until she undoes her jacket exposing her cleavage.

"Well!" she says, "Do you like it? I wore it for you; I know you want some Eye Candy on this trip. Oh, I you do like it, don't you?"

He is struck speechless, and then his jaw drops when she takes his hand and places it on her thigh saying "I hope you plan to do more than just look?"

As he is trying to recover his cool she reaches up and hits the "Attendant" light.

When the male steward shows up she asks "Can I have a blanket I'm a little chilled?" Then she gives him a wink. A few minutes later the plane is off the ground and they are comfortably covered with the blanket.

His hand begins to move up and down her silken thigh. As he reaches the hem of her skirt she uncrosses her legs leaving them slightly open for his hand to move further up her leg. She is becoming extremely aroused as his fingers brush against the panty covered lips of her vagina.

She leans into him as his fingers began pressing against the material and rubbing her moist pussy. She moans lowly when he slides his fingers beneath her thong onto the wet aroused labia.

He looks down her open blouse and can clearly see her hard nipples beneath the pink silk. As he slips his finger into her wet cunt she reaches over and grabs his cock. She can feel the pads of his finger sliding in and out of her saturated pussy, gliding over her G-spot and then his thumb begins rubbing her clit.

She looks sexily up into his eyes. "When they turn off the Fasten Seat Belts light I'm going back to the bathroom and you'd better be there in a couple of minutes or I'm going to fuck the first man that opens the door."

As if in cue just then the Captain turns off the light and announces "Please feel free to move about the cabin."

She quickly undoes her seat belt and slips out into the aisle. As she slips past him he detects the smell of her perfume and the distinct smell of a woman's sex totally aroused.

2 minutes later he is inside the bathroom cabin pulling her thong down as she is unzipping his slacks. She slides her small hand around his swollen cock and begins pulling him trying to arouse him even more. "My God you're huge!" She says "I'm not sure I can take it in."

"There's only one way to find out" and he quickly begins to enter her. Then with deft hands and a very wet pussy she guides him further in. She feels the large head push through the outer lips and enter into her. They begin moving slowly gradually pushing more and then even more of his cock into her. When the head of his hard cock passes over her G-spot she lets out a moan and she pulls herself up further on his body. His hand has discovered her bare breast and is squeezing her nipple gently as she lets out another deeper moan.

He covers her mouth with his and plunges his tongue aggressively inward. She responds with complete abandon urging him on. "Fuck me, Fuck me. Now! I'm coming, coming. " Then she begins tightening her vaginal muscles to increase their pleasure. His pace is now quickening as he is nearing his own climax. Then he pulls her head away from him and as he stares into her wide eyes. He cums deep in her pussy and feels her vagina begin actively squeezing his cock milking every bit of cum from him.

After a few moments he slips out of her and they laugh as they try to clean themselves up and get redressed in the tiny room. She steps out first and returns to their seats while he lingers for a moment. After he sits down she turns to him "Oh shit, I left my thong back there!" Before either one of them can move the Steward stops by, leans over and says "I believe these are yours Miss." As she blushes while reaching for her thong she sees his eyes move down over her breasts and to her exposed bush peaking out from under her skirt.

She feels herself begin to tingle again. And knows her next trip back to the bathroom might be very fulfilling as well.

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