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Boo's Tattoo


My eyes opened. The room was dark. I heard something? Yes, there it was again; the doorbell? I looked at the clock. Its three fucking AM. I get up, slide on a pair of athletic shorts and go downstairs. Looking out the window I see a car in the street, running, stopped.

When I cautiously opened the front door the car slowly pulled away. The mystery was soon solved. Amy, my 22 year old daughter was propped up against the porch railing, unconscious. My first fear was relieved when she urrped, spewing a small bit of drool to add to the string of barf on her shirt. She was very alive and unbelievably drunk. This was unheard of for her. As I looked her over I noticed that her pants were wet too. She had gotten sick, puked on herself and pissed her pants. I guess her friends, having failed to keep her sober, or encouraged her to get way too drunk, had at least made sure she was cared for at the end of the night.

There was no way she was going in the house the way she was. She was a disgusting mess. I picked her up and carried her to the backyard, out of sight of any nosy neighbors. She's a gymnast so her five foot, 92 pound body was easy for me to carry. The only complication was that being so completely drunk she was a limp rag, plus, what was on her was now on me. The joy of parenting. I would have had her mother do this but Rita was away for a week at a training seminar.

Once inside the pool fence I put Amy down and considered my next course of action. I was going to have to take off at least the outer layer of clothing as it stank to high heaven. As she lay on the lounge I unbuttoned her blouse and rolled it back off her shoulders. She has tiny breasts, an A cup, maybe a small B so she seldom wears a bra, tonight being no exception. I was a little surprised at myself as I stared at her perky nubs. I know it was wrong but I felt a little excited getting to see them after all these years. I laughed at myself when I thought, 'well they haven't gotten much bigger than the last time I saw them, when she was eight.'

Next I slipped off her shoes and paused. I had to get her jeans off but I felt funny, this was my daughter but I was getting excited. Well, I'm only human and she is a very good looking girl, blonde, blue eyes, cute face. Trying to be a business like as possible I unbuttoned her jeans and slid the zipper down. Fortunately she had not decided to 'go commando' she had a nice, light blue pair of panties on, albeit soaked from her pissing herself. I yanked her jeans off and she just lay there. She hadn't stirred one bit.

She still smelled a bit. This was a problem. I couldn't just dump her in her bed this way. One she was smelly and two, she might get sick again. I was going to have to clean her up and probably by the time that was done I'd be sure she wasn't going to throw up any more. The panties would have to go. I had managed to keep from getting inappropriately excited by this naked girl because she was my daughter and she was a mess. But slipping her panties off triggered some old memories and I felt the lust growing.

I got quite a surprise when I saw her naked pussy. She had a tattoo, small, one word, very nicely done in artful script, very close to the top of her slit. The tattoo didn't surprise me, it was what it said. "Boo's" I just stared. "Boo" was her nickname for me, her father. I didn't know what to think. I figured I'd probably never get an explanation and I knew I'd never ask.

I needed to clean her up and I didn't want to get her hair wet so I left her, naked on the lounge and went inside to get a hair clip. While I was there I began to run a tub of warm water. Once I got her blonde hair clipped up I carried her up to our bathroom and gently laid her in the warm water. When she felt the water she purred, almost moaned. That triggered more memories and I was getting hard. My shorts were soiled now so I dropped them. She was so out of it there was no way she'd see her father bathing her naked. I carefully washed her, trying to be good, I failed. I simply could not resist rubbing her nipples. I've always been a small breast man and Amy's were perfect. As I took my slight liberty, she moaned again and naturally, they got hard as pebbles under my fingers.

Reluctantly, I resumed washing her, running a flannel over her arms and legs. That left her privates. I had to wash them. I carefully lifted one of her legs and exposed her shaven slit and just below, her little rosebud. More thoroughly than I should have, I washed her vagina and butt hole. In a fit of weakness I dropped the flannel and briefly caressed both to make sure she was clean. By this time my dick was rigid. She may be my little girl but she is also a profoundly attractive lady. I laid a towel on the floor and after draining the tub lifted her out upon it. Then I took a second towel and began to dry her. Arms, legs, torso, face. Then I slowly rubbed the towel over her nipples. I was enjoying it, I hate to say. But so was Amy. She moaned and moved a little, opening her legs as she did. I moved the towel down and patted her vagina to dry it. She thrust her hips up a bit. I was trying to be so good. I was just barely making it.

She was dry. I carried her to her bed and laid her out. As I was getting up to leave I had a thought. I hoped she had not been taken advantage of in her condition. I didn't know if she was on birth control so, there could be a problem. I needed to check. It was a legitimate concern but I also knew I was giving in to a weakness.

I turned on a light and spread her lean hard legs. Amy moaned again and spread them wider of her own volition. Her pussy had blossomed a bit. It was open now and I saw a bit of moisture. Looking carefully I did not see any redness indicating fucking and using my fingers to spread her now lubricated opening, I saw no cum. Yes I was very bad, I actually fingered my hot daughter for a few seconds. She was warm and soaked and moaning. My thumb instinctively went to the clit. It was hard and Amy moaned when I pressed it down as my fingers slid deeply into her tight slit. She felt so amazing. I was naked and my cock was hard. I stopped myself. This was non-consensual and very wrong, but it was still very exciting. I looked up and was surprised. Her eyes were just barely open. She mumbled something I couldn't understand and dropped back into unconsciousness. I pulled the sheet over her and left her to sleep.

She finally appeared about ten the next morning. I was in the kitchen, making some preparations for dinner that night. Amy came in, still looking the worse for wear, wearing just the long tee shirt I had seen by her bed. I noticed her nipples poking the shirt out which triggered my visions of last night. I averted my gaze so that there would be no involuntary response.

"G'mornin Daddy."

"Good morning baby." I replied with a very sincere smile, a brief hug and a kiss on her head.

"We got any aspirin in the house? She mumbled as she rooted in the frig for the orange juice.

"Sure, up in our bathroom. You got in late last night."

She froze for a second. I had decided to say nothing about her behavior. I figured the hangover and the teasing from her friends would be more than enough punishment and a suitable lesson. I also was silent about everything else. I wanted to see what would happen. She waited and when I said nothing more she replied.

"Yeah, we were out late, I guess."

She nervously ate some breakfast as I read the paper and then excused herself. I smiled. I knew exactly what she was going to do and all it was going to accomplish would be to deepen the mystery for her. She was going to go text her friends and ask what the fuck happened last night. She was going to examine her pussy to see if she had been assaulted. She was going to strain to remember what happened after her friends left her on her porch. I smirked as I went up to my office for the day. I'd wait, I'd wait for Amy to make the next move. I know her, she will need to know and she will eventually be driven to ask.

An hour later she tapped on my office door. "You busy Dad?"

"No, come on in." She sat in my leather chair, but just on the edge. She shifted around a little, as if she was trying to find the comfortable spot. She shifted her eyes back and forth from the Persian rug to my eyes. I waited and finally she spoke.

"I really fucked up last night." I smiled

"Well, it wasn't one of your best performances."

"Why aren't you yelling at me? I was way out of bounds. Why aren't you mad?"

I leaned in towards her. "How you feeling right now, your head, your body, you know?"

Amy groaned and leaned back into the chair. "I feel like I've been thrown in a cement mixer. My head's pounding, my body aches, my brain is fuzzy, dad, I feel like shit."

"What did your friends say?"

She groaned again.

"I'm NEVER gonna hear the end of this. They are still telling me all the fucked up shit I did after I got so wasted!"

I leaned back and smiled at her. "That's why I'm not yelling. Your friends shouldn't have let you get so bad, but at least they looked after you and made sure you were safe. Their recollections and your memories of your current condition will do more to temper your future behavior than any yelling I might do."

Amy popped out of the chair and gave me a big hug, holding it for a long time.

"I always knew you were cool dad, now I know how much."

"Amy, I've done some fucked up shit myself, I survived. I was just glad you got home safe."

She pulled back and looked into my eyes. I felt a question coming but she just faded out of my arms and left the office. I knew she was curious about how she got from the front porch, filthy, to her bed, clean, and naked.

Now that the tension over my response to her adventure had left the air we spent a very pleasant day. Amy complained about how she felt and I just smiled. By five I was done for the day and we made dinner, watched two movies she picked, sigh, and went to bed. That was the end of my life as just her father.

As I was having breakfast the next morning I heard Amy get up and then the shower running. The shower stopped and I heard her on the stairs. She popped into the kitchen and asked me, "Dad, have you seen my hairbrush?" The question became irrelevant when I lifted my eyes and saw that my 22 year old daughter was absolutely naked. "Um, aren't you just a bit underdressed?"

She smirked. "Well Dad. I was out on the pool deck last night and I found my yucky clothes, including my panties, on the ground so I called Bekka today to thank her for cleaning me up and all. We're um, very close, and she told me that she had left the bar earlier than I did. Well, I called Cindy, she's also a very, very good friend and she said they had just left me and rang the bell till your light went on. Soooooo I figured out that my dad had taken my clothes off, washed me from head to toe, dried me and put me to bed. So you've seen every inch of me and I see no point in being coy. Actually I like being naked, I may just do it more often. That is, if you don't mind."

I tried not to look as stunned as I felt. Of course I'd love to have this little hard body prancing around the house naked. But I really didn't want to have to hide my hard on. College kids these days are so casual, about everything.

"Well, Amy, I guess you have a point but remember those were rather unusual circumstances. That's not something a father should be doing for his college age daughter. Oh, and your hairbrush is on the stairs." Amy turned and left, waving her hand over her head as she said. "Oh Boo, don't be a prude. You were so sweet to take care of me and don't kid me, I know you enjoyed it."

I stared at the empty doorway. How did she know I enjoyed it? Was she awake when I was fingering her? Shit, that's not good. But then I thought, she didn't seem upset? Maybe she was just bluffing, testing me, but to what end? I was getting a headache from thinking too much. I went to my office and got to work.

The next two days were interesting to say the least. Amy didn't go around naked, well other than to and from her shower, which I noticed she scheduled when I would be most likely to observe her. But she alternated between wearing tee shirts that just covered her hard round ass, without panties or just shorts or a bikini bottom, leaving her pert little A cups in the breeze. Of course this resulted in me being in an almost constant state of arousal. Every time she bent over, and she seemed to like to do that when she was around me, her lovely little slit would peek at me and sometimes her rosebud. I don't have a whole lot of restraint normally and Amy was pushing it hard. Rita wasn't due back for a few days so I steeled myself to keep taking jack off breaks and behave. She may be a world class tease but she is my daughter. I never stood a chance.

Two nights before Rita was due home I was reading in bed. I sleep naked and close my door. Amy hasn't knocked or come into our room at night in years. Yeah, not that night.

A gentle knock was immediately followed by her slim frame sliding in my door. I had been reading so I only had a small light on. Amy was on the periphery of light but I could see she was naked. She slipped into the bed on Rita's side. I was immediately nervous. I didn't feel right being in the same bed naked with her, I liked the idea too much. I put my book down and looked at her.

She settled under the covers and propped herself up on two pillows. "So dad, you never asked me about my tattoo?" I was wondering when this would come up. "Well Amy, I hadn't asked because it was none of my business, but I do confess I am curious." Amy shifted over and now her lower leg was touching mine. I couldn't help it, I started getting hard.

"Dad, I've been attracted to you since I was old enough to masturbate." She let that hang, like my jaw, for a minute. I'd heard of this stuff before, I even had a friend who, in a drunken state confessed to regularly bedding his 20 year old daughter. He didn't remember the comment the next day and I, of course, never mentioned it, but he said it. Now I was in the same spot. Amy casually continued.

"I wasn't going to act on my interest, though I have talked about it to a couple of very close and trusted friends and they both said I should go for it, but I was still nervous." That stunned me. "Um, who are these friends and that's a pretty serious subject." Her hand moved over and she ran her finger along my leg down by my knee. She just smiled. "Well, Boo, one of them is Bekka, she's about as close a friend as anyone could have. We take care of each other."

"That's nice Amy, It's good to have a friend you can count on for rides or other stuff." She giggled. "No Dad, we 'take care; as in, when we are between boyfriends or just like when we fell like something different, ya know?"

It took a second for me to realize that Amy just confessed to regular lesbian sex with her best friend as if she said they played golf together. I knew I was losing my lame struggle against Amy's quest. I had acquiesced to the inevitable and, in fact I was looking forward to it. But I was going to make her work for it. It shocked me, at that moment, to wonder what Rita would think of all this. I had succumbed to our mutual lust and all I cared about was what my wife would think if she found out. The things you learn about yourself at seminal moments. Oh well.

"I'm not sure I get it Amy. What do you mean?" My tone wasn't quite right and she was on to me. She pressed in closer, I felt her shaven cleft on my thigh and her pert nubs press into my side. Amy's right arm went across my chest, he hand landing close to my left nipple. Her mouth was close and her warm wet breath caressed my ear as she spoke.

"Well, Boo, You see, Bekka and I got curious once, long ago, when we were just sprouting fur around our pussies and her tits were starting to grow. That kinda morphed into touching. You wanna know why I loved to wear skirts in High School? Bekka would eat my pussy in a stall in the girl's room almost every other day. I returned the favor on alternate days. That's what I mean by 'taking care of each other', ya get it now, dad? Oh and Cindy will be right there soon. I've been kissing her, but it will get better. I think she has a story, something going on in her house, not bad, but something."

I was surprised that her story and her mouth practically in my ear didn't make me cum. The vision of Bekka, who is an amazon, five eleven, D chest, broad shoulders, thin waist, a real swimmers build, on her knees worshipping my daughter's pussy was just awesome. My cock throbbed with need. Cindy I had met once, she's like Amy, tiny and hard. Amy was undulating against my body as she spoke. My nose picked up the slight scent of her arousal, mixed in with her herbal shampoo. She wasn't done explaining.

"Oh don't' get me wrong Dad, I'm no lesbo, not by any means. I lost my virginity at sixteen and you know I've had five boyfriends since then, but I've also had three more lovers, who may not necessarily have been as young as I. No, don't worry, my A average was earned in the books and not on my knees, I wouldn't risk my career or a teachers career for that. What I'm saying is that I am experienced emotionally and sexually, I know exactly what I'm doing."

With that she flew the sheet back and moved her head down. Faster than I could respond she had my hard cock as far into her mouth as possible. I won't lie, it was amazing to look down and see her short blonde hair masking her mouth moving up and down my dick. She was right, she was experienced. But I had to try one last time.

"Amy baby you shouldn't have your fathers cock in your mouth." She slurped off of my knob, and still holding it in her hand, looked right into my eyes. "Yeah and naked daddy's shouldn't take advantage of their drunk daughters by pinching their nipples and fingering their soaked pussies. I was so stewed you couldn't understand me. I was trying to say, 'don't stop.' In the morning I thought it was a dream, but I guess not." With that she went back to blowing her father. I gave up and gave in.

"Amy, suck my cock baby. I love having my little girl blow me." This got a deep moan and she moved so that she was between my legs. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. This tease had been going on for days. "I'm gonna cum soon darling daughter. I'm going to fill your mouth with cum if you don't stop." She briefly paused and looked up at me. "Good, then your big Dad cock will last longer in its pussy, Boo's pussy." Her mouth went into overdrive and I felt a finger sliding under my ball sack. When she pressed into my ass with her finger I was done.

"OH FUCK I'M CUMMING! Oh shit, oh shit!" You know that feeling of release when your cum first lurches out of your cock. It feels sooooo good. I heard Amy gulp as my load rocketed into her mouth. She paused and then went right back to sucking the cum out of me till I gently pushed her off of my too sensitive cock. She rolled over on her back next to me. Her body glistened with sweat from her effort. Now the room was suffused with our mixed sexual scents. We both lay there panting for a few seconds and then Amy slowly climbed on top of my six foot two inch, two hundred and ten pound frame. Her body looked tiny as she moved up until she was lying on top of me and her face was in mine. She looked concerned.

"How do you feel right now Dad? You need to know, I wanted this, I needed this. It won't change my life, I'll never hate you, I love you now more than ever, but I'm not giving up dating, I have Roger, we will probably get married and live a very normal life, but I will always have you and I want to have this for as long as possible."

I had made up my mind before Amy's mouth touched my cock. I knew, even though this was way outside of normal, I think, because who knows how much consensual incest takes place, that I was going to enjoy having my daughter as my lover. I hadn't forced her, she led a very normal emotional life and she has thought about this for years, so she was ready. However, there was the Rita piece. Well, like Ted Kennedy used to say, "We'll drive off that bridge when we get to it." But I had to torture her just a little.

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