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Boot Camp


Have you ever licked the bottom of your lovers boots? Have you ever sucked off the steel toes of combat boots? Has anyone ever stepped on on you while wearing boots and then made you beg for sex? Has anyone ever made suck their feet and toes while they watch you jerk off?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, then you are probably in the same predicament I am in. My girlfriend refuses to have sex with me unless she wears sexy shoes or even her combat boots to bed. But that's not all, then she makes me do all sorts of kinky things, including allowing her to stomp on me with her shoes and boots on. The funny thing though, is that it really turns me on!

Aside from getting stomped on, we have a pretty normal sex life. Well, as normal as it going to get for us. I can't stop her from forcing the steel toe of her boots into my mouth, sucking them clean while she fingers herself and watches me jerk off. And I'm just no good at turning her down, I'm unable to disobey her wishes whenever she wants me to lick her boots and feet while she stuffs a big fat dildo into her hot asshole. Things have gone even further though lately and I'm really enjoying the abuse I receive from my controlling bitch. It's easy to take when you see her, because she's such a hot looking babe. Her hair is short and dark brown, in a severely sexy cut. She loves to wear bright red lipstick on her lusciously fat lips, and also wears matching red nail polish on her fingers and toenails.

Her bush is trimmed into a perfect one inch strip, and her pussy lips are luscious and fat like her mouth, and shaved clean. She has a gorgeous ass, a wonderfully arched derrière, complimented by her sexy thighs and long legs, capped off nicely with two incredibly sexy feet and tasty red painted toes. Most of the time she walks around naked, except for her shoes or boots.

If you can imagine how funky she looks, then you can understand why I'm so hooked on her. It took me a while to get used to the idea of the boot thing and at first I merely tolerated it. But, as time went on, I found myself becoming more and more fond of her and her kinky ways. In fact I developed a foot fetish myself, which I think I've always had anyway. I found myself looking forward to tasting a leather sole or two, but my true love was sucking her feet and toes.

The first time it happened was as good as the last time. I came home to our apartment after a long day at work, and when I opened the door Kate jumped me from behind and wrestled me to the floor. At first I thought she was playing some sort of sexual game with me, but I quickly realized that she was dead serious as soon as she planted the tip of her combat boot into my ribcage.

"Get up off your ass soldier boy! It's high time that your Sergeant teaches you a lesson! Now strip down and get on your hands and knees! I want you to polish my boots with you tongue!" AShe belted out her orders. Intimidated by her stern forcefulness I was more than happy to obey her commands. I quickly ripped my clothes off, and much to both our surprise, my cock was hanging heavy with a throbbing and beefy hard on. By ordering and bossing me around she had actually turned me on! I looked at her, and I think she was just as turned on as I was, and before giving me another direct command she squeezed my throbbing cock and swollen balls with her warm hands, and gently kissed my face.

I got down on all fours as I was told to do, and Kate held her boot up to my mouth. I began to lick the top of her tasty leather boot, and much to my surprise I listened while Kate began purring like a turned on slut. The more I licked her and got into it, the more she played with herself and the louder she got. Squeezing her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples, working on her stiff clit with an overheated frenzy.

Just hearing her breathing, her moaning and groaning, watching how turned on she was, had my pecker stiff as a fence post. Glancing down I spied my cockhead drooling and leaking precum onto the carpet. My balls were dangling low and full, dragging along the carpet as I moved my hips from side to side, while I continued to lick Kate's sexy boots clean.

"Lick it! Lick the bottom of my boot! Lick it like you mean it! Come on, hurry up I wanna cum to day Private! Lick my boots clean!" she ordered. I went to town and using the flat top and bottom of my tongue swiped her boot with full long licks giving her what she'd ordered. She smacked my ass hard as I glanced up at her, and then she slid two fingers deep into her juicy,wet cunt. I reached up to help her out but she slapped my hand and pushed it away. My cock twitched and throbbed, growing longer and harder.

Kate began working on her G-spot, reaching and bending her hand and fingers to maintain contact. I kept up the pace on the bottom of her boots and the faster and harder I licked the faster and harder she fingered her hot cunt. I rode the heat wave and finally joined in, grabbing hold of my aching and drooling cock. I firmly stroked pulsating rod, squeezing my swollen knob with each loud moan and groan emanating Kate's Military mouth. I wanted to cum along with her. I ran my tongue slowly from the heel of her boot along the seam, all the way to the tip of the toe making sure I was staring straight into her eyes. She was getting so sloppy and wet that her hand was slurping and squishing in and out of her juicy cunt, splashing my face every time she slapped her hole. I knew she was seconds away from cumming so I pointed my cock downward and kept stroking.

Kate started moaning like a wounded animal, her hips moved with involuntary jerks, bucking and thrusting up to meet her frigging fingers. She fingered herself to a big, juicy orgasm that must've lasted at least two three minutes! I tried to beat my cock faster so I could cum too, but my balls weren't ready, just yet. It would take Kate's next command to spark the explosion I so desperately needed.

Shoving her boot tip into my open mouth while she looked me in the eye and with a determined and motivated look she issued the next set of orders.

"Suck off the tip of my boots! I want you cum while you blow my boots and my toes! Give my feet head or I'll cram my foot up your ass soldier boy!" She drilled at me.

I almost gagged as she buried her boot inside my mouth. Her eyes opened wide as she watched me take her boot in my mouth. I took that boot and bobbed up and down over top of her steel tipped toes like I was sucking off a cock. The excited look on her face and the gleam in her eyes told me I was doing it right. I beat my meat faster and was a stroke or two away from cumming. I glanced up at her again and she produced a big, fat dildo. Positioning it at her tight back door, she swirled it around her asshole. I knew exactly what she was up to. Her asshole was already nicely lubed from the gargling stream of cunt juice so when she squished that big, fat plastic dick into her butt hole it eased in gracefully.

Suddenly, Kate went off on like a screaming banshee riding a nuclear missile. I followed suit and cam along with her this time! Kate rammed that thing deep into her ass while I pumped my cock with insatiable intent. She tweaked her clit each time she pulled back on the dildo and spun out of control. I sucked on her boot adding plenty of fuel to her overheated cunt. She convulsed with such force that that fake cock fired out of sexy asshole as she crossed from one orgasm right into another.

I yanked my cock into a full, mouthwatering, creamy load as my bloated balls dumped several thick gooey globs cum onto the carpet below.

I was hooked on Kate's Boot Camp and had managed to pass basic training with flying colours! I could hardly wait to find out what my next assignment would be!!!

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