"It still makes my bottom tingle when I hear the clip-clop of a woman wearing boots," he said.

The interviewer listened attentively. "Take all your clothes off," she instructed.

She smiled to herself when he immediately stood up to remove his clothes. She knew that most guys have no reservations about undressing for a female they find attractive, and more so with a submissive male. "Those too," she said, referring to his briefs.

For an uncomfortable moment, he stood naked before her with an involuntary erection. She told him to get back on the recliner.

"Tell me everything," she said, and subtly opened her bare legs enough to expose some of her inner thighs.

"I really shouldn't have taken those movies from the adult store," he began. "I really thought she wasn't watching me and I could get away with it. And then the humiliation when she not only caught me but noticed the kinky ones I lifted."

"What were they about?" She noticed his hesitation and said, "It's important that you not leave anything out. I'm not likely to be shocked by any of it."

He sighed deeply. "Spanking and bondage. Cumshots. Girls doing girls. I knew I was in big trouble then, and I tried to pay for the stuff. I told her I'd pay for them and never come back if that's what she wanted, I told her I'd do anything. But she went ahead and made the phone call to the store's owner. I had to show her all my ID and stuff, and they showed me the video of my being caught. So after they got all the evidence in order the clerk told me that if I agreed to go to this special camp for civil offenders they wouldn't involve the courts and I wouldn't have an arrest record. I had to sign some forms, and I had to pay the cost for the camp, which was pretty steep but I guess it beats paying lawyers and going to court. Plus, I had to do that within the next 30 days and show them the certificate of completion."

"And then...?"

"So I signed the forms and made the arrangements. I told them at work that I had to get away and go backpacking. The place was about a hundred miles away and was really more of a reform school kind of place than a camp. Man, I was nervous when I got there."

"I want to know every detail, starting from your arrival."

"The first thing after signing in was the physical exam. I had to give them all my clothes except for my briefs. Then I went to the nurse's station. She had me take off my briefs and lay face down on the -"

"Describe her, including how she dressed."

"Straight dark hair, kind of a strict expression, quiet, a white uniform dress, and sneakers. She put a rectal thermometer inside me and then checked my pulse and stuff, looked me over. Then she checked my prostate and had me turn over. She checked my balls and then told me I was going to get an enema."

"An enema!" she said, her eyes widening. She leaned forward and noticed his erection stiffening. "Don't leave anything out."

He blushed slightly and continued.

"The nurse raised these stirrups on the exam table and I had to put my feet in them. Then she tied my ankles so that I couldn't get out of the stirrups. That was embarrassing. Also she tied my arms to the sides of the table. She brought this red enema bag and hung it on a metal pole that was close by. She put water in it until it was full and bulging. She lubricated this weird nozzle and put it inside me. Then she pumped it up."

"A retention nozzle. How did it feel?"

"OH! I felt like I was already full and had to go! The nurse sort of smiled and then started the enema. After a little bit I asked her to stop and she said it's only two quarts. She didn't stop it at all. It all went inside me until the bag was empty. Oh, I felt so full! I was groaning with the pain and then she tilted the table backward so the enema went way up inside me. So there I was, asking her please, please let me get rid of it, and she just stood there looking at me."

"How long did you have to hold it?"

"It felt like forever. She said it was five minutes. Then she untied me and let me up. After I got rid of the enema I rinsed off in the shower and put my briefs on. I was led to a room that was like a cell, and they locked me in there."

The female interviewer opened her legs a little more and listened.

"While I waited there, I heard the clip-clop of women's boots walking through the hall. I saw them lead another guy, also in his underwear and nothing else, down the hall. Fifteen or twenty minutes later, another one. After several times, one of the women with boots unlocked my cell and motioned me to come with her. Clip clop, down the hall we walked and she led me into the punishment room and locked it."

"What did this one look like?"

"Oh, early thirties maybe, long brown wavy hair, blouse and a dark short skirt."

"Pantyhose or bare legs?"

"Bare. I was scared when I got to the punishment room. There was this sturdy thing in the middle of the room and there was no doubt what it was for - holding someone in a bent-over position. There were straps and paddles and things hanging on the wall. So she had me bend over the box as she called it, and she tied my hands to it and also tied above my knees. Then she put a strap around my waist and tightened it so that I couldn't move."

"Were you nervous then?"

"Oh yes! Then clip-clop, she walked over to the wall and picked up this leather strap. She stood in front of me and said that before they could give me a certificate of completion I had to have several spankings. Just then I heard a noise and the nurse came in. She told me that she was there to witness the punishment and that she'd take me for a checkup afterward."

The interviewer moved closer and rested her hand on his naked thigh, close to his erect cock.

"The woman with boots slowly pulled down my briefs, and told me that my introductory spanking would be twenty five strokes. She said the others would be more severe. 'Remember why you are here,' she said, and then started. There was this mirror on the wall in front of me and I could see her with the strap. She drew it way back and then whipped it hard on my bottom. She kept going with a follow-through and kicked one leg up before she got ready for the next one."

"How did the first one feel?"

"I couldn't believe that a leather strap could hurt that much. But then she whipped as hard as she could. She gave me the whole twenty five like that. I started to yell after the first few, and I said 'Please stop!' several times."

The woman's hand moved to his pubic area and her slender fingers lightly touched his ball sac. His cock became more erect. "How fast did she whip?"

"Every few seconds. God it hurt! Then I had to stay tied up for ten minutes while she slowly walked around the room. Clip clop, clip clop!"

Very lightly and slowly, the interviewer stroked his cock. "And then...?"

His breathing deepened as he talked. "Then the nurse took me to her station and took my temperature. When the rectal thermometer was in me I heard water running. She took the thermometer out and said I had to have another enema."

The interviewer withdrew her hand from his cock and leaned forward. Her breathing deepened. "Yes...?"

"When I told her I didn't need another enema she said that non-cooperation gets extra punishment there, and that I'd best do as I'm told. She told me that just that once she wouldn't give me a demerit. Then she tied my wrists to the sides of the table and checked my prostate. In went the nozzle and she pumped it up. I tried to be quiet when she filled me up but the pressure! Oh, the pressure was so intense! After holding it forever she finally let me get rid of it. Then it was back to my cell - all I wore was my briefs -- and I heard the clip-clop of boots several times and then they brought my dinner."

"What was your first night there like?"

"There was no TV to watch, just some news magazines to read. I didn't sleep well, I was tense and nervous. After breakfast the next day there was the clip clop of boots up and down the hall every so often. In the afternoon one of them came for me and took me to the nurse. She checked my prostate and my balls and then gave me an enema. I figured out that every time anyone went to the nurse they always got an enema. I think that was bigger than the ones I got the day before. I sure had a hard time taking it in and holding it. Then back to my cell."

"Did you get spanked that day?"

"I was scared that they would, but no, not that day. They made you figure out patterns for yourself. I got spanked every three days. The next day there I didn't get spanked or an enema."

"The interviewer's feminine fingers very lightly stroked his ball sac. "What about the following day?"

His breathing deepened. "I got enemas and a spanking. She used a paddle. Thirty five strokes, I think. I sure yelled a lot. I had no idea a paddle could hurt that much, and she really put the wood to my bottom. She just kept on and on. And there was an enema before and after the paddling."

The interviewer's fingers palpated his cock. He raised his hips. "Uh-uh!" she teased. "Not until you tell me everything!"

"They just kept me in suspense the next day," he panted. "No spanking or enema. The following afternoon the nurse gave me a huge enema and I had to hold it a long time. I almost felt that I could taste it before she let me get rid of it. The morning after that I got an enema and a spanking."

"Yes?" she giggled.

"It was fifty strokes with the strap - twice as much as I got on my first day there. It was a different girl who did it. She was blonde and strict, and I could tell she really enjoyed giving spankings."

"What else?"

"A few more days of daily enemas. I noticed the nurse liked to spend a lot of time checking my balls. A couple of times I got a hard-on when she did that. The morning before my last day at the school was especially hard."

The interviewer took her hand away from his cock. "Yes?"

"First it was a three quart enema. Oh gosh, that one was hard to take! Then to the punishment room and over the box. She tied my hands and above my knees, and didn't put a strap around my waist. Then she said that if I ever had to return here the spankings would be a lot more severe than the ones I got so far, and that I was going to get a taste of what that's like. First, she got the paddle off the wall and gave me fifteen swats."

"Fifteen swats! Were they hard?"

"Oh God, yes! She gave them faster, too, like one every couple of seconds. I kicked and twisted, which was probably why she didn't tie my ankles or waist -- she wanted to see me do that."

The interviewer stood up and placed one foot up on the recliner by the male's knee. He, of course, looked at her smooth bare legs and up to her crotch. His eyes widened when he realized she was not wearing panties. He fixed his gaze on her glistening pussy hair.

She reached down and lightly fingered his ball sac as his erection bobbed and swayed. "What then?"

"Next," he panted, "She gave me thirty five strokes of the strap. On top of the paddle strokes, it really hurt! She gave them as hard as she could."

The interviewer's fingers caressed the male's cock. He was seeping pre-cum. Her hand slowly glided up and down its length. "Continue," she instructed.

"As if that wasn't enough, she gave a caning! Twelve strokes! I yelled and kicked and twisted from each one. After she whipped the cane across my bare bottom, she waited until I stopped squirming and kicking before giving me the next one. She said that if I came back, that's the lightest kind of spanking I'd get, and that I'd have a very sore bottom for the entire stay. Back in the nurse's station it got interesting."

The interviewer smiled.

"She handled my balls for a long time. Naturally I got hard after a while."

"Like this?"

"Uhhh! Yes! Like that! Then she - uhhh! - told me she was checking my response, whatever that meant, and that I'd better control myself, because if I ejaculated in her hand I'd have to lick it off her before I could leave. She handled my cock at the same time."

"Like this?"

"Yes! After a couple minutes I didn't have any choice. It was - OH! UHHH! I CAN'T HELP IT!"

His cock spewed his pent-up arousal and lust. She smiled as she cupped her hands around the spurting member and collected the wads of semen. She quickly sat down, slid her skirt up to her hips, and opened her legs. Looking at him with a coy smile, she wiped his profuse spunk all around her pussy.

"I want you to come over here and lick up all your cum. Quickly, now!"

He knelt between her knees and licked the slippery substance from her hands. Then he applied his mouth around her pussy hair and blushing labia. After he got all the spunk she said, "More." he knew what she meant, and gave her oral satisfaction until she climaxed.

She told him to get dressed and gave him a card with an address on it.

"Saturday afternoon at two. Oh, and has a woman you've been intimate with ever worn boots to bed?"


She smiled.

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