I don't know why I agreed to do it, but there I was in the mall a few weeks ago with my friend Adam (who I am not even really dating anymore) trying on a very expensive pair of black boots. They cost $350 but looked really good on me. I knew I couldn't afford them since I still haven't found a real job yet since graduating college. I had no money and like a few of my friends, I was still crashing up at school.

Adam said, "I'll buy them for you if you promise to wear them and wait on me and my friends tomorrow for the football game." Adam and his friends were apparently really into watching football and the first game of the season was supposed to start the next day. Adam had a lot of money cause his parents were really well off. "Ok," I said, "That's it, serve beers and stuff and clean up?"

"Yeah," Adam replied, "But you also have to wear them with whatever else I buy you." Now Adam had seen and asked me to do some pretty kinky stuff, but we weren't even really dating anymore, and in fact, I was already seeing another guy who was a graduate student at school. "Like what?!" I demanded, putting the boots down and starting to pretend I was going to walk out of the store. "I don't know yet, let's leave these here and go shop around, we can always come back for the boots if you agree." Since I couldn't afford the boots anyway, I figured I might was well keep shopping and see what he had in mind.

We walked around the mall and shopped around in a bunch of stores without finding anything that he wanted me to wear. Finally we came upon a boutique that sold casual summer clothes and bathing suits. Almost everything in the store was on sale because it was the end of the summer, and most of the clothes were awful because all the good stuff had been sold already. Adam immediately walked over to the swimsuits if you could call them that. He picked out a bikini which looked like it consisted of string. It was a one piece suit that had no back but for a string that I can only imagine was supposed to go up your butt. The string got a little thicker as it went up into a "y" and came back down over the shoulders. It looked as if the front strings were supposed to cover your breasts like suspenders. A saleswoman came over and said with a smirk, "We have a few of those but really haven't been able to sell them all summer."

"No way!" I said. "Awe come on!" said Adam, its not so bad he said trying to hold back from laughing, "It'll look good on you."

"No way!" I said again "Besides this won't even fit me."

"Sure it will" the saleswoman said smiling, "Its one size fits all, it stretches see." She took it from my hand and showed us that although it looked really small, it stretched out completely to fit anyone. "I am not going to let you and your stupid beer drinking friends oogle at me for 3 hours while you watch me and the game!"

"How bout if you wear it for half of the game?" Adam said, realizing I wasn't going to go for it and we were almost done going through the entire mall. "Nope" I said smiling, "Still no." Now I could see Adam was getting desperate. "Ok" he said, "How bout you wear this under a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, and you take your shirt off at halftime and your shorts off for the last quarter?" I mulled it over and finally agreed to it. I figured they would get good and drunk by the 4th quarter and I could either convince them I wasn't going to do it and get out of it or they would get bored watching the game and want to go out. "Ok fine," I said, "but then you have to buy me shorts and a tee shirt too!" I figured I might as well get as much out of it as I could. "Fine" he agreed.

He told me he would pay for everything and he would meet me back at the shoe store to buy the boots. When he met me at the shoe store he had the bag from the boutique and a big smile on his face. At the time I didn't think anything of it. He bought the boots for me and he dropped me off at my friends apartment. He said he would keep all of the stuff and would give it to me all tomorrow, including the boots just so I wouldn't back out of the deal.

Sunday came and I went over to Adam's apartment to find him and three guys there already watching TV. I didn't know who they were but I knew they were Adams friends and I had seen them around before. Adam introduced us, "Amy, this is Paul, Mike, and Arthur." Paul blurted out "What's she doing here, I thought we were going to watch the game in a few minutes. Adam said "Don't worry guys, it's a surprise, Amy here is going to serve and wait on us for the game. I bought her a pair of boots and she agreed to do this."

"COOL!" Arthur said, "Hey Amy, get me another beer!"

"Wait just a second Arthur, Amy has to go and get changed, Don't you Amy" Adam said as he motioned me towards his room. I smiled bashfully at the guys and said, "Yeah yeah yeah."

I walked into Adam's room and saw the bags on his bed. I closed the door and locked it while I tried my outfit on. I immediately realized why Adam was smiling when he met me back at the shoe store. The shorts he bought for me were teeny tiny cut off daizy duke shorts and the shirt was a tight half tee shirt that looked like it would leave my belly exposed. I took my clothes off and put the bathing suit on first. The lady in the store was right, it did fit me, but when it stretched over my chest and the back string went up my butt, I still felt very very naked. My entire ass was visible, you could see the entire side, bottom and cleaving of my chest because the front was only about two inches thick. Thank god I had shaved that week, or else you would have been able to see my pubic hair as well. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought "God what did I get myself into this time? I was thinking about chickening out when I looked back down at the boots which were sitting there on the floor. They were awesome boots! What the hell, I decided I'd do it, if it was too much I would just leave. I put the shorts on and boy were they tight. They were short enough that that bottom of my butt was clearly visible. The shirt was also tight but fit me kinda well. Finally, I put the boots on. They were great boots. I looked at myself in the mirror again. In that outfit with those boots on I looked like some kind of sex doll or something. I put my hair into pigtails, put on some red lipstick and makeup, and walked back out into the living room.

"Holy shit!!" Arthur said when he saw me. The other guys mouths hit the floor, including Adam's. "She's gonna bring us beers wearing that?" Paul said, "Awesome!" Apparently Adam hadn't told them about me taking my clothes off during the game.

The game started the guys were cool about it for the most part. They made me bring them beers and order them pizza. When I paid the pizza delivery guy, he looked like he was about to faint when he saw me answer the door. I was starting to get really into being dressed like I was. In the second half the guys asked me to take turns sitting on their laps after I brought them beers. Having had a few beers myself to loosen up, I agreed. I sat down on Arthur's lap and immediately felt him get hard. I could feel him against my shorts and realized that it was not such a good idea to be sitting on them. Adam made me sit on his lap next and he ran his hands up and down my thighs and the back of my ass.

I began to think that if the guy I was dating saw me doing this he would be really mad and stop seeing me. "Adam, I said, I am seeing somebody you know, keep your hands to yourself" He agreed and apologized. After a few more rounds of beers Paul dropped the remote control on the floor. "Hey Amy, could you please pick that up for us" he said through giggles. "Sure Paul" I said, figuring I might as well have some fun and enjoy it too. I walked over to him and very very slowly, with my back to the other guys, I bent over and picked up the remote, before straightening up, I looked back that them from between my legs and said "Is this ok for you guys?"

The four of them started hooting and whistling. Adam had suddenly realized it was the beginning of the fourth quarter. They were having so much fun and were so drunk by then, Adam had forgotten to tell me to take off my shirt. "Hey wait a minute, Amy, aren't you forgetting something? Since you forgot to do what you were supposed to do at halftime, I suggest you drop that remote, pick it up again, I what you are supposed to be wearing by now!" His grin was ear to ear. The other three guys looked at each other puzzled. My face went beet red as I pulled my tee shirt over my head. When the guys saw my "suspenders" they went nuts! I slid my shorts down, not bothering to take off my boots and slid them off. I turned slowly so the guys could see my fully naked ass, and dropped the remote again. Bending over even slower than before, it occurred to me that the guys could probably see everything! I grabbed the remote and looked back at them again, and said, "Is this better Adam?"

"Yup, that's more like it" he said. The guys sat there stunned as I straightened up and walked across the room and got them some more beers.

By then I was completely into it and after that I had a lot of fun. When the game ended gave the guys another round of beers and went back into Adam's room to change. The guys all thanked me when I said goodbye, and I could see that both Adam and Paul had hardons. "Take care of those next time will ya guys? I said laughing as I left.

A few days ago I was walking around near the campus bars with the guy I am currently dating when we bumped into Adam. I introduced Adam to my new guy, whose name is Eric, when Adam looked down and noticed I was wearing the boots he had bought me. "Nice boots!" Adam said with a smirk. "Thanks!" I said. As we walked away, Eric said to me, "You know those are nice boots, where did you get them?"

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