It was two in the morning, everyone was asleep, and I had nothing to do. I was am bored. What to do, what to do?

I went outside for a while and listen to the bugs, but they wanted to carry me away so I said "hell with that!" So I decided on a nice drive to town to check the mail. That meant getting dressed, damn, didn't really want to do that, it was still 95 degrees outside! Gets too damn hot around here in the summer. Could be fun to go naked.........but, it is a post office, probably some kind of federal law against that or something. Hell with it! I threw on my silk boxers and tank top that matches, both white, and grabbed my keys.

It felt good to feel the silk against my skin, but seeing as it was still so hot, I started to sweat. Unknowingly making my outfit transparent, really, I didn't even think about it.

Got to the post office, it was deserted, of course, still a little early, even for country people. The air from the building was excellent! Ours has those floor vents that blow like hurricanes. After getting the mail, I just stood over one of those for what seemed like forever, at least until I heard someone ask me if I needed some help.

I spun around to see a young guy in a postal uniform with a couple of plastic bags. Fumbling around every word I tried to spit out, I finally told him no and I thought I was alone or I wouldn't have been here so long. He just smiled and told me not to let him get in my way. He kept looking me up and down with quick little glimpse, not really stopping long enough to stare but still looking. He really wasn't attractive, but it did make me horny knowing he was looking. I just had to feel the air on my body once more before I left so I stepped back and let it hit me for a while. The cold air rushing up my legs, hitting my moist pussy, over my stomach as it ballooned my shirt out, causing my nipples to becomes rocks. It was great!

I still didn't want to go home and just be bored again, so I drove around town a little. Absolutely no one. A total ghost town. We have a nature preserve close to us with a little park next to it, so I decided to brave the bugs again and head for there. There was a small car in the parking area, but no one in it. I got out and looked around but didn't see or hear anyone, so I walked to one of the benches and sat down for a while.

I guess I must of dozed off for a few minutes, because I woke to some voices nearby. Startled I laid down as flat as I could get on the bench, not to be noticed, strange world we live in, trying to listen and see where the voices were coming from. A couple of minutes later I noticed two people coming in my direction, a man and a woman, lovers of course, who else at this time of night? They hadn't seen me so I just stayed still and quiet, thinking I may get a show, being a voyeur as well as a exhibitionist, I never turned down an opportunity to see a little action.

Looked as if they were headed for the playground equipment, which meant they had to walk right by me, damn, that probably meant I was busted. As they got closer I held my breath and tried my damnest not to move. The walked within 10 feet from and kept on going. Actually, the playground was only 20 or 25 yards from me, I thought for sure they would see me, o-well, goody for me.

They barely made it to the slide before he had his hand up her skirt, it was kind of dark, but I could still make out that she either had to be wearing a g-string or no panties at all. I couldn't wait to find out. Kissing each other deeply, she reached for his button and zipper and was trying to get his jeans over his ass without letting his tongue from her mouth. When she did, she dropped to her knees and took his cock in her hand and stroked him until he was a steel rod, didn't take long.

Looking up at him, she rolled her tongue around the head of his cock and then just threw herself on to it! I mean she took the entire thing and sucked loud enough for me to her it clearly! I was freaking soaked, I had to do something or I would explode. Still trying not to be noticed, I waited until the most opportune moment and hopped off my bench and ran to a nearby tree. The view was better and I could watch without being seen.

I quickly dropped my boxers to the ground and went to work on my pussy. I nearly came the first time I touched my clit! I couldn't stand it, I pulled off my tank and dropped it on the ground as well. I was wishing I had something more than my fingers to stick in my puss or even my ass for that matter!

She was working him hard and fast now, his hands in her hair, and he was pumping it into her face like it was the very last time he was ever going to get it. I wanted to see her take his load so bad, but she stopped abruptly, got up, and bent over the slide. "Fuck me, good" was all she said and it didn't take him being told twice! He ripped the skirt off her and slammed it home. I'm not sure which hole he went for but she let out a small cry in response, so I'm guessing he is an ass man. Holding on to her hips, he pounded and pounded, he grunted she moaned, I tried to keep my own moans at bay by biting my lower lip, damn it was a sight!

I took a risk and headed for the only other spot where I couldn't be seen, they were both facing the other way, so what the hell, go for it. I darted out and had to dart right back, forgot my clothes. I ran to the other tree, which put me at about 15 feet away. I was now on their right and what a view! His cock sliding in and out of her ass just as smooth as glass. I wanted that and I wanted it now. I just couldn't go up and say "hey, give me some of that" could I. I just went back to fingering myself and came right on the spot. It took all I had not to scream out, I mean it was an earth shaking wave. I dropped to my knees to keep from falling on my face and nearly fell backwards right into plain sight.

Just after, he clinched up and rammed in deep, held it there and shot off in her ass, I love that. Too bad for her, I didn't notice that she came. After a few moments he pulled out and pulled his jeans up and headed for the car. She laid back on the slide, legs spread, breathing very hard.

"Do you like the taste of cum?"

I looked up expecting to see her guy back, but he was no where to be seen. Who was she talking to?

"Do you like to eat cum and be cummed on?"

I was watching her this time as she leaned up on her elbows and looked directly at me. Startled, I looked around, thinking he must of come around from the other side and was now coming back. No one, she was talking to me!

"Yes, you baby, I haven't cum yet, as you know, and I sure need to. Want to help me out with that?"

Fuck it, I was busted and still horny, so hell yes. Without saying a word, I walked over to her and buried my face in her pussy. She ran her fingers through my hair, I love that, and I pulled her clit between my teeth and that was the spot. She grabbed my hair tight and held on, not being able to move. I flicked it with my tongue and she jumped, yes, I had her now. I let go just for moment and then sucked it right back between my teeth and hit with my tongue as fast as I could.

She started pounding her cunt into my face and I was loving it! I didn't know he was back until I felt his prick on lips of my pussy. I was soaked so they spread easy for him and I let him slid right in, never losing my rhythm with her. I had another climax coming on fast and I knew she wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer, but it was him he caught me off guard by shooting another huge load into me which sent me into mine. Not meaning to, I bit down hard on her clit and she screamed out and then cam all over my face! Wave after wave hit us all, we must have been a sight. Three grown people just convulsing around stuck together because no one could move. It was great!

Laying on my back, trying to catch my breath, I made small talk with them, you know names and where you from and all that. Turned out that they were from out of state and came down here just to get a visual feel of the surroundings. Not really getting that I asked them why and they proceeded to tell me of an erotic story writer that lived here and so that they could better get into the stories they came down to take a look around.

Coincidence? I asked their screen names, which I will leave out for them, and gave them mine. Turned out, but some weird twist of fate I had met a couple I had been chatting with on line through email. We all just laid there quiet, looking at the stars, thinking of what just happened, the odds, and me personally, how great it was.

I rolled over on my side, propped my head up with one arm, "want to do it again?"

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