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Bored With Business


My mom had a boutique in a small town in Michigan and when I finished college, she gave it me to run and went into semi retirement. My dad had died when I was still in high school and mom had made a good living from the boutique, enough to live comfortably and still finance my college education.

I attended Michigan State and got my degree in business administration, graduating when I was 23, so here I was a boutique owner at such a young age. I did really well with the boutique and it gave mom time to relax and enjoy life a little, although she did relieve me whenever I wanted a break. She dated and had quite a few handsome suitors and it made me jealous at times, my sex life seemed to have peaked in college. My dates were rare and I spent many a night alone, satisfying myself.

A convention notice arrived for an owner's convention in New York City later in the month and mom insisted that I go, "I can run things honey," she assured me and I made my plans to attend. The day finally approached and I packed and headed for the airport, wondering how it would be in the big city. The SkyCap loaded my bags in the cab and I slipped him a five and I was off, taking in the city as we snaked our way through the traffic to my hotel near Central Park.

I had a room on the 35th floor, overlooking Central Park, it was beautiful. I unpacked my things and slipped my dress off and noticed the room bar and made myself a drink and passed a full length mirror by the bathroom. I turned and looked at myself as I drank my drink. I wasn't a bad looking woman, I thought anyway, I was 5'1" tall, about 105 pounds, 32 tits, B cup and my tits had very large conical nipples that grew to half an inch when erect with silver dollar sized aureoles that contrasted between my creamy colored skin and bright pink nipples. I had soft brown hair and gray/blue eyes and as I passed my hand over my panty covered cunt I remembered my luscious pussy, with it's really huge clit and fat outer lips and the soft triangle of brown curls above it. I stood there, in front of the mirror stroking my attributes and then slowly pushed my panty crotch to the side and slipped a finger in my juicy pussy.

Soon, I had to sit my drink on the dresser as my saturation got deeper and I sent my other hand to push my bra cups up and stroke my nipples to their full hardness. I got lost in myself as I plunged my finger in myself and stroked my hard nipples and soon, I felt the heat of an orgasm rush over me as I spasmed and let out a small scream and then I relaxed and slowly pulled my soaking finger out and brought it to my lips and sucked my juices off of it.

I replaced my panty crotch and pulled my bra back over my mounds and sat down on the end of the bed to catch my breath. Just then , there was a knock at the door and I grabbed a robe to cover myself. There was a tall man at the door, 6'2" at least and his shoulder length black hair shone as he stood there.

"Yes?" I asked, pulling my robe around me.

"My name is Steven, Ma'am. I work security for the hotel and they asked me to bring this bag to you that was just sent over from the airport." I looked at his hands and there was my makeup bag. He stared at me with his piercing blue eyes and I felt like I would melt, he was so handsome.

"Come in for a minute, won't you?" and he slipped past me and I closed the door. I watched his body as he moved into the room, he was very muscular and had broad shoulders and a nice tight ass. He looked to be about 18 and said that he attended college in the city and worked here for spending money. I fished a $5 bill out of my purse and handed it to him and thanked him for his help.

He smiled, "Anytime, Ma'am," as he headed for the door. As I closed the door behind him, I collapsed against the back of it, WHAT A HUNK!

I got dressed and not feeling too adventurous, as it had gotten dark, I had dinner in the hotel restaurant and sat at a table looking across to the park. I had a nice steak and some wine as I lingered, enjoying the sights around me. I headed back to my room after dinner, remembering mom's warning, 'New York City is no place for a woman to be out alone after dark.' I undressed and decided to sleep naked, I usually wore a gown, but after the hunk I had witnessed, I knew that a gown would be a hindrance.

I lay back on the bed and cocked my knees up and started running my fingers over my neatly trimmed vee and glided them to my already wet hole. I dipped them inside and started to play with my clit, which grew so large so quickly. I put my other hand on my tits and kneaded them and watched my nipples shoot out to their full length and I rubbed them between my thumb and forefinger as I stroked my clit with my other hand.

Then I closed my eyes and imagined it was Steven's hand on my tits and not my own and I felt warm all over and then I imagined it was his cock and not my finger in my aching pussy. I had a hard time convincing myself of that because my mind knew that he had a huge cock! I licked my lips over and over again as I felt my orgasm building and I screamed out loud as it came, not even caring if anyone heard.

I fell asleep with my hands on my body and woke up in the morning so refreshed and stroked myself again before jumping in the shower. I slipped into my white satin panties and sighed as I pulled them tight against my crotch, and then put on my matching satin bra and stepped into a nice brown skirt and put a sheer tan blouse on as well. I pulled out a pair of nude pantyhose and put my feet in them and then stretched them up my calves and rolled them over my thighs and pulled them up tight against my crotch also. I dropped my skirt and stood and checked my work out in the mirror, I thought I looked good! I went into the bathroom and did my makeup and headed out to the convention with only my room key, no need to lug a purse around all day.

I walked the block to the convention and took in the warm sunshine along the way, letting it warm my face and I enjoyed the New Yorkers bustling about me. I checked in and was given a name badge and headed into the convention center. I walked around and saw the different displays and listened to a few pitches and it didn't take me long to become bored with it all. My shop was doing very well and I really didn't need any of this crap, although it did give me a few ideas.

I toughed it out until after lunch and decided I would see Central Park as I headed in that direction. I crossed the street and walked through the park watching all the people at play, running with dogs, throwing frisbees and even wound up at a pond where they were sailing boats. I saw a sign for the Central Park Zoo and headed in that direction and after a few minute's walk, was presented with this neatly landscaped entrance and went in. I walked around looking at everything, perhaps it was the child in me. They had a couple of small shows and I took them in and bought an ice cream cone from a vendor and sat and ate it as I watched the people walk by.

'This is so much better than that stuffy convention' I thought to myself and went into the Aviary building, taking in all the brightly colored birds that flew in the caged exhibits. A man announced that it was closing time and I headed for the exit only to find out it was dark! My mind raced as mom's warnings flashed through my head, and I went out of the zoo and started back to the hotel. I took one wrong turn and then another, this place was a maze! I hadn't even noticed that I was alone now in this dark place as I became frantic with fear now. I passed by a large tree and felt my feet go out from under me and saw black. I came to feeling something very hard against my back and opened my eyes to a man between my legs fucking me!

I screamed and he punched me in the face, "Take it cunt and keep quiet!!" as he continued to assault my pussy. His arms had my legs pinned back against me and I saw that I was on a picnic table as this man continued his assault on me. I glanced down and saw that he had ripped my blouse open and my bra was also torn and my tits stood there bouncing as he assaulted my pussy. His cock was small, but his thrusts were brutal as he pushed it all inside of me.

Just as I assumed he was ready to cum, I saw him stiffen and fall off of me and then I saw Steven!! He helped me up and tried to straighten my clothes some, my bra was ruined and the buttons had been torn from my blouse, so I just held it around me. I saw my panty hose and panties in shreds at the foot of the table and then the man jumped up and ran off.

Steven went to chase him, "Please!! Don't leave me here!!" I screamed and he stopped and came back. I pushed my skirt over my battered pussy and stood up and he put his arm around me and walked me back to the hotel. It turned out that I was only about 50 feet from the street and across from the hotel, but the trees and brush had hidden it from my view.

He took me up to my room and used his pass key to open the door, as mine had disappeared. He helped me out of my clothes and I wasn't the least bit embarrassed and he helped me into the shower and turned the water on, "I should go call the police," he said as he went to leave.

"What for?" I asked him, "Nothing they can do now."

He looked at me with those blue eyes, "Please stay, Steven, at least until I finish my shower," I pleaded with him.

"Sure, I'll be out here," and headed for the desk and sat down. I scrubbed myself with the soap, trying to wash away the memory of the creep and as I scrubbed at my pussy, my clit grew again and poked out of it's protective hood and I rubbed it. I finally felt clean and turned the shower off and stepped out and dried myself. I wrapped the towel around me and walked out into the room and sat on the bed across from Steven.

Once again, his blue eyes pierced me and I slowly opened my legs and I saw his eyes move to my pussy that showed itself to him. He licked his lips and I could tell that he wanted me.

"I should really go now," he said and got up to leave.

I unwrapped the towel and exposed my entire body to him, "You want to leave this?" I asked him seductively. I saw his erection rising in his pants, it looked massive and I had to have it!

He walked over to the bed and sat down beside me, "Are you sure? You've had a bad experience," he said.

"And you can make it a better one," I replied as I pressed my lips to his. His hands went to my tits and his fingers expertly manipulated them and my nipples were hard in no time. He pushed his tongue into my mouth as I gently sucked on it and returned the favor. We lay back and one of his hands danced on my neatly trimmed brown vee over my dripping slit and then worked it's way to my clit.

The excitement had pushed my huge clit out from under it's hood and he stroked it, causing my juices to flow. He stood up then and I watched as he removed his clothes, his shoulders were very broad and muscular and as he got his shirt completely off, I could see his pecs and his biceps, what a hunk!! He kicked off his shoes and unbuckled and slid his pants off and I stared at his beautiful cock straining against his shorts and his muscular legs.

I leaned forward and hooked my fingers in the waistband of his shorts and tugged them down and he stepped out of them. I reached out and stroked his massive, beautiful cock and watched as the head jumped from my attentions and then pulled it to my lips. I looked at his love trail, snaking from his belly button to his black pubic patch and slowly brought his cock into my mouth. I massaged his huge balls, that seemed to stretch to the floor and felt the soft hair that covered them.

I had never seen a cock this size before and could not get it all in my mouth, but he didn't seem to mind as he rested his hand on my head while I sucked. His cock felt wonderful against my mouth and I tasted his salty precum as it oozed into my mouth and rocked my head engulfing his sweet tool. He began to meet my head movements and I pulled him out. No guy had ever cum in my mouth before and it scared me, I was afraid I might gag. I scooted back up onto the bed and he dropped between my legs and his magical fingers worked on my exposed clit and I began to experience warm sensations all over me.

It had been almost a year since a man had touched me, other than the pervert in the park. He saw my juices oozing out of me and I felt his tongue lick them up and it caressed my slit as he did, his finger never stopping it's assault on my very hard clit. I felt his tongue enter me and a rush came over me as it probed my inner passage, drinking in my juices and coating the walls of my womanhood. I reached down and grabbed my huge nipples and twisted them as an orgasm rocked my body and I screamed and he just ate me harder.

As my orgasm subsided, he moved his mouth up my vee and dropped his tongue into my navel and went across my stomach and finally reached my heaving tits. He circled the nipples with his tongue and the aureoles felt like they were on fire, and then pulled my erect nipple into his mouth and sucked it so softly and then drug his teeth across it. My head flew back and I orgasmed again, grabbing his long black hair and mashing his face against my tit.

My teeth clenched as I screamed out my orgasm and kept mashing his mouth against my swollen nipple, I relaxed and he raised his head and those piercing blue eyes met my mine and he saw what I needed and positioned himself over my sopping slit, gently running his cock head over it to lubricate it with my juices.

His cock head hit my erect clit and it sent shivers through me and then he pushed the head into my pussy and it greedily sucked to pull the rest in. He pushed until I had accepted his entire length and stopped to let my pussy adjust and I felt his huge, hairy balls against my ass. He sucked my nipple into his mouth as he began to withdraw and then pushed it back and I felt so empty on his outward strokes.

My hips began to thrust up, to capture this tool as it tried to escape and we soon had a rhythm together as we fucked each other, not caring about anything else in the world but our mutual passions. I orgasmed twice more before I felt his cock swelling inside me and I milked him with my pussy muscles and he shot his white hot load deep inside of me. The feeling of this white hot explosion caused me to cum again and my pussy spasmed around him.

He slowly released my nipple and lay his head between my tits and I felt his cock slowly withdraw from my tight hole and I tried to grab it with my silky pussy lining and hold it, but it eventually came out and I felt his cum oozing down over my ass. He lifted his head up and we kissed, passionately swirling our tongues over each other's. As the kiss heated up, I felt his cock once again getting hard against my inner thigh and I moved to push it towards my entrance.

He assisted and soon it was inside of me again and he began to pump it in and out as we shared each other's tongues and my orgasm ripped through me once again and I clamped my legs around his waist and pushed him deeper into me. He too orgasmed and another white hot load of cum erupted into my saturated pussy as his shaft base slammed against my swollen clit and I went off again.

Again, I tried to hold his cock inside of me as it deflated, but no use, as it slid out doubling the cum flow between my ass cheeks. We lay there for awhile, relishing our moment and then took a shower to clean up. We soaped each other and cleansed each other's bodies and he pushed my head forward and bent me at the hips so he could clean out my pussy and I felt his now hard cock replace his cleansing hand as he entered me from behind in the shower.

The water felt good running over my back and between my ass cheeks as his cock rammed into my pussy from behind. I grabbed the faucets on the wall to steady myself as he pounded me from behind and I felt my orgasm begin to build in my loins as his cock pistoned and his balls slapped my clit, those nice huge balls!! I screamed out as my clit took one too may hits from his balls and he continued plowing me from behind.

He did not cum and soon slowed down and pulled out and again washed my sopping pussy. I turned around when he finished and took his still erect cock in my hand and lathered it up and washed it with my bare hand, stroking it's length. I cupped his huge, wonderful balls as I soaped them too and washed them and then moved my shoulder so that the water could rinse him off.

I dropped to my knees in the shower and guided his huge cock into my mouth, it had to be at least 8 and a half inches! I struggled to get as much in my mouth as possible and sucked it in and out as his hand again went to my head and guided it. After all of the orgasms he had given me, I decided to take his in my mouth, it worried me, but I continued to suck looking up at that angelic face as I did. I saw his face contort and felt his cock swell and his load pumped into my mouth and I swallowed as hard as I could.

As his orgasm ebbed, I cleansed his cock with my mouth, tasting the last of his jism as it dribbled onto my tongue. I removed his cock with a smack of my lips and he smiled down at me and drew me to my feet and kissed me. We finished our shower and climbed into bed and slept in each other's arms all night long. I woke first and noticed his cock stirring, must be a dream, I thought and reached down and took it in my hand and rubbed it's glorious shaft as it grew to its full length.

His eyes opened as my mouth closed over his magnificent tool and I sucked him inside, running my tongue over the head and shaft as it disappeared from view. I sucked him faster, wanting to delight in another load of his hot cum and he didn't disappoint me as it gushed into my mouth and I swallowed it. We made love twice more before he had to go to work and I had to head to the airport. He gave me his number and we promised each other another hot get together real soon.

"There's another convention next month," I told him as we kissed and he left.

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