Born Beautiful


"Gwen, are you still awake?"

Gwen flipped her book shut as her flatmate and longtime friend strolled into the apartment and closed the door. "Yeah, I'm up. Back so soon?"

Lori nodded. "Pete wasn't actually there to talk about what went wrong with us. He just wanted sex with the ex."

"Ah. Sorry." Gwen was wearing her favorite pair of loose, baggy pajamas with her long brunette hair untied, and had expected to be asleep by the time Lori came back.

Lori shrugged, shaking her short blond hair. "I almost took him up on it, too. I mean, I need it from somewhere, even if it's him. Still, I'm glad I didn't give in."

"You go, girl," Gwen said dryly as Lori plopped down on the couch next to her. She honestly wished she could relate to Lori, but Gwen had never had a boyfriend—or a girlfriend—to begin with. She'd never had sex, either, and for good reason.

Lori laughed. "Thanks, pal. Maybe you're lucky, not knowing what you're missing out on."

Gwen occasionally wished she hadn't mentioned her virginity to Lori. "I masturbate," she said, with a hint of defensiveness.

"Yeah, I just can't imagine how you've never let yourself get down to it with anyone else," Lori smirked. "Seriously, Gwen, everyone else is missing out, too."

"Maybe I just never felt like it," Gwen said flatly.

"All right, fair enough. Still, it's just a shame for me to go to waste too, don't you think? I mean, look at this." Lori said it with a laugh in her voice, standing up from the couch and running her hands over her body. Her short skirt inched closer to her hips as she swayed her round ass back and forth seductively.

Gwen considered, then let herself watch. "It's a terrible waste," she agreed good-naturedly, only then realizing just how true it was. She had to admit, if only to herself, there were times when the fact that they were roommates was all that stopped her from fantasizing about her friend.

Lori's fingers reached for the buttons on her blouse, undoing them one at a time. "I just want to be appreciated," she grinned, turning in slow circles and gracefully moving her body to a rhythm only she could hear. "You appreciate me, don't you?"

"Um, yes." More than she wanted to, Gwen realized. She started blushing. Damn it, Lori was good at this—which was bad for Gwen. "Sit down, Lori."

"It's been a while since I've been with another woman, you know," Lori teased, tossing her blouse on the floor and sliding her skirt up with her hands. "You like women, too, don't you?"

"Yes, but, um, we're roommates, and that would just make things awkward between us, and ..." Gwen hurriedly pulled her book over the crotch of her pajamas and tried to take her eyes off of Lori's beautiful curves.

"Gwen, I'm just playing," Lori said warmly, still dancing sexily as she swung her C-cup bra around her head and tossed it across the room. "Come on and dance with me, pretty lady."

Gwen's heart rate rose, for a different reason this time. "No, that's not a good idea," she said desperately. It was true that her good looks were pointed out to her by strangers on what felt like a regular basis, and even she couldn't deny that she had a gorgeous figure, but the last thing Gwen wanted to do right now was stand up and flaunt anything she had to her flatmate. "Please, Lori, just go change your clothes and let me get to my room. I don't feel good." Despite her near-panic, her last sentence was a lie; her breasts were tingling with growing desire, her underwear was dampening, and her --

"Come on!" Lori laughed, grabbing Gwen's hands and pulling her off the couch. "Have some fun once in a --" She suddenly looked down as Gwen's book fell to the floor, and her eyes went wide. "Holy ..."

"I asked you not to do this!" Gwen screamed, turning as fast as she could and putting both hands over her crotch. "Jesus, why can't you listen?"

Lori just blinked in shock. "I never knew. You have a ... Are you a tr-"

"No!" Gwen shouted, then dropped her voice to a hushed almost-sob. "I'm a hermaphrodite, okay? That's why I've never been with anyone. My parents were doing volunteer work in a third-world country when I was born so they had to leave everything on and when we got back to America they decided --"

"Can I touch it?"

Gwen stopped, and slowly looked over her shoulder. "What?"

Lori peeked over Gwen's shoulder, staring at Gwen's hands in utter fascination. "Can I touch it? Please?"

Gwen turned and stared at Lori's awed expression. "No! What do you want to touch it for? It's horrible."

"No. No, it's not." Lori looked up to Gwen's face, her playfulness gone. "It's not. It's beautiful. It's unique." She put her hands on Gwen's shoulders, trying to comfort her. "Gwen, it's special. It's part of you. It's not horrible at all."

Gwen shook her head. "My parents told me the same thing. Damn hippie bullshit ..."

"It's true. Gwen, it's true. You—all of you—is beautiful." She smiled, and Gwen started to smile back, in spite of herself.

"... and it's sexy," Lori finished.

Gwen's eyebrows pulled together in disbelief. "What?" She realized her eyes were on Lori's bare breasts again. Her round, pert breasts, with dark pink nipples that stood out in a way that was just ... She turned away from Lori again.

The blonde gently reached around from behind and slowly slid a hand down Gwen's front; finding no resistance from Gwen, she touched the growing erection through her pajamas. "I want to make love to you, Gwen."

It didn't make sense—but it sure felt good. "What? Why?" Despite herself, Gwen hoped that Lori would come up with a damn good reason; she was still hard, and wet, and Lori's breasts felt so soft and firm and warm, pressing up against her back ...

"Because you're beautiful," Lori said softly. Then she grinned, and kissed the back of Gwen's neck. "Besides, it'd be the best of both worlds, all on someone I like."

Gwen reluctantly pushed Lori's hand away. "You don't know what you're saying."

Lori swaggered in front of Gwen, and put her hands on her friend's shoulders; her grin became sultry, seductive. "I'm saying I wanna blow you right now, and it's gonna be fuckin' hot." She looked into Gwen's eyes, dead serious. "May I?"

"I ... I ..." As she felt her resolve melt away, Gwen's dumbfounded opposition gave way to relief, which gave way to excitement. "... yes."

Lori smiled, then leaned in and kissed her, long and slow and thoroughly. Gwen hesitated, then leaned in and kissed her back, unable to believe that someone had found her secret and not been disgusted. The emotional relief almost made her want to cry, and she poured herself into the kiss, holding her friend against herself as hard as she dared. Then Lori kissed her neck, then her collarbone, and then slowly pushed Gwen down onto the couch.

"Oh, God," Gwen whispered, watching Lori's full breasts and grinning face as her friend eased the pajamas and underwear off her long, shapely legs, pulling her butt to the edge of the couch. Her heart pounded with the terrible fear that Lori would change her mind when she saw the throbbing erection between her legs, and the wet, hot lips beneath it.

Instead, Lori's face lit up even more as she knelt down. "Oh my God," she murmured, her eyes wide with delight and desire as she stared at Gwen's erect cock. "It's amazing. It's beautiful. Nice size, too." She tore her eyes away to look at Gwen's scared face, and gave her a loving smile. "You are beautiful, my friend."

One of her hands drifted downward and gently stroked Gwen's turgid shaft and balls as Gwen inched her ass closer to the edge of the couch. Lori hadn't realized that Gwen would have testicles, too, but she was very glad that she did. She lowered her head and softly kissed Gwen's scrotum, then the pussy lips beneath it, and then ran the tip of her tongue over them both. Then she deeply licked Gwen's balls, feeling them roll over her tongue, and all the way up Gwen's cock.

Gwen whimpered in her pleasure and vulnerability as Lori kissed her penis and licked it again. Then a delicious warmth and wetness engulfed her senses as Lori took the head into her mouth. Gwen gasped as Lori ran her tongue back and forth along the underside of her cock while sucking deeper with a slowly, steadily growing pressure. Lori put one firm, gentle hand around the base of Gwen's shaft as she sucked, and slipped her other hand beneath Gwen's increasingly wet cunt.

Gwen held on to Lori's shoulders, hoping the mounting pleasure didn't make her squeeze too hard. With Lori passionately sucking her off and teasing her pussy at the same time, Gwen thought it couldn't get any better—until Lori slid her fingers deep into Gwen's cunt and deep-throated her cock at the same time. The long gasps of pleasure broke into a wail of sudden ecstasy, and then a cry of growing orgasm. Lori's fingers danced inside her as her tight throat massaged Gwen's cock on all sides; Gwen was helpless to stop the screaming, explosive orgasm that built up, stronger and stronger, and then erupted inside of her. Her pussy drenched Lori's hand at the same time that her cock released a huge spume of cum straight down Lori's inviting throat. Lori leaned back a little and caught the next spurt in her mouth, grinning as Gwen's dick slipped out from between her lips. Trembling convulsively, Gwen ejaculated her third and fourth streams all over Lori's beautiful breasts, before Lori swallowed and put Gwen's cock in her mouth again to catch the finishing spurts.

Gwen gasped uncontrollably on the couch, her mind still reeling with pleasure she hadn't known existed. Lori grinned again and sat next to her, putting her wet hand in Gwen's. Gwen took her hand and pulled her close, suddenly kissing her with all the passion of her first mind-blowing sex.

When she finally took her mouth from Lori's, Gwen had tears in her eyes. "Thank you," she whispered. "Thank you for this. I had no idea that sex could be ... something good for someone like me."

Lori kissed her again. "I told you you're beautiful," she said with a smile.

Gwen smiled back and kissed her neck, then started licking her own cum off of Lori's breasts. Lori moaned as Gwen traced her tongue over the perfect pink nipples and started sucking. "Oh God, that feels good," she whimpered.

Gwen smiled to herself, happy she could give her friend some of the pleasure she herself had felt, and—not surprisingly—loved giving it. The thick, pearly taste of her own jizz and the feel of Lori's smooth, round breasts were heavenly. She fondled the right breast with her hand as she sucked Lori's left nipple, feeling it harden and lengthen in her mouth. She pinched Lori's right nipple, then turned her mouth to it and sucked it as well, teasing its length with her tongue and digging her teeth into it, oh sogently.

Lori moaned and bit her lip; damn it, Gwen was good. She put one gentle hand on the back of Gwen's neck, begging her to stay and continue what she was doing. Her panties were getting drenched, and she could feel Gwen's beautiful cock resting on her thigh, getting harder as Gwen made love to her breasts. Oh, God, would Gwen ...?

Gwen slowly eased her mouth away from Lori's breasts. Before her roommate could whimper in protest, she said, "Lori, I want to go down on you. Like you did for me."

Lori opened her eyes and smiled. "That would be a dream come true."

Gwen took Lori's hand and led her into her bedroom. Without turning the lights on, she unbuttoned her pajamas shirt, freeing her perfectly-shaped breasts while Lori watched with approval in the dim light. Completely naked, Gwen gently pushed her flatmate down onto the bed and unzipped her skirt for her, then slid it off. She could see and feel the huge wet spot in Lori's sweet-smelling panties as she peeled them away, and she couldn't stop herself from tasting them before dropping them on the floor.

In the scant light, Gwen took a moment to admire Lori's aroused pussy. The blooming folds of skin, the rosy pink inside, the clitoris peeking out already—but with no penis. It was what Gwen had always wished she'd had. But Lori was helping her discover a new love for herself the way that she was, and she couldn't wait any longer to share that love with her.

She took one last moment to savor the wonderful smell alone, then kissed Lori's wet, hot lips. Lori moaned in pleasure and expectation, gently entwining her fingers in Gwen's hair and holding her closer. Gwen had never done this before, but thanks to quality nonfiction literature, she had a good idea of what she was doing. Her kiss became deeper, stronger, and her mouth began roaming over Lori's vulva, kissing where her leg met her hip, just above her clitoris, right between her lips. As Lori groaned in pleasure, Gwen snaked her tongue inside, making Lori gasp.

Gwen laughed to herself, still not quite able to believe that she was finally doing this, and swirled her tongue in slow circles in Lori's depth. Her roommate tasted every bit as delicious as she smelled, and Gwen couldn't get enough of her. The kisses and deep inner licking became faster; Lori writhed on the bed, whimpering louder and louder, until Gwen's tongue slid upward to her clit, drawing a loud gasp of ecstasy.

Gwen replaced her tongue with a finger inside Lori's vagina and focused her mouth over Lori's sensitive bud, sucking and licking while her finger stroked inside, driving Lori wilder by the minute. Grabbing the sheets with one hand, Lori pushed down on Gwen's head with the other, thrusting her hips into Gwen's welcoming face as hard as she could while Gwen's exploring fingers—two now—found and tickled her engorged G-spot. As Lori cried out with rising, burning orgasm, Gwen's own arousal steadily grew, her pussy growing damp again and her cock lengthening and hardening the longer she licked.

At last Lori could stand it no longer; her entire body stiffened and shuddered, and she gave a long, drawn-out cry of joy; her breath came in fits and gasps as pleasure ravaged her every nerve, leaving her writhing under Gwen's beautiful, beautiful mouth. Through it all, Gwen never stopped licking or massaging Lori's inner self, and never stopped smiling, or thinking about what she desperately wanted next.

Lori's body finally relaxed, and she sank breathlessly into the bed. Gwen gradually slowed her attentions, then slipped her fingers out, kissed her way back up Lori's body, and put her mouth firmly on Lori's. Lori grabbed her shoulders and kissed back, twisting her tongue around Gwen's, loving her with her mouth. She traced one hand down Gwen's naked body, softly fondling her breast before stroking Gwen's throbbing erection once again.

"That feels so good," Gwen whispered. She hesitated, then made herself ask: "Can- Can I fuck you?"

Lori felt her nipples tingle and harden at the very thought. "Oh, Jesus, please do."

Slowly, she spread her legs wide as Gwen climbed on top of her. Both hard and wet, Gwen felt her own pussy juices drenching her balls as she mounted her blond friend. Reaching down and taking hold of Gwen's thick, hard penis, Lori teased her own cunt lips with it while Gwen fondled her breasts, squeezing her nipples and panting in anticipation. Finally, Lori indulged them both, guiding Gwen's cock into herself as Gwen gently pushed. A halting gasp of pleasure escaped them both as Lori's hot wetness invited Gwen's stiff cock inside.

"Oh, God, it's so warm," Gwen whispered, in awe of what she felt. "You feel so good."

"I love it," Lori whispered back. She cupped Gwen's breasts in her hands, squeezing them as both women got used to the feeling of Gwen's cock being inside Lori's tight, wet pussy. One of the most sensitive parts of Gwen's body—what had been her shame for so long, now part of her newest joy—was embraced by Lori's loving body more completely than she had ever felt, in all of its hot, wet, luscious glory. She actually felt sorry for Lori for not being able to feel the same thing.

Gradually, Gwen settled her body on top of Lori and slowly began moving her hips back and forth, easing a little more of her penis out and back in with each thrust. With Lori's ever-growing wetness, it wasn't long before Gwen was slowly pumping her full length into Lori's cunt, while Lori moaned with pleasure. Squeezing Gwen's smooth, round ass, Lori marveled at the glorious feeling of having a warm cock inside her and breasts rubbing against hers at the same time; being fucked with a strap-on or an ordinary dick couldn't compare to this.

The wet, soft walls of Lori's pussy massaged Gwen's rigid cock with every stroke, and Gwen steadily plunged into her with growing vigor; Lori matched the growing force of each thrust, driving Gwen deeper and deeper inside her until the bed was lurching beneath them with each motion. A sheen of sweat stood out on Gwen's forehead as she pumped in and out of Lori's cunt, swaying her hips to vary the angles of her thrusts as Lori sighed joyfully beneath her.

A low growl of pleasure and exertion rose in Gwen's throat as her cock began the familiar tingling of oncoming orgasm, and she drove herself into Lori with total abandon; Lori wrapped her arms and legs around Gwen's body, holding her close and hanging on for dear life as she met Gwen's every thrust with a louder grunt of pleasure.

Gwen gave a halting half-scream, half-groan as her climax surged inside of her, her body breaking free of her control as she drove in for one deep, final thrust.

"Yes! Come inside me!" Lori gasped. "Please, I want it inside me!" She buried her head into Gwen's neck, gasping with ecstasy as Gwen released stream after stream of hot, sticky jizz. Lori cried out in joy as Gwen's cum surged deep into her cunt, coating her insides while Gwen writhed on top of her, grinding their sensitive breasts together and gasping with pleasure until the last of Gwen's orgasms finally shuddered out of her exhausted body.

"Oh ... dear God," Gwen whispered as she sank on top of Lori. "Oh my God. I had no idea." With effort, she raised her head enough to look lovingly at Lori's grinning face. "Thank you. Thank you so much."

Smiling took what little energy Lori still had, but she couldn't stop herself. "You are very, very welcome, my friend."

Gwen kissed her, slowly, tenderly, sincerely. "I love you."

"I love you, too." As Gwen slowly eased her cock out and collapsed on the bed beside her, Lori found the strength to smile again, and took Gwen's hand in hers. "See? I told you you're beautiful."

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