tagErotic HorrorBorn Evil Ch. 02

Born Evil Ch. 02


Some of you might have heard of me by now. Hell, all of you probably know who I am but I don't know how many of you read the first part of my story. You see, I'm locked up here in the Woman's Penitentiary and the only way I have to get my story out is through my cellmate. She has a small cassette recorder that I use and she somehow gets the tape out of here and posted on the Internet, on something called Literotica whatever the hell that is.

Erotica, that's an interesting concept. Do you find death erotic? How about murder? Do you think it is arousing to talk about some of the things I did? Umm, I do. So if while you are reading this you feel the urge to slip your hand down there between your legs, go right ahead. I won't mind a bit. Honest Hon.

I told you before about my first time. Umm, my first kill. Susan was her name. Remember? Well they found her bicycle a few weeks later but guess what? They never found her. Searched and searched but never found her. Of course they were looking in the wrong place but those do-gooders didn't have anything better to do anyway. After a week they called off the search and soon the posters grew yellow and torn and ragged and before long poor Susan was just a fading memory.

As for me I returned to my role as campus nobody. Conservative clothing, glasses and limited contact with other students seemed to me to be an effective disguise. I bet even today, with my picture in most every newspaper in the country, that most of the students who went to school at the same time as I could never place me or remember anything about me.

It was only alone in my room that the real me ever came out of hiding. Many times I would stand nude in front of my full- length mirror and admire my own body, a body that no one else saw. Hours in the gym had toned me and built lean muscle, none of which was apparent to those who saw only my loose fitting sweaters and slacks. My breasts were firm and my nipples stood out in bold relief as I caressed myself evenings remembering my wonderful night with Susan.

I longed to find another victim and strike again but caution was my companion. I felt sure that eventually my chance would come again and when it did I would be ready. And oh yes, I was ready.

I continued, even intensified my workouts. My grades suffered but they didn't matter to me any longer, Preparing myself physically was my focus now, preparing myself to dominate any victim in any situation that I might choose. Power, true power was what I sought and nothing in my life had made me feel as strong as that night with Susan. I had tasted the power of life and death and I wanted to taste it again. Oh yes Hon, I wanted to taste it again.

I took to jogging late at night out on the fringes of the campus where the roads meandered into the dark woods that surrounded the campus. None of the other campus runners would venture out here at night, especially after Susan's disappearance, but I wasn't afraid. Ha! It was me that any perverts or rapists should be afraid of not the other way around. Strapped to my leg under my sweat pants was a large hunting knife I had stolen from the local hardware store. Hell, I wished some jerk would jump out and try me. I had practiced drawing that knife out from its scabbard and it took just about two seconds for me to pull it out. Needless to say, I wouldn't hesitate to use it.

It was about midnight one Saturday when I came across the car parked out on one of the dark roads about a mile off campus. No one was around and I stopped to catch my breath and check it out. It was an old Toyota, a blue one and it had a big crack in the windshield. I figured it was some student's car that had broken down. It had out-of-state plates and I noticed that they were from New Jersey, which was pretty unusual around here.

I was just about to leave when I heard raised voices from in the woods somewhere.

"God damn it!!" a male voice yelled out.

"No, don't!" an insistent female voice.

Silence, then, "Come here I said!"

"Ow, no don't! Please, let's just leave."

The voices were more hushed now but I guessed they weren't more than twenty or thirty feet into the woods.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up and instantly all my senses became sharper and more attuned to the environment. A hunter's reflex I thought and laughed under my breath. This could be very interesting.

I ran about a hundred feet down the dark road and entered the woods, being careful to keep as silent as possible. I circled around, back toward the voices, which I could hear faintly in the distance. Whatever was going on, they were too involved with each other to hear any noises I might make.

It took about five minutes to cautiously sneak up to the edge of a group of trees and peek around and see them. Well, well, well!

What we had here was basically a case of date rape in progress. This guy, a big guy too from what I could see, had forced this girl down on her back. Her skirt was bunched up around her hips and he was in the process of trying to force his cock up inside of her. She squirmed around under him and tried unsuccessfully to fight him off.

"No no, please don't"

"Shut up you cocktease you! Just shut the fuck up!"

Ohh, how sweet I thought. That familiar feeling started to come over me and unconsciously I reached down and touched myself between my legs. That's it Hon, fucking rape that bitch!

Finally he managed to get his cock inside of her and began pumping her furiously. She tried to scream and he slapped her hard and told her to shut up or he'd really 'fuck her up'.

Not much for foreplay I see. I giggled under my breath. Truth was that slap across her face had heated me up to a high pitch. I wanted to run out and hold her hands down and slap her fucking silly while he raped her. Ohh, come on Hon, slap her some more. Hurt her!

But he seemed content now to just pump away on her. That slap must have scared her pretty bad because she just lay there whimpering while he got his rocks off. Which incidentally, didn't take long. After about two minutes he started moaning loudly and pumping her faster. Suddenly he seemed to tighten up all his muscles and he moaned out "Oh baby, oh baby" and then he collapsed right on top of her.

He lay on top of her, breathing rapidly for about two or three minutes and then he raised himself up and off of her. For a moment a beam of moonlight caught his face and I realized that he was one of those football players who were always coming into the gym and acting like God's gift to the world.

He stood up and pulled his pants on and looked down at the girl. She still lay flat on her back sobbing.

"See? See what happens when you tease me bitch! I told you not to play with me. Well, didn't I?" She said nothing.

"Well now you can fucking walk back to your dorm baby. Next time you'll think twice before you tease my cock!" He turned around and walked out of the woods in the direction of his car.

My god, was he actually going to walk away and just leave her here? I couldn't believe it. Surely he would relent and come back for her.

"Tommy? Don't leave me here. Please don't" This weakly from her in between sobs. I doubt he ever heard her. But we both heard the sound of his car starting and his tires squealing as he pulled away. Then we were alone in the dark woods.

I must say that I absolutely couldn't believe my luck. Fortune had deposited this girl right on my path and had also provided a perfect scenerio for someone else to take the fall. This couldn't have been better if I had spent a year planning it out.

But first I had to make sure that good old Tommy wasn't coming back. There was always a chance that he was just playing with her head and would come back for her. If I started having some fun with her and Tommy showed up I would have to do him too. Not that I minded but he was a pretty big man and that could be tricky.

The only sound for the next couple of minutes was her crying. Slowly she started to get up and rearrange her clothing. Well, I guess Tommy wasn't going to come back. Yummy!

I pulled my hand out of my sweat pants where I had been slowly caressing myself in anticipation. My senses were still keenly attuned and I felt like my eyes must surely be glowing in the dark. I was sooo ready for this. So ready!

I stepped out of the tree line and slowly walked over toward her.

"My god, are you all right?"

She jumped in surprise when she saw me.

"Who are you?" she managed in between sobs. She instinctively backed away.

" I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you but I was out jogging and I heard you crying from all the way out on the road. What happened?"

"That bastard raped me is what happened. Then he just left me here. I think he hurt me down there." Her hand dropped down to her crotch and gently touched herself and then flinched in pain.

"Who was that guy? I saw him drive away."

"That asshole is Tommy Jacobs. You know the football player. I should never have gone out with him. The other girls warned me."

Oh this was getting better and better. Apparently this guy already had a bad reputation and now his cum was running down her leg. Nobody would ever believe a word this guy said in his own defense. How sweet was this setup?

"Look, I've got a car on the back road in the woods. Let me help you and I'll drive you to the hospital and get you some help."

"I guess." She must have been somewhat disoriented because she never noticed that as I put my arm around her shoulder to steady her, I was leading her deeper into the woods.

I had to be careful here. Although we were in the woods we were too close to the school to allow me to play with her the way I would have liked. You could never know for sure who might hear her screams. I would have to quiet her down fairly rapidly. My mind was working a thousand miles an hour considering every possible angle but never was there any doubt in my mind that she was mine to take and to use as I saw fit. My pussy was dripping wet and my nipples were so hard they ached. I couldn't wait!

About twenty yards farther into the woods I saw a spot that looked ideal. I didn't want to go too far from the road because in this case, unlike Susan, I wanted them to be able to find her. After I was finished using her.

We were approaching a large tree when I put my arm around her again and said, "I don't want you to worry Hon, I'm not going to let him get away with raping and murdering you. I promise"

She looked at me with a dull look of surprise and said, "What are you talking about? He raped me but he didn't murder me."

"No, you're right he didn't murder you Hon." I smiled at her and seductively whispered in her ear, "but I'm going to."

Before she could react, my arm that had been around her shoulder pushed her face first into the large tree directly in front of us. Her head made a loud satisfying clunking sound and she bounced off the tree and fell straight backwards and landed in a heap at my feet.

"Ohh, that had to hurt Hon." I cooed to her. Quick as a cat I was on her, with my knees landing in the pit of her stomach. Her breath was forced from her with an audible whoosing sound. She was mine now.

A trickle of blood flowed from her nose and I realized that I had better take off my jogging suit or risk getting it bloodstained. There would be a lot more blood by the time I finished with her and there was no sense in ruining a perfectly good set of sweats.

Nude now I stood over her rubbing my nipples and enjoying the sight of her lying on the ground struggling for air. This was my world she had entered and now she would feel my power. My knife was still strapped to my leg. I would need it soon. Ohh, how sweet this was going to be.

Dropping to my knees beside her I grabbed her hair and twisted her head so that she was staring into my eyes. I wanted to feed on the fear I saw there.

"Well let's see you little whore, what was the first thing Tommy did to you when you wouldn't fuck him? Did he slap you some?" My free hand lashed out and slapped her hard across the face. Then again and again. It felt so good slapping her that I had to make myself stop before I rendered her unconscious.

Her nose was bleeding profusely now and I noticed blood had splattered on my breasts. How erotic her blood on my breasts seemed to me would take pages to describe. There hadn't been a lot of blood from Susan since I had basically just raped and beaten her to death with a tire iron. This one would be different.

"Then what you little tramp? Did he cut your clothes off with his big, sharp knife?" I pulled the knife from its scabbard and she cringed when she saw it. I used the knife to rip through her blouse and bra and then torn them off of her.

"Ohh, I bet he got excited when he saw your sexy little tits. Did he bite and claw them?" I slurped one of her nipples into my mouth and bit down on it hard. She tried to let out a scream of pain but didn't have enough air in her lungs yet to get anything out and it sounded like a weak sounding wheeze.

I laughed at her puny efforts, " You pathetic little whore." My fingernails tore at her breasts and I was rewarded with the sight of two deep cuts and the instantaneous flow of blood. It drove me wild with desire and the first of what would be many orgasms hit me. I clenched my eyes tightly shut and enjoyed the feelings of pleasure that seemed to start at my clit and vibrate through my whole body. It was wonderful!

Looking down at her stupid crying, sobbing face I was reminded of all those other girls who had avoided me when I was growing up. Those bitches thought they were too good for me. Well I'd teach them.

"Then he got his cock in you didn't he whore? Did he hold his knife right to your throat like I'm doing? Did he slap your fucking face some more? Like this?" I slapped her viciously a few times. Her face was a bloody mess. She was sobbing helplessly now.

"Now he's shooting his hot cum in you baby. It's all over your pussy and leg. Ohh, it's so good, so hot. But guess what Hon? He's thinking he doesn't need you any fucking more. He got what he wanted. But you're a loose end aren't you baby? Well we know how to deal with loose ends."

I held the knife up so that she could see it. She squirmed under me as if she were trying to hide in a hole in the ground. But there was no hole, there was nowhere to go.

I leered down at her. " I'd like to say that I was going to make this quick and easy but that's not the way I like it. Take a breath whore because it's going to be your last." I pressed my lips to hers, blood and all, and raised the knife.

I laid naked in the moonlight, the knife next to me in the grass. The last of what had seemed to be a hundred spasms of pleasure coursed through me and I quivered with pleasure. Never had anything caused such intense waves of pleasure as those I had felt during the last half-hour. Looking over at the girl who now lay silently beside me, I reached out and massaged her bloody thigh. " Thanks Hon," I giggled. " Got any sisters at home like you?"

While I would have liked to just lie here a little longer and enjoy the sight of my handiwork, it was time to be on my way. I still had a lot of work to do tonight.

My body was covered in blood but my sweats would cover it until I got back to my dorm room. I'd have to get rid of them later but it was a small price to pay. I put the bloody knife back in the scabbard and checked the scene carefully. There was nothing here to tie me to this place, especially after I handed the cops Tommy on a silver platter.

Walking down to the road I noted my exact location. There was the sign telling visitors that the College was one mile straight ahead. It would be easy to pinpoint the location where to enter the woods.

I walked back into the woods and ran parallel to the road back toward campus. I veered away from the main group of buildings and headed toward the dorm where I knew the jocks lived. It took about ten minutes but finally I spotted Tommy's car parked at the end of one of the rows. Walking slowly down the row of cars I reached inside my sweat and rubbed a little of the congealing blood from my stomach unto my hand. I smeared a bit of it unto Tommy's door handle, being careful not to leave any fingerprints while doing it. It was just a smudge, probably not even noticeable by morning. Not to the naked eye anyway but any capable police tech wouldn't have any trouble finding it.

At the end of the row was a dumpster and after again making sure that no one was around I pulled the knife out and wiped all fingerprints off the handle and tossed it in.

Now for the most important part. I jogged up to the front of the admin building where there was a bank of payphones. Checking to make sure there wasn't anyone around I dialed 911.

"Hello, 911 Police Emergency."

"Please, you've got to help her. Something terrible's happening to her. Please!" I tried to simulate a sobbing sound but I almost couldn't surpress a giggle.

A three minute conversation followed where I told the police that I had seen this guy running from the woods with a knife in his hand after I heard a girl screaming in the woods They kept asking for my name but I played the role of hysterical witness to the hilt. I gave a general description of Tommy's car and the location in the woods where I had heard the screaming. At the last minute I told them that I had remembered that the car had out-of-state plates on it, New York or New Jersey or something.

"Please hurry! You've got to help her. Please," I sobbed.

"Tell us where you are Miss. We'll send someone right over."

"I can't. I'm so scared. He'll come after me if he finds out I saw him. Just help her. Please." I hung up. Taking no chances in case they had traced the call I wiped all my prints from the handset. I jogged casually away. Perfect!

That dumb whore's blood had started to soak through my sweats in a couple of places so I headed right back to my dorm and made it in without anyone seeing me. I slid them off and stood in front of my mirror admiring the sight of my lean, sexy body covered in the blood of that dumb bitch I had just killed.

"Ohh, fuck yes," I moaned as I rubbed her blood into my breasts. "Thank you baby."

By morning word had already spread around campus that some "poor" girl had been brutally raped and murdered. No details were known but everyone was scared and nervous. As for me I found their fear delicious. I floated around campus on a cloud soaking up bits of conversation here and there and feeding on the fear I saw on everyone's faces.

It wasn't until a week later that Tommy was arrested and charged with rape and murder. You could almost hear a collective sigh of relief on campus as the pent up pressure was finally released. No one had wanted to go out at night, especially the women. Campus security had increased their patrols and everyone had been walking on pins and needles.

I was ecstatic. Not only was Tommy taking the fall for that girl but people began assuming that he had been connected to Susan as well. Christ if I had been smart I would have planted Susan's drivers license, which I still had as a sort of trophy, in his car or something. Oh well.

I wondered if they gave him the death penalty if they'd consider letting me do it. How sweet would it be to whisper in his ear just before I pulled the switch or whatever, 'I did that bitch Tommy, you asshole." Ha ha ha.

What actually happened was just as good. I guess Tommy always had a big mouth and he apparently pissed off the wrong person in jail while awaiting trial and got himself stabbed to death for his trouble. A pity really, I had been looking forward to the trial. At least I had the satisfaction of knowing that I had put him there, so indirectly I had killed him if you see what I mean Hon. Sort of a two for the price of one.

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