tagInterracial LoveBorn For It: Deep Black Dicks

Born For It: Deep Black Dicks


*All Characters in this story are over the age of 18!


My name is Brittney and I am pleased to report that my younger, spoiled, bratty step-sister has turned into a certifiable, black cock addicted whore. For a year and a half I have been forced to watch her easy successes and the glowing appreciation showered upon her by my cunt of a step-mother and my wimp of a father. Since they married, this bitchy little blonde debutante has turned into the daughter my father never had, successful in school and a model Christian child. But, much to my delight, I have had the pleasure of learning about my perfect little sister descent into the thriving subculture of black cock worship and submission, of brutal gang-fucking and endless cock-lust that thrives in our hometown of Atlanta.

For generations strong black men have toiled on the lands of the south, growing stronger and more physically superior with each passing generation. They are descended from a stock forced to slave and reproduce under the whip of the white man, and hundreds of years of harsh evolution have bred a line so rugged and powerful that their former masters grovel pathetically at their feet. As a white women, I have always known that black men were supreme to their pathetic white counterparts, every trace of doubt fading with every bulging black arm, rippling ebony chest, and bulging groin that flashed across my televison screen. I had given into lust at a much earlier age than sweet little Kat had. I knew that she was still giddy from her first tastes of the magnificent treat of hot black cock; I had been a full-fledged addict to it for years.

I first learned about Kat's descent on a Friday night that I was spending at my favorite Atlanta hotspot, The Vortex. I was a waitress in Midtown by day, but on most nights of the week you could find me hunting for large, hot, black cock in one of several nightclubs. No black man that ever laid eyes on me had any doubt as to my desires; I wore my lust for black dick openly and invitingly, and over the past 4 years I had sucked countless anonymous black cocks, taken dozens of hot loads in my steaming pussy and tight ass. My addiction was complete and all-consuming; no pleasure was greater than a pulsing black cock spreading my tight sphincter, no thirst was larger than my hunger for hot black cum erupting in my mouth. So imagine my delight when I heard that my flawless stepsister Kat, flower of white virginity, had been consumed by the same lust.

On the Friday when Kat first gave herself to Andre at a drunken party, he called me and told me that he had taken my sweet little sister. The thought of Kat descending into the world that I loved so well had never occurred to me before but I found it immediately appealing. On Sunday, when I blew Marquis fat cock as he told me about Kat similar blowjob the night before, I realized that the thought of Kat innocent little face being blasted with loads of hot cum was acutely thrilling to me. On Monday night, Jamal told me of his recent conquest of my little sister I knew, beyond the shade of a doubt, that our sweet little Kat was indeed a full-fledged slut. Of the three black guys that Kat had been with, I was one of their many willing sluts. It hadn't taken long for the word of Kat's exploits to travel to me.

Since our parents had married, I had watched her with an interest that I admit was frequently driven my lustful interest in this seemingly perfectly innocent teen life. I was no stranger to the dark rivers of lust and passion that guided the human heart, but it was not until Andre told me of my precious little step-sister newfound "taste" for black cock that my true feelings came rushing to the surface. The thought of her perfect little face being blasted with the hot cum that pulsed from Andre's cock thrilled me; the vision of her virgin asshole being plowed wide by Marquis thick black dick made me even hornier than I had ever been before. As cock after cock was pushed into me, my thoughts always returned to her, my innocent, fresh little sister being fucked inside ut by the black dick I had grown to love so much. I had to see this for myself.

I was no stranger to black men, and those that Kat had chosen to give her sweet little bottom to were particularly dear to me. Andre and Jamal had been constant fuck-buddies for quite a while, since I was introduced to them by Jamal older brother Raheem. Raheem was a giant of a man, standing nearly 6'5 and bulging with hard muscle. His demeanor was cold and ruthless, as he had spent a number of years in prison for various crimes. His cock, simply put, was gigantic. I had never been fucked by such a large cock as his, and of all the black guys that had stuffed my wet pussy with their rock hard cocks, Raheem was my favorite. He could dominate you in every way with his towering physique and unstoppable cock. His years in prison had made him a ruthless and brutal sex machine and he could push your body to limits that you can't even imagine. It was Raheem that transformed me into a true slut for black cock, and I thought it was time that sweet little Kat found out just how far she would go with her newfound interest in black dick.

When I told Raheem my plan, a wicked grin broke across his rugged, handsome face. We were sitting in a mall parking lot, and I held his big cock in my heads, stroking it slowly as he smoked a smoldering blunt.

"Jamal said this bitch was a freak. You think she ready to go that far?" He asked, exhaling the heavy marijuana smoke as he spoke.

My hands cupped his balls and my tongue danced over the head of his pulsing cock. "Our parents will be out of town all weekend. It will be perfect."

He nodded and wrapped a large hand around the back of my head and pushed my throat down around his cock.

"Aight..let's show this bitch how we do it down here in a.t.l"

As I dutifully gagged down his enormous jet black cock, my heart raced at the thought of the unimaginable delight I was about to bring my perfect little sister. She was about to get more dick than she ever dreamed of.

We planned it for Friday night. Raheem called Andre, Marquis, and Jamal and told her that Kat's pussy was off limits for the rest of the week. They weren't too happy with that, but they knew what was going on. Our parents would be out of town the entire weekend, so that would give Raheem plenty of time to break Kat in to her new lifestyle. Raheem was a master of turning white girls into cock loving whores; I never seen a girl that could resist his charm. The first time I met him, it only took him 10 minutes to have me in the backseat of his car taking his fourteen inch cock in my steaming cunt and begging for more. Ever since then I had done anything and everything he had asked, and I had never been happier. I was doing Kat a huge favor by introducing her to this black god, her life as about to get even better.

I watched Kat closely all week, waiting for the tell-tale signs that I knew were inevitable when a horny little white girl gets addicted to black dick. Jamal and the boys, following Raheem's declaration of new black dick for little Kat, stayed away from her. I felt a little bad for her really, but I knew that it would make everything easier and even more satisfying for her. She spent time in her room, clicking away at her keyboard until early in the morning. When she got up and went to school, I checked her computer history, to find she had been visiting hardcore interracial porn sites non-stop, probably fingering herself all night to images of hot black dicks fucking the brains out of lucky white sluts. I knew what she was going through- porn only makes you hornier for the black cock, only quenching your lust momentarily before it returns even more powerfully.

My own horniness was practically insatiable as well, though I had the benefit of knowing enough hard black cocks to keep my pussy dripping cum every night of the week. My own exploits paled in comparison to what happened to sweet little Katherine that Friday night. Here it is, in her own words.

Friday Night

After my weekend of fucking, sucking and cumming with Andre and his friends, I was ready for more. Unfortunately, my black men ignored me completely. I called Andre every night, never getting an answer. At school he wouldn't even acknowledge me, and Marquis and Jamal did the same. Had they fucked me and moved on? Was it that easy for them? Maybe they were just keeping it casual, but I was going through the roof. My pussy was positively on fire, and no amount of masturbation or porn was putting it out.

By Friday I was determined to get fucked some black cock, and I didn't care where it would come from. My friends were all making plans, but I knew that this was something I was going to do alone. My parents had left town to visit my grandparents, so I wouldn't have to worry about even coming home if I didn't want to. When school was finally over on Friday I raced to the parking lot and left to go home as quickly as I could, barely speaking to my friends. I had only one goal in mind: getting some black cock wherever I could find it. I was confident, this was Atlanta, the home of the biggest, blackest dicks in America. How hard would it be for a hot slice of young white pussy to get some?

I drove through traffic and finally arrived at my parent's posh suburban home. It was in a neighborhood in the 400,000 dollar range, though that meant very little because everyone I knew lived in these kinds of houses. I was surprised, however, when I saw my sister's car parked in front of the garage door, which was shut. She had usually left by this time of afternoon to go to her job as a waitress in town. It didn't really matter. We all had our own separate areas of the house, whatever the hell she was doing wasn't going to interfere in my mission tonight in the least bit.

I entered the house through the front door, and I immediately realized something was different. An odd scent hung in the air, musky and foreign to my parents sterile suburban dwelling. Loud music played from upstairs, definitely coming from my sister's room, was she having a party or something? She never had friends over and was rarely even here. She kept her private life to herself, so whatever was going on was not something she would do while my parents were home. I froze for a moment, listening, but all I could hear was the music. I was nervous, but I decided to just get upstairs and to my room and just avoid whatever was going on up there. I climbed the stairs quickly, and when I got to the top I turned down the hallway leading to my room. The loud hip hop bumped in my sisters room. My curiosity was definitely raised. What could be going on in there? My own horniness fueled my imagination and I imagined my wild stepsister in there getting laid by some hornier coworker from her restaurant. I could tell that the door was open by the way the music poured into the house, shaking the very walls with the hypnotizing thump of the rap music. Maybe she was just hanging out in there listening to music. I decided to walk around the hall to see what she was doing.

When I turned the corner of the hall that went into her room, I froze in my tracks. Brittney was spread out on her back on top of her bed, legs in the air, getting the shit fucked out of her by the biggest niger I had ever seen Her hands were being held down by another giant black thug, a gigantic dick floating in the air above her, holding her down while his buddy fucked her. I couldn't tell if they were raping her or not, her eyes were closed and she was screaming but I could barely hear her over the music. I didn't know whether to scream or keep watching.

I felt a pair of hands wrapping around my torso and mouth tried to scream but his large black hand blocked my mouth. I immediately felt the power of his body surrounding me, and I stopped resisting immediately.

"Hey bitch." A vaguely familiar voice whispered in my ear."How's yo tight little ass feelin?"

I was shoved into the room and the two black guys who were apparently raping Brittney looked up at me and immediately dark grins spread across there faces spun to see who had come up behind me, and was faced with Jamal, Andre's thug friend who had fucked me in the ass in the back of Andre's car just a week before. I turned to look down at Brittney, who was looking at me with a scared face.

Was this my fault?

The song came to a stop abruptly and the booming music vanished.

Jamal stepped into the room and grabbed onto my light cotton skirt and yanked it to the ground. The man holding down brittney appeared behind me as Jamal rubbed the crotch of my panties, hooking the bottom of my shirt and pulling it over my head. I was completely in awe of these gigantic black men and was powerless to do anything but submit. I wasn't afraid. This is what I wanted and I didn't care how I got it.

"Just do what they want, Katherine." Brittney said, fear in voice..

I turned to look at her. The gigantic Negro still had his cock inside her and had placed his hands on her shoulder, pinning her to the bed. My concern her vanished when I turned back to jamal and saw him staring down into my eyes with a cold, dominating gaze. He had removed his shirt and his dark, muscular body covered with black tattoos and letters began to dominate my senses.

"You ready to suck some dick, ho?" He said in a low, menacing voice.

My bra came unsnapped and fell to the floor and the other guy grabbed my tits roughly, squeezing them with his large, strong hands. I could feel his cock rubbing against my back. He pushed me down to the floor, my panties still on as Jamal unbuttoned his pants. His gigantic, jet black cock flopped out and floated in the air, already rock hard. I was mesmerized by it. I didn't care that my stepsister was goings to see me do it. I was going to suck that big black dick so fucking hard . The unfamiliar black guy pushed me down to my knees and held my head as Jamal aimed his monster black cock and jammed it into my mouth. I made no show of resisting and gagged on his cock as he forced it down my throat. His friend held my head as Jamal began to brutally fuck my mouth, pounding his cock down my gagging throat. I began to scream but it wasn't because I didn't like it. He pulled his cock out of my throat after jamming it down and holding it there. It sprung out of mouth and pointed at the ceiling, saliva and spit hanging from it and running it strands back down to my hungry little mouth. He rubbed his big cock against my face, wiping my own saliva on my cheeks and lips. He took hold of his cock and gave it a stroke, milking a big drop of clear pre-cum to the tip of his dick. Without hesitation, I took hold of his cock and licked it off.

Jamal laughed. "I told ya Dee, this bitch is a real ho."

The niger behind let go of my head and walked around. He was just as thuggish as Jamal, but definitely a couple years older and much bigger. His cock as glorious, and I couldn't help but gazing at it hungrily as I ran my hands up and down Jamal's glistening ebony shaft.

"Get dat bitch on da bed." The man holding Brittney down said. "Let's fuck both deez hoes."

I looked over at the man. Brittney was now standing behind him, holding his cock and rubbing his stomach. She was smiling at me wickedly. Had she set this up?

"You've already fucked Jamal, but these niggers are gonna show you what black dick is all about." She said sweetly. I was stunned. Should I deny it? I looked her in the eyes and then I noticed the black cock she was holding in the air, stroking and shining the pussy juice it had just plowed from her own twat. It was massive, easily the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was more than a foot long and almost as thick as a Coke can. I wanted that dick inside me.

She noticed me staring at it. "Raheem's got the biggest cock in Atlanta. He's gonna show you what a real nigger can do."

Raheem's gigantic dick floated in the air, rock hard, fresh from plowing my stepsisters wet pussy. I was on my knees, Jamal and Dee standing over me with their big cocks floating above my head. Brittney must have set this up! How did she know? I had entered the house, thinking she was getting raped, and now I was about to get fucked by three of the biggest, blackest dicks I had ever seen. I knew it was too late to deny my lust for these black cocks. I might as well enjoy the incredible opportunity for fucking that my sister had laid out before me.

I rose up from my knees, and made eye contact with Raheem. I began walking across my sisters bedroom and towards her bed. She smiled at me still gripping Raheem's monestrous dick from behind.

"I knew you couldn't resist, you little slut." She said confidently. Raheem laughed and so did Jamal and Dee, who were following behind me. I made no effort in denying it, keeping my eyes locked on the beautiful ebony cock that was about to be mine.

I laid down on the end of the bed in front of Raheem who was standing with Brittney behind him. I hooked my fingers into my tight panties and pulled them down my legs, exposing my engorged pussy lips to him. The sight of Raheem pounding Brittney had gotten me wet instantly, and stroking Jamal's dick and tasting his sweet precum had gotten me even more so. I reached down and stroked my clit, staring up at Raheem's towering form. He was a giant of man with a cock to match it. My eighteen-year-old pussy seemed tighter than ever. I wanted that cock inside me, and I knew I was going to get it.

"Hold her legs back." Raheem said in a low voice to Jamal and Dee. Jamal grabbed my right leg and Dee my left, pulling me to the edge of the bed and pushing my pussy out towards Raheem. With there other hands they held their hard black cocks, stroking them and waiting for their turn.

Raheem stepped forward and rubbed his massive cock head over th lips of my dripping cunt, probing it's wetness with the tip of his hot dick. Brittney had moved to stand next to Jamal, her big tits pressed against his arm. She gazed down into my eyes, smiling knowingly.

"Get ready slut." She whispered, winking at me as she ran her hands over Jamal's muscular body.

I bit down on my bottom lip as Raheem began pressing his cock against my tight little hole. His girth was enormous and the pressure was intense as his cock began to penetrate the tight ring of my pussy. As his cock inched inside the feeling was overwhelming, my twat stretched slowly around his cock, growing to accommodate what had to be one of the biggest dicks ever. My eyes rolled back in my head and my hands gripped the side of the bed, and I realized I was screaming, but it wasn't from pain.

Raheem looked down at me and smiled smugly. "I'm gonna fuck da shit out of dis little pussy, bitch."

My back arched and my body twisted as he pushed his cock slowly inside of me- when he passed as deep as any dick had ever gone before and kept going, I almost passed out. I screamed in pleasure- the sensation was one of pain and immense lust unbridled, a lust that having a foot long black cock inside of you awakens. His hands gripped my hips and his cock was almost completely inside me now. His mouth hovered over mine as he leaned down on the bed, pushing his cock inside me. My mouth found his and I hungrily began sucking his big lips and kissing him; he pushed his tongue into my mouth and twirled it around mine. I was on the verge of a massive orgasm and his cock wasn't even all the way in yet. Dee and Jamal pulled my legs back further, pushing my pussy forward further onto his dick. They laughed as I screamed out as his cock hit even deeper inside me. My body began spasming and I had my first of many orgasms to come. His mouth stayed glued to my mine, sucking my lips and kissing me roughly. As my hands dug into his back he held his massive cock inside me as my pussy spasmed in pleasure on his rock hard cock. Then he started fucking me.

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