Born For It: Deep Black Dicks


With a jerk of his hips his cock retreated and then thrust back forward, pounding a spot so deep inside me that I didn't know it existed. I screamed out again, even louder, as his cock rediscovered it. My legs were spread wide and my pussy was thrust forward, allowing his gigantic cock unrestricted access to my tight little hole. Again his cock slid back and came forward, sending another body-wrenching shockwave through my body. With each thrust my mind became more scattered, my pleasure increased, and my screams became louder. I couldn't believe I had that cock inside me. His hips were soon pumping up and down, stretching my cunt around his monster cock with each thrust. He was pounding me so fucking deep I couldn't believe it. He soon reached an unbelievable pace, his hips pushing his cock in and out of me with such force I literally went over the edge. I closed my eyes and screamed out, bucking on his cock as it pounded the shit out of me. I came again and then again in rapid succession, and with each orgasm that crashed through my body he would ram his dick as deep as it would go and hold it there as my pussy contracted around his big black cock. His chiseled ebony body was soon glistening with sweat. I looked up and saw Brittney was up on her knees on the bed behind me, cupping her big tits and fingering herself as she watched Raheem pound me. She looked down at me and grinned wickedly.

Raheem's pace increased even more and I felt his body tense as he approached his own climax.

"Please cum inside me, please cum inside me..." I begged in his ear as he pounded me with his massive cock. I wanted to feel his dick erupt and fill me with his hot cum. His back arched and he let out a roar as his cock exploded inside me, blasting in my womb like a shotgun. His cock spasmed blast after blast of what had to be the hottest, sweetest cum on the planet inside my lucky twat. I came with him for a fourth time as he coated my insides with his nut, sucking on his ear and licking his neck as my body convulsed with another massive orgasm.

When he was done coming he looked into my eyes and smiled. Jamal and Dee let go of my legs and Raheem leaned back and pulled his spent cock out of me. I lay on my back in a daze, my body feeling more fucked than it had ever been in it's life. Andre had fucked my brains out before, but this was unbelievable.

I didn't have long to rest though, as Brittney clearly had plans for me. Jamal and Dee each grabbed an arm and pulled me back further on the bed. Brittney crawled around me on all fours until she was bent over my splayed pussy, Raheem's cum dripping out of it. Before I realized what was happening her mouth was wrapped around my twat and her tongue was inside my vagina and she was sucking Raheem's cum right out of me. Jamal and Dee laughed in approval, and though I was shocked I can't say I minded. I had never had a girl go down on me before but her soft lips and tongue felt so good rubbing against my battered pussy. I had just gotten fucked by a massive black cock and she had seen me cum all over it, it's not like she was going to judge me at this point.

"Dat pussy taste good, slut?" Jamal asked

She looked up into my eyes and nodded her head, keeping her mouth glued to my cunt. After she sucked all the cum out she crawled over me until her head floated above mine. She smiled down at me. I closed my eyes as her lips pressed down on mine, the taste of my pussy and Raheem's cock fresh in her mouth. We kissed deeply for a moment and then she pulled back.

Jamal grabbed her by the head and steered his own big black cock into her mouth. His balls hung above my face as he jammed his dick into her mouth. I instinctively rose up between his legs and begin sucking on them, they smelled sweet and musky, and I sucked them with fervor as he fucked my sisters's mouth. I snaked my hands around him and held onto his hips as he pushed his cock in and out of her mouth. We still had a lot of black dick to take care of.

Dee had gotten behind my sister and had began fucking her pussy doggy style while Jamal fucked her face. Dee was slapped her ass and pounded away and she was soon screaming through her cock-stuffed mouth. My pussy was pounded but I wanted some more black dick. I slid out from under her and got on all fours next to her but facing the other direction. It was a good thing she had a king size bed. I spread my legs and looked back and waved my ass at Jamal. He nodded at me and pulled his cock out of my sisters mouth. He looked down at her and rubbed his shining cock across her face and she moaned in pleasure. I looked forward and up at Dee, who was pounding my sisters pussy wildly. He looked down at me and grinned devilishly. He was squeezing her butt hard and pulled a hand back and smacked one of her ass cheeks hard as he looked into my eyes.

"You gonna get some too, bitch." He said knowingly, nodding his head.

Jamal grabbed the back of my hair in a fist and pulled my neck back. His cock pressed against my still sopping cunt and he was soon inside me, filling me up with own big black dick and fucking my pussy as he had been fucking my sisters mouth just moments before. Raheem stood at the edge of the bed and was stroking his glorious cock back to life. He got up on the bed next to Dee and pointed his cock at my face. I was getting rowdier and rowdier as Jamal pounded my pussy with his hot dick and I was soon trying to wrap my mouth around his massive cock. I could barely get my lips around his head, but I sucked on his tasty black meat as hard I could. I licked his shaft up and down and tasted my own pussy juice on him, his hands wrapped around my head and he filled my mouth with his godly black cock. I was in heaven, taking Jamal's cock in my pussy and Raheem filling my mouth while my sister's pussy, just inches away, was getting pounded by another beautiful black dick.

Dee was the first to cum. With a roar he yanked his cock out of my sisters pulsing cunt and blew his load across her ass and back. She quickly turned to clean his dick off, slurping his cum and her pussy juice off of it as she looked over into my eyes, licking his shining black shaft and balls and looking at me knowingly. I came on Jamal's cock for a second time as he pounded me deep, and soon I felt his fingers digging into my ass as he pounded me frantically, lifting my knees off the bed. His cock exploded warm cum inside me and I bucked my hip and took my mouth off Raheem's monster cock for a moment to scream out as he filled me with his seed. Brittney, still on all fours next to me, took the opportunity to take over blowing Raheem while Jamal emptied his nuts inside me.

I was impressed with her dick sucking skills. She masterfully took much more of his cock in her mouth than I could and was quickly bouncing her head halfway down his cock. Jamal pulled his cock out and I felt his cum dripping from my pussy and onto my sisters bed. I leaned into Raheem's dick, licking the side of his shaft and squeezing his big balls as my sister blew him. She sucked his dick hard for several minutes practically nonstop. She was amazing to watch. I wanted to be able to do what she did. I don't know how she found out about my lust for black dick, but I am glad she did. Raheem suddenly pushed Brittney off his cock and grabbed her by her hair, and began beating his dick in front of her face. In seconds his cock exploded, spraying blast after blast of hot cum across my sisters face. She opened her mouth and caught what she could and I leaned in and instinctivly licked the rest off her face. Raheem, Jamal, and Dee all laughed as I licked his hot white cum off her face. She smiled at me and when I finished pulled my mouth into hers. Her tongue shot into my mouth as we shared the taste of our own pussies, all the hot black cocks we had sucked and the jizz we had drank. I pulled my mouth away and smiled at her.

"Thank you for this, Brittney." I whispered in her ear.

"You're welcome. I'm glad we are finally doing stuff together like real sisters." She said, rubbing her hand gently against my face.

"I'm glad our parent's are going to be gone all weekend." I said.

She smiled and nodded.

"Me too. These niggers are going to have to get some backup."

Raheem, Jamal, and Dee towered over us, staring down at us knowingly, confidently. I couldn't believe things these things were happening but I had never been more excited in my life. I reached down and rubbed my battered, cum dripping pussy and looked up at the boys.

"Anybody ready for some more?"

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