tagErotic CouplingsBorn From Silence Ch. 04

Born From Silence Ch. 04


Hello Everyone!

So sorry it took me so long to get this out there. Once again, life took over and I haven't been able to write as much as I'd like to. Thank you all for the patience.

Hope you enjoy!



Chapter 4

When I woke up Jason was gone.

That wasn't new, and I could hear the shower running so I knew that I hadn't missed him entirely. I was sore, in the best of ways. My vagina ached from the intensity and duration of the sex we had had the previous night. Surprisingly, despite how intoxicated I had been I didn't have much of a hangover. My head was a bit foggy, but aside from that I felt fine. I was tired though, so I stayed under the covers and hugged his vacated pillow to my chest.

It smelled of him. The rest of the bed smelled like the two of us, and my thighs rubbed together as the memories of what we had done started to flood in. It had culminated with my torso hanging over the edge of the bed, forearms pressed into the hard carpet of the bedroom floor, while he was behind and above me. The blood rushing to my head, the complete loss of control, his cock hammering against my G-spot...

When he had hit his climax, I was already in the midst of my own.

I lay in his bed, not sleeping but not fully awake either, until the noise from the shower stopped. I opened my eyes then, stretched with catlike laziness, and rolled onto my back. I took the pillow with me, holding against the front of my body possessively. I noticed a light flashing on the bedside table, and sighed deeply before going to investigate. It was Jason's phone. He had a message of some sort judging by the blinking blue light.

The screen was black, but lit up when I pushed the side button. I was met with a lock screen.

"What are you doing?" Jason asked from behind me.

I jumped, as though caught doing something bad.

"I was going to put my number in your phone," I explained. Why was my voice so wobbly? "I thought after yesterday when I didn't know where you were that it'd be nice if..."

Jason walked over to me and held out his hand. He had a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair was wet, combed backward in a very sexy, pre-dried manner. I handed him his phone and his fingers swept over it for a few seconds. I pulled the bedsheet up to cover my exposed breasts, and waited self-consciously.

"What's your number?" he prompted me.

I dictated it to him and he tapped it into the contact he was creating. His fingers moved swiftly and surely, I had never seen him on his phone before but he clearly was well acquainted with it.

"Coffee's made," he told me as he finished up with his phone. "I need to head into work soon."

I got out of bed and he left the bedroom. All I had to wear was my costume, so I put that back on and set off in search of the promised coffee. I found it, poured myself a mug, and sat in my stink wishing I had woken up earlier to take a shower. Jason emerged from the narrow hallway leading to his bedroom and the bathroom wearing a nicely tailored suit. He was fiddling with the knot of his tie while I self-consciously tugged at the bottom of my mini-skirt, willing it to grow longer.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Uh, I guess," I said. I took a few quick sips of my freshly poured coffee and then followed him to the door.

Jason picked my jacket up off the ground and handed to me.

"Such a gentleman," I joked.

Jason looked at me and I realized I had hit a nerve. Good. His rushed treatment of me that morning after the intensity of the previous evening annoyed me. He said nothing and I said no more. We left his apartment and rode the elevator down to the parking lot. I followed him to his car, the cool November air kissing my legs and gusting up my skirt. We got into his car and he drove. Music played low on the radio; it was set to a rock station.

Neither of us spoke until he dropped me off at my apartment.

"See you next Friday," Jason said.

"Yep," I replied.

I got out of the car and he rolled down the window.

"That costume looks great on you, by the way," he said.

My cheeks warmed as he sped off and I caught myself grinning like an idiot.


"See," Jason whispered into my ear.

I stood in front of the sliding door leading to his balcony, his chest was pushed against my back. We were both naked. A trail of clothes ran from the door to where we now stood. My breasts were pressed against the cool glass, making the nipples stiffen as the December cold bit at them.

Jason's fingers slid up along the slick inside of my thigh. We had not showered yet, and his fingers swept through my sweat on its journey to my swollen labia. We wanted to have as much time together as possible before I left for the holidays and separate showering got in the way of that. I accepted it; accepted that he liked me stinking and sweaty, as much as he liked me perfumed and clean.

I inhaled sharply when his fingers pressed against the slick lips of my pussy. He slid the end of his middle finger along the crease they formed, and made me chew on my lower lip as I stared out into the city.

"Can you see it?" he asked me, lowly.

I had forgotten that I was meant to be looking for the CN Tower. He had told me that it was visible from his apartment, and I had scoffed.

"No," I said.

Jason's hand slid from my shoulder to my hair, and he steered my face in the right direction.

"Between those two buildings, off in the distance," he said.

I squinted, and then I saw it. Lights had been installed that illuminated the tower at night. It changed colour, but at that moment it was lined with turquoise pinstripes and the donut two thirds of the way up was white. It looked like something out of that Tron movie they had made where Jeff Bridges' face is CGIed to look younger. From the distance we were at, it looked like a turquoise needle with a disc of white circled around it.

"Well, what do you know," I said, unimpressed.

I don't know why it had become such a big deal between us. The CN Tower is visible from many places in the city, it's rather large and tall. That's pretty much the point of it. Really I think it was an excuse to get me pressed against the glass door like I was. Jason's middle finger parted my outer labia and massaged the tender interior. My back arched and his cock slid along the sweaty crack of my ass. He kept his hold on my hair and my forehead pressed against the cool glass. I could see cars turning the corner, but we were so high up they seemed tiny.

Jason's fingertip dipped into my vagina and spread the wetness he found within along my labia. He stroked my clit with his thumb and I rolled my ass back against his cock. His finger stirred around that ring of nerve-ending rich flesh at the entrance of my pussy, and my breathing quickened. As my arousal grew I became more nervous of where we were standing.

"Why don't we go shower?" I suggested. My voice was low, breathless.

"Look at them all," Jason said. His voice was deep, I felt his chest rumble as it pressed against my back.

"Jason..." I complained. I looked out at the city below us. We weren't quite downtown, but we were close enough that the sprawl of lights from a million people occupying the same concrete space was open to our inspection. So many people, if they were to look in our direction, at the non-descript building Jason lived in, and to the unilluminated window up the right number of levels...

"Jason..." I repeated, a bit more firmly. I tried to step away but he pushed his hips against me. The front of my body pressed flat against the glass door, my knees, my thighs, my stomach, my tits, and my forehead all cooled by the contact with it. A tremor of nervous excitement ran down my spine.

Jason's arm was trapped between me and the door, and he continued his circling at my entrance with just the one finger. Jason pulled back on my hair, and my head tilted back as he pressed his lips to my temple.

God he knew how to strip me of my inhibitions.

He was much taller than me, a solid foot probably, which let him lean forward and kiss my nose, and then my mouth. He pulled on my hair more firmly as he went, until my head was bent all the way back. It was a bit disorienting at first, kissing upside down; one thing you might not think about is the way in which your jaw opens and how normal, right-side up kisses are in part enabled by our ability to shape your mouth to the other persons. My nose got in the way of his chin as well, so he had to come in at an angle.

My hand slid into his hair, reaching above and behind me and helping to lock us into our carnal, exhibitionistic embrace. I doubt that anyone could have seen us, or, from my perspective more importantly, me. There were no lights on in the living room and it was dark out, so all anyone would have seen would be two shadowy figures, merged into an amorphous blob in the window. They may guess what we were doing, but they wouldn't know for sure.

Still, there was the off chance that someone had a telescope on the window, in which case they would have seen the full front of my naked body, and Jason's much larger form looming behind me. He enveloped me, as my pussy did his finger when he at last slid it inside. I was tight, the muscles inside me gripped the digit greedily, like a mouth sucking him in. His thumb stroked my clitoral hood and I started to moan into the kiss we were engaged in.

Jason continued to pump his middle finger in and out of me while strumming my clit with his thumb. His naked cock slid along the slick, unwashed crack of my ass, and my buttocks shifted and tensed in pleasure against it while he fingered me. It was so thick compared to his finger, so long, and I could never quite work out in my head how he fit it inside of me. He pressed his mouth to my cheek and let me breathe unencumbered by the kiss.

Jason drew my head backwards and to the left, and kissed my exposed neck. I knew what he was going to do before he did it, and was already groaning my displeasure even as my vagina throbbed in anticipation. His teeth grazed my neck, his tongue ran along it and he tasted my dried sweat, and then he bit down on my shoulder. I quivered, my legs wobbled, and a shaky gasp escaped me. A small gush of fluid escaped me as a quiet climax overcame me, it rolled down the back of his hand and along the inside of my thigh.

Jason withdrew his finger from my pussy after it had finished its orgasmic convulsions, and I watched his ghostly reflection in the window as he brought the coated digit to his mouth. He sucked my juices from his finger and then kissed my mouth once more. I hummed, unhappy about tasting myself but very turned on by it as well. He withdrew from the kiss quickly and pushed my head forward. My forehead pressed against the glass door again, and I felt Jason step back slightly.

"No," I protested weakly as his lips pressed against my shoulder. His cock slid down, following the curve of my round ass, as he lowered himself into a crouch behind me. As he went he left a trail of kisses down my spine, and released his hold on my hair. I kept my forehead pressed to the glass, eyes shut tight in shame and eager anticipation, as he reached my tailbone.

Jason's hands reached around and pulled back on my thighs. I shuffled back and bent forward so that my breasts were flattened against the glass door and my stomach was now exposed to the air. His hands came back around, squeezing my thighs before running upward and grabbing one of my ass cheeks in either hand. The last few times we had been together he had developed a special interest in my rear end, a fascination I was not fully comfortable with.

Jason's thumbs dug into the fleshy joint where my thighs met my buttocks, and pulled the flesh apart to expose my pussy to him. I knew what he was going to do. I had known from the moment his mouth had gone to my neck, the anticipation of it had been what had triggered my most recent orgasm just as much as the stimulation had. Jason shoved his face between my thighs, his nose sliding into the tight valley between my ass cheeks, and pressed his mouth to my pussy.

"Oh God!" I gasped. I placed one hand flat against the glass door to steady myself, while the other reached behind me. I pressed it to the top of his head, either to push him away or to pull him further in. By the time my hand got there I no longer knew which, so I just held it there while he started to eat me. He sucked on my labia and let the flow of juices from my pussy roll over his tongue, sweeter and muskier than my salty sweat, and more viscous.

"Jason," I whined breathlessly. I hated it when he did this, but he just hummed happily and swirled his long tongue around inside me until I succumbed and was subdued by my own lust. My fingers curled around his hair, still not pulling or pushing, just holding. My ass squirmed against him, shifting from side to side in a dance of restraint and impending release. He reached around me and diddled my clit, while his tongue worked magic inside of me.

Jason's other hand slid further up and gripped one cheek of my ass. He pulled it to the side, widening my crack and making my little asshole peek out at him from its place within.

Don't you fucking dare...

Jason's hand left my clit and I was already moaning before he made his move. His tongue slid upward, along my taint and into the crack of my ass. At the same time, he slid two fingers into my weeping slot and pressed them against the front wall in search of my G-spot. I still had my hold on his hair, but rather than push him back and end this depraved, filthy act, I pulled his face against my ass and moaned wantonly.

Jason's wet tongue batted against my asshole, flattened against it and rubbed up and down. My toes curled and my hot breath fogged up the glass I was pressed against. His fingers found my G-spot and began to massage it in time with his tongue's motions on my anus. I couldn't possibly have tasted good there, unwashed, fresh after a workout, but he didn't care about that at all. He hummed happily, almost laughing at my reluctant arousal.

I gave in completely, shoving my ass back against his face and fucking his plunging fingers. My pussy made lewd, wet sounds as his fingers worked in and out of me, but I didn't go off just yet. No, that waited until his tongue straightened, stiffened, and pushed against my anus. The tight sphincter was unyielding at first but it reluctantly opened up just slightly, enough for the very tip of his tongue to push past the tight ring.

"Fuck!" I shrieked. Then I came, hard.

My knees wobbled and Jason took my weight on his face as I mashed myself back against his tongue and fingers. My pussy gushed, my ass wiggled, my breaths came in sharp and left explosively. I yanked on his hair without regard for his comfort, as if pulling him more tightly to me would keep me in nirvana. I panted and I trembled with his fingers buried inside my vagina and his tongue penetrating my asshole.

That was what he did to me. He stripped me of my inhibitions; he shed me of my decency and my sense of propriety. He made that all dissolve away, all my anxieties and all of my self-doubts and fears, and in those moments where he was his most successful I came, I came and I came.

That was why I kept meeting him on Friday nights, why I didn't ask too many questions even though I had so many, and why I always let my hair down. For more than two months now, every Friday night, I accepted his silent invitation with the simple act of drawing the elastic out of my hair. I knew little more about him now than when we had started, and it had not grown to anything more than sex. It bothered me, but not enough to risk what we had by asking uninvited questions.

I had lied to Alice when she asked where I went on Fridays. She knew I was seeing someone, and when she confronted me about it I had lied again. I had told her I had met someone on Tinder, and no, she didn't know them. It hadn't satisfied her, but she eventually got tired of asking questions I wouldn't give answers to.

My pussy squeezed around Jason's fingers and he kept plunging them in and out of me. I rode the crest of one climax to the next, wailing and cumming from his wicked tongue and fingers. When he was finally done with me and pulled back, my body slid limply down the glass door. I fell unsteadily to my knees, and my body left a sweaty, greasy smear on the window as I slid down it. I was dazed, lightheaded, almost cross-eyed.

Then, I was moaning again.

Jason's cock slid into my still convulsing pussy, and he fucked me with both of us on our knees. My breasts were still pressed against the window, my mouth wide was open and a steady stream of moans escaped me as he thrust into me from behind. The thrusts were jarring. He was hard, and he punched into me forcefully. I waited for him to cum, his engorged member jackhammering up into me, all the while fighting not to pass out from the near constant state of orgasm.

I could feel him getting close. I could feel the tension within him in how his fingers tightened around my hips and how his dick seemed to grow just a bit stiffer, just a bit longer. It was like it was straining to get further inside of me, penetrate me deeper, and plant that seed closer to my womb. Then, slowly, cruelly, he pulled out.

"Let's go take that shower," he said. His chest was heaving and he laughed breathlessly at my whine of protest.

"Come on," he said.

Jason grabbed my arm and stood, pulling me up with him. The strength returned to my legs halfway through our journey to the bathroom. We left a trail of clothes behind and an oily smear of my sweat on his balcony door that he would have to clean later. His back was densely muscled, and a shimmering line of sweat ran from between his shoulder blades all the way into the dark line between his thick, powerful buttocks.

There was so much about his body to love. His long legs, his strong arms, his long fingers... But his ass? That was perfection. Round and tight, arching out from his lower back and curving elegantly into his powerful thighs.

We cleaned up in the shower. Jason washed me, everywhere. He started with shampooing my hair using the stuff from the bottle I had in my gym bag. It was a soothing process after the intensity of the episode by the balcony. I practically cooed under his touch as his fingernails gently raked along my scalp and his fingers slid through my hair. He washed my body next, massaging the soreness from my shoulders and back while he was at it.

The previous few weeks had been stressful ones for me. A plethora of assignments, tests, presentations, and labs had all been due at the same time. Wrangling group members, trying to get straight answers out of profs, and dealing with computer malfunctions had put me in great need of what Jason was administering. The past week I had been writing exams, and I would be leaving for home for the Christmas holidays the next day.

Jason found my shoulders tight and worked the tension from them, and worked to do the same to my back. He smeared plenty of body wash all over my ass and massaged it too, though the therapeutic component of that was less obvious to me. He scrubbed me between the cheeks and rubbed my asshole. Jason moved along, and finished with my backside. I turned and he did my front. He teased my nipples and cleared my vulva of my sweat and feminine residue.

Then I cleaned him.

His cock got fully erect again while I did it. He had been half-hard all throughout washing me, but now it was getting in the way. It folded between us, prodded me, brushed against me, constantly reminding me of how big it was and inviting me to think about how good it felt to have it inside of me. That is how it was when I was with him, everything turned to sex, into his body and mine, everything was physical.

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