tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBorn To Fly... Ch. 1

Born To Fly... Ch. 1


Born To Fly...Among Other Things Ch. 1

I should warn you, if scat is offensive to you, move on to another story. But, if you LOVE to read about sex and shit, read on.

* * * * *

I was SOOOO exited. I was backstage at a Sara Evans concert. That wasn't what exited me most, though. If my luck kept going the way it was, I was gonna have sex with Sara. This time the Meet and Greet was a bit different. The fans got to meet the singer by her dressing room. It was my turn. My plan was: Be last in line, and things may go well.

"Hi, Nice to meet you," the black-haired beauty raised her hand. She was wearing a black lace dress. She was STUNNING! "What's your name?"

"Bob," I said as I took her hand in mine.

"Nice to meet you, Bob." The singer scribbled something on a photo of her.

When she handed it to me, I read the message: "To Bob, with LOTS of love, Sara. LOTS of love, what did that mean,? I thought. Lightning doesn't strike twice. She just being kind, I figured.

"Well, I don't do this for everyone, why don't you come in. She opened her dressing room door.

Security gave the singer a startled look.

"It's ok, boys, he looks harmless."

She was right, I wasn't a stalker. I was harmful, though, but in a good way, I thought. Maybe lightning DOES strike twice. I sure wasn't gonna let this opportunity pass me by, so I walked inside the room. Without even thinking, I closed, AND locked, the door behind me.

"So, Bob, do you find me attractive? Don't lie, I'll know."

"Well...yeah, of course, your beautiful."

"Each time you see me, you wanna fuck me, right?"

"Um, I, NO!"

"Don't lie, remember."

"I mean, uh...yeah, sure."

Sara seductively walked towards me. "That's what I thought." The singer grabbed my hands, and placed them on her ass. It was nice and soft, with just that bit of curve that drives me wild. Then, she put her hands on my ass. With that, she kissed me. It was a long, wet kiss. My hands spanked the beauty.

"UM!" She said, obviously liking the roughness I was offering. Her tongue passed her lips and entered my mouth. When I touched it, Sara's hand moved around, from my ass to my crotch. I was rock solid. All 6 inches. "Um," she pleasantly repeated. Her fingers were traveling upward, and the found my zipper. Unzipping me, the babe grabbed my cock. She started jerking me off through the elastic of my boxers. Finally are kiss broke.

"Find something you like?"

"I wouldn't mind a test drive on this," she seductively said.

"Well, will have to see about that."

Just then, the beauty unleashed herself from my grip.

"HEY! What the hell." I shut my mouth once I knew what the deal was.

Sara was teasing me with a strip show. She grabbed the dress and lifted it to her knees. Passed her knees, she stopped below her crotch.

"Come on, keep going, I pleaded.

The singer gave me a seductive look, and kept going. Just as I was about to drool over her pussy, she turned around. She bent over and gave me a great look at her ass. Sara then turned her head around and looked right at me. Wiggling her ass, she winked at me.

Taking the hint, I spanked her again. I LOVED watching Sara's naked flesh giggle. My crotch actually grew another half inch. It was know pressed right against her asshole. DAMN, I thought, if it wasn't for my boxers I would be fucking her ass. What a sec, I thought. Grabbing my jeans, I pulled the off. Then, I grabbed the elastic around my boxers, and whipped them off in a hurry.

Sara knew what I had in mind. "UM, naughty fucker, huh?" I like that."

Once I was totally naked, I grabbed Sara's waist and positioned my cock at her anal hole.

"What a second." Sara licked her fingers and fondled her shithole. "Ok, I'm ready, fuck me, Bob."

"Here it comes, slut. I grabbed her ass, and rocked her until I had 3 inches in.


I pulled 2 inches out, and before Sara could protest, I pushed my whole erection up her ass.


I was rocking Sara back and forth wildly. She steadied herself by placing her hands on the floor.

"YEAH, You like my cock in your ass, nasty whore?"


I rocked her like their was no tomorrow, and I got a nasty look on my face. Figuring she liked the roughness of a spank, I grabbed her hair, and pulled her up.

"You like it rough, nasty slut-whore?" All she did in response was kiss me. Letting go off her hair, I grabbed her breasts. Her nipples were hard and fairly small, but her boobs were big. Not Pam Anderson big, but fairly large. And I could also tell that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"YEAH, fondle my breast." Sara finally got the hint that I wanted to see her breasts, and pulled off her dress. Completely naked, she looked WONDERFUL! Boobs that had to be around C. A waist that was slightly slim, with a bit of body fat. LOVE IT! I decided I wanted to play with her pussy. My fingers went down her gorgeous waist and settled at her, SHAVED, pussy. YES, finger-fuck my pussy. Each thrust from my cock and my finger rammed her crotch. "That's it, FUCCKKKK MEEE!

God, I was glad security decided I wasn't much of a threat and went home. I was thrashing at Sara so hard, that she wasen't almost falling.

OH, YEAH, FUCCCKK MY PUSSY. FUCK MYYY ASSS! Sara was on cloud-9. YESSS! I'M CUUMMINNNG! Just then, I felt the singer's orgasm wash over my finger.

I was cumming, too. Just as I was warning her, I unloaded my white spunk in her bowels. "AHHHH! That was AMAZING!" I pulled my member from her hole and finger from her ass. I saw that some of my juice was dripping out of her shitter. Deciding that I wanted a taste of my own medicine. I put my mouth to Sara's ass.

"Naughty boy. You like your own orgasm, huh?"

Not entirely hearing Sara, I slurped at my own offering. It was sweet. In the mixture was a bit of Sra's own shit. I was shocked at the change in tastes, but scat was one of my darkest desires.

"HUM, someone needs to poop, I see."

Sara looked at me shocked briefly. Then her look went from shocked to desire. "HUM, why yes, I do need to shit. Does someone want to be my toilet?"

"ME, NO," I gave her a sarcastic look, "I may be a perv, but I would NEVER be THAT degrading."

Noting my sarcasm, she said, "Ok you asked for it, assume the position."

I got flat on the aluminum floor and put my mouth around her shitter. Just as I was in place, Sara farted, LONG and LOUD.

"Like that, do ya? There's more where that came from."

Just then, I got an idea and put my tongue inside her bowels. Right on the tip of my tongue was Sara's log.

"Umph," her shit was moving. Wanting a glimples of her treat, I pulled my head mouth from her ass. "UMPH."

I saw the tip of what was a wide turd.

"Lick it," she pleaded.

Putting my tongue on her brown present, I licked the entire tip.

"UMPH!" She grunted, harder this time. Out popped another 2 inches. "UMPH!" Another 3. "One last time, UMPH!" Finally, an 8 inch shit plopped from her hole.

"AHHH, well what are you waiting for? Eat?"

I licked the entire offering, and nibbled at the tip. It tasted nasty, but the depravity of what I was doing overcame the unpleasant taste. I chocked up the first bit and bit of another piece.

"Like it, huh? Your the best. A LOT of my fans LOVE screwing me, but when it comes to this, they don't want it. Yes, I have done this before," she said, when she saw how stunned I was.

When I was done with the 2nd bite, I offered her a bite.

"Thanks, don't mind if I do." Sara took an inch of her brown mess. "Um, that's good," she exclaimed as she gobbled it down. "Well, lets leave the rest for later, my pussy needs cock." The lovely singer was flat on her back. "FUCK ME!"

I LOVE authority. I put my shaft at her opening at push 2 inches in.

"DAMN YOU, FUCCCK MEEEE,!!" she growled at me.

OK, you asked for it, I thought. I put my cock to the babes hilt.

"YEAH, FUCKKK MYYY PUSSYYYY!!! I LOVVVVVVEEEEE ITTTTTTT! She put her hands on my ass and rocked me harder in to her. YESSSSSS! HAAARRRRDEEEERRRRRR!" I rocked in her pussy so hard that with every thrust, I figured the floor would break below us. YEAHHHHHH, I'M CUUUMMMMMIIIINNNNGGGGGG! FUUUUCCCKKKKK MMMMEEEEEEE!"

Just as she came on my cock, I planted my seed inside Sara's womb. "AHHHHHHH!" As my dick went limp, their was a knock at the door.

"Sara, it's Shania, let me in. The door's locked.

How much did she hear, I worried.

Sara got up from the cold floor and without even putting on her dress, she unlocked the door. "Hey, Shania. What's up?"

"Well, I heard a noise and I thought that I would have some fun too"

Shania AND Sara. To good to be true.

To Be Continued...

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