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Born to Serve


(Authors note: It's a long one. Yes, I know you've heard that before but this time it's true. This story is almost twice as long any other story of mine in Literotica. I have divided "Born To Serve" into seven different days so it should be easy for readers to take a break or return at a later time. I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I did writing it, Iraussieguy)


She called herself "Slave Jayne". To the outside world a dedicated wife and mother, but only she knew the different needs and desires that had tormented her mind since her teens. The need to serve, to submit and to obey, how powerful those needs had grown over the years until finally, in her early 30's, Jayne had placed an advertisement in a contact magazine.

'Coming to Melbourne. Lady, brunette, slim, sensuous, early 30's, wants to be sex slave to kind gentleman. Correspond first, photo available.'

I had been one of many who had answered that advertisement way back in 1991; the majority of the replies were from "wannabees" who did not have a clue how a Dom/sub relationship should work. I know this because Jayne sent the "wannabee" replies to me, for my amusement. For a few months Jayne and I had corresponded, slowly getting to know each other via the mail as this was before the computer age. Jayne slowly gained confidence that I was the right man to attend to her needs and show her the ropes. Jayne was not interested in a long-term submission, just a week away from her family to make her fantasies and needs come true. We swapped photographs and I told her of my requirements.

Finally the letter I had been waiting for arrived. "Arriving 10.00 am Saturday 17th, please meet me at the interstate bus station, can't wait to be under your control, Love Slave Jayne."

That was wonderful but there was a small problem, I had received the letter on Monday 19th! Just great! In her state of excitement and stress Jayne had posted the letter without a stamp and so it had been delayed in the mail. I had sent Jayne my phone number many weeks ago, why hadn't she called?

The next day another short letter arrived from Jayne, this time with a stamp. "Oh where were you, surely you got my letter? I waited until 5.00pm then had to call my uncle from Euroa to rescue me. I'm sorry I lost your phone number. I'll write again soon, Love Jayne."

That was the last I ever heard of Jayne until last week, well over a decade later. A letter arrived in the mail addressed to 'the occupant' at my address. The writing looked vaguely familiar but there was no return address on the back. I opened it to read the following:

'Dear Sir, If you not the same person I wrote to many years ago please ignore this letter. If you had contact with a lady called Jayne in 1991 I will be arriving at the same place as last time next Monday 9th at 10.00am. I pray that you will be able to meet me, I understand that you may not be able to meet me as your circumstances may have changed, I can only hope. I will be wearing a short red mini. Please meet me if you are able, I will explain then. Love Jayne.'

I read and re-read the note. If I had moved from this address there was no way the current resident would know where to find Jayne. Monday 9th was next week so this time the letter was in time. My circumstances had changed over the years but at the present time I was single and very eager to meet Jayne. Fortunately I had that week off work as part of my annual holidays so my time was free to meet her.


At 9.45am on the due date I sat in the coffee shop at the interstate bus station watching out the window and waiting, would Jayne arrive on the bus from Adelaide? To my surprise the bus was on time and a lady in a red mini skirt was last to alight. After collecting a suitcase from the luggage compartment of the bus she stood, looking around with an expression of tired despair on her face. I rose from the table, walked outside and approached Jayne. I took in her slim figure, firm breasts and great legs, with long dark hair framing her concerned expression. I smiled and held out my hand, "Hello Jayne, we meet at last. I'm Ron."

Jayne gasped, burst into tears and threw her arms around me. "Oh God, I have been so worried," she sobbed. "Would you be here or not? Would you want to meet me after all these years? Would you have got my letter? Thank you coming to save me, I don't know what I would have done if you were not here. I'm sorry for crying."

I hugged the lovely lady to me until she calmed and stepped back to look at me.

"It's ok Jayne, relax you are safe." I smiled reassuringly, passed over a clean hanky and picked up her suitcase. "Come on, my car is over here. You can explain what happened as we drive home."

The trip home takes about forty-five minutes on the new freeway. Jayne told me that her children had grown up and left home. Her uncaring husband had virtually thrown her out after twenty-three years of marriage. She had very little money and had decided to come to Melbourne to get a job, any job, while she tried to make a new life. I explained about not getting her letter all those years ago because of her failure to attach a stamp. After staying with her uncle in Euroa for a week, she returned home to Adelaide and stayed with her husband while the children went through school. Jayne's mood improved as we drove, it had been a huge relief to her when I introduced myself. Finally we arrived at my suburban home and I showed Jayne around, with the exception of my den, the room she would get to know well in the coming days.

"Jayne why don't you shower and change and I'll get something for us to eat," I suggested as I took two towels from the linen cupboard, "I'm sure that will make you feel better after being in the bus all night."

"Thanks Ron, I do feel rather dirty and sticky," Jayne said as she took the towels, "That will make me feel much better, I won't be long."

"When you come out we will discuss what you would like to do, or should I say, what I'm going to do with you." I said in a friendly but firm voice, grinning as a worried looking Jayne hurried to the bathroom.

I collected a few small items I hoped I might need soon and then prepared some salad sandwiches for Jayne and I to eat. After about fifteen minutes a refreshed but nervous looking Jayne reappeared dressed in a tee shirt and shorts.

"White wine Jayne? It's a bit early but it may help you relax a bit, you look very uptight." I said with a grin.

"Oh yes, that would be nice, I'm famished, I didn't eat during the trip, I was so nervous about whether you would be able to meet me or not."

"Well you can relax now and we will discuss your future and see if we can make it a bit happier than it's been for too many years."

Jayne and I sat on opposite sides of the table as we ate the sandwiches and sipped the wine. She had trouble maintaining any eye contact and I made small talk as we ate, finding out more information about her family situation back in Adelaide.

When we had finished the sandwiches I pulled some papers from a pocket and looked directly at Jayne.

"Jayne I have some questions for you and I want direct and honest answers, understand?"

Jayne nodded, with that worried expression back on her face.

"What happens to you in the immediate future depends on the answers you give now, so honesty is the best policy, ok?

Again Jayne nodded.

"All right now, this is some of what you wrote to me back in 1991," I started to read bits and pieces from her letters.

"Submitting is a need within myself; it gives me pleasure to be at a man's command; I want to be an obedient, adoring sex slave; letting him have my body for his needs; a master/slave relationship, I don't want to be treated as an equal; degrade me, humiliate me, make this slut obey your every command; make me grovel at your feet pleading for mercy; there are to be NO LIMITS with me, except being permanently marked; I promise love and obedience."

"So Jayne, what I need to know right now is does all that still apply to you now? Do you still have the same needs and desires as you had back then?"

Jayne took a deep breath, "Actually Ron this is quite easy for me to answer honestly. Yes, all that does still apply today, in fact I think even stronger than it did in 1991. My desire to serve and obey has haunted me for too long and I hope that you can make some of my dreams come true."

Jayne looked me in the eyes and held my gaze without blinking, she was being straight with me and I appreciated that fact.

"Jayne what I propose is this, a trial period of say, one week, or less if it doesn't work for either of us." I said in a firm voice. "You will be my submissive. I don't like the term slave, if others want to use it that's fine, but I prefer submissive. At the end of that time we will discuss your future. For the next week you will obey all my instructions, I will control your mind and your body. You will make your body available to me whenever I wish and for whatever function I desire at the time." I paused to let my words sink in, then continued, "I will punish you for all your misdemeanours, both past and present. You will cook, wash, clean and attend to all household chores. I have never degraded or humiliated a submissive, as far as I am concerned you are worthy of respect at all times, but we may work in that area a little if you want to. And never call yourself a slut, ever again, you understand?"

Jayne bit her bottom lip and nodded her agreement.

"Jayne, I will do my best to makes your fantasies and desires come true and I again assure you that you will be safe at all times. I always work under the BDSM creed of safe, sane and consensual. You will use the safe word 'red' if you want me to stop immediately or 'amber' if you want me to ease off or if you need a break. But I warn you, don't use a safe word unnecessarily. You are free to leave at any time if being my submissive does not work for you. From now on you call me Sir. Any questions?"

Jayne swallowed nervously and took her time composing her reply, "No Sir, no questions. It was my fault we did not meet in 1991 and I deserve to be punished for that misdemeanour. I cannot thank you enough for meeting me today, I promised you love and obedience in 1991 and that is what I am promising you now. Please make my dreams come true. I am now your slave, oh, I mean submissive, Sir."

"Very good Jayne, now I know you are very tired after leaving Adelaide and the twelve hour bus trip. Would you prefer to relax now and start your submission tomorrow?"

"Please Sir, I have waited too long for this moment. " Jayne replied spiritedly. "Now I am here and have met you, I would like to start now."

"I can understand that and you may find a load has been lifted from your shoulders at the end of today. Very well Jayne put both your hands flat on the table and close your eyes, stay that way until I give you permission to change," I ordered as I rose from the table and moved around behind her.

Jayne took a deep breath and complied with my order. I stood behind her and stroked her long brown hair.

"How long have you had your hair this length Jayne?" I inquired casually.

"Since my school days, Sir," Jayne replied, "My husband liked my hair long."

"It has to go, I prefer short hair that doesn't get in the way," I stated, "Tomorrow I will take you to the hairdressers for a short, sexy cut. We will send the cut hair back to your husband, it will signify to both of you that you have made a new start, you understand?"

Jayne gulped, "Yes Sir, thank you Sir."

I formed Jayne's hair into a rough ponytail and firmly pulled her head back. Her eyes flew open; she saw the serious look on my face and quickly closed them again. God, she was a beautiful woman; it is amazing how two lives can change so suddenly. I traced the shape of her face with my fingers, her mouth opening with an "mmmmmmm" as I slipped two fingers between her lips and moved them in and out as if they were a cock. My hands moved teasingly down over her neck towards her breasts, then moved away. I placed my mouth on Jayne's lips, kissed her deeply and she responded with a long lustful moan.

"You may open your eyes." I said as I released her hair and let her head straighten.

I moved into the lounge room beckoning to Jayne who followed immediately. I seated myself in a straight-backed chair and pointed to the floor where Jayne knelt obediently at my feet, awaiting instructions. I remained silent for about ten minutes, just looking her over as I, probably unnecessarily, built the tension.

"Jayne stand in front of me and remove your tee shirt and shorts." I ordered.

A shiver ran through Jayne's body as she swiftly complied with my order and stood upright in just bra and panties. God she was a stunner! Her skin was smooth and white, obviously well cared for over the years. She had kept herself in good shape and nobody would have guessed that she had two children. Her breasts were large, natural and firm above a slim waist and hips. Even in bare feet her legs were exquisite, long and shapely, I was looking forward to getting between them! Only the rapid rise and fall of her breasts gave any indication that Jayne was at all nervous.

"Jayne, come and lay over my knees," I said firmly.

Jayne's eyes widened but she did not question my order. With my guidance she placed herself over my thighs with her lovely arse pointing at the ceiling and her hands and feet touching the floor. I placed my left hand in the centre of her back while my right hand caressed her bum and thighs. A shiver ran through Jayne's body, only she knew if it was it fear or anticipation. I took hold of the elastic waistband of her panties and Jayne gasped as I pulled them up with a jerk as the material wedged in the crack between her buttocks. I began to spank, softly at first, making sure that I covered all of the smooth white skin of her arse and upper thighs. The only sound in the room was the soft pitter-patter of my hand on flesh. Slowly and gradually I increased the force of the spanks causing Jayne's white skin to change to a soft pink as she squirmed a little on my knees. Now that I was satisfied with the warm up, the spanking intensified.

"Whack, whack, whack!" The blows were slow and firm.

"Owwwww, Sir, that hurts," Jayne cried.

"This nothing to what is in store for you later Jayne," I said as the spanking continued, "This is just a warm up, your first spanking, your first punishment, so stop complaining."

The spanking was really stinging now and Jayne was wriggling and squirming on my lap with her legs kicking the air. Most of her bum was now a bright pink and she was verbalising her reactions quite loudly as each spank landed.

"Ohhh, ahhhh, shit it stings, owwww, oh please Sir, red, please stop," Jayne cried suddenly.

I was surprised at the call of red but immediately stopped the spanking and stroked Jayne's back while she calmed down. After helping her to her feet I positioned the sexy submissive facing away with her back to me. I unclipped her bra and it joined her tee shirt and shorts on the floor.

"Hands on your head," I ordered, smiling to myself as Jayne quickly complied. "Now turn around."

Jayne turned around, her eyes shining with excitement and her hands on her head. I reached out and stroked her lovely breasts; her hard nipples were standing out firm and proud. Jayne moaned as I prodded, squeezed and pinched the beautiful mounds. When I slapped them from side to side Jayne gave a gasp of surprise but maintained her position. Taking a nipple between the forefinger and thumb of each hand I squeezed gently at first, but gradually increasing the pressure. Jayne gave an almost inaudible low down moan as the pain increased then suffered in silence until I released her teats.

"Very good Jayne, you are doing well," I encouraged, "Now hands down and lie down on your back, your feet at mine."

Jayne smiled at my compliment as she followed my instruction immediately; this lady certainly loved to show her obedience. She was now laying in front of me, wearing only the panties still wedged up her crack.

"Jayne spread your legs out wide and feel your pussy, is it wet?"

Jayne hesitated and blushed bright red before spreading her legs and slipping a hand under the elastic. I could see the shape of her fingers under the cloth as she felt herself.

"Oh God, yes Sir, I don't need to feel, I am so wet, so excited," She exclaimed.

"Good, take your panties off and put them beside you, then spread your legs wide apart and display yourself for me."

There was some more hesitation before Jayne took hold of her panties and slipped them down her legs and over her feet. Embarrassment showed on her face as she placed the panties beside her before spreading her legs wide apart. Her fingers searched amongst the thick pubic hair and she used both hands to spread her pussy lips wide apart. I licked my lips as I gazed at the pink wetness; I was looking forward to tasting her juices later that day.

"Now Jayne take your panties and push them up into yourself," I ordered.

"What?' Jayne was confused. "Sorry Sir, you want me to push my panties into my vagina?"

I sighed to show my frustration, "That's what I said Jayne, push your panties into your pussy, NOW!"

Jayne quickly grasped her panties and began to insert them into herself. A long and almost silent sexy moan escaped her lips as the panties slowly disappeared from my view.

When there was about an inch still showing I called "Stop, that is enough, now rub your clit Jayne, make yourself come for me."

Jayne moaned with excitement as her fingers found and rubbed her clit. It wasn't long before her back arched off the floor and she groaned loudly as the orgasm shook through her body.

"Very good Jayne, I can see that you are going to be a very obedient subbie, now stand up and come close with your back to me again."

Jayne quickly regained her feet, a glow of perspiration showed on her skin as she took up position in front of me standing slightly unsteadily.

Taking a short silk tie from my pocket I ordered, "Hands behind your back Jayne,"

I noted with satisfaction the speed of her reaction as I crossed Jayne's wrists. I tied them securely but not too tightly with the silk then turned her around to face me.

"Jayne, whenever I tie you, it will be firm but not too tight. I do not want to cut off your circulation at any time and I will never tie anything around your neck. Also you will never be left alone when you are in bondage, not even for one second. With all of our games your health will always be my major consideration, understand? Now spread your legs apart"

Jayne nodded as she moved her legs, "Yes Sir, thank you Sir, I appreciate your thoughtfulness and I am so exited, I have never been tied before."

I took hold of the small amount of material protruding from Jayne's pussy and pulled it out and up very slowly. The damp material rubbed her sensitive clit and caused another shudder to pass through her sexy body. I kept hold of the panties as I guided Jayne side-on and pushed her down to her knees. I again grabbed a handful of her hair, pulled her head back and I kissed her deeply. Both of us were extremely turned on by the situation and as our lips parted I placed the damp panties over her face.

"Breath deep Jayne, smell your juices." I said as I squeezed her heaving breasts with my free hand.

With one handful of hair holding Jayne's head back I lifted the panties and ordered "Now my subbie open your mouth wide."

Jayne's eyes flashed with concern as she once again complied, moaning as I pushed and gagged her with the panties.

"Breathe deeply through your nose Jayne, don't panic and you will be fine," I instructed as my hands guided her around on her knees to face me once again. "Remember what I said about looking after your health at all times."

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