tagMatureBorn with a Gift Ch. 02

Born with a Gift Ch. 02


All the characters in this story are fictional and consenting adults of legal age (18).


After our first encounter I made daily visit to Mrs. Bowers house. Anita Bower was a sexual marvel. We did it in every room; the bedroom, living room, basement (on the dryer), bathroom, and her favorite room, the kitchen. I would often arrive to find her sitting on the kitchen counter in just a T-shirt or a silky piece of lingerie and high heels, rubbing her hot exposed pussy.

She would say something like: "Matthew I am all horny and wet, now be a good boy and fuck me hard with that big cock."

I was more than happy to comply. She loved my big cock and my copious cum shots brought her no end of joy. One morning I was thrusting my cock into her as she lay on her back on the kitchen table. With every one of my thrusts she let out a load moan. I thought the entire neighborhood would hear us. I was incredibly turned on by her vocalizations and every time I thrust my cock her tits would flop up and down in an unbelievable scene of lust. I was approaching my climax when Anita said:

"Let's trade places baby. Climb up here on the table, that's right baby, on your back so I can teach that big dick of yours a new trick, mmmmm it's all covered with my wetness."

Grasping my large hard member at the base of the shaft she tightened her grip. Anita began to lick her own cum off my cock. She never stopped looking at me as she cleaned off my cock. Her grip remained firm as my raging hard-on pulsed in her grasp.

She said, "Now Anita wants your pre-cum baby. You just lay back and relax while I milk this big hot dick."

As I mentioned earlier I produce an abnormal amount of fluid, both cum and pre-cum. Anita kept a tight grip with one hand on the base of my cock, just above my swollen balls. With her other hand she stroked my cock upward in a milking motion. My erection was slick from her pussy juice and saliva and her hand on my cock made wonderfully obscene squishing sounds. Occasionally she would take her hand and give my big balls a good squeeze.

By skillfully regulating the pressure of her grip on the base of my cock and talking to me about all the nasty things we were going to do, Mrs. Bower kept me hard for a considerable amount of time. After several minutes of her special administrations my pre-cum started flowing. At first she would lick it off the tip of my cock head as it formed in clear drops. Like a cat with a dish of cream she would purr appreciatively with every lick. But as the flow increased she clamped her mouth to the head and began to suck. Her cheeks hollowed and she made slurping noises as saliva and pre-cum escaped from the corners of her mouth. The feeling was incredible, my prolonged state of arousal was bringing me to sensory heights I had never experience.

After sucking for several minutes Anita released my cock head and gave me one of her characteristic wickedly sexy smiles. I new she was up to something and I could tell she was holding something in her mouth. She parted her full lips to show me her mouth and tongue coated with my sticky, slick pre-cum. I could see it form strands as she opened and closed her mouth in demonstration.

She then did something totally unexpected. Still holding onto my cock she leaned over and brought her lips to mine. The kiss started with lips closed but I slowly started to open my mouth at the taste of my own pre-cum on her mouth. The taste of my pre-cum and the idea of sharing it with this hot older woman had me in a lust-filled spell. As I opened my mouth so did Anita and as she pushed in her wonderful hot tongue it was followed by a copious amount of my pre-cum and her saliva. We exchanged a wet tongue kiss, sharing the salty viscous pre-cum, it was delicious. Our tongues entwined as we kissed passionately the sexual fluid lubricating our desire.

Anita broke our long kiss and still holding my cock by the base said. "That baby is the caviar of cum. I wanted to share it with you. Matthew you are amazing your gift is unbelievable now lets get that huge dick of yours to explode!"

With that she moved down to my cock and began to stroke it with both hands. She spit on the head and as she stroked she instructed me to sit up and move to the edge of the table. She was now on her knees in front of me as she stroked. Occasionally she would suck on the head as she pumped my engorged tool. I was close and she said;

"Cum all over my fucking face baby.... I want a big load of your cum all over my face and in my mouth.... Do it for your cum slut...please baby... do it!"

That sent me over the top and I shot my load. Taking the first shot in the mouth she pushed it out of her full lips like white lava from a pornographic volcano. It ran down her cheeks and onto her chin. The second shot hit her above the cheek, and the third on her forehead. She took my tool and rubbed it all over her face coating every inch in semen. Anita then took my cock and sucked the last bit of my seed into her mouth. She had my cum all over her face and it was dripping down on her neck and tits. She was something to behold.

Licking her lips she opened her eyes and looked at me with her cum covered face and said, "Baby you are a cum machine, its just too good for me not to share you."

I didn't know what that meant but after we had showered together Anita said to me,

"Matthew I think you are wonderful, and I love that big dick of yours but it is selfish for me to have you all to myself."

I was a little perplexed but she continued to explain. "You see you are simply too great of a treasure for one woman. What I am trying to say is that I want to share you with a friend. Would you be offended if she fucked you sometime?"

That day I returned home still perplexed but excited about what Anita had asked me to do. She instructed me to be ready at 1:00 and she would drop me off at her friend Sandra's house.

She also said, "Now I want you to have an open mind when Sandra instructs you. She is a Mistress and you'll make her happy if you call her that. She won't hurt you baby, so don't be frightened by her ways. I guarantee she'll open up an entire new world of sexual pleasure for you. After Mistress Sandra, you will be a fucking machine.... you're already the hottest piece of young cock I have ever had, but after a session or two with Sandra you will be amazing!"

Anita dropped me off in front of a high-rise apartment and she instructed me to take the elevator to the top floor. I entered the marble and glass lobby and told the doorman I was here to visit Miss Sandra Rose. He pointed me to the elevator and instructed me to go to the penthouse. The ride to the 30th floor seemed like it took forever. Finally the doors opened on an opulent modernly furnished apartment surrounded by full-length glass windows. Most of the furniture was black leather and chrome and the marble floors were covered with plush rugs, many made of shaggy plush black wool.

As I gazed around my attention was captured by the distinct sound of "tack-tack-tack." It was the stiletto heals of Sandra's black thigh-high boots moving toward me. I trembled slightly at the sight of her, she was an erotic fantasy. She had flowing red hair, pale skin and a near perfect figure, I would later learn her measurements to be 34-24-36. She was in her 40's and she wore a pair of black leather hot pants that were laced up the back. Her ensemble was completed by a black leather bustier that accentuated her waist and pushed her breasts up at the top. As she took long confident strides toward me I could see the succulent flesh of her breasts bounce in the bustier's leathery embrace.

She stopped a few feet in front of me and gave me a malicious smile, and with her hands on her hips said, "So you are Matthew, my big-dicked boy. Anita has told me so much about you, I can hardly wait to start our little play session."

I was frozen, amazed and dumb-struck. Sandra moved close to me the tips of her leather-clad breasts grazing my chest. She moved her face so close to mine that I thought she was going to kiss me but she veered away and letting her lips teasingly graze my neck she whispered in my ear, "Mistress Sandra is going to make your fat cock and big balls do things they have never done before, I will teach you how to please me, and you will be begging Mistress to cum all over her hot fucking body."

With that she turned, and grasped my hand. Striding she lead me through the apartment. She walked seductively, one foot in front of the other as if walking on a painted line. I stared at her narrow waist and lovely full round ass as it moved incredibly in her tight leather pants. The light that flooded her apartment reflected seductively off the glossy curves of her leather attire. My cock was stirring as she took me through a double door that lead into a room with a round bed in the middle.

Sandra pushed me onto the bed and then in a commanding tone told me to take off my clothes. She stood watching me her legs spread in a wide v- shaped stance and she squeezed her breasts through the bustier as she spoke.

"Now cock-boy stand up for your mistress," she purred. "Take your big fat fuck stick and stroke it for me, right in front of me as I watch you do it. Mistress knows that young men like you can't help but jack their cocks all the time. Matthew I know you are always playing with that big dick and full balls," she hissed. "Mistress Sandra knows you think about fucking, and pussy, cum, and licking and sucking every minute of every day. Isn't that right Matthew?"

"Y-y-y-yes." I stammered

"YES WHAT!" said Sandra in a loud firm tone.

"Yes Mistress!" I replied.

"Much better my pet." She said as she told me to lay down on the bed.

My hard cock flopped onto my stomach. Sandra slid onto the bed along side me. Her fingers were slender and delicate, she had long nails done with deep red polish. She ran her hands over my chest and down to my stomach. She rubbed my thighs always just avoiding my cock and balls. Her administrations were so skillful, the teasing so merciless that I was rock-hard. My cock twitched and pre-cum was starting to ooze out of the slit in my cock head.

Sandra spread my legs and straddled one of my thighs. With her hands holding her weight on my chest she began to grind her crotch against my thigh in a slow circular motion. She looked me straight in the eye, her wicked grin unchanged.

"You see my horse-cock fuck toy, you must always attend to the needs of your mistress. Now your mistress needs to rub her pussy against you. Your Mistress needs a hot wet pussy so she can rub it all over your face, so you can lick Mistress until she feels so fucking wet and hot that she will let you put that big cock into her."

After several more minutes of her grinding, the pre-cum was starting to puddle on my stomach but I dared not to move. Sandra then dismounted from my leg and as she did she noticed the pre-cum greasing my stomach. She took her right hand and with two fingers collected it and rubbed it on my lips, she said,

"Open up... suck your jizz off my fingers...mmmm that gets mistress wet."

She pumped her fingers in and out of my mouth, like she was fucking my mouth with her fingers. She scooped more pre-cum off my stomach, still not making contact with my cock, and continued fucking my mouth. I was very turned on and the taste and the smell of my own pre-cum was making me very horny.

"I know you like that Matthew.. you horny little cum licker. If you're good you can have more." She taunted as she turned her back and thrust out her ass.

She began to unlace her leather hot pants as she watched me over her shoulder. Painfully slow, she peeled the leather pants down over her beautiful white globes of ass. When she had her hot pants at mid thigh she licked a finger and seductively ran it between her ass cheeks, causing the swollen labia of her shaved pussy to peek from between her thighs. She stepped out of her pants, leaving her boots on, and stood in front of me. I had an unobstructed view of her pussy as she towered above me. It was completely hairless and lovely, with prominent labia and a raised pubic mound. She licked two fingers and ran them between her labia exposing the shiny pink nub of her clitoris.

Using two fingers she rubbed her clit in a circular motion. She then pushed them into her shaved vagina, giving a little "oh" as she moved them slowly in and out. Mistress Sandra then took her fingers, covered in her nectar and rubbed them under my nose. She told me to inhale her aroma deeply. I did as I was told. Her essence was delicate and musky my senses were electrified, I wanted more.

Mistress Sandra sat on the bed beside me and raised her arm. She lowered herself onto my face so her armpit covered my nose and mouth.

She said, "Matthew inhale my scent, like an animal I am in heat, smell my scent, you can't resist it, you are an animal and you have to fuck me because I am your bitch in heat, your mistress."

As odd as it may seem the scent of her underarm was not unpleasant or rank. It too was musky with a slight overtone of perfume. I inhaled her scent again and again and it did have a powerful affect on me. I felt as if something in my gut was boiling, uncontrollable in its intensity, a lust like I had never experienced. Mistress was indeed teaching me to connect with my animal-self, a primitive sexual desire, like a drug I needed sex, sex with my mistress.

As I inhaled she took my cock in her hand, there was a good 3" between her thumb and middle finger as she squeezed my dick. She sat up to give my cock her full attention. She slowly pulled the foreskin back to reveal my well-lubricated cock head. As my cock head appeared from its sheath of velvety skin, she rubbed the slit with the fingers of her left hand. She looked at me and smiled approvingly. Returning her attention to my cock she began to pump it always maintaining a tight grip. I was fully erect at some 9" and with her free hand she took my balls and cradling them. She gave my scrotum a squeeze and lifted my balls as if to test their weight.

"Yes, now I know why Anita said the other young men call you Bull. I am going to milk these big balls for all the cum they hold. But don't worry my horny one, I will share," said Mistress Sandra.

I had no idea what she meant at the time, and truthfully I didn't care. I was enraptured with lust. I was disheartened when she let my cock flop onto my flat stomach with a "FWAP." She stood and then grabbing a handful of my hair as she straddled my face.

"Now my lustful young lover -- lick my pussy and make it good and wet."

Sandra pushed her pubic mound into my mouth, my tongue eagerly lapped at her flower. Still holding my head in place by the hair she rotated her hips in a circular motion covering my mouth, chin and nose with her flowing juices. Soon my face was completely wet. Mistress instructed me to press my tongue flat against her clit as she worked her hips back and forth. Her breathing was quickening and she spoke in gasps.

"That's it... you are getting me good and wet, just the way I like it... I am almost ready to mount that big fat fuck stick between your legs."

She lifted herself off my face. My cock was bouncing off my stomach with every beat of my heart. Sandra climbed onto the bed, one boot-clad foot on either side of my hips. While she was grinding her pussy against my face her breast had escaped from the top of her leather bustier. Her nipples were long and pointy and I longed to suck them. She reached between her legs and placed my cock head against her pussy. Pulling my foreskin back she rubbed the head along her slit as she said in a breathy voice.

"This big fat cock is going to feel so good inside me... stretching my wet pussy... but don't cum in me Matthew or I will be very, very angry with you!"

Her hands on my chest she worked her hips up and down, an inch at a time, taking more of my cock. With my pulsing meat halfway inside her she leaned over and like a cat licked her own juices off my face. She then for the first time brought her mouth to mine and inserted her tongue. Everything she did was dominant and I found it strangely arousing.

I had not actually touched her as of yet, as she instructed me to follow her directions exactly. She commanded me to grab her ass and squeeze her cheeks hard, and I did as I was told. Now she had my entire cock inside her and she was moving up and down on the full length of my shaft. She would take my fat 9" cock all the way, and then with it buried all the way to the root she would rock quickly and bounce making slapping noises as her ass made contact with my hips.

A white froth was forming around my shaft as she pounded away. Her eyes were rolling back into her head as she literally screamed out with every thrust. She told me to twist her nipples and I gladly complied and then she gave a long moan as she pushed down on my dick. She was rubbing her clit furiously with her right hand as she repeated, "fuck, fuck, fuck..." It seemed as if all her muscles tightened and her head fell back, she started to cum. I didn't know what was happening but I could feel hot liquid running down my balls and on my thighs... she was squirting.

I managed to contain my orgasm, partly out of shock and confusion. As she recovered she reached behind herself and massaged my wet balls. She licked her wet fingers and then rubbed them over my face and pushed them into my mouth commanding me to "SUCK!"

Climbing off my rigid cock she said, "Very good Matthew now stand up."

Kneeling in front of me she spit on my engorged tool and with two hands started stroking it. She would alternate between jacking my dick and sucking on it in a loud and obscene manner. All the while she was staring up at me and saying,

"You've been a good boy for mistress and your reward is coming.. I love this big cock... sucking it... stroking it... (SPIT)... yes its all covered with my cum and my spit (SPIT).... Mmmmm it tastes so good (SLURP)..."

She had unlaced her bustier and was now also rubbing my cock against her breasts and nipples. She said, taking a firm hold of my dick, "Cum Matthew, Mistress wants you to cum now... do it on my hot tits."

I couldn't resist any longer, my orgasm hit me like a freight train. Sandra knew exactly how to handle me. She pointed my cock at her chest and pulled the skin back firmly and squeezed. I huge white rope of sperm splattered on the middle of her chest. It must have surprised her in its quantity because she gave a uncharacteristic little yelp of joy. My second shot hit her in the neck and she resumed pumping my snake furiously. Taking the head in her mouth I could feel the suction as I shot another wad down her throat. At this point she grabbed my balls and with just the right amount of pressure she squeezed. Another rope of cum hit her in the face before she could direct my cock down to her tits where I deposited my final wad.

With a look of delight on her face Sandra pushed me back on the bed where I landed in a seated position. She stood on her stiletto healed boots, she was cover in cum from her face to her pussy. Seductively she rubbed it over her naked body paying extra attention to ensure that her lovely tits were well coated in jism.

"Lick it off Matthew! Lick your hot cum off of Mistress' tits."

Leaning over slightly she took the back of my head and forced my face between her breasts. She ordered me to clean off her tits and I did as she ordered. She fed me one breast and then the other always guiding me with her hand. The experience was erotic, perverse and very hot. I must say that after what had transpired that afternoon that I didn't find the fact that I was licking up my own cum unusual. I was in fact enjoying it.

Sandra moaned, "That's good... get my tits nice and clean and suck on my hard nipples. I can see that you like your own cum. You're a big-balled cum eater. Now clean off Mistress Sandra's tummy and work your way down to my pussy like a good boy."

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