Borrowing His Friend's Wife Pt. 03

byThe Big Bopper©

"You mean in your cunt?"

"Yes, in there, John."

"Still can't say cunt, can you, Deb?"

"No, it's a woman thing, John. I just don't like some words."

"They're only words, Deb!"

"Okay ... in my cunt, okay. Are you happy now?"

"Very, Deb!"

"Anyway, I had a feel inside my cunt, and I am still so sore. That really was a workout I got from Martin's big cock. I mightn't be able to have you in there for a few more days."

John frowned again. She raised her hand to smooth out his brow.

"So, I had an idea, John."

He could see a mischievous glint in her eyes and she grinned at him.

"That's right, you were just saying you'd decided to break another sexual taboo."

"Yes ... can you guess what it is?"

"I don't know. I might have an idea, but you tell me, Deb."

"My arse John, you've told me before that you'd like to stick it in my arse. Do you still want to do that?"

John's face broke into a huge smile. "More than ever, Deb. More than ever!"

"I think I'm ready, John. Mainly because I'm so upset that I can't have you inside me the normal way..."

"You mean in your cunt?"

"Yes John, in my cunt. I'd like for us to be doing that all weekend, but I'm just too sore. So I decided that the time has come. I guess it will feel pretty good for you and it might just make up for not putting it in my cunt. Will it hurt me, John?"

"I believe that it does hurt a bit ... at first, Deb. But mates I know who have talked about doing it, reckon that it gets better for the woman after a little while."

"John, I don't really want it to hurt, but I do want to do this especially for you, so be patient with me, won't you?"

"Haven't I always been, Deb?"

"Yes ... yes, you have, John. Would you like to know what made me even consider doing this?"

"No, Deb. No idea!"

"On Wednesday night, when you had me on the kitchen table, you stuck your finger in my bum. It felt so good, John. I was really amazed, but it just felt good. I even think it helped me come. And then, Martin stuck his finger in there too last night, and that was good too, so I started to come around to taking the next step. I know that your cock is going to be a lot bigger than a finger, but I'm ready to give it a go."

"It was actually his thumb, Deb. Martin stuck his whole thumb up your arse. You did look like you enjoyed it, you were wriggling around on it."

"So what do we do, John? Do you want to do it now?"

"I'd love to, Deb. I know this is going to surprise you, but I'm actually going to ask you to wait."

"Wait ... why? I'm ready now, I might change my mind if I wait for a bit."

"Deb, you've never had a cock in your arse before. It is a fair bit bigger than a finger or a thumb. I have something that might help open you up a bit. I bought it in a Sex Shop a couple of years ago, when I first suggested you doing this. But I stored it away when you were so negative about trying it."

"What is it ... show me?"

"Hold on, just stay there, I'll get the package. I've got some KY Jelly too, that will help as well."

John rolled off the bed, leaving Deb lying there on her side. He went to the wardrobe and searched around on a high shelf. He pulled out a brown paper package and returned to the bed, opening the bag and spilling its contents on the bed.

Deborah watched with fascination as John produced a butt plug from among an assortment of sex toys. "What are you going to do with that?"

"We'll put this in your arse now, with the help of the KY. Then, we'll go downstairs and have some lunch. You keep the plug up your arse for an hour or two, and it should loosen up the muscles, stretch your sphincter a bit. That will make it so much easier for me to get my cock up inside your arse. We can come back to bed and try it after we have some lunch ... okay?"

"Will I be able to walk with that thing in there?"

"Yeah, I've read stories about it. It just sort of locks in place with this narrow bit."

"And the rest of that thing is up inside me?"

"Yeah ... sure is!"

"Alright ... what do I do?"

"Just tuck your knees up under you and stick your arse in the air."

She did as he directed. "Like this?"

"Yeah, that's great, Deb. Now, I'll just put some KY everywhere."

John picked up the tube of KY Jelly and poured it over the cone of the butt plug, liberally wiping it all over with his fingers. Then he moved around behind Deborah on the bed and poured some more from the tube right on her puckered anal ring, the access between her cheeks easy with her knees spread well apart on the bed. His fingers slipped around and around her ring, spreading the KY, and then his middle finger put pressure on the opening and gently pushed inside her.

Deborah winced, but held her position on the bed as she felt John's finger carry the cold KY into her hot rectal passage. The finger slipped back out momentarily, then covered with more KY, it pushed back past the sphincter and spread the slippery jelly all around the tight sides inside her arse. She actually sighed this time.

When John figured that he had her sufficiently lubricated, he picked up the butt plug and just tested the rounded point at her puckered opening. He watched her muscles tense on contact and her ring tightened. "Relax baby, I'm going to take my time, so just relax everything back here."

Instead of pulling it away, he slid it up and down between the cheeks of her arse several times. When he thought she might be ready, he slowed down the slide as the plug approached her ring. Right at the opening, he tipped the plug from lengthways along her arse cleavage to pointing directly at her tiny hole and applied pressure.

"Aaahhhh," Deborah moaned as John gently pushed the plug unrelentingly into her anus, stopping only when he had about a half-inch imbedded in her. "Oh shit, it hurts!"

"You know it will at first, I've just got to get your sphincter used to the size. Hang in there, Deb, the pain should ease in about a minute."

She was drawing quick breaths, kind of hyperventilating. When John heard her breathing settling, he gently pushed a bit more into her.

Again, a gasp, "aaahhhh!" and he paused with about half the plug inside. Once more, the quick breaths for about a minute, then she settled.

"Now Deb, this is the thickest part. I don't want you tensing, you just need to relax all your muscles. I've got to get the wide part in, then it comes back to a narrow neck which is thinner than what you've got in you right now. So just relax everything, it'll only hurt for a moment."

She took a deep breath. "Okay, I can do it, go for it!"

With that assurance from Deborah, John took hold of the flattened flange at the base and pushed the butt plug firmly into her rectum.

"Aaaahhh, Jesus!" she yelled, but held her position on the bed. The sharp stab of pain as the thickest part of the plug passed through her sphincter was replaced quickly by only a mild discomfort as the butt plug now rested tightly packed up her arse, the flattened base hard against her cheeks.

"All done, Deb. You were great! That's the worst part over!"

"I've still got to get your cock in me later, that won't have a narrow part like this plug."

"Yes, but by then, your arse will have adjusted to having something up it. You'll be stretched a bit wider."

"I hope you're right," she told him as she slowly straightened out her knees and dropped her body flat on her stomach, wincing with a bit of pain again as her move from bent-over to straight caused the plug to wriggle around inside her.

John got up off the bed and held his hand out for Deborah to come with him. Carefully, she eased herself across to the edge of the bed and stood up. She could certainly feel the intrusion in her rectal passage, but whilst it felt very full, it wasn't altogether unpleasant. She took some tentative steps, following John as he headed downstairs.

She knew that she was walking funny, but she didn't yet have the confidence to take full strides, fearful the plug might fall out, or worse, it could move and do some internal damage to her. She went into the kitchen and made them both a sandwich. When she bent over to get things out of the refrigerator, the feeling of the plug intruding up her arse was more pronounced.

They took the sandwiches and a couple of drinks out by the pool. Fortunately, trees kept the area secluded from neighbours, because neither wore a stitch of clothing. The hardest part yet for Deborah was when she went to sit down. As her bottom pressed onto the seat, the plug pushed deeper up inside her arse and she gasped. John looked across at her and winked slyly.

John had a swim after lunch, but Deborah preferred to sit it out, just she and her butt plug. Around 2.30pm, John suggested that the two of them go back up to their bedroom. The time had come, Deborah was about to lose her anal virginity. She smiled to John, took his hand and went willingly.

In their bedroom, he had her kneel again on the bed while he grabbed the tube of KY Jelly and smothered his cock with the lubricant. Then he threw the tube aside and moved onto the bed behind her, slipping his knees between hers, forcing her to spread her knees even further apart. He leaned forward and planted several loving kisses on each butt cheek.

"Ready?" John asked.

"I think so," she affirmed and John took a hold of the flat base of the butt plug and tugged at it. It failed to move with his first tug, but then he twisted it around within her tight hole and she moaned. Gripping it more firmly, he pulled hard and slowly it began to withdraw from out of her body. He tugged the thickest part through her sphincter and she let out an audible "aaaahhhhhhh!". John pulled on it quite quickly to ease her discomfort and within seconds, it popped free from the grip of her sphincter with a little pop.

John watched the plug spring free and saw her anus spread wide open, although it was already beginning to shrink even as he watched. Without hesitation, he thrust his lower body forward, connecting the tip of his engorged cock with her puckered hole. He placed his round knob right up at her rear opening that had by now shrunk to half the width of his cock.

She felt his fleshy knob rest momentarily at her anal entrance, then John unceremoniously pushed forward firmly, locking his cock head into her anus in one strong thrust.

"Uuummmmppphh!" she screamed and her body tensed, trying subconsciously to repel the intruder. John grabbed a hold of her hips and held her firmly in place, just in case she changed her mind.

"Relax babe ... I told you before ... just relax every muscle and it will only hurt for a minute."

She moaned a little, not sounding very convinced. Undaunted, John shoved hard again and his cock managed to lodge a further inch up her rectal passageway.

"Jesus ... that hurts!"

"Hang in there, darling. Not much more," he lied, looking down at her exposed arse to see still four inches of his rigid shaft yet to be buried inside her.

"Just hold it, please, just a minute." She half turned her head around, trying to look at him. "I do want to do it honey, but please give me a couple of minutes." She paused to draw a couple of deep breaths. "Just at the moment, it hurts like hell!"

"Okay!" he agreed and they stayed stock still, with two inches of his hard cock wedged firmly up her anus. There was no risk that he would stay hard, the visual delight presented to him as he gazed down at her arse, watching her puckered hole engulfed by his organ, had him at peak arousal.

About three minutes passed. With no movement, Deborah's pain had subsided and she was left with an overpowering feeling of fullness up her arse and just a dull ache from the stretched sphincter. "Do you want to try a bit more?" she asked.

"Whenever you're ready."

"Okay, I'll be right. Just do it, honey."

Given the green light by his wife, his hands gripped her hips more firmly and he thrust his pelvis forward again. This time, his cock travelled through her prolonged scream as he buried two more inches up her arse. Pausing only for a moment, John decided to bring the process of getting up inside her to a swift conclusion, ending the agonising step-by-step stages and he shoved his cock hard one more time.

His cock drove home, his tightening balls banging against her cunt lips as his entire length was embedded up her anal passage, surrounded and gripped warmly by the lining of the inside of her arse.

"It's in babe! I'm right up there!"

"Thank God for that," she sighed and relaxed her muscles, knowing the invasion was complete.

John looked down at her stretched arse, her bent over position pulling her cheeks wide apart. He could only see his pubic hair mashed against her arse, his hard cock was buried to the hilt inside her tightest hole. Grasping her hips firmly, he pulled back his own hips and watched fascinated as more and more of his shaft appeared from her gripping anal ring. All the time, his wife whimpered from the new feelings within her body.

The physical sensation on his cock was incredible. He had never had it in something quite so tight before. He watched as he managed to get all but the head of it out. He leaned over and grabbed the KY Jelly and squirted some more on his exposed shaft. Then, holding her hips tightly again, he began to push his cock back into her rectum. Deborah gave a little shriek as she realised it was coming back in.

"Just relax, darling. It should get better soon!"

"God, I hope so," she muttered as she felt the pain from him re-entering her.

All the way in to the hilt again and his lower body was pressed firmly against the cheeks of her arse. Only a pause, then another withdrawal almost all the way out, until he just held his knob inside her, keeping her anal ring stretched tight around it. Then, pushing deep within her again. Another little shriek from Deborah, but not as high pitched as the extra KY on his shaft eased his movements inside her.

John picked up a rhythm, pushing hard into her, then easing back out, watching the whole scenario, the sight of it adding sensory sensations to the enormous physical sensations he was feeling through his cock.

Deborah was no longer shrieking on each entry, it had now become a soft grunt from the force of his cock plowing through her passage. Her pain had subsided and she was left with an incredible feeling of fullness and perhaps just a slight discomfort from something being forced into her rectum when normally it would be coming the other way.

John picked up the pace and Deborah could tell from his breathing that he wouldn't take long now. Her body having adjusted, she was getting into the new sensations and she wanted him to know that it didn't worry her if it went on longer.

"It's feeling better, honey," she managed to say between grunts. "You don't have to rush it!"

"Feels fuckin' great!" he told her with feeling and his hand reached around her body to find her clit.

"Ummmm!" she sighed as his fingers began massaging her little bud, all of this while his cock never missed a beat, slamming its way deep into her rectum.

His fingers swirling around her clitoris was just what she needed. She responded by shoving her hips back eagerly to meet his hard thrusts against her arse. But John didn't need the extra stimulus on his cock and he groaned, telling her how close he was now.

"Give it to me, John," she called back to him. "Give it up now, come up my arse! Come on!"

That would do it. John was on an overload of erotic sensations. His wife urging him to finish inside her ... the sensational feeling of thrusting into such a tight channel ... and being able to so closely watch his shaft disappearing into her stretched anal ring only to appear again, over and over. Seeing as well as feeling the intense sensations was pushing him to an early finish.

Knowing he would only be able to manage a few more strokes, John intensified the swirling of his fingers around Deborah's clit, the fingers swooping down to test her sore cunt and she gasped.

He felt his balls tighten up, he knew that this was it. His cum was on its way. He put everything into the next stroke, shoving so hard up her arse that he nearly knocked her forward off her knees. Deborah stiffened her arms to hold herself up and shoved back at him. Then, one final thrust and he was there.

His cock erupted deep inside her rectum, spraying her insides with a blast of his cum. This time there would be no withdrawal, he looked down her back to her arse and could see none of his shaft as he held his cock hard up inside her. At the base of his belly, his pubic hair was mashed against the spread of her white arse cheeks. His cock throbbed again and they both felt another splash of his cum deposited inside her.

His fingers had never stopped their work on her clit, even as his climax hit and his eruptions of cum started. To the surprise of both of them, her lower body suddenly spasmed into her release. She cried out with intense pleasure as all the discomfort and fullness of his intrusion into her arse was overshadowed by the overwhelming sensations of her orgasm, spreading out from her clit and washing throughout her body.

Her abdominal muscles spasmed around his spurting cock, accentuating the incredible feelings as he continued to pump his cum deep inside her arse. With her release, her arms buckled and her head and shoulders fell forward on the bed, but her husband kept a hold of both hips, keeping her arse raised, locked in sexual excess.

John lay over her back, his deflating cock still wedged tightly up her arse. As she came down from her orgasmic high, Deborah decided that she liked the closeness of this experimental new sexual position that she had just given exclusively to her husband. She felt it brought her back closer to John after she had given herself so brazenly to Martin last night.

As John's cock began to shrink inside her arse, he raised his upper body up to again look down on her spread arse cheeks, watching closely as he began to ease his now half-hard cock out of his wife's arse. As the head came back through her sphincter with a little pop, John watched the still gaping hole of her anal ring leaking his whitish fluid. Then, as he continued to study her arse closely, he watched her anus slowly shrinking back to its tiny rosebud state.

He let go of her hips and she sagged down to lay flat on the bed. She turned her body on its side and looked up at him, "So how was my arse, John? Did you like your first time in there?"

"Fuckin' great!" was all he could answer as he dropped down to lay alongside her, his right hand coming around to lay across her hip.

To be continued ... look for Part 4 back in Loving Wives

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