Bosom Buddies Ch. 07


Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, so I excused myself under the auspices of having a headache, leaving the sounds off splashing and giggling behind as I walked inside. I collapsed onto my bed and threw an arm over my eyes to block out the daylight.

A moment later I heard the bedroom door open. I sat up and spun to see Elizabeth walking towards me, still dripping with water from the hot tub. She was so hot it almost hurt just to look at her. Her expression was dead serious as she locked the door behind her, then untied her striped bikini top and let it fall to the floor. I opened my mouth in confusion–


She silenced me with a finger to her lips and crossed the space between us, her breasts heaving, her dark, delicious nipples pointing right at me. As soon as she reached the bed she threw herself on top of me, the flesh of her tits clapping audibly upon impact with my chest.

Elizabeth attacked me with kisses, totally on fire. She lowered her mouth to my neck, tonguing the sensitive skin of my collarbone. I was flabbergasted, totally confused as to what she was doing or why–but I couldn't manage to croak out a single word.

Then her hand slid beneath my waistband, and any concerns I had flew out the window. Soft fingers encircled my rigid shaft and began pumping. She slid down the bed as she jacked me off, dragging both her tongue and the fullness of her breasts across my chest.

Two wonderfully erect nipples tickled my skin as they trailed down my belly.

Then, with a gentle tug, my suit was around my ankles and my friend's mouth had enveloped my penis. I threw back my head and moaned in gratitude, quickly drowning in my own pleasure.

Liz scooted her hands underneath me and grabbed hold of my ass, squeezing and groping. Her breasts splashed against my thighs each time she lowered her lips down my cock--

It was so fast, so unexpected, so intense--I wasn't prepared. Before I even realized what was happening, I was coming in Liz's mouth, moaning uncontrollably throughout the entirety my orgasm.

By the time I recovered, Liz had already retied her bikini top and was laying in bed beside me.

"Us being 'friends' doesn't mean I don't still care about you," she whispered to me. "And it doesn't mean I'm not still attracted to you."

"But you were acting so weird in the hot tub just now. And you were all over Simon."

"I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I was just trying to make it so things between us weren't such a big deal. Come on, you know I'm not gonna do anything with Simon, he's dating my best friend."

This sucked. The feelings I had were way too difficult and way too complicated for me to make sense of. After a long, painful moment of silence, I let out a resigned sigh:

"Don't worry. I'm over all this. I'm over the heartache, I'm over the mixed messages, and I'm over getting myself tangled up in a neurotic mess every time I get an erection. No more. You guys are my friends, and that's it. It's simple. You're all hot, and I'm a guy, and therefore I want to have sex with you. Biology 101. From here on out, we'll just keep things fun, okay? I'll just wait until college before I start looking for a serious girlfriend."

My little rant caught Liz off guard--she wasn't expecting to suddenly find herself on the other side of the argument. She agreed with me, though I detected a touch of sadness in her voice. We both returned to the hot tub and spent the rest of the day relaxing.

Come dinnertime, the phone rang. I had wanted my parents to give me complete autonomy over the week--I was legally an adult, after all--but they insisted that as long as I was under their roof, they were still going to worry about me. Before I'd left for the cabin, we reached a compromise where they would only call to check up on me two times during the week.

I guess it could have been worse. Liz's mom called her two times every day.

With a roll of my eyes, I picked up the phone and quickly assured my folks that everything was fine and that, no, nobody had died.

"Thank you honey," my mom answered, "glad to hear it."

We talked for another five minutes, then I went to hang up the receiver--

"Oh, honey? Your friend Corrine called."

"I told you mom, she and I aren't really friends, anymore."

"I know, sweetie, but she sounded so upset over the phone. She was crying, and she kept saying to tell you how sorry she was. She's called about fifteen times, it feels like. I don't know what happened between the two of you, but you shouldn't stay mad at your friends. Even if it's their fault."

A knot formed in my throat. Corrine was crying? What had happened to her? I realized, to my chagrin, that I still cared about the girl. Knowing what a shitty boyfriend she had, I could only imagine what kind of trouble she was in.

"Thanks, mom."

Without even pausing to consider what I was doing, I hung up and dialed Corrine.

"Hello?" The voice at the other end was raspy and strained, as though it was coming off the end of a long crying session. It had been maybe two weeks since I'd heard her voice (I mean really heard her voice, not just in class), but it felt like years.

"It's me."

For a long while, all I could hear was her breathing. Finally, she whispered, "Can I see you?"

"Corry, I'm two hours away, in the mountains. None of us are coming back until next week."

"Oh. Sorry, I didn't know. I just wanted to--I need to apologize to everyone. Especially to you. I didn't mean to interrupt your vacation. Could we talk when you get back?"

"Yeah, we can talk. You sure you're okay?"

"I'm okay, I didn't mean to scare you."

I sighed, somewhat relieved by her answer. Still, the pain in her voice was unmistakable. It broke my heart.

"Okay," I finally answered, "take care."

"Ian? Thank you for calling me back. I would have understood if you didn't."

I snarled at the phone, trying to stay proud and angry but knowing full well that I had already forgiven her.

"Corry? I'll be there in two hours."

I hung up before she had a chance to respond.

I don't remember what I told my friends in the cabin as I grabbed my car keys and headed for the door, but they could see how important it was to me and nobody breathed a word to keep me from going.

The rainstorm that was blanketing all of California that spring was particularly mean in the dark. I drove faster than was safe, but I reasoned that my brain was feeling extra alert and focused.

Still, being alert and focused won't stop you from hydroplaning, and after one blind curve I couldn't stop myself from rear-ending the stalled truck in front of me.

Luckily, nobody was hurt (well, nobody except my poor minivan. The grill and bumper looked like a crinkled gum wrapper). The other driver was actually pretty reasonable about the whole thing when I explained that there was a girl involved. He took my information down and we both went on our way.


I pulled up in front of Corrine's house an hour later, less concerned about my recent car accident than I was about confronting my estranged friend. She answered the door, utterly disbelieving that I was actually there.

"You drove all the way back? Just like that?"

I nodded, heart racing in my chest. Then she saw my mangled car parked on the street.

"Oh my God, Ian! What happened?!"

"I, uh--I rear-ended a guy on the way here. It's no big deal. It's still drivable, and the headlights work, and—uh—nevermind."

Corrine's beautiful blue eyes turned wet with worry, and she spun to shout to her dad that she was heading out for the night.

We took her car.

"Do you need to see a doctor?" she demanded.

"No—look, I'm fine, I promise."

"Ian, I am so sorry about your car."

"I didn't drive down here to talk about my car."

We passed under a streetlight, and I couldn't help but smile when it illuminated her at my side: she was such a goddamn knockout. No makeup, no jewelry, blonde hair up in a simple bun, she was still the hottest girl I had ever seen. She had on a burgundy, flowy strapless dress that showed off her slender shoulders and teased at the unbelievable curves beneath. I could only imagine how hard it must have been for a girl of Corrine's proportions to find a functional strapless bra to go with it.

We had no destination in mind, we just needed a few minutes to get used to being around each other again. I could sense that, whatever Corrine wanted to say to me, it wasn't gonna be easy for her.

She finally pulled over near the beach--the same beach where we had filmed her first scene for that stupid werewolf movie back in October. She looked surprised when she realized where she had driven us, leading me to believe it had been entirely subconscious on her part. I couldn't help but think that this beach meant the same thing to her that it did to me: it represented the moment that she and I became friends. If that unlikely moment--that miracle--hadn't happened, our senior years would have been very different.

Rain hammered the windshield, casting strange, fluid shadows across the two of us as we sat there. Finally, shamefully, she muttered, "I had sex with Steve."

It was the last thing I wanted to hear. My insides boiled.

I didn't respond, so she just continued, "It was two nights ago, when you all left for Spring Break without me. I was angry, and lost, and I thought it would make me feel better."

"Did it?" I spat out. Her head drooped, eyes avoiding mine.

"No. It was awful. He acted like I wasn't even there. Like I was just a toy for him to play with. I broke up with him the next morning."

Tears were running down her cheeks, now, but I couldn't bring myself to comfort her. There was still an invisible wall between us. Corrine managed to lift her head and meet my eyes as she choked out words:

"I am sorry for all the horrible things I said to you, Ian. And I'm so, so sorry about, you know, about what I did."

"You mean, when you tried to blow me as practice for your boyfriend?!"

"I didn't mean to humiliate you."

"Well you did! You can't even imagine how humiliating that was."

Her eyes met mine, and in a flash I realized that she could do better than just imagine it. She could remember it. Thanks to Steve's bungled, selfish lovemaking, Corrine knew exactly how she had made me feel.

"I was lost," she pleaded, "All you guys were getting these college acceptance letters and going off to have these amazing lives. Well, how about me? I've got nothing waiting for me once I graduate. What's my future look like? All I had–ALL I had--was you guys. And you're all leaving me behind."

Something in her voice made me snap. Furious, I opened the door and got out of the car. Corrine hurried out after me, through the darkness and the rain, our feet splashing across the grassy area overlooking the beach.

"Ian, wait!"

I spun, grabbing her firmly by the shoulders, and met her eyes:

"None of us are leaving you behind, Corry! Stop feeling sorry for yourself! We're just starting the next chapter of our lives. News flash: All friendships end, eventually. Whether by death or by distance. That doesn't mean this isn't worth holding onto as long as we can. We should all be enjoying every second we have left together, not grumbling about the future. But you? You decided it would be easier to just burn every bridge and be done with it."

I was shouting now, and each successive word shrunk my tall, intimidating, "Viking" friend into a smaller and smaller huddle in front of me. The world around us was lost to the darkness. There was no moon, no streetlights, no stars. They didn't exist. We could only see each other, illuminated by the headlights of her beat-up old Volkswagon.

"I just wanted someone in my life who would still be there when summer came to an end. I didn't want it to be like this."

"Well, what do you want, Corry?"

"I want things to be like they were! I want my friends back. I want you back." Her head fell against my shoulder, sobbing incoherently. "And-and I want to be a virgin again. But since that's not gonna happen... Can you forgive me?"

We were both soaked to the bone. My stomach twisted, my jaw muscles clenched, and I finally exploded, angrily shouting, "Of course I forgive you!" I let out a long, tired sigh. Saying those words had exhausted me. "You're my best friend, Corry. You don't even have to ask."

Then she kissed me.

I felt a fire in my chest as we collapsed together onto the wet grass, oblivious to the merciless rain hammering down on us. Our bodies locked together, writhing on the ground as we kissed, desperate for each other's lips. Ravenous for each other's bodies.

My hands clasped against the small of her back, sensing the warmth of her skin through the cold wet dress. Before I realized it, I was holding onto her bare thighs, then impatiently moving my fingers up, beneath her dress, groping the firmness of her ass through her flimsy, rain-soaked underwear.

She pulled me tightly against her body, still crying as she covered my face in kisses. She grabbed two great handfuls of my shirt and yanked it over my head, happily running her hands up and down my naked chest, reassuring herself that I was really there.

I rolled over, pinning her voluptuous body beneath me as I brought my mouth down onto her shoulder. Thick, cold raindrops whipped down at the skin of my back—but no amount of bad weather was going to keep us apart. Not now.

The thin fabric of her dress was plastered to the shape of her body, and when my view finally dropped from her beautiful face to the thrust of her two luscious breasts, I could feel myself panting in anticipation. Between the rain and the passion of our kissing, her neckline had dragged down low enough to expose a positively indecent amount of cleavage. Wet material dipped down between her tits, clinging to her skin.

The reality of it was almost scary. After all these months of maddening, uncontrollable desire, I would actually be holding those breasts in my hands. For a brief moment, I froze up—

Then Corrine took my hand and planted it firmly on her chest. I met her eyes, and squeezed.

Heaven. I had never in my life desired anything so much as I desired Corrine's body. Her golden hair, her glowing skin, her slender waist, her long, shapely legs, her smooth, sexy ass... And, above all else, her unreasonably huge, natural tits.

I squeezed and squeezed through her bra, kissing the warm, exposed cleavage above. She lifted her head up off the grass to watch me work—getting even more aroused by the sight of how happy she was making me.

"Been waiting a long time for that," she cooed, "haven't you?"

In response, I darted a finger underneath the cup of her bra and lightly flicked it across a plump, juicy nipple.

Slowly, her hands drifted down to my belt, which she quietly unbuckled. My zipper came next, and then I felt the rain sting my legs as she pulled my jeans down past my knees. I froze, unable to take my eyes off her hand as it searched for the fly on my boxers—then reached inside, stealing my breath as she grasped my hot iron hardness and began stroking.

My dizzy head dropped to the soft cushion of her bosom, panting and groaning from her touch until I was longer, harder, and thicker than I'd ever been in my life. The confinement of my boxers became too much to bare, so I yanked them down and let my cock spring free into the night air for Corrine to fondle.

She lifted and spread her knees beneath me, the motion hiking her dress up above her hips and revealing the adorable white panties she had on: lace fabric cut into the shape of butterfly wings.

The rest of my body froze in place as I dropped my hips down and pushed my naked cock against her, feeling the scalding heat of her cunt burning through the diaphanous layer of wet lace.

"Mmm..." Corrine moaned.

I slowly screwed my hips, dragging the firmness of my penis across her panties. The stimulation drove Corrine crazy, and I watched with satisfaction as she arched her back in pleasure, unconsciously swatting at the ground with her hands in building ecstasy.

A deep, guttural groan escaped her lips, and then Corrine's eyes were suddenly locked onto me with laser focus. She clamped her thighs around me, holding my cock in place against her body as she rolled us over, until it was my back splashing against the grass and her body being pummeled by the rain.

She leaned back, her hips undulating uncontrollably against mine. Her half-lidded eyes fluttered in pleasure, and one of her hands immediately went to the mound of her own breast, squeezing it through the fabric of her bra.

With her other hand, Corrine reached down in the space between us and grabbed hold of my cock again, grazing the tip back and forth across her butterfly panties. Through the brevity of the lace, I could feel not only her heat, but the exact shape of her enflamed pussy lips rubbing against me.

Somehow, I was still cogent enough to search out the zipper on the side of her dress. As I slid it down, her dress crumpled to a halo at her waist–and I was rewarded with the view of the heavy-duty strapless bra struggling to support her huge, heaving tits.

Raindrops showered down upon acres of exposed cleavage, glittering as they refracted the headlights from her car. Our eyes met one final time before Corrine reached down to the crotch of her delicate panties--pulling them aside to allow my desperate cock access to her willing cunt.

I knew this was only her second time having sex, so I let Corrine go at her own pace as she fed the tip of my cock up inside her folds. Inch by inch, she took me, her blue eyes growing brighter and happier the deeper I went. When I disappeared completely and our bodies met, the sheer joy of it brought tears to her eyes.

We sat there for a moment, unmoving, relishing the feeling of being joined together for the first time.

"Thank you," she whispered.

Then we went at it like wild animals.

The pounding rain just urged us onwards, like the cracking of a whip, until we were both screaming with delight.

"Yes! Oh, yes!" Corrine shuddered, slamming her hips down against mine.

She arched her back—thrusting out her chest—and reached both hands behind to release the catch on her strapless bra. I fucked her even harder, the expectation growing unbearable. I was about to see her tits, finally revealed in all their naked glory...

After what felt like an eternity, Corrine slipped the catch and cast the awful, constricting garment away into the darkness. The enormity of her breasts exploded into view, inches from my face: supple, round, spectacular. Each one practically the size of my head.

We were fucking so fast that they bounced out of control, a blur before my eyes. My hands quickly grabbed hold of her tits, greedily groping them like there was no tomorrow.

Corrine closed her eyes and a smile crossed her lips—she knew the effect those things had on me. We were so far past the point of foreplay that I didn't even bother being gentle with her. I rubbed and pulled at her thick pink nipples while she screamed my name.

Then I wrapped both my hands around her left tit (there was still room to spare, if you can believe it) and directed it into my mouth. I licked a spiral around her nipple, teasing and taunting, drawing it to full attention before clamping my lips over it and smothering the thick, pink nub with the meat of my tongue.

She fell forward into me, pressing her breasts down onto my face as I suckled. Her fingers clenched at handfuls of the wet grass beneath us. I switched my mouth to her other tit, surprising the poor girl by going right for her nipple this time.

Throughout all of this, we never stopped fucking. My cock thrust harder and harder into the tight, volcanic inferno between her legs. She shoved her hips back down onto me with desperate abandon, slapping her clit against my pelvis each time I filled her with my shaft.

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