tagErotic CouplingsBoss Bitch Chronicles Pt. 01

Boss Bitch Chronicles Pt. 01


It was the summer of 2005 I was fresh out of high school. Not quite 18 yet but I was attending college at Florida International University (FIU) that summer. I had a part time gig at the Publix on Biscayne Rd. I'm from Miami so I knew the city but over this side of town was where the money was. It worked for me because the tips were lovely.

It had been two weeks since the summer semester had started and about three weeks of working at Publix. So I was still getting adjusted to my schedule. With everything going as smooth as I hoped it would; I was always about 30 to 45 minutes early for my shift. Which left me time to kick it with the homie Trell back in the storage area.

On this particular day I came out ready to start my shift. I was halfway down the cleaning aisle when a beautiful light Jamaican accent stopped me in my tracks. She said "Excuse me sir." I looked over my shoulder and noticed she was motioning for me to come over. Without a second thought I did so. "I'm having trouble finding the Fabaloso. Do you mind checking in the back and fetching a bottle for me?"

"Oh, yes ma'am" I responded and headed back to the storage area. You would never have guessed that the pallet of Fabaloso was right next to the pallet I was perched on only moments earlier. I grabbed two bottles and headed back to where she was located. It was here where I took notice of her stature. She was slim-fit built and I could tell even under her business suit. "Here you go ma'am, sorry it wasn't on the shelf. I will be sure to let the manager know."

"Tank you young man."

"It's my pleasure" I responded back. Her fingertips grazed the backside of my hand as she grasped the second bottle. Now that I think about I paid it no mind it that moment. I headed up to the front of the store where I went to my normal register to bag groceries. It's funny saying groceries now after Jhene Aiko. Anyways I went up to register #4 as I always did. About 10-15 minutes later Miss Cool Running's came through my line.

"You wan' elp' me to me car." Most people probably wouldn't have known what she meant. But, I did so I simply nodded and proceeded to push her cart. It wasn't long before we made it to her 4 series BMW. She popped the trunk and I began loading her bags into it. As I put the last bag in the trunk, she walked up on me. "Me wan' show me appreciation tu' ya', my yute jump pon' the front seat." Her aroma was intoxicating as she walked up on me. All of a sudden I felt a tingling sensation in my lower back. I've never felt anything like that in my life. I was at a complete loss. She smoothly stepped back but not before I felt a light nibble on my earlobe. "Fuck" I thought to myself. I am supposed to be working and I can't just take off like this. But, on the other hand like I was intrigued out of my mind.

She hopped in the driver seat and I was still grasping the cart. My hands were shaking as I closed the trunk down I didn't even bother pushing the cart back to the return location. I just left it behind the car in the next spot. I looked around like I was breaking into her car before I opened the door. "Wha' take ya' so long." I couldn't even respond because of the golf ball size lump that was forming in my throat. We rode for a few minutes before we pulled up to a condo association. Getting out of the car and I could feel my legs trembling. I managed to make it to the trunk, but she just kept on walking. I quickly pursued her. "Mash 14 my yute' she commanded as we entered the elevator. The spot was upscale, everything about the ambiance said money. She took me down this long hallway, which had only added to my suspense.

Once we were in her place shit got live. (Back then we didn't used turnt' up) I could smell the incense that she had been burning earlier that day wafting in the hallway. I barely got through the door before she attacked me, she turned me around and started fiddling with my pants. All the while she was planting heavy kisses on my neck. I couldn't believe that she even knew how to unbutton them that fast. I didn't think a man was supposed to have feelings like this, it felt so good. The tingle in my back returned with a vengeance and I don't think my dick had ever been that hard in my entire life.

"Dis a nice piece ya' ave' ere' my yute, yes very nice." As her very tone conveyed that she was getting ready to consume me. I really didn't know whether to be scared or elated. I had lost my virginity in the 10th grade but she had my ass feeling virginesque all over again. She sat the head of my wood on her hot tongue and gave my dick a nice tug. My knees fell weak as I shot my seed into her mouth. I never came that fast in my life. She caught every drop and kept on sucking. Not giving me a chance to deflate. My toes curled so hard in my sneakers they were touching my heels. I couldn't even make eye contact with this woman. She was saucing the fuck out of me, and she fucking knew it.

I was so lost in the moment. I didn't even notice she had removed her top and pulled her pants to her ankles. I didn't even know if my eyes were open or closed. All I know was that I had never felt this way before. My dick left her mouth with a pop, and a bitch moan left my lips.

"Mi wan' you tu' mash up dis' poosie' til' she can take no more, ya' ere'." She turned around bent over and lined me up to her entrance. I had every intent to Rico Strong, Nat Turnher her pussy. Keyword was intent. Them pussy walls grabbed my dick and whispered "Give me everything you fucking got right now." I tried my damnedest to be defiant and not give up the goods. But, that pussy started creaming on my dick. "Yes my yute a rump pon de' poosie, rump pon it. Don't stop my yute." She was working me over.

Her accent wasn't making shit any better. I tried to slow my pace to stave off the inevitable but she merely slammed that supple brown thang on me, as to say "naw nigga not today". I felt I was getting handled so I tried to fight back. I slapped her on her right ass cheek. She moaned, I groaned, and I came.

I was still at a complete loss for words from the entire situation. It seemed like it took forever to catch my breath. I was supposed to be at work but somehow I got worked.

"My yute, gwon fetch mi grocery pon' de' car." She tossed me the keys as she walked away.

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