tagErotic CouplingsBoss is Dominated by Willing Tech

Boss is Dominated by Willing Tech


Ethel always loathed having to deal with the "higher ups." They always took her imparting her information to them as if it were a personal attack, not as the education it should be. Today, she felt no different towards them as she prepared her information and aligned all her ducks. Around 4, she had an appointment suck up her ego and bow to the plant manger. Oh – how she hated this. She had to teach him about encryption keys and why he should use them. The new plant manager had been sending sensitive information to the other department heads using no additional protection. Being in their line of work, this information would prove to be harmful if it fell to outsiders. It was her job to see to it that the company was armed against this, as best she could.

It was also her job to filter emails and internet usage. Log files were her life. She sorted them by IP address to see what type of user this new manager is. It's always good to know the enemy. Unfortunately, the manager was a by the book type man, according to his usage. Sites that were visited pertained to work and research only – definite sign of personality and lack of pulse. No conversations starters to be found there. She sigh and logged off. It was time to face the beast.

She decided to not call first to warn him of her arrival. She had an appointment; no need to remind him. Secretly she relished being able to barge in under that type of protection. She hoped to catch him off guard. This would give her the upper hand.

She rapped on the door with authority. She heard no shuffling of paper, no sign of disarray. "Damn" she thought to herself. She heard him call her into his office. Taking a deep breath she opened the door; it was show time.

He stood to greet her. They assessed each other during the salutations. She was shocked that there was an inner reaction to this. She never had an issue with being attracted to anyone at the work place. That statement was purposely in past tense. She was immediately drawn in by his physical appearance. She figured he was approximately five and a half feet tall. She loved, absolutely love short, stocky men. He was lighter skinned as Indians go. A feature she attributed to his level in the caste system. As he spoke, she desperately tried to regain her composure on the inside, praying that she did not show any concern for him on the outside.

She squared her shoulders and began to slowly approach the topic at hand, security. She asked him to show her what and how he does what it is that he does. She rounded the desk to stand behind him. He turned toward the monitor, hoping that she could not detect his physical reaction to her.

As he typed, clicked, scrolled, his thoughts kept drifting. He could smell her light perfume. What that vanilla?

He continued and she shifted her position to a better angle to see the monitor. OK, she really shifted to a better position to take all of him in with her eyes. Was that his cock making that bulge or was that just the lay of his pants?

She hadn't realized that he had stopped talking. "Oh shit – did he just ask me a question?" she thought. She asked him to repeat it, hoping that the understood differences in accents would be enough of an unspoken reason. He repeated his question. She answered. So the interactions, or lack there of continued through out the lesson.

The lesson finally ended and each went back into their own worlds. Weeks went by. Then a red flag popped up as she ran her late afternoon reports. Mr. By the Book visited an "Illegal" site, with several views. His action was by no means a mistake. She had told him what her job entailed. He knew she'd find it.

"Bingo" she accidentally said out loud.

With that, she printed up her proof, logged off and darted to his office. She knocked hard and opened the door, not waiting for a response.

He quickly stood to take charge of the situation then he realized it was her. He sat back down, adjusted his pants and allowed her to speak.

"Looks as if you have been a bad boy today. What ever shall I do with you? Care to show me the site you were looking at?"

She took her dominate place behind him as he smirked. They both viewed the monitor. She read over his shoulder. "...then she deftly lifted her skirt and showed him her exposed Venus, softly covered in curls..."

She understood that she had permission to take the lead. He turned his chair towards her. His face was level with her blouse. He detected the unmistakable scent of her dewy excitement. He made no effort to conceal his physical response to her.

She looked into his eyes and asked if what he had read was something that he wanted to happen. He replied that it was. She spun him back around and pulled the chair back. Next thing he knew, she was sitting on his lap, reading the whole story that was displayed on the screen. He was shocked. Should he dare to touch her? He was as excited as he was confused.

She rearranged herself on his lap, pinning his hardened cock to his thigh. She squirmed just a bit as if to grind herself further onto him. He was still too stunned to react.

Once she was done reading the story, she stood back up and faced him, her back to the monitor. She considered her many options. She quickly formulated a plan and set it to action.

He watched her gaze leave his eyes, down his body to his cock. His straining cock ached to be freed from the fabric.

She was taking charge as he hoped she would. Wordlessly, she skated around from him to lock his door and to hit the lights. She tried to quell his fears of discovery by making it seem to the plant as if he had gone home for the day.

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