Boss Lady

byL.A. Wicker©

Todd moved up her body, kissing his way up, “You need some cock, pretty lady?” he asked kissing her swollen nipples. “Need my hard cock up your wet pussy?” he teased her wanting to hear her say it.

“Yes, I need your hard cock in me!” she moaned out thrusting her hips up to try and get his cock in her.

Todd moved in a way so that she couldn’t get it inside her pussy, “Tell me where you want my cock.” He teased knowing where she wanted it, but he had always wanted to hear a woman to talk dirty.

“I want it in my pussy! I need it up my cunt!” she screamed pulling him to her hips with her long legs. “Fuck me, now!” she demanded him. “Fuck me or I’ll fuck you!” she said with ice in her voice. She needed him inside her flaming pussy.

“Easy baby, I just want you to have fun.” He replied kissing her lips, and slid his long cock deep in her mature body.

Peggy froze as he submerged deep into her body. It had been so long since a ‘real’ cock had been in her. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she gasped for air as the shock rushed through her burning body. “Mother fucker!” was all she could moan out when their hips met and he was all the way inside. “Oh Todd! Fuck my pussy. Make me cum!” she cried out looking into his eyes to see the pleasure that he was also enjoying.

“Yes! I’m going to cum fast. I’ve never been inside anyone as nice as you!” he moaned feeling her body as it began to suck his cock. Her inner muscles were getting ready to orgasm. “Squeeze my cock!” he moaned again and began to thrust in and out of her once lonely body.

Peggy clamped her muscles around his thrusting shaft, trying her best to please her young lover. “Make me cum!” she purred pushing her hips up to great his incoming cock. “Oh yes!” she cried feeling the fire building deep inside her hips.

“Your pussy is great.” Todd sighed as he moved faster in her body, feeling her muscles gripping his shaft. He had never in his few years of sex felt anything as nice as the way her body squeezed him. “Harder! I’m ready!” he gasped out thrusting in her as deep as he could. “I’M CUMING!” Todd screamed as his long cock began filling her mature pussy full of cum from a 20-year-old man.

Peggy wrapped her long legs around his thin hips and drove him deep inside, “YES! YES! OH MY GOD!” Peggy cried out when his hot seeds shot in her. Sending her into a massively intense orgasm. Her hips thrust against his hard young cock, grinding her swollen clit against him.

The office girls listened in shock, Todd was fucking Miss Jones and she was loving it.

“Oh Lord!” Peggy said with a big smile. “I hope you know I’ll be needing lots more of that.” She added caressing his hair and still enjoying the feel of a hard cock buried inside her wet pussy.

Todd welcomed her words, “I’m glad because I’m a very horny guy.” He replied sucking her left nipple into his mouth, pulling away, it ‘popped’ from his mouth.

“Let’s get up; I’m sure the girls have had a real blast listening to us.” She stood, pulling on her blouse, skirt and walked to the door, opening she said, “Sasha. Call the printer, tell him we need new business cards and letter head with the words, Todd Pollen, Vice President added to everything.”

Sasha smiled, and replied, “Yes Ma’am.”

Todd never worried about getting another ride home and Peggy never slept alone again.

The end, please remember to vote.

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