tagFetishBoss Spies on Smoking Katie

Boss Spies on Smoking Katie


Thirty year old Katie from Cardiff was happy working for the council and was good at her job and was pleased when her boss told her she had been selected to help out preparing information for the end of the financial year.

She was going to start the following Monday and work with an accountant in his offices. It was thought that it would take two weeks to get the work completed.

Here is Katie's account of how it went.

The morning of my placement I dressed in my normal smart office clothes, black skirt, white blouse, red lacy undies, stockings and high heels. I put on my make up including the cherry red lipstick I like to wear. I grabbed my cigarettes and lighter and jumped into my black Honda Civic and drove the 3 or 4 miles to the office.

The accountant I was to work with was Roger. I found the office and tapped on the door and walked in. Roger stood up from his desk and came over and we shook hands. We had a couple of minutes of small talk and then I settled down to work. It was fairly straight forward figure work and I soon got into it.

Roger seemed nice, I guess early 50s, a full head of slightly greying hair and medium build.

We both worked away for an hour or so when he suggested a coffee break. I agreed and we drank our coffees and generally chatted.

When we had finished I asked if it was OK to go outside for a cigarette.

He said, 'Oh I didn't realise you smoked, yes, of course, that's fine, go out the back door it leads to the car park.'

I went outside and put one of my cigarettes between my lips, got my pink lighter, lit the cigarette and took a deep inhale and then blew the smoke back out. This first inhale felt so good. I glanced round the car park and noticed a CCTV camera scanning the area. I thought how good the security was.

After a short while as I enjoyed my cigarette I noticed that the camera had stopped moving and was almost pointing directly at me. I thought it odd but then my mind went elsewhere. I strolled up and down in the morning sunshine and when I glanced up at the camera again it was pointing at me. Surely nobody was watching me. I then realised that as this was my first morning here whoever controlled the camera didn't know me and was keeping an eye on me.

I finished my cigarette and went back to the office. Roger asked if I enjoyed my cigarette and then started asking me lots of questions about my smoking habits. It seemed rather unusual as he asked me when I started smoking, what cigarettes I smoked, how many I smoked a day and if my husband liked watching me when I smoked.

This last question I found really strange and then he said, 'I like watching pretty females smoke particularly if they are wearing lipstick. I love seeing the smoke blow out through their lipstick coated lips.'

I was quite shocked when he said this, although I have to admit slightly excited as I know it turns my hubby Peter on watching me smoke.

I happily answered him but didn't tell him I started smoking as a teenager and as a schoolgirl enjoyed putting on a smoking show for a neighbour, amazingly also called Roger.

I carried on with my work but in the back of my mind were all the questions Roger kept asking me. If I was feeling horny, smoking quite often increased those feelings. Soon it was lunchtime and as we had quite a lot of work to do I decided to have a sandwich at my desk. I also realised I wanted another cigarette and before I realised what I was doing I found herself putting more lipstick on.

I asked Roger, 'Is it OK for me to pop out for a cigarette.'

'Of course,' he replied, 'it's a nice day, I'll join you.'

We both walked out into the sunshine.

I took out a cigarette and parted my red lips slightly and placed it between them. As I got my lighter, Roger took it out of my hand and said, 'Here let me.'

He flicked the lighter and held the flame to the tip of the cigarette. I took a really long deep inhale, turned my head slightly and blew out a long plume of white smoke.

I noticed that Roger couldn't take his eyes off me as I smoked. Whenever I put the cigarette between my lips he stared at my lips until I had fully exhaled. I noticed that whenever I exhaled Roger took a deep breath and appeared to breath in my exhaled smoke. I thought that the look on his face was almost identical to the one that my husband had whenever he watched me smoking and being chatted up outside a bar or club.

As I finished smoking Roger asked what colour lipstick I wore. When I told him it was cherry red he replied, 'I love the taste of cherries.'

We went back in and worked for the rest of the afternoon. I realised that although I had only known Roger for a few hours I realised that I had enjoyed the mild flirting he had been doing.

It was soon time to go home and I tidied the desk and turned off the computer. I once again put some more lipstick on and said, 'I'm off now, I'll just have a last cigarette before I go home.'

I went outside and lit my cigarette. I saw that the CCTV was pointing at me. I was now certain that it was Roger who was looking at me. I leaned back against the wall and enjoyed my cigarette. Each time I exhaled I stared directly into the camera and blew the long plume of white smoke directly towards the camera.

I jumped into my black Honda Civic and drove home. I was of course totally unaware that back in the office Roger was still at his desk. However he had his trousers and underpants round his ankles while his right hand was clamped tightly round his erect cock as he slowly rubbed himself while he watched me smoking. As he got harder and more excited he couldn't take his eyes of my lovely cherry red lips inhaling and exhaling my cigarette smoke. His orgasm was getting nearer and he sped up his wanking until he shot spurt after spurt of hot spunk out of his hard cock just as I was exhaling yet another plume of white smoke through my sexy cherry red lips.

I spent the evening watching TV with my husband Peter. My mind kept going back to the day at work and especially my smoking. The more I thought about it the wetter I got between her legs. I cuddled up next to Peter and let him know I wanted sex. I also wanted some role play.

When I suggest role play it always means I have something in mind. Tonight I was going to dress as a 13 year old schoolgirl and seduce Peter who pretended to be my neighbour. What Peter didn't know was that I was going to act out something that had actually happened to me when she was a schoolgirl and I smoked sexily in front of my neighbour while he wanked himself off.

Peter was in bed when I walked into the bedroom. I was wearing a very short skirt which showed my suspenders holding up my stockings. My white panties were definitely the sort schoolgirls would wear and they definitely concealed the fact that my pussy was shaved. My white blouse had a few buttons undone and my 34dd tits bulged over the top of my white bra. The red cherry lipstick and blusher transformed me into the very naughty schoolgirl I wanted to be. Finally I put my shoulder length blonde hair into bunches.

I walked in on my high heels smoking my Lambert & Butler cigarette and as I pulled the bedcovers back Peter's erect cock stood to attention. I said, 'Wow what a huge cock. I've never seen one so big.'

I took a deep inhale and immediately lowered my mouth over his cock and clamped my cherry red lips tight around it. The heat of the smoke on his cock was sensational and as my clamped lips lifted up and down his rock hard cock I exhaled through my nose with the smoke going all over his stomach.

I took a big double inhale and quickly carried sucking his cock again. I could tell he was almost about to cum as his cock started twitching. The smoke was still in my mouth and he loved the feeling as it swirled around the head of his cock.

My pussy was so wet now that it needed attention. I moved over Peter and got into the 69 position. I could feel my cunt juices simply dripping out of me and onto his face. I felt his tongue immediately licking my pussy lips. My orgasm wasn't far away. Then I got that lovely feeling as he slid a finger into my ass and slowly started finger fucking it and when his tongue found my clit and flicked it a few times I felt my orgasm crashing through my body.

I managed to take a couple of deep inhales and clamp my lips tightly round Peter's cock as I sucked him to orgasm. As the smoke exhaled from my nose, spurt after spurt of hubby's hot spunk hit the back of my throat. Normally I would swallow it but I sat up and turned round to face him.

I took a last inhale of my cigarette and as I opened my mouth he could see the ball of white smoke in it and all his cum. I kept my mouth open and loved the feeling as the smoke drifted out of my mouth and his spunk dribbled out and over my cherry red lips and onto my tits.

I put the cigarette out and rubbed his cum into my nipples.

I slept really well that night.

I got up in the morning and started getting ready for work. I wore the same skirt, different blouse and black undies and stockings and jumped in the car and drove to work.

Roger was already in the office and unbeknown to me had already spent the last 20 minutes looking at the CCTV tape of me smoking.

We chatted for a few minutes and he asked if I had had a nice evening. I thought how shocked he would have been if I had told him.

I started working and soon it was coffee time. I opened my handbag for my cigarettes and said, 'Oh shit, I've forgotten my cigarettes.'

Roger said, 'Oh, that's a shame, look I have to pop out I'll get you some.'

I thanked him and he immediately went out.

This is really naughty but as soon as he had gone I went over to his computer and on his desktop I saw an icon for the CCTV. Nervously I clicked on it and folders opened with different dates. I double clicked on yesterday's date and another folder appeared called Katie.

I was really trembling now. Firstly because of what I might see and secondly because I was worried that Roger might walk back in. I nervously opened this folder and there I was smoking. The first cigarette in the morning and then me talking to Roger at lunchtime and then finally just before going home where I was almost flirting with the camera and looking directly into it and blowing the smoke straight at it.

I didn't know what to think. I was scared that someone was spying on me and also excited at the same time.

I quickly closed the folders and went back to my desk. A couple of minutes later Roger walked back in.

He gave me two packs of 20 Lambert & Butler and said, 'I think you should leave them here so you've always got some here.'

I said, 'Yes, that's a good idea. Do you think I should have a cigarette now.'

'Yes,' he replied.

I went outside and stood in front of the camera. I knew Roger would be watching me and to thank him for buying the cigarettes I looked directly at the camera and blew the smoke straight at it.

Roger was at his desk watching me smoke and at the same time rubbing himself through his trousers.

I finished my cigarette and went back to my desk. 'Did you enjoy that,' Roger asked.

I smiled and said, 'Yes, I think we both did.'

We both got on with our work until lunchtime. Once again I had a sandwich and then got out my cigarettes and put some fresh lipstick on and said to Roger 'I'm going out for a cigarette, are you coming with me?'

'Would you like me to?' Roger replied.

'Yes, I think so,' I said.

We both went outside and I took a cigarette out of the box and placed it between my freshly lipsticked lips and handed Roger the lighter.

He flicked it and held the flame to the tip of the cigarette. I took a deep inhale and with me still facing Roger blew the smoke directly at his face. He opened his mouth and breathed it in.

They stood almost face to face as Roger watched me smoke for him. I realised that I was putting on a sexy smoking show just for him and it turned me on as well as him.

I finished smoking and we went back to work. All afternoon I realised I was getting hornier all the time and Roger also knew that as soon as I left the office he was going to wank while he watched me on the CCTV.

It was just a few minutes until time to leave and I said, 'I'm just going to have one last cigarette before I go home.'

Roger replied, 'It looks a bit rainy outside. I know you shouldn't but why don't you have it in here.'

I thought for a moment and agreed.

I put some more lipstick on and Roger stood up and locked the door and said, 'Just in case someone comes in and says you cannot smoke in here.

I pushed my chair over to Roger and handed him my pink lighter and cigarettes. He took one out and I parted my lips and he put the cigarette between them and flicked the lighter. I held his hand as he held the flame against the tip of the cigarette.

I took a deep inhale and blew the smoke straight back at his face. He said, 'This is making me very horny.'

'Me too,' I replied.

I leaned back on my chair and inhaled and smoked as sexily as I could. My legs were gradually parting and my skirt was rising up. Soon Roger could see my stocking tops and didn't know where to look first. I kept looking down to Roger's lap and was sure I could see his cock growing.

Roger couldn't stop himself and started rubbing himself through his trousers as he watched my skirt get higher and my smoking get sexier.

'I don't mind if you want to play with yourself,' I eventually said.

Roger didn't hesitate and undid his trousers and slid them along with his underpants down to his ankles.

His cock was fully erect and now I couldn't take my eyes off it as he slowly wanked himself.

Roger was getting very excited as he stared at me smoking. He loved it as I opened my mouth with it full of smoke.

'Katie can I fuck you as you smoke,' he asked.

'No, I've never been unfaithful to my husband and I'm not going to now, but you can lick my cunt,' I replied.

Roger didn't hesitate as he got down on his knees and pulled my knickers down and thrust his face towards my soaking wet pussy.

My pussy was soaking wet and all I wanted was to cum. I pulled my skirt up round my waist and lifted my legs onto Rogers' shoulders. He was delighted to see I was shaved. He licked my cunt lips and forced his tongue inside her as far as he could.

I knew I was soon going to cum so I lit another cigarette and took another deep inhale. The effect of the cigarette and Roger licking and sucking my clit soon had my body trembling to a thundering orgasm.

As my body slowly recovered from this onslaught of pleasure, I continued to finish my cigarette as it helped to prolong the wonderful feelings I had just experienced.

Roger sat up on his chair and asked me if I was going to give him the same pleasure.

'Of course,' I replied.

He lay back with his cock standing to attention. I now stood in front of him and took another inhale and leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth. Roger opened his mouth wide and took all the smoke as I exhaled into his mouth.

I continued smoking like this until the cigarette was finished.

Then I knelt in front of Roger and lit another one. I took a mouthful of smoke and clamped my cherry red lips round the shaft of his cock and started sucking and rubbing my lips up and down his shaft.. Each time I exhaled it was through my nose as I wasn't going to let any smoke escape from my mouth.

The heat of the smoke and the sucking on Roger's cock soon had him about to cum. And as I took yet another deep inhale and the smoke engulfed his cock he shot huge spurts of cum deep into my willing mouth.

I kept it in my mouth for a few seconds, opened it wide for Roger to see and then swallowed every single last drop of it.

They sat and recovered and I had yet one last cigarette before driving home.

Roger sat at his computer and typed an email to my boss saying that the work was taking longer than expected and I would need to stay there for quite a while longer.

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