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Friends, This is a true story regarding how I had to give into demands of my boss to keep my high profile career flying.

I migrated to USA in search of a better life style, career growth and financial gains. Being a graduate from top class Indian University in the days of DOT COM boom, I found it rather easy to find a job in silicon valley California. I grew from position of IT programmer to System Analyst to Project Manager within 5 years. And in the middle of all this hectic career growth I also got married to an Indian girl. It was an arranged marriage. I visited India for extended holiday and met this girl named Priya through family friends. Soon we got married and flew back to our new home.

Priya is a beautiful young girl, just 22 years old compared to me being 29. She has this everlasting cute smile and I love her soft voice. She is 5'5 feet tall and average built. Like most Indian girls she has long black hair and mostly wears traditional Indian clothes. Though she does enjoy showing off in her short skirt sometimes. She loves traveling and reading. And can spend hours reading into something interesting.

Once back, I got busy with work and she tried to settle into new life style. Our sex life was great and for both of us it was the first opportunity to have sex and experiment with it. She would never let me keep the lights on while having sex and do not even consider oral sex. But otherwise she gives me lot of pleasure. I try to give her the best of I have. Her dark nipples are erect hard whenever we start our sex sessions and she loves it when I suck them.

One day we Invited my Boss, James Anderson for dinner with us. He was a big fan of Indian curry and wanted to try some. Priya wore a nice evening dress coming to her knees. She was looking charming and lovely. Her cleavage was visible every time she bent to pick up something. We enjoyed the dinner and then set down for some chat. James was admiring my wife through his looks. Priya noticed these looks but tried to ignore them. I was trying to be as polite as possible to my boss. The economy has slowed down and first people to be laid off were middle level managers like me. He being Managing Director could throw me out of company any day he wanted to.

Next day he called me in this office and told me about loss of revenue the company was facing and how important its for him to drop the project for which I was in charge. This would mean that all the work put by me in last six months would go in vain and I would be demoted to position of analyst as not much would be left to do. I could even end up working for support team, taking calls from customers. Even worst he could just hand me the pink slip. All these thoughts went through my mind within seconds and I begged him to convince the board of director to carry on with this project. He was not ready to listen. He made it very clear to me that my career would take a deep leap. That evening as I was leaving for home, James asked me to join him for a drink. he said he wanted to make me feel better before going home. We went to a local bar for some drinks. I called Priya to let her know that I would be late for dinner. After few rounds of beer and couple of shots of Vodka, James said he got a deal for me. My eyes went wide open as I heard the word deal. What does he wants to deal now, after having taken away my project.

Soon I was to find something that would shake my world. James said he liked my sexy wife and wants to make her his sex bitch. So that he can fuck her anytime he wants to where ever he wants to and however he wants to. I wanted to kill the bastard. But he said in the next breath that in return he would make sure that My project gets permission from board of directors to stay live and I keep my position of Project Manager. Moreover he promised better salary package. To be honest I got somewhat excited with idea of having my shy wife being fucked by this 6'2 giant guy...........

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