tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBoss's Hostile Takeover of My Wife

Boss's Hostile Takeover of My Wife

byGeorge VI©

Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fiction. In real life, all non-consensual sex is immoral and illegal, and not condoned by the author. All characters are over eighteen.

Our lawyer told me it was all legal, what they did. My company denied my pre-surgical claim on my son's heart surgery, simply because they said it was too expensive. That was it. The insurance company said that the owner of my private company denied the claim, and Vance, my Human Resources director, confirmed it. Just like that, for no better reason, my son Kyle wasn't going to get the surgery that would save his life, because Jack, my company's owner, simply didn't want to pay for it.

My wife Carol was obviously as upset as I was. Vance seemed sympathetic, but he didn't seem like he was willing to fight for me. My immediate supervisor had just been promoted out of the department, and HIS boss just retired suddenly due to illness. So there was nobody between me, and the owner, Jack, to intervene or support me. Desperate and with nothing to lose, I asked Vance if I could go to Jack's admin and make an appointment to see Jack, whom I'd had only minimal contact with in the years that I'd worked for his company. Mostly small talk in hallways or company functions, rarely anything work related.

"You can talk to Jack," said Vance. "But from what I know about him, he doesn't give anything away unless there's something in it for him."

So this morning I had an appointment with Jack, and I went into his office, and groveled. Jack, a fairly short, slender, balding man in his early sixties perhaps, with short hair, listened to my groveling, how my son would certainly die without this surgery.

At the end of my speech, Jack said, "Your wife's name is Carol, isn't it?"

"Yes," I replied.

"I remember her. From the Christmas party. Tall, brunette."

"Yes," I said.

"Yes. She's very attractive."

"Uh, thank you."

"Yes, VERY pretty. And stacked. You're a lucky man."

I didn't know how to respond to that. I let it go. But clearly he'd been eyeing my wife at the Christmas party last year. That was almost eleven months ago, and he still remembers her. Now I remember, he danced with her last year, when I was in the bathroom, I came out and they were on the dance floor.

"Hmmm," said Jack, looking up in the air. "What's she doing now?"

"Well, she's working part time and has no insurance..."

"I mean what is she doing right this minute? Is she at home?"

"Uh, yes, she should be. The kids are in school and she's not working today."

"Call her up. Let's have lunch."


"Yes, you and me and Carol. Call her. Twelve-thirty, at Alexander's."

With that Jack dismissed me, and I went back to my desk and called Carol. Carol was home, anxiously waiting to hear how my meeting with Jack went.

"Honey, are you free now for lunch?"

"Um, yes, Neil, what's the matter? What happened?"

"Nothing. Jack the owner wants to have lunch with us. You and me."

"Me? Why me?"

"I don't know."

"Oh, Neil, I, uh, don't like Jack."

"Uh, why?"

"Well, last year at the Christmas party he, he, um, made a pass at me."

I paused. "I didn't know that. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I, uh, was embarrassed. And I didn't want you to get upset."

"What did he do?"

"Well, he asked me to dance while you were out of the room, and when we were dancing he said I was very beautiful, and he asked me to go up to his hotel room with him."

"Wow. What did you say?"

"I was shocked. I didn't know what to say. I guess I didn't say anything."

"So you left the dance floor and that was the end of it? Maybe you misunderstood him."

"Oh, no. Because he, then he, uh groped me."

I couldn't repeat the word "grope" out loud, afraid my co-workers would overhear my conversation. How? Whhh What? What did he do?"

"He touched my breast. While dancing, he reached in and grabbed my boob."

I took a moment to digest this. It was really unsettling. Then I got back to the subject of the surgery. "Well, I, uh, he just wants to have lunch with us. We need him to approve the surgery. It's for Kyle."

"Oh, I know. Okay."

"Meet us at Alexander's at twelve-thirty."

At twelve fifteen I met Jack outside his office, and he drove me in his Mercedes to the restaurant. Carol was waiting there for us, standing by the reception desk.

I can understand Jack's attraction to Carol. She's wholesome, but pretty, and despite having two kids still has a pretty nice figure for a woman of thirty-seven. She's five feet ten inches tall, with shoulder length brown hair, and curvy, with what I know is a bra size of 40D. Not cartoonish or disproportionately huge breasts, but on a woman as tall as Carol I knew that they were a double handful of natural breasts.

Carol was dressed casual, in jeans and a sweater. But the jeans were tight, and while the sweater wasn't super tight, it still accentuated her large breasts.

Jack said, "Hello, Carol, it's so good to see you again," and reached around her and hugged her, kissing her on the cheek, as Carol threw her head back.

Jack led us back to a booth with a "U"-shaped table, with padded benches on three sides. Carol slid into the booth, I slid in next to her, and Jack slid in on the opposite side as me, sitting next to Carol on her right. We ordered lunch, and then Jack started his monologue.

"I wanted to see if Carol was as pretty as I remember her from the last Christmas party. And I see that she's even prettier." He smiled at Carol when he said this, and put his left arm around her shoulder. I could see Carol cringe, but she didn't pull away, knowing what was on the line. "So you two want me to risk perhaps many many thousands of my dollars, and throw the whole company's insurance plan out of whack."

Our lunch came, and we began eating, with Jack removing his arm from Carol's shoulder. But he was sitting quite close to her, and while eating with his right hand, he let his left hand drop under the table. Carol suddenly looked alarmed. I couldn't see where his hand was, but I was betting it was on Carol's thigh, from his position. Carol didn't move.

Jack made small talk, while we ate and waited for him to return to the subject of our insurance claim. He returned his arm to Carol's shoulder, and I could see him stoking her hair.

"I'm a businessman, and a successful one, a RUTHLESS one, and I don't give up a lot of money out of the goodness of my heart. I expect something in return." Jack's arm dropped down under Carol's armpit, and I could see him doing a "reach around," touching Carol's left breast with his left hand. He couldn't get much of it, but enough that Carol could clearly feel the hand over her bra and sweater, and I could clearly see it, which I think is what Jack wanted.

"So, how about this for a deal? I give your son life. And in return I get Carol, for say, two weeks, until the surgery is scheduled."

"Get? What do you mean, get?" I asked.

"Let's say, at my disposal," replied Jack. He reached up with his left hand, and sort of lifted Carol's left tit. "Carol sure is sexy, Neil, and I'm not taking her from you, I just want to borrow her. Surely that's worth your son's life."

Carol's jaw dropped, but she was speechless.

"That's my deal. Final word. Take it or leave it. I'm going to go to the bathroom," said Jack, "and you two can talk about it."

When Jack had left the table, I said, "I'm going to deck that guy!"

"God, I can't believe this," said Carol, rubbing her temples. "He makes my skin crawl, but has us over a barrel."

"There's got to be another way," I said.

"There ISN'T! We've tried EVERTHING!"

Jack returned to the table, and sat next to Carol again. "Neil, I'm pretty sure I left my wallet in the car between the front seats. Can you run outside and get it?" He tossed me the keys to his car, and I silently left the table for the parking lot.

I did find the wallet, but I didn't like leaving my wife alone with the clearly unscrupulous Jack. When I returned to the restaurant, I paused near the entrance, where I could see our booth from a distance.

Jack had his arms around my wife, and was kissing her. The busboys glanced over at them, as Jack clearly was working his tongue inside of Carol's mouth, and making her return the Frenching. And Jack's right hand was up inside Carol's sweater, and over her left breast. Carol squirmed as the waiter hovered at a distance and watched this dirty old man fondle my wife in public.

I realized that I had a sexual stirring in my groin, watching another man kiss and fondle my wife. I realized that I'd had the feeling several times today; thinking about Jack feeling her up at the Christmas party; crudely calling her "stacked"; and then touching her in the booth right in front of me.

I made my way over to the table, and when Carol saw me she threw her head back and pulled the hand out from under her sweater.

"I think we've come to an agreement, Neil," said Jack. "Let's all go back to the office."

Jack paid the bill, and the three of us exited the restaurant. "Neil," said Jack. "You drive Carol's car, and Carol can ride with me." With that I watched Jack and my wife walk over to Jack's car, and when Jack opened the passenger door for her, I saw him give her denim-clad butt a little pat.


I followed close behind on the drive back to the office, for a moment fearful that Jack might try to lose me and drive off someplace else. And Jack did take a circuitous route, but drove slowly. I couldn't see where his hands were in the car, but Carol looked like she was sitting pretty close to him. Then at one long stoplight, Jack leaned over and made out with Carol.

When we arrived at the office, I parked and exited my car and walked over to Jack's car in his reserved parking spot. I quickly peered in from the passenger window, and caught Carol zipping up and snapping her jeans, and Jack casually zipping up his fly. Did he force my wife to touch his cock in his pants? And did he get his hand inside of her pants? My cock jumped considering the likeliness of it.

"Come on up to my office, both of you," ordered Jack, and we made our way through the corridor and back to his corner office. There were no words with anybody else in the office, just a few stares, mostly at Carol. Jack closed his office door behind him.

"Sit down, Neil," ordered Jack, and I sat where he'd pointed, in a chair across from his desk. Jack took Carol by the hand, and said, "Well I have a meeting in about thirty minutes, so we don't have much time. Let's consummate our deal."

Jack pressed Carol's butt against his desk, pulled her towards him, and while still standing, he started to make out with her. Without being told, Carol stuck her tongue out. "That's right, you learn quickly, Carol." And Jack flitted his tongue around Carol's before returning to a full open-mouth make-out.

"We're doing this for Kyle, we're doing this for Kyle," I thought to myself. It was just so hard to believe that it was happening. It took restraint to let a man do this to my wife, but there was too much on the line. Every time I considered standing up and shoving him, I repeated, "for Kyle."

Jack ran his right hand up Carol's waist, and cupped her left breast over her top. He slowly squeezed the large breast, his hand not able to fully cover her large boob. I saw Carol's eyes open wide, and she squirmed a bit, but she said nothing, and probably made a point not to look at me. She was likely repeating in her mind the same thing I was, "I'm doing this for Kyle."

Jack ran his left hand down Carol's side, and grabbed her right butt cheek over her jeans, and massaged it. He dropped his right hand off of her tit for a moment, and squeezed booth of her butt cheeks, grinding his crotch into hers as he did. Then he grabbed the hem of her top with both hands, and pulled it up, exposing her white bra, resting the top just above her cups.

Jack grabbed the bottoms of both of her bra cups, and yanked up. Carol's large white breasts fell out of the cups, and bobbled free. Jack moaned, and said, "Oh, yeah, these are nice," as he groped both of my wife's bare beasts. He leaned down and licked her dark wide areolas, and sucked on her fat nipples. I could see Carol's nipples become long and erect as Jack licked, sucked, and bit them.

Jack reached down and unsnapped and unzipped Carol's jeans, and her pink panties came into view. He forcefully tugged down on both her jeans and her panties, until both garments were bunched around her knees. Carol's brown pubic hair, a wide thick full bush, was exposed.

As my wife stood in the office, I realized that the blinds were all completely open, and there were other buildings nearby. Anybody looking over could see my wife's exposed breasts, butt, and pussy. At a glance I couldn't specifically see anybody in the windows looking over. But I realized that my cock was now nearly fully erect in my slacks watching my wife being abused and exposed.

Carol stood motionless for a moment as Jack unzipped his pants, and tugged them and his underwear down to his ankles. His cock was long, but hanging down. "Stroke me, Carol," he said. Then he turned to me and said, "She stroked me to a good erection on the car ride, but I came down a little."

Carol reached down with her right hand, and began stroking Jack's cock. Jack in turn reached down and rubbed Carol's pussy mound over her bush. In no time, Jack was fully erect, sticking straight out.

Jack slid his middle finger into Carol's pussy. He quickly pulled it out and said loudly, "I had some KY Jelly in my desk just in case, but I'm not gonna need it. Look how wet she is!" He held up his middle finger towards me, and I could see it glistening in the harsh fluorescent light.

Jack re-inserted his middle finger in Carol, and finger fucked her rapidly. Carol stroked his cock, her eyes half open and a sad, demoralized expression on her face. Jack had that self-satisfied smirk on his face that I hate so much.

"Okay, Carol," said Jack. "Turn around." My wife released the cock from her hand as Jack slid his finger out of her. She hesitated a moment until Jack twirled his finger around, indicating that he wanted her to turn around. She did as ordered, and Jack said, "Hands on the desk."

Carol leaned over and placed both of her hands on the edge of Jack's wooden desk. Being a tall leggy woman, her butt was high in the air. Her ass was better before kids, and it was a little bigger than she would like. But her two white half-globes with her long butt crack looked arousing to me, and spotting her brown pubic hair between her legs made the humiliating pose look even more sexy.

Jack lined up behind her, and started to work his cock into her pussy from behind. Being significantly shorter than Carol made things easy for Jack, and he stood straight up, leaning forward, as his dick shaft disappeared inside of my wife's pussy.

"Oh, yeah," moaned Jack, verbalizing his pleasure at the initial feel of his cock inside my wife's pussy.

Carol let out a whimper but was otherwise silent. Her head hung down, her brown hair hanging over her face. Jack started to hump her, slowly at first, but soon got into a medium groove. I watched Carol's big tits hanging down as she leaned over the desk. Jack noticed them too, and reached around and played with them as he fucked her. Carol's mature butt cheeks rippled every time that Jack slapped his pelvis into her.

Soon Jack was slamming her harder, and faster, reminding me of two humping dogs. Carol's butt cheeks shook faster and made loud slapping noises that could possibly be heard out in the hall. Carol's breasts, once Jack released them and grabbed her hips, dangled down and gyrated wildly.

Jack's breathing got heavier, but it was Carol whose panting got more audible, punctuated with the occasional, "Ughnn!"

"We're doing this for Kyle," I kept repeating to myself. But I couldn't look away. I noticed everything Jack was doing to my wife, and every way that Carol was reacting, like I was watching a train wreck. I could tell that I had an erection, and didn't understand why.

Jack leaned back and threw his head back, his eyes opening and closing, always with that obnoxious smirk on his face. He occasionally looked back at me, but mostly he was admiring Carol and her gyrating body. He gave her butt the occasional light slap.

Carol got louder. I wished she didn't, because I didn't want anybody outside of Jack's office to know what was happening to my wife. But Carol was grunting rhythmically. "Hhgh, hugh hugh." Was she aroused? She didn't seem in pain.

I was ready to cream in my pants, so I don't know how Jack could keep from cumming. But he hung in there as Carol started shaking and letting out little gurgles that she never made when she made love to me. Carol was never a noisy lover. Until now. "HuHHHG Hunnng!"

Finally with one last "UNNNNGGG!" Carol spasmed rapidly, circling her butt, in what was unmistakably an orgasm. And a BIG one. I didn't think she would fake it for Jack. It was real.

Jack pulled back tight on Carol's hips as she finished her orgasm and she fell forward on her elbows. Then Jack slid his cock out of her pussy, laid it on her back, and let his cum dribble down on her skin.

Carol collapsed down onto the desk, crying. Jack calmly pulled up his pants. He said, "Neil, your wife's a good fuck. You're a lucky guy. We're off to a good start!"

"A good start?" I asked.

"Sure," said Jack. "You didn't think this was going to be it, did you? We have a couple of weeks until I need to contact the insurance company. But don't worry. We're on track. Now, I have a meeting, so Carol, you can go home now, and Neil, I'm sure you have some work to do."

With that, Carol stood up straight, and my boss and I watched her pull up her pink panties and blue jeans, and then pull her white bra cups back down over her breasts, and pull her top down over her bra. She wiped the tears off of her face, and Jack opened the office door for us, me going to my desk, and Carol heading for her car.



Carol and I couldn't bring ourselves to talk much about what happened. We only debated whether Jack was going to keep his promise. We didn't discuss what else he expected from Carol, or me, in the next several weeks. We didn't hear from him for several days. Then, at work, I got a call from Carol.

"Jack just called me," she said.

"He called you at home?" I asked.

"Yes," replied Carol.

"What did he want?"

"He wants me, ur, us, to host some clients tomorrow night. Have them over for dinner."

"Dinner? Nobody does that anymore," I commented. "Having The Little Lady cook dinner for the boss and clients?"

"Well, Jack said that these were very important new business partners, not your average customers, and he wanted to treat them to a home cooked dinner while they were in town. He said that there would be three of them, along with Jack."

"That's it? What else did he say?"

"Well, he told me that the kids shouldn't be home. And, uh, he told me what to wear."

"What to wear? What did he say?"

"Well, not exactly what to wear. But he said something a little sexy. 'Show a lot of leg and cleavage' is what he said."

My cock tingled again, considering why Jack wanted Carol to wear something sexy, and what he was expecting her to do in our own house, with three clients. But we had no choice. The next evening, Carol cooked and prepared for our "guests." We made plans for the kids to be at friends' houses.

While dinner was cooking, Carol got dressed. She came out of our bedroom wearing a tight black skirt. It was an older one she found in the back of the closet, from when shorter skirts were the style. So it was short, but not scandalous, hemmed just above mid-thigh. And it was tight, because Carol had gained some weight since she bought it. The short tight skirt curved provocatively around her butt. Carol's long pantyhose-covered legs looked real nice, but there was something particularly sexy about an older mother wearing something just a little too short.

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