Boss's Hostile Takeover of My Wife

byGeorge VI©

Carol's top was wine-colored, sleeveless, almost off of her shoulders, and scooped fairly low. I don't know if you call those things sweaters, what women wear these days. It was thin clinging fabric. "I don't really have anything low cut," my wife explained. "This is a top that I bought to wear under blazers and button sweaters, and it looked okay in the store, but later I realized that it slips down after a while and shows cleavage, and it falls open when I lean over, so I never wear it." The top did cling nicely to Carol's form. A lot of women wear these padded, gravity-defying bras these days, but I know Carol's bras aren't padded, and she likes them comfortable. So her breasts slope down just a little. The sleeveless top clinging to the bottom of her breasts make her breasts look real big, heavy, and natural.

She appeared to have taken extra care with her hair and makeup. Carol did look real sexy, in a Stepford Wife Hostess sort of way.

"I hope it's good enough for Jack. The good thing is that he shouldn't try anything when there are three important clients around. Maybe he just wants you to be eye candy," I said, trying to assure her, as crude as that sounded. But I wasn't so assured myself, just hopeful that the dinner would go without incident.

When Jack arrived, he had his three clients with him. All three were about Jack's age, likely late fifties or early sixties. Once introduced, it was clear that these weren't just some buyers for one of our customers. They were high up guys like Jack, and were sealing some major business deal. Each was introduced to me and Carol, and it was Carol that got the most smiles and eyeballing. When Peter, a brown-haired man with a lot of gray, was introduced to Carol, he said, "Jack wasn't exaggerating about how pretty you are."

And when Dick, a heavier, round-faced, gray-haired man, shook Carol's hand, and wouldn't let go, he commented, "Jack's been telling us about you."

Lee, a mature man of Asian, possibly Chinese, descent, but no detectable accent and a deep voice, wearing black-rimmed glasses, said, "You look very nice. Neil, you're a lucky guy."

So right off the bat, it seemed that something other than Carol's cooking was previously discussed.

I served some drinks in the living room while Carol tried to excuse herself to finish dinner, but Lee managed to corner her in the living room and chat her up some. Mostly he talked to her chest. Otherwise cocktails were uneventful.

But once dinner started, things went downhill. Jack made the seating arrangements, and surprisingly he sat at the end of the table, and not next to Carol. I sat at the other end. To my right sat Carol, and next to her was Peter. Across from Carol, to my right, sat Dick and Lee.

Carol brought out some soup, and poured some in each of our bowls. While leaning over, all eyes went to Carol's top, for when she leaned over, her top hung open and a lot of her cleavage spilled out of her black bra. Carol's mature breasts were so large that there was no gap between her breasts, just a line where they were pushed together. It was quite a sight, I had to admit. If Jack wanted cleavage, he was getting it.

Carol stood next to Dick, who had several large Martinis before dinner and had already downed his first glass of wine at the table. He wasted no time sliding his hand up the back of Carol's hose-covered legs, all the way up under her skirt. I could see his hand squeezing her butt, his hand under the skirt and certainly over her panties and pantyhose. To her credit Carol didn't pour soup on Dick's lap. Her eyes widened and she stood straight up, but otherwise only endured the long ass grope, as I pretended not to see it happen.

Once Carol sat down and we all started eating, Peter, sitting to Carol's left, made a point to keep his chair close to Carol's. Dick tried to distract me with conversation as Peter spoke to Carol, peering down her top, which gapped open as Carol leaned forward to eat. She was right; the longer dinner lasted, the more her top slipped and showed cleavage. She tried to adjust it a couple of times, but soon she had other troubles to occupy her.

It didn't take long for Peter to turn his attention elsewhere. Looking down below the table from my end seat, I could see that Carol's short tight skirt had hiked up really high when she sat down. And I could see Peter's right hand on Carol's thigh.

Jack engaged the group in conversation, mostly small talk. All four of the men asked Carol questions. They started out asking about our kids and stuff, but soon the questions got more personal and flirtatious. Carol listened and tried to politely answer without getting offended. But I could tell by the distant look in her eyes that she was also distracted by the older palm on her left thigh.

And I could see that palm, belonging to Peter, moving under her skirt. Carol was keeping her knees locked together. I was sort of rooting for my wife to fend off this grope, but on the other hand I didn't want her to blow the deal. Tipping the scale was that my cock was getting tingly under the table, watching this older dude getting a sneaky squeeze of my wife's thigh.

Carol's jaws were clenched as she talked, and Jack got me back into the conversation. A few minutes later, when I was able to look back discreetly under the table, I was fortunate enough to catch the exact moment when Carol surrendered, when her knees parted, allowing Peter's right hand to slide WAY up under that skirt.

Dinner continued. I caught Jack looking around under the table, at his client feeling my wife. And now there was no doubt from the angle that his palm was right on her crotch. Carol sat enduring a pussy rub from an older man she'd never met until less than two hours ago. If the men on the other side of the table were paying attention, even they would be able to tell by Peter's position what he was up to under the table. I took some solace that she was wearing pantyhose, so there was no way the guy was going to get inside her pussy during dinner. But what about after dinner? How soon could we get them out of the house?

Jack tried to stretch out dinner by keeping the conversation going after we were done eating, allowing Peter more time for playing with my wife's pussy. But Carol finally said, "Anybody for cake?" And subtly removed the hand from her crotch as she stood up. Carol exited the kitchen, with all eyes on her butt and short skirt.

We continued our small talk, but Lee got up and said, "Excuse me." I thought he was going to the bathroom. But instead I caught him walking into the kitchen. From my view at the end of the table, I could partially see into the kitchen, and saw Carol at the counter, cutting up the cake and putting the pieces on plates. Lee approached her from behind. I heard Carol gasp as he put his arms around her waist.

The kitchen echoed, so as the conversation at the table got quiet, I could hear Lee say, "Jack told me you were a player." He then slid his hands up Carol's stomach, and grabbed both of her breasts. Carol gasped, but otherwise did nothing, as Lee reached around and kneaded both of her large breasts over her sweater, lifting and squeezing them. Carol's head was up and her chest heaved out, as she got goosed and tit-fondled.

When Carol got up the nerve to grab a couple of plates of cake and wrestle away from Lee, he released her, grinning, and returned to the table for his dessert.

"Do you want dessert?" Jack asked Lee, handing him a piece of cake.

"No thanks," replied Lee. "I just got my dessert in the kitchen."


Jack said, "Shall we retire to the living room for another round of drinks?" And we did. I got everybody another drink, as Peter literally cornered Carol in the living room, likely hitting on her, from his smirking expression.

After everyone got seated in the living room with drinks, and random small talking among the group, Peter complimented Carol. "Carol, you're a good cook, and you're beautiful. Do you have other talents we don't know about?"

"She's also a good dancer," said Jack.

"You mean like dance routines?" asked Peter.

"No, I mean slow dancing," Jack said. "I danced with her at the Christmas party last year, and she accepted my lead gracefully."

I think that Jack was making a little joke about Carol allowing him to feel her up on the dance floor. Carol thought so too, judging from her blush.

"Peter, you should dance with Carol," said Jack. "Neil, do you have any slow danceable music?"

Like a servant, I jumped up and started to look through a stack of CDs on a shelf. I found one CD of primarily jazzy pop ballads, and put it into my CD player. Peter grabbed Carol, and started to dance with her.

The rest of us sat down and watched the couple dancing. Jack tried to keep the conversation going, distracting me I think, as Peter snuggled in close with my wife, trying to work her into the far dark corner. I was an inch taller than the five-foot ten inches Carol, and I was the only man in the room that wasn't shorter than her. So the shorter Peter burrowed his head into her neck. He lowered his right hand down and clenched her butt. He danced slow, but started to grind his crotch into her leg.

Since I was engaged in conversation, and since Carol wasn't objecting to Peter's smothering dance moves, Peter got bolder, and slid his right hand up her side and over her left breast. He squeezed it firmly, and I could see her flimsy bra cup cave in.

Lee stood up and cut in on the dancers. Peter reluctantly released my wife, and soon the bulky Chinese man was grinding into her. He placed both hands on her butt cheeks, and squeezed. Carol could only stare wide-eyed.

Then Dick, still the most visibly drunk and the visibly sweating of the three, cut in on Lee, and danced with Carol. He was the most brazen with his gropes, feeling her tits and her ass, and kissing her neck, as Carol threw her head back in an attempt to avoid the lips at her nape. Dick rubbed his upper thigh into Carol's crotch. Carol's legs were spread to keep from falling over, which caused her skirt to hike up high, showing a lot of thigh. Dick's right hand roamed up under her skirt in back, and groped her butt under her raised skirt and over her hose and panties. Carol actually let out a couple of grunts as she tried to keep the drunken man from tripping her and knocking them both over. She allowed the hand groping, but threw her head back and to the side in an attempt to keep Dick from kissing her lips.

Finally Jack called for Carol to come and "sit down and rest. Over here." He patted the couch, and Carol sat in the middle of the couch, with Jack on her left, and Peter on her right. I sat in a chair directly across from them, and Lee and Dick sat in a love seat cornered with the couch.

There was more small talk, and in no time Peter had his left hand resting on my wife's right thigh. He had his face inches from her, and Jack had his arm around her, keeping her from moving away. I was asked to fetch another round of drinks. As I rounded the corner, I glanced back at the living room, and saw Jack kiss Carol on the lips. By the time I got back from the kitchen, Peter was making out with my wife.

Not only was Peter French kissing Carol, but as I handed Lee and Dick their drinks, Peter slid his right hand onto her left breast over her top, caressing the fabric over her bra. And Jack's hand was on Carol's hose-covered thigh.

There was very little small talk now, and I could hear Peter and Carol's lips smacking together. He was kneading her breast firmly, squeezing and lifting it. Jack was caressing Carol's thigh, moving slowly under her skirt. I caught myself trying to look up my wife's skirt, instinctively looking for a panty sighting. My cock started growing.

As in Jack's office, it seemed so surreal, so unreal, like I was watching a movie. Nobody was holding a gun to mine or Carol's heads, but Jack was figuratively holding a gun to our son's head. We just went along with whatever Jack wanted, too fearful of the consequences to object in the slightest.

Peter slid his hand inside of Carol's wine-colored top. He tilted his hand, and worked it inside of her bra. Carol was silent, but her legs were squirming, causing her knees to part. Jack's hand pushed her hem back. I could now see the seams of Carol's pantyhose at her crotch, and beneath that, her white panties.

Peter pushed Carol's top off of her right shoulder, reached into her bra, and hauled her big left tit out of her black bra cup, and laid it out exposed, for everybody to see. Lee and Dick were silent as they stared at my wife's big pale tit on display. Peter fondled the free melon, squeezing the flesh between his fingers, and caressing her dark areolas.

Jack had his hand all the way up under Carol's skirt. And when she squirmed more, Peter threw his leg over her right knee. Jack and Peter now had her legs spread wide; and even Dick and Lee could certainly see her white panties up her skirt and under her pantyhose crotch. Jack rubbed her mound, with long full strokes, from his fingertips to the heel of his palm. Carol's crotch slowly thrust out to meet the hand.

Peter pulled down on Carol's right straps, and then pulled her right tit out of her bra cup, and rested that tit out in the open next to her previously exposed left breast, hanging out over her sweater and bra. Jack looked down at her tits, smiling, while Peter buried his face between them. Once Peter was clearly engrossed in sucking and licking Carol's bare tits, Jack turned Carol's face toward him, and made out with her. Carol once again stuck her tongue out so that we could all see Jack and her joust with their tongues out of their mouths.

Peter ran his right hand up Carol's right thigh, and when Jack removed his hand from Carol's crotch, Peter placed his hand on it, and rubbed her pussy while suckling her right tit. Jack grabbed her free left tit, and groped it while making out with her. So now the other three of us sat there in silence, watching my wife with Jack's mouth on hers, Jack's hand on one tit, Peter's mouth on her other tit, and Peter's hand on her pussy.

Peter sat up, and pushed Carol's skirt up to her hips. He reached under the skirt, and tugged down on her pantyhose and panties. I saw Carol lift her butt up off the couch to accommodate Peter. Peter slid the panties and hose down her thighs, past her knees, and all the way off of her feet, with Carol lifting her feet for him. My wife's hair-covered pussy was now exposed. I noticed that it was trimmed back just a little from the other day; almost like she knew someone was going to see it. But it was still a full forest of even brown fur.

With her pussy in full view, Peter wasted no time sliding his finger into it. Carol, who was still being kissed and fondled by Jack, only responded by spreading her legs wider. "Wow, honey, you're wet!" Exclaimed Peter. This elicited some chuckles and moans from Dick and Lee.

Peter pulled open his pants, and tugged them all the way off, along with his briefs. Now wearing only dark socks on his bottom half, and exposing an erect, dark cock, Peter took Carol's right hand and placed it on his shaft. Carol knew what to do, and stroked it slowly from base to head.

Jack likewise stood up and tugged off his pants and briefs, and he too sat next to Carol and made her give him a hand job. Both men got jerked off by my wife as they sucked on her nipples. Carol's eyes were closed, her head resting on the back of the couch.

Peter slid down onto his knees on the carpet, between Carol's legs. He buried his head between her long thighs, and ate her pussy. Carol splayed her legs wider for him, even though I detected tears running down her cheeks. She emitted the occasional little moans. "Ohhhhh."

Lee and Dick had been rubbing their dicks through their pants as they watched the action. Now Dick whipped his hard cock out of his pants and stroked it. Soon Lee did the same. I couldn't help but notice that all four of these shorter men had cocks that were either longer than mine, or noticeably fatter, or both. I was feeling small, in more ways than one.

Jack played with both of Carol's tits while alternately making out with her and suckling her tits. Carol's long thighs were now wrapped firmly around Peter's head. Her left hand was still jerking off Jack, and her right hand was on Peter's head at her crotch.

Peter now raised his head, got up onto his knees between Carol's legs, and aimed his hard cock at her open pussy. Carol whimpered for a moment, but with Jack whispering something in her ear, she spread her legs wide, and allowed Peter's dick head to press into her pink pussy lips. Carol was still in a sitting position, with her crotch at the end of the seat cushion, as Peter began to thrust in and out of her pussy.

I was throbbing hard. I wanted to play with my cock the way that Lee and Dick were, but couldn't bring myself to do that in front of the boss and clients and my wife. I occasionally slid my hand around my dick over my pants.

Jack stood up on the couch, next to Carol. He aimed his stiff cock at her head, and turned her face toward him. He was trying to make her suck it. Carol instinctively closed her mouth and tried to turn away. But on the third try, the insistent Jack coaxed her to open her mouth and slide her soft lips over his purple dick head. Jack thrust forward, and Carol leaned over, and slurped down about half of Jack's long cock shaft.

Peter was pumping at a steady medium pace, his bare ass moving in and out of my wife's crotch. Her torso was rocking up and down, and her neck was moving back and forth as she performed oral sex on my boss. For a moment her tits were untouched, and they swayed as she moved.

Peter started pumping faster, throwing Carol's body back hard against the couch. The slapping sounds of his flesh meeting hers were loud. Jack's right hand was resting on the top of the couch for balance, and now he was reaching down with his left hand and groping Carol's left tit. Peter reached up and felt Carol's right tit. Carol was moaning, but her sounds were muffled due to her lips being wrapped around Jack's cock. I could see the dick head poking into her right cheek from the inside as she slid her lips further down his shaft.

Peter grabbed both of Carol's hips, and thrust rapidly and forcefully. Carol's black skirt was still bunched up around her waist, and her wine top and black bra were trapped under her breasts, the straps just above her elbows. Jack was thrusting in and out of Carol's mouth. Carol was moaning louder. "MMMMMHPHHHH! "UMMMMGHHHHH!"

Carol started thrashing her hips back and forth. Peter was hanging on, trying not to get bucked out of her pussy, as she gyrated back and forth. I recognized her shuddering as the eruption of a major orgasm. "MMPHHHHHHHHH! "MMMMMRRRRPHHHH! MUMMMMMM!"

Carol's climax coincided with Peter's. He thrust in hard and slow for a few pumps, and then slowly slid his dick out of her pussy, letting some cum drip from his dick onto her thighs and belly.

But Jack was still going. He humped faster into Carol's mouth. He grabbed her head with both hands, and rapidly fucked her face. Carol began making choking noises, and as Jack slowed down, cum dribbled out of Carol's mouth. "Take it all. Swallow it," ordered Jack, as Carol choked and turned red. Finally Jack pulled his slick cock out of her mouth and released my wife.


So Peter and Jack had cum in my wife, and Lee and Dick got a good show. I was hoping that was the end of the night for Carol and me.

But as soon as Jack recovered from his ejaculation, he made Carol lean forward. He pulled her disheveled top over her breasts and up her neck, through her hair, and over her head, and dropped it on the floor. Then he deftly reached behind her with one hand, and unhooked her bra; no easy feat with two hands, due to her wide three-hook bras that I was familiar with.

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