tagFetishBossy Black Girls Rock!

Bossy Black Girls Rock!


Black women are rude. Black women are arrogant. Black women are too damn bossy. Black women are too feisty. Yeah, you and I hear that shit every day. I'm a Black guy who loves bossy Black women and for the longest time, I couldn't seem to find the Black dominatrix of my dreams. How weird is that shit, for real? My name is Michael Franciscan, and I'm a young Black man living in the City of Ottawa, province of Ontario. I was born on February 4, 1989, in the City of Buffalo, New York, to a Jamaican-American father and French Canadian mother. My parents, Mitchell Franciscan and Michelle Tremblay divide their time between the province of Ontario and the State of New York. Last year, I flunked out of Buffalo State University and opted to study at Ravens University in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Life hasn't been the same since.

I've always been somewhat of a thrill seeker. I like to push the envelope, and I'm always eager to try new things. When I was in high school, I joined the martial arts club and I guess I got a bit carried away because I injured one of my opponents so badly that she was hospitalized for three days. I felt bad, but that's the kind of guy I am. I love to win no matter what the game is. Doesn't matter if you're a guy or a female, don't compete against me unless you want to be destroyed. It is that simple. Winning is everything, that's how my parents raised me. My dad is a New York State Police Officer and my mother works for the Ontario Ministry of Corrections as a prison guard. my older brother Jerome is at West Point right now. As you can see, my family is made up of driven people.

People who don't push themselves fascinate me because I just don't understand them. Take my girlfriend Lynn Colby for example. She's this short, cute and thick light-skinned Black chick I met at Ravens University. She's originally from the town of Halifax in the province of Nova Scotia, and like me she's new in town. Lynn is a very nice gal, church-going and friendly, always volunteering for different organizations and good causes. Me? When people first meet me, they think I'm a nice guy. I'm six-foot-one, with medium brown skin, curly Black hair and pale green eyes. People always ask me if I'm Hispanic or something but I proudly tell them that I am African-American. I don't consider myself mixed or biracial. Just Black. I love my White mother and Black father, but I am a Black man in the eyes of the world. End of story. I've always been very good at math and science, and opted to study civil engineering in University. I got a bit distracted at Buffalo State University but things are looking up at Ravens University. I'm doing really good in the undergraduate program of civil engineering around here.

Folks, I got a confession to make. When I was eighteen, I discovered the world of BDSM. Women who dominate men. Men who dominate women. Women who dominate both men and women. I've been fascinated by this fetish world ever since. To the best of my knowledge there aren't a lot of Black men and Black women in the world of BDSM, but that's slowly changing. The only thing I don't like about BDSM is that the Black masters, Black mistresses and Black submissive types don't play with each other. I think that's stupid. Last year, I went out with a tall, fine-looking White chick named Danielle Wentworth. She was almost six feet tall, slim and fit, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice round booty. She was an international student at Buffalo State University, hailing from the town of Galway in Ireland. Danielle was kinky and I did let her do me with a strap-on dildo but something wasn't right. I felt weird for allowing a White female to dominate me, a strong Black man. It messed with my head a little bit, having these desires. I decided to seek out a dominant Black female instead.

Now, finding a dominant Black female is easier said than done, even though Black women got a reputation for being bossy across North America. I met this cute Black chick named Lynn Colby at school, and she seemed nice enough. Light brown skin, curly Black hair, lovely dark brown eyes, a curvy body, wide hips and a big round butt. I asked her out and she said yes. Our first date, we saw that movie, Think Like A Man. I liked her just fine, and we continued seeing each other. Lynn is a cool chick but like the restless soul that I am, I'm always looking for my next thrill. I liked her a lot but she was, shall we say, too nice? I wanted a chick who would treat me like a king in public and make me her own personal slave in the bedroom. Lynn was such a goody-two-shoes that I just didn't think I had it in her. I began browsing profiles in BDSM chat rooms and forums online, looking for that elusive Black dominatrix. I found several but these dominant Black ladies plainly stated that they only played with submissive White males. Submissive Black men need not apply. Ain't that a kick in the butt? Shit. This isn't right!

Man, I got really frustrated because my search simply didn't yield any fruit. What's a brother to do, ladies and gentlemen? I resigned myself to being yet another one of those sexually frustrated Black man in the Canadian capital, that seemed to be my fate. One day, my luck changed. I read about a munch for female dominants and male submissive types happening at a restaurant within a shopping center in downtown Ottawa. I went there, dressed in my Sunday best. I figured maybe I'd meet somebody cool, you know? As I expected, I was the only Black man there. There were about thirty people, most of them over thirty and most of them White, though I did see a couple of Asians and Arabs among them. I sat in a corner, feeling bored and lonely. A middle-aged White dude tried to chat me up but I turned him down. I'm freaky as hell but totally straight, thank you very much. No gay stuff.

I was staring at my half empty cup of lemon lime and red wine ( don't judge me ) when someone sat right in front of me. A very familiar-looking someone. Guess who? None other than my usually boring girlfriend Lynn Colby, the Black chick from Nova Scotia! Except that she was wearing a Black and crimson dominatrix's outfit, and had a whip hanging on her belt. Smiling at me, she asked me why I never told her I was into this stuff. I was so shocked I almost spilled my drink. Damn. Lynn smiled mischievously at me, and told me to fess up. I grinned, and told her about my long-time fascination with all things fetish-related. She told me she'd been in the lifestyle for years. Wow. Lynn was born in 1990, which makes her only 20 years old. How long had she been in BDSM? Did I really want to know? Smiling, she asked me if I had a dominatrix. I shook my head. Grabbing my hand, she told me I had one now. I looked at my sexy Nova Scotian girlfriend and smiled happily. Yes ma'am!

Lynn and I mingled with the others a bit, and she introduced me to her friends. All eyes were on us. The tall Black man in the suit and the short, sexy young Black woman in the leather outfit. Aside from two Arab chicks and one Chinese broad, we were the only people of color there. Lynn and I left the party a bit early, because I didn't enjoy middle-aged White guys and White chicks staring at us like wolves looking at tasty lambs. When we got to my dorm, my sexy lady unleashed hell on me. Later on she would tell me how, for a year, she yearned to share with me this side of herself. My church-going, friendly and ever-smiling, community-volunteer girlfriend was a whip-smart dominatrix. Wow. And she told me she'd been looking for a Black male submissive for a long time but couldn't find one because most Black male submissive types went for dominant White women. We both laughed when I told her how frustrated I got because most dominant Black women went for White male submissive types. Yeah, we were made for each other.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. My sexy Afro-Canadian lady bent me over her knee and beat my ass with a paddle, spanking me until my Black ass turned Black and blue. I yelped and screamed, but that only seemed to encourage her. Later, she tied me up and teased me by stripping naked and shaking her big Black ass mere inches from my hard dick, but without letting me touch it. Damn her! The most thrilling moment of the evening was when Lynn Colby, my sexy Black dominatrix, donned a strap-on dildo and told me she was going to fuck me with it. First, though, she took me to the washroom and let me clean up a bit. I was most thankful. I was clean, but still very much afraid of her big plastic cock. Mistress Lynn Colby smiled at me and told me to get ready for the fucking of a lifetime. I smiled nervously and asked her to have mercy on my ass. Smiling nastily, she told me my ass belonged to her and her wishes were my command.

That's how I ended up on my knees in my own bedroom, sucking on her shiny ebony strap-on dildo. After I sucked it for a good while, Mistress Lynn Colby put me on all fours and lubricated my asshole. Smacking my ass for good measure, she eased the strap-on dildo into my anus. I grimaced as she penetrated my ass with her toy. Truth be told, her dildo felt huge in my ass, even with the lubricant. My sexy Black Mistress held my hips tightly as she began fucking me with her strap-on dildo. No lie, it fucking hurt, but also weirdly felt kind of good. Lynn reached underneath me and grabbed my cock, stroking it as she pounded my ass with the dildo. I was tense at first, and trust me, you would be too, but after a while, I kind of relaxed and enjoyed. A short while later, I came, violently, and she continued to do me. Lynn fucked me like this for a good while, then finally pulled out of me.

Grinning, she asked me how I felt. Man, I had no words. It was fucking great. I lay on the bed, spent. Lynn smiled and pulled out of me, causing me to wince as her dildo exited my hole. My sexy Black Nova Scotian wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. I kissed her back. My lady and I lay in bed like this, just kissing and talking. She told me I had a cute ass, one she'd wanted to fuck ever since she first met me and I was kind of surprised. I didn't know chicks checked out guys butts. News to me, I guess. Lynn gave my ass a good squeeze for good measure, and I smiled. I caressed her big, heart-shaped ass. Damn right I wanted some of that. Grinning, Lynn started to unstrap her dildo but I stopped her. I asked her to keep it on as I slipped on a condom and pushed my cock into her pussy. Smiling, she held on tight as I began fucking her with deep powerful strokes of my hard dick into her tight pussy, just like any red-blooded Black man should. Our screams of pleasure filled the night.

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