tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBoston Legal: Out of Court Ch. 01

Boston Legal: Out of Court Ch. 01


DISCLAIMER!! Obviously, this is all my own work and in no way affects the creators of Boston Legal. They aren't my characters, this is merely a totally unofficial piece of fiction.

This story is set during the first season of the television series Boston Legal.

Out of court settlements: Pt 1

The young lawyer was furious. Her entire body was shaking with barely contained anger and if she was honest, a huge amount of jealousy. No, Sally Heep was not impressed.

The early morning staff meeting had, in its usual fashion, been punctuated primarily by the zany antics of the leading lawyers at Crane, Poole and Schmidt, in particular the antics of her former lover Alan Shore. Although it had been her who had ended their brief yet exciting relationship, she still missed him.

He was by no means a heartthrob in terms of looks, it was his entertaining character coupled with his... talents, between the sheets that had always enticed her. Despite the fact that she knew they were not right for each other, she hated the fact that he was now sleeping with the English beauty and her former friend, Tara Wilson.

She had held it together during the meeting, but was now barely able to contain her feelings. Shore had flirted heavily with Tara throughout the meeting, culminating in him surreptitiously sliding his hand up underneath her skirt as they sat together at the large desk. Most of the people at the table hadn't seen it, or at least, she didn't think anyone had, although Alan had flicked a very self-impressed grin towards fellow lawyer Brad Chase who had scowled, although that could well have simply been their common animosity at work. Tara hadn't made many signs of what was going on other than a little shiver now and again and a slightly, almost imperceptible increase in the speed of her breathing, impressive control Sally knew given how skilled Alan was with his fingers.

Sally remembered Alan's fingers on her body, remembered their dalliances in various quiet rooms of their law offices. It had made her feel so angry and hurt that he would do that with her right there in the office, with so many people around. Alan had never fingered her in a public place, even at the height of their sexcapades.

What got to her the most was that watching them, watching and listening intently for Tara's tiny moans as Alan had leant forwards onto the desk, leaning his chin on the palm of his left hand to cover the slow actions of his right hand between Tara's tanned legs had turned Sally on. She had felt herself becoming wet and a little thrill of her own shot through the jealousy at every subtle sign of Tara's enjoyment.

She was so angry at herself for feeling that way that she needed a time out. She had found a quiet room, a meeting room that wasn't likely to be used any time soon, she'd checked the docket, and had closed and locked the door and closed the blinds. She sat with her face in her hands and didn't know whether to cry or punch something. As she sat, her mind wandered between an incident which had occurred in the same room a few months before and what had transpired in the meeting room earlier.

...Alan whispered into her ear and pulled her across to the door, she had protested but he had gently tugged at the hem of her skirt, pulling it up to just below her firm ass cheeks, and tugging her backwards. In her high heels she had struggled to keep her footing, but despite her quiet protests, she had allowed him to pull her into the room. She felt herself becoming aroused as he closed the door behind them, still not releasing the now hiked up hem of her skirt...

One of Sally's hands moved to her collar to loosen it slightly as she had suddenly become warm...

...Alan had sat strategically, despite his fairly senior position in the firm, he had sat at the second from last seat on the left hand side of the table, four seats from the head of the table. Tara had sat to his right. They had both moved their chairs in close to the table so that their legs were beneath it. Sally had sat across from them in her usual place. She saw the point at which Alan had turned to Tara and raised his eyebrow and she had given a slow, sultry smile. He returned it and his right hand which had been resting in his lap moved carefully to hers...

Sally allowed her mind to wander further, as she dropped her hand to her lap, still holding her face with her other hand. Despite her feelings of jealousy and anger, she felt the warmth rising from her centre even through her underwear and skirt. She pressed her hand down, feeling the fabric pressed into her sex by the action.

...He had wasted very little time. The meeting room was quite dark, it was winter and became dark quickly, though they were both working late. Keeping her facing away from him, he had nibbled and kissed her neck then with one hand still holding the hem of her skirt high enough to see her black, lacy panties he had pushed Sally forward with his other hand on her ass until she was bent over the desk. His right hand then began to rub her right flank gently as his other hand left her body for an agonizing moment and she heard a zipper move...

Sally's legs spread slowly as her hand continued it's slow, deep, moving pressure through her clothing.

...Tara had carefully moved her legs apart and Alan had leant forward to allow him to reach back up and under Tara's skirt. Sally saw Tara inhale a little more sharply and shift slightly in her seat. Although his hand seemed to remain static at first, probably to avoid attracting attention...

Sally couldn't take it anymore, the burning sensation of jealous anger was overcome by the heat emanating from her wanton sex. She unbuttoned the top of her skirt and slid her right hand down the front of her skirt, pressing against her pussy through her lacy underwear, the same pair that... He pulled aside with the hand that had left her body a moment before, his other hand that had so deliciously caressed her side now came to rest to stabilize her as she felt air on her bare pussy a moment before skin came into contact with hers and she felt the tip of a hard object part her tight lips and slowly, bit by bit, sliding deeper into her. She was very wet and becoming steadily wetter but it was still three or four shallow strokes before he finally sank into her body completely and she felt his hips press against her ass cheeks as they both moaned quite loudly. His hands then moved from her sides underneath the fabric of her tight blouse and slid up across her taught stomach to the small swells of her braless breasts. The fabric pressing his hands tightly to her flesh as his fingers found her already erect nipples and she felt goosebumps rise across her body as they became even harder. As she reveled in this sensation, he slowly, agonizingly drew back out of her dripping cunt until just the tip of him was still parting her labia and then pushed more firmly back inside, drawing a deep moan from her before pulling back out slightly faster. He repeated this for several more strokes until he found a rhythm, not too fast or too slow, and she felt her pussy muscles contracting as he withdrew, trying to keep his delicious fullness inside of her...

She began to rub faster and faster, feeling her wetness soaking through her underwear as she rubbed the fabric against herself and she felt a jolt of pleasure through the jealousy, it was sharper than normal, perhaps even heightened by the feelings she was experiencing and she opened her mouth in a silent moan as her frigging speed increased.

Alan's hand began to slowly move, she could tell by the movements of his shoulder, very small movements, she wasn't even sure herself at first that they were there but after a few minutes she was sure. Tara, with a topic now being discussed on which she had no input, had sat back in her chair and closed her eyes, feigning a small yawn as a shiver ran through her tight yet voluptuous body...

As her heat increased she finally needed the feeling of skin on her swollen clitoris and her hand slid down the waistband of her panties, and her index finger found the nub of her hot little clit and began to rapidly stroke it back and forth, she felt her orgasm building...

The sounds as his cock slid out of her warm depths was now a wet, slick sounding one as her aching, wanton twat tried to squeeze to keep him inside of her. She could feel the muscles tensing as her cunt tried hard not to let the glorious fullness of him escape her centre, but in each case, it did not have to wait long until he thrust deeply back inside of her and she could feel the muscles in her abdomen beginning to tense along with a warmth she knew all too well...

The meeting was beginning to draw to a close but Sally was sure of what she was seeing now, Tara had begun to look a little flushed and was moving around in her seat rather a lot, Alan was studiously not looking at her but his hand was still buried in her crotch and the slight shifts in the sleeve of his suit that Sally could see suggested a rhythmic movement. Sally could feel herself becoming aroused by the sight even as more anger flooded her system at this betrayal of her feelings by her own sex...

Sally's first orgasm hit powerfully and she rocked in the chair, trying not to moan too loudly as she came onto her hand. She felt all other emotion pushed aside as she reveled in the beauty of her feelings. She slid her middle finger into her own sopping wet depths as she came and felt her pussy contracting on her finger as her orgasm continued.

...His thrusting slowed and stopped with just the head of his cock still buried in her as she felt him tense behind her, her own orgasm so very close. He held there for a second or two and she actually begged him to fill her again. He made her wait then thrust back inside her triggering both of their orgasms as they each tensed completely, her pussy tugging at his cock, milking him as he shot a jet of hot come into her body and she flooded his dick with hers. They each gave a loud moan of ecstacy, relishing being locked together so completely, his flesh and hers becoming one as their pleasure reached an amazing height...

As Sally came down from her orgasm, she cast around the room for something to clean herself up with. She found a small pack of Kleenex in a flowery courtesy box on a small end table at the side of the room. She had soaked her underwear, her hand, the tops of her tights and the chair she had been sat on, but thankfully not her skirt as she had, at some point though she didn't remember doing so, hiked it up her body and out of harm's way.

She cleaned herself up and then checked around the room for any signs, she couldn't do anything about the chair at that moment but knew she had a few hours before anyone was going to be using the room unless there was an emergency and so she carefully made her way back to her own office, closing the door behind her as she left.

She headed to the bathroom first to finish cleaning herself up and then sat gently down at her desk. She began to look through her things to see what she had still pending and it was then that she saw the purple gift box, tied with yellow ribbon on the desk...

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