tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBoth Holes Filled by a Real Man

Both Holes Filled by a Real Man


You arrive home from endless meetings, just wanting to put your feet up and have a lazy evening with me. As you pull in, you see Peter's car in the driveway and your cock stirs. You haven't seen him in two weeks, ever since our first meeting and you've been wondering why he's been so quiet. You get out of the car and hear the familiar sounds of fucking, your cock becoming more interested now. You silently close the car door and walk around the house, hoping to see Peter's beautiful cock fucking me. You carefully inch your way through the overhanging branches, careful not to alert us to your presence.

"What if Shawn comes home now?" Peter gasps in between thrusts.

"Fuck Shawn, if he's not here to satisfy me, it's his own fault" you hear me grunt back.

You round the corner of the house where you can see the deck and then you see us, Peter's 9" dick buried to his balls inside my pussy. You carefully put down your briefcase and stroke the bulge in your pants, your cock almost bursting from its restraint. I'm lying on a mattress, Peter kneeling between my legs and holding me by the ankles, stretching me as far as my legs will go. You watch as he slowly pulls his entire length out so just the tip is still teasing my opening, then thrust back in hard, both of us gasping and grunting at the pleasure. You zip your pants open and fumble with your now hard cock to free it of its prison, almost crying out when the head catches the zip on its way out.

"Oh fuck Peter, please fuck me like Shawn never can!" I moan, "He's so small compared too you, I don't think I will want him after you!"

Peter starts thrusting harder, "Like this you bitch? Is this what you fucking want?"

"Yes! Oh fuck yes, Shawn can't even reach me so far in!" I'm rubbing and pinching my nipples and my eyes are getting wider.

You can see Peter's balls slapping my ass as he pounds into me. Your cock is painfully hard now, your balls still inside your underpants and stretched as you're starting to stroke your cock harder now, rubbing your pre-cum over the head as your hand reaches the top. You catch a moan just as it's about to escape your mouth, you don't want us to know you're watching.

"I'm going to cum" you hear my voice rising and Peter grunts that he is almost there too.

Peter's balls tighten and you can feel your own balls sympathise with them and as you hear my scream, you let go, Peter bellowing at the same time. He doesn't stop thrusting all the time he's pouring his cum into my pussy and you're amazed that he doesn't really deflate that much, he just carries on as if nothing happened.

You're totally spent and have to hold onto the wall to steady yourself, your brain almost migrated out of your cock. You look up and see Peter pulling his cum coated cock out of my pussy and teasing my ass, running his head around the rim. He pulls me closer and up so that he can have better access, I'm lying there like a rag doll, coming down from my orgasm. His one hand is fondling my one nipple while he's playing his cock against my ass with the other. My hand moves down to my gaping, soaked and thoroughly fucked pussy and starts playing with my clit, I dip two fingers in and suck the cum and pussy juice off.

Peter's cock head is in my ass, moving in a bit but not quite out again, slowly working himself into my hole. I reach over to the lube and drip it on his cock as it pumps in deeper every time, feeling the silky smoothness as he glides in and out.

"Shawn just drops his cock in, not like you, you're so big you have to take your time"

"Shawn is a wimp, he doesn't know how to please you!"

"No he can't! He'll have to fuck me with a dildo your size next time if he fucks me!"

Your cock is rising to the words again and you stroke it, using your last cum as lube. Peter is halfway in, still working his huge cock rhythmically into my ass. Then he tells me to turn around with him still in my ass and I manage it without losing him. I'm on all fours and he pulls my hips closer, starting to thrust harder now. My breasts are swinging with every push and you hear my gasps as he buries himself deeper with every thrust.

"Oh god no Peter, you're too big, you're hurting me"

"Fuck you, you wanted this, you will take it all!"

Your cock is fully erect now, ready for more action. You start pumping your hand in time to Peter's thrusts into my ass, imitating my ass muscle around your own cock. You see his balls slapping my pussy hard every time.

He pours more lube on his cock, working it in as he pumps away at my ass.

"Peter please! I'm used to Shawn in my ass, not you!"

"Shut up!" slapping my raised bum, then another slap.

He's totally buried in my ass now, shining with lube every time he pulls out.

"I'll fuck your ass as I want to, do you understand?" and another two slaps, turning my bum red.

My hand reaches to my pussy, playing with my clit, getting me ready to orgasm again.

You feel your balls jumping again, another load on its way.

"Peter, no! Please?" another slap, and then I scream in a mixture of ecstasy and pain, climaxing hard.

He grunts and pushes in all the way, his balls pulling up and he cums again in great gushes into my ass -- it takes a long time for him to empty his balls and as he pulls out, my ass doesn't close immediately and his cum starts to drip out. You see this and you can't hold back anymore, cumming in spurts into your hand and into the garden.

I collapse under Peter, both of us totally spent once again. Peter's cock is still not totally deflated but you decide that you would not be able to go another round if he decides to fuck me again. You quietly retreat to the car, open and shut the door with a bang, pretending you'd just got home.

You expect us to be all prim and proper but you're surprised to find us in exactly the same position you last saw us in. I look up at you with a well-fucked smile, casually scooping up Peter's cum from my legs and licking my fingers. Peter looks a bit guilty but I tell him to relax, that you deserve to see me fucked by a real man.

I get up from the mattress, cum and lube running down my legs. I walk inside and come out with cock cage, look at you with a glint of mischief in my eyes and tell you to strip.

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