tagBDSMBoth Shall Live Ch. 02

Both Shall Live Ch. 02


Again, props to OhPossum for editing. I still claim any mistakes that may remain.

This is the sequel to Both Shall Live, and if you have questions that are raised by it, feel free to read that one first.

As always, comments and voting are welcome.


In the summer leading up to our wedding, I started to realize a little of what marrying Pete would mean. As such, I began to look around on the Internet, so I would know more of what to expect. This opened me to all kinds of information that I had never before been privy too. The thought that people actually liked being naked in front of somebody else astounded me. If it were anybody but Pete, the very thought would have sent me running for the hills. Then one day, I stumbled across an online store that sold sex toys.

This was a whole new level of shock. Why on earth would they make such things?? Each item listed included a brief description, and as I read the description for some of the bondage toys, I felt that familiar surge of fire go through my groin again. Who in their right mind would WANT to be spanked? The few spankings I had endured as a small child had stood out, and I had been left having trouble sitting for days on end after the last one. When I had been out shopping with my Auntie, I had stolen a small package of gum, thinking that nobody would notice. But Auntie was a smart cookie, and knew immediately. After a lecture on the importance of not stealing, she made me take the gum back to the store and apologize. Then she instructed me to tell my parents. By the time I saw her again three days later, I still had not worked up the nerve to tell them. So, rather than confess to her that I was frightened to tell them, I lied when she asked me about it and told her that I did.

Suffice it to say I learned my lesson for lying and stealing, and have tried my hardest since to do neither. But these toys that you could buy fascinated me, and my search of the Internet became much more intensive. Finding a website of stories about such things, and how the pleasure and pain mixed together could be so much fun, I was absolutely hooked. As I had matured I had discovered that it felt really nice if I rubbed myself in just the right way between my legs. Reading this literature made it feel that much nicer and since I was laid up with my ankle for the first part of that summer, I logged much of my alone time on this site, always deleting my history at the end of each day.

What I didn't know was that Pete accidentally stumbled across my activities one day before I had deleted the history. While I had my computer password protected, he knew all of my passwords as I knew his, and wanted to play a game online. When he unlocked the computer, imagine his shock to discover that I was a closet sub. Flipping through the sites I visited with on a very regular basis, he found himself opened to a whole new realm of possibilities. What I read with most regularity was about a dominating male asserting his place over his female, whether she liked it or not. I tried to stick to stories where the two were married, though that was hard. Still, I had a few marked on my profile as being some of my favourites, and he marvelled at the side of me that he had never suspected. His personality was naturally dominating, though he kept it under control and hidden very well. Still, he had never suspected me of being a submissive, given the fact that I am something of a spitfire.

On the day of our wedding, I was understandably very nervous. I finally knew what was coming that night, and the thoughts of committing such acts with Pete both excited and frightened me. Given that I had no idea that he had discovered my secret, I expected something like the sweet, romantic stories that I had read on occasion. They didn't do much for me, and I always ended up back into the Non-consent or BDSM category. But Pete still treated me like spun glass for the most part, so I didn't even begin to suspect what he had planned for our first time.

True to tradition, he carried me across the threshold of the small cabin our parents had rented us by the lake. Even if it was only for our honeymoon, he wanted to do things right. Then, while I got changed and had a shower to freshen up, he found a story that he had figured out I liked quite a lot, given the fact that it was one of the only stories in my favourites. It was about a man who punished his wife for doing something extremely reckless. Leaving this on the screen when I came out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a baby doll tee and the shortest shorts I owned, he gave me a brief kiss and excused himself for his turn freshening up. When he returned, wearing only a pair of cargo shorts, he found me sitting like a deer in headlights, staring in mute shock at the computer screen.

"What's going on, my beautiful wife?" Even now, he still takes advantage of every chance he gets to address me as such; that first time he was practically glowing with the joy of it. I looked up at him, my face a picture of shock battling with lust. Seeing my expression, he grinned at me, his eye darkening perceptively. "I found that quite by accident on your computer the other month. It surprised me that you would like that sort of thing, all things considered."

All things considered indeed. My face flushed crimson as I remembered the day that we had started dating. When I was away from Pete, I still had the occasional nightmare about devil football players from hell, especially with college looming ever closer on the horizon.

"I never did punish you for that, you know." Pete spoke conversationally, his eyes darkening further, as he too remembered that day. Staring at him in confusion, my jaw dropped. "You knew better than to leave me, but still, you ran off anyways. Knowing full well what kind of dangers lurked in those woods you still risked your life and scared me very badly. What if I hadn't gotten to you in time? What if he had damaged you worse than some bruises or a broken ankle? What if he had TAKEN you from me?!"

Pete had obviously been nursing this ever since that day, and had held it in during the aftermath, owing to how traumatized I had been by the event. With each word he stepped forward, the fear and stress of that day evident by the dark grey colour his eyes had turned. I was literally cowering where I sat, feeling terrible for being the indirect cause of the pain that my beloved Pete was feeling.

"What if I'd lost you? I only have you, there has never been anybody else!" Grabbing my shoulders, he crouched before me, glaring balefully at me. Shaking me once, roughly but only just hard enough to further fluster me, his voice was steadily rising. "And you risked the life of the one other person that I love more than life! HOW could you do that to me!"

"I'm sorry Pete. I never meant..." My voice was low, and I found myself unable to finish that sentence. While I knew how much he loved me, I had never taken into account how my risk taking would affect him. Shaking me again, his glare darkened even further until his eyes appeared to be almost black.

"Sorry wouldn't have brought you back to me!" He was yelling now, all the pent in frustration of years of watching me do stupid things flooding out. That wasn't the first time I had taken off on him, nor was it likely to be the last. Once he'd had to grab my hand just in time to keep me from darting out in front of a car that I had not seen coming. That was one of the few times he had shouted at me in our many years as friends.

"Sorry will STILL break me, STILL take you from me, STILL leave me to muddle through life knowing that the other piece of my soul is not with me!"

I flinched with each word, and dropped my eyes from his, the intensity scaring me. But even as he yelled, I felt the now welcome and familiar fire spread through my lower regions, and my face, which was already red, became absolutely fiery with the shame that washed through me.

"LOOK at me when I'm talking to you!" Shaking me, Pete stood up, pulling me to my feet. "You will NEVER hide your eyes from me, unless I cover them on you! Do you understand!?"

Tears filled my eyes, as I looked up into his again, "Yes sir." I mumbled this, finding it hard to speak around the lump in my throat. "Please sir..."

When I called him sir, Pete's eyes closed momentarily, a brief grin of triumph flashing across his face. Grabbing me around the waist, he dragged me across the room and into the bedroom.

"What are you?" Shoving me hard towards the bed, he grabbed a belt that he had obviously laid out, bearing down on me with glinting eyes.

"I am a bad girl, sir."

"And what happens to bad girls, precious?"

Taking the concept from the safe anonymity of the Internet into real life was almost terrifying in the very idea. "They... they get pun... punished, sir!" Backing away from him, I hit the bed, and sat down hard shaking.

Snapping the belt threateningly, Pete stopped inches from me. "That's right. Bend over that bed! Now!" When I hesitated, he doubled the belt and glowered at me. "Do NOT make me repeat myself, or so help me, I might lose patience with you!"

Shaking so hard that my teeth were almost chattering, I flipped over, so that my torso was across the bed, and my feet flat on the floor, wrapping my arms around my chest to try to still the tremors.

"Please sir..." I made an effort to speak up, so that he would understand me, "Please punish your bad girl... please forgive me..."

With that request, I heard a soft groan from Pete and then a whooshing sound as the belt came falling through the air. Momentarily I saw stars, and had to bite my lip to keep from shrieking as the leather bit into my right thigh. Before I had to chance to recover, there was another whoosh, and he landed the belt on the same spot on my left leg.

"Get those shorts down! I like them and don't want them ruined!"

With shaking hands, I pushed the shorts over my nice round arse, pleased by the faint sound of pleasure that Pete could not quite hide. Since we were married, I hadn't bothered to put on panties and as I shoved the shorts slowly down my legs, Pete got an eyeful of the one part of me that no man had seen since I was a child. "Oh Dasi Daisy, you're so beautiful." Pete reached out and caressed my arse lightly, helping me pull the shorts the rest of the way off and tossing them away.

That momentary glimpse of the man I had fallen in love with heartened my resolve to take the punishment without complaining, and I wriggled my arse up at him invitingly. "Please sir, you were punishing me for not taking proper care of your love."

With a small snort, Pete stood back up, having noticed the sheen between my pussy lips. "Very well then. I will stop when I am ready." I blanched slightly, but just pulled my arms back underneath me, so I wouldn't be tempted to try to shield myself from the belt. Clutching them tight about myself, I waited nervously for him to continue.

Whoosh! SMACK! Whoosh! SMACK! Whoosh! SMACK! Whoosh! SMACK! Whoosh! SMACK!

Without warning, he swung the belt down hard, and repeatedly, not giving me a moment between smacks to master myself. Smacking down hard and fast, he peppered my arse and upper thighs with the belt, not once hitting the same spot, so that the pain was spread across my whole bottom. Putting his foot between my knees, he nudged the inside my thighs. I had my face buried in the bed by this point; I was almost suffocating myself in the blankets to keep from screaming each time the belt touched me again. But when I felt his toe, I spread my legs as wide I could immediately. Reaching down, he picked me up so that my knees were on the bed as well. With my head down like it was, this opened my entire private area to his view.

"Oh dear me." I heard him chuckle softly, "Not only are you refusing to scream for me, you are absolutely drenched. This is supposed to be punishment my precious, not for your enjoyment. You will start counting each one. Maybe adding some humiliation to this will help you to learn your lesson. You are going to get a nice round 15 smacks before I am finished. But be warned, if you lose count, I will start over from one. Even if you reach 14 before you lose count, I will start over and you will have to face that many more!"

With that he started belting me again, hardly giving me enough time to squeak out the number between each successive strike. Whoosh! SMACK! "1!" Whoosh! SMACK! "2!" By three I was crying, and by five I was writhing underneath the belt, wetter than I had ever been just reading about it online. By 8, I was moaning as I counted, and at 11 my voice faltered as I started to approach an impending orgasm. Being able to see this, Pete picked up the speed and intensity of the smacks, so that I was almost incoherent as he belted my already blistered arse with all his might.

On the 14th strike, he lashed the belt across my clit with all his strength. I let out a howl that tore even my ears and immediately fell off the edge into the most exquisite orgasm I had ever experienced. Not having much mercy, Pete kept striking my pussy with the belt as I came, so that the initial orgasm did not fade, but got that much stronger as he forced me into my first ever multi orgasm, without even having given him my virginity.

When I started to black out from the inability to breathe for the pleasure coursing through my body, he relented, allowing the belt to drop to the floor and tugging his shorts down with great difficulty. Rolling me onto my back as the orgasm slowly faded, he thrust his rock hard cock into me with one hard thrust. Perhaps he had promised that he would continue spanking me if I lost count, but he couldn't wait any longer to take me. And I was so drenched that he didn't even have to allow me time to adjust to the sudden entry. As he filled me with his sizable cock, I shrieked, twisting and moaning. While it certainly hurt quite a lot, the pain paled in comparison to the welts on my arse; when he pulled out and slammed it in the second time, I thrust up hard to meet him.

"Pete!!! OH GOODNESS, Harder! Faster! PETEEEE!!" Soon my thrusts matched his and I was quickly approaching another orgasm. As I peaked, he thrust in one final time, slamming into my cervix as he buried all of his cock deep inside me, reaching his peak as well. Considering that it had been his first time with an actual person as well, he had lasted quite well. Collapsing on top of me, Pete moaned softly, kissing me lightly on the lips.

"Wonderful." Rolling over, he cradled me against his chest, reverting to his usual sanguine self. "Dasi Daisy, that was amazing!" I rested against him, exhausted and unable to speak. Rising up on one elbow, he looked down at me, concerned that he had gone too far without meaning too.

After a few minutes when I had caught my breath and was capable of speech again, I offered him a faint smile, "But sir, you're not finished yet. I lost count at 14."

His crooked grin flitted across his face, but he tsked at me disapprovingly while kissing the tip of my nose lightly. "So you did." Peering over my shoulder at my rear end, he shuddered slightly. Many more beltings on my arse or thighs and he would be risking causing me permanent damage. That was not what he wanted at all. "But precious, if I keep going, it will hurt you. I can't hurt you!"

I tugged at the edge of my shirt, trying to pull it up. "No it won't, sir. Not if you switch areas." His jaw dropped as I shook my chest at him, and he helped me pulled the tee over my head looking slightly awed as a result of my offering.

"Well then, count. You were to take 15, so we'll go with 16 to make it even, 8 on each glorious side." Kissing each nipple once lightly, he stood up again, his flaccid cock starting to harden again. Grabbing the belt, he brought it across my right breast with hardly half the force of even one of the smacks he had delivered my arse. I didn't even bother to count, eyeing him speculatively.

Seeing the look on my face, he threw up his hands in the air. "You'll be the death of me!" Grumbling to himself, he brought the belt down across my breast as hard as he could, causing me to shriek "1" and start writhing on the spot. Alternating breasts, and taking care to avoid my nipples, he blistered my chest as he had blistered my arse, all at my request. Quickly he was hardening again, and I was starting to build back up to another orgasm.

When he got to the 11th stroke, he landed it square on my nipple. This drew a shrill, agonized shriek from me, but the agony shot down through my body right to my pussy and somehow, I miraculously managed to keep counting. As he finished the last few all on my nipples, my voice was starting to be hoarse as I counted. However, I just barely managed to keep the count going, not losing my place this time.

Kneeling over my chest, he pressed his cock to my lips, and I let my mouth fall open as he thrust into my mouth. "Suck!" Immediately I licked my tongue around the tip, suckling on it as if it were a lollipop. Groaning he thrust forward, grinning almost a little evilly when I tried to twist away because he hit my gag reflex. Pressing against the back of my throat for a moment, he pulled back and thrust forward again, shoving past my gag reflex and causing me to choke around him.

"Breathe when I pull out, silly girl!" Pulling back, he allowed me a chance to take a few breaths, and then he thrust forward with all his might, massaging my throat helpfully to make it easier on me after it passed my gag reflex. The feeling of me choking around him ended up being too much on him though, and with a strangled yell, he lost control and started to cum for the second time that night. I had no choice but to swallow the first bit as he was wedged just far enough into my mouth that I had no choice. But he pulled out as he came, and stopped when only the head was in my mouth.

With great effort, I struggled to swallow it all, desperate to please him after having caused him such emotional turmoil. Given that it was my first time, I did not quite manage to get it all, but what did spill out wasn't enough that I was very concerned about it. Pulling from my mouth with a satisfied groan, he tugged me over to the edge of the bed.

"Girl, you are amazing." Kneeling between my legs, he leaned forward, basking in his ability to touch me there. I had trimmed for the occasion, but had not shaven, not knowing if he would like it better natural or bare. "And so sweet... so gloriously sweet. You deserve a treat after being such a good girl."

His tongue bathed my whole pussy, and he reached up with his hands to tickle my inner thighs. I moaned and pressed against his face harder, starting to buck as he found my clit and focused on that. Rolling it with his tongue, and pulling it into his mouth, he bit down on it, making me cum one last time. To his credit he kept his teeth on it, nibbling on it through a second orgasm, apparently glorying in the shrill noises of ecstasy that I was emitting. As I finally began to come down from my high, he pulled away and kissed up my body until he reached the spot on the nape of my neck, where there was still see a faint scar from the teeth that should never touched me. Kissing it gently, he picked me up, and pulled me to his chest, lying with me on the bed.

"There now, you gorgeous thing. No other man will ever touch you again; you are mine! And I forgive you for scaring me so. Just please Dasi Daisy, please don't do it again. I need you!"

Mumbling a soft, "Yes sir." I started to drift towards sleep, absolutely exhausted from our first evening of play. Moments later he rested his cheek on the top of my head, and humming the comfort song he had used to help me sleep immediately following the attack, he fell asleep too, secure in the knowledge that I was finally his.

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