"It gets dark so quickly at this time of year," she said, sadly. Meggie was going out to do some shopping, and I did not know that was the last time I would see her while either of us was a free person.

I continued to write the letter I had begun to my editor, and I was getting angrier with him and the situation as I wrote, when there came a knock on our front door, which no one ever uses in this town. Setting my letter aside under my blotter, I got up rather grumpily and went to see what stranger was trying to come in that odd way.

"Yes . . . ma'am?" I asked, looking a bit ga-ga, I'm afraid, as I regarded the apparition which had appeared on our doorstep. This woman was probably about thirty or less, but sophisticated-looking, at least. She was smartly dressed in a dark blue pantsuit, with a bright red vest peeking over her low-cut jacket, which she filled very admirably, too. Despite the quick once-over I gave her form, and much as I wished to peruse it once more, I could not take my gaze away from her, once we made eye-contact. For several minutes, it seemed to me—she told me later that it was less than fifteen seconds—I fell into the depths of her odd-colored irises and then surfaced as she said in as dulcet a tone as I've ever heard,

"My dear fellow, you're my slave. You will do exactly what I tell you to the very best of your capabilities, understand?"

"Yes, I do," I answered, a little amazed that I felt no differently from before, save that the memory of her eyes remained with me . . . forever.

"Good! And your name?" I was startled for a second that she did not already know it, but then said, cheerfully,

"Why, ma'am, it's Jake Garfill."

"And do you live alone here? Is this your home?"

"No, ma'am, not alone, I have a . . .uh ..."


"Uh . . . ‘significant other,' might be the best term, ma'am, as she's almost my wife. We're going to be married if and when I sell a major story."

"Ah . . . you're a writer?"

"Well . . . yes, sort of. I've sold to a few minor magazines, but I'm trying to break into the big time. . ."

She held up a hand and my mouth snapped shut.

"You'll write about this experience, keep a diary if you wish . . . is this your girl, coming up the path, now?"

Actually it was my sister, but I nodded, she was (had been) my "girl" for some years. I found I could not perpetuate the lie, though.

"That's my sister, Eloise," I blurted.

"She usually comes around?"

"Oh, yes, nothing unusual about her stopping by."

"Does she live here, or where?" This woman was cautious and canny.

"She lives all alone since our father died last year. She lives in that big old house at the end of town, back in the woods." I wish I knew why I had volunteered that information.

"Hello, Eloise," the woman greeted my sister, who started back in surprise. She did not recoil sufficiently to avoid the woman's mesmerizing gaze, though.

"Have a seat, Eloise. Jake and I were just discussing moving his family to your house."

I asked myself, but said nothing for she had silently told me to be quiet. She had quite a mind, did the Mistress.

"Oh, this woman coming now must be Jake's wife-to-be, eh, Eloise?"

"Well, yes, that's Meggie. Jake, I didn't know you and she..." Mistress's silent command cut her off sharply.

"Eloise, behind the door. Hold her arms when she enters the room. Jake, you move as though to kiss her, and I shall take her into the fold."

That was how it worked, and Meggie (Margaret) suffered no physical ill-effect whatever. She smiled at the Mistress.

"Why, hello, Jennifer, what have you done to me?"

"Taken you ‘under my wing,' love. You know me, don't you?"

"Sure, from those silly hypnosis courses we took together at—gee, where was it, ‘The Mind Institute,' wasn't it?"

"Good memory, Margaret. But you no longer remember me, or where we met, do you? I am the Mistress, nothing else."

"You are the Mistress," replied Meggie, quite cheerfully.

"Tha-at's right, my girl. Now, let's have supper, it's going to be . . . what?"

Well, Meggie and I had planned toasted cheese sandwiches, but the Mistress had other ideas, and we wound up with crisp bacon, crumbled on the toasted cheese, which she instructed Meggie and Eloise to make as rare-bit, Worcester Sauce, stale beer, and all. Tasted pretty good, as a matter of fact.

Whatever we did for the rest of the night, except go to bed and sleep soundly, I don't remember, but the Mistress told me ("for the record," as she put it) that it was a normal evening. Later, which I am permitted to tell you about, a great deal happened, very interesting things.

v v v v v v

The day after the Mistress arrived was a Saturday, and I usually "took Saturday off," that is, I did no writing that day. I had claimed that I needed to "rest my weary mind," and I pretended that I had done a week's work every Saturday. Most Saturdays, too, Meggie and I made slow-evolving, eventually truly passionate love to each other, save those Saturdays when she was "hors de combat." This had always been of the "passionate talk but conservative action" type when we finally had each other so hot we could no longer confine our caresses to touches.

This Saturday, when we awoke, Mistress was already in the room with us, and she smiled brightly as she told us to attend to our usual morning ablutions, brush our teeth "very carefully," and return, naked, to the bedroom.

When we did so, Eloise was awaiting us, also naked. I had not seen my sister's body since pre-teen days, and I was astonished at how much she had grown! I grew something to match.

"Quite attractive, is she not, Jake?"

"Yes, indeed, Mistress, very pretty."

"You and she will make love to each other—understand, Eloise?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Be very interesting, or I shall have to instruct you in various ways of pleasing each other. You may not have coitus until I tell you—understand?"

We said, in chorus, "Yes, Mistress."

I turned to Eloise, who was moving toward me. I had an erection already, an erection on which she placed, and then around which she wrapped, her hand. I shuddered with the intensity of my feeling, and my penis burgeoned and lengthened as she slowly and gently massaged it, moving the foreskin back from the glans. I reached carefully but urgently for her breasts, which were larger and firmer than I had thought the previous night. I caressed them lightly as they hardened, then bent and suckled her nipples, one after the other, back and forth, my tongue playing with them as they stiffened and grew fat and erect, like my throbbing prick.

I put one hand down onto Eloise's small bush—I could feel that it was trimmed for wearing a bikini—and felt the moisture already oozing from her nether lips. This excited me even further, and I rubbed my belly slowly back and forth against hers, making it difficult but far from impossible for her to manipulate my prick, now urgently seeking those same lips from underneath my fingers, already within her.

I probed as Eloise rubbed against me, finally relinquishing her soft grip on my prick to wrap her arms about my upper body, under my arms. She pulled me to her without a word, but we both knew that we had but one course of action, since we were forbidden the ultimate pleasure of an immediate fucking release.

I knelt, meaning to lick at her, but Eloise pulled me toward the bed so that she might recline and I would have better access to her pussy. I bumped my butt against a leg and discovered that Meggie was already deep within Mistress's pussy with her tongue, and that it was Mistress's leg into which I had bumped.

"Go, find a bed, do not fuck until I allow it!" commanded the Mistress, and we left hurriedly, both our privates leaking fluids. I wanted so much to get Eloise off, and she, apparently, even though under Mistress's command, wanted to get me off just as urgently.

"Me first, Ellie," I said, hastily assuming my interrupted position with my head between her thighs and my tongue seeking her hot snatch. I found it very quickly, after kissing and licking the inside of her upper thighs. She moaned and pulled my head into her crotch, and my tongue penetrated the outer and inner tasty lips, then I felt the nubbin of her clit and I flicked that, but she bucked so that I returned to a vertical tonguing along the crack of her, from her ass up almost, but not quite, to her clit, over and over.

Slowly I licked, faster, then slow, then very fast, one great swipe, reveling in the taste and consistency of the fluid oozing constantly from her cunt, at first gently but increasingly urgently, and then I barely touched her clit and she went off like a rocket! She bucked and jumped her butt off the bed, barely avoiding making me swallow my teeth, but I jerked back and placed two crossed fingers into her cunt as she twisted and rubbed her ass sideways across the mussed sheets, and then she covered my fingers with her second spasm of cum, oozing slippery liquid all over them. I could still taste the first time, very tasty indeed.

Ellie had more energy than I would have, for she grabbed me and gave me a big, tongue-y kiss in the mouth, and moaned,

"Oh, Jakie, let me taste your cum, too."

Well, I had felt and noticed the heavy throb of my prick as I sucked at Ellie, but now it loomed huge and red between us as she made me sit on the bedside and allow her to lick all around my glans, she having retracted my foreskin with tender fingers.

"Does it hurt, Jakie?" she asked in a little girl voice. She hadn't called me Jakie since grade school.

"No, love, go ahead, lick all over it if you want."

She did, slowly licking me up and down the pulsating shaft and I squirmed, but I tried to stay still enough that I would not miss a touch of her tongue. Slowly she brought her lips onto the head, and as slowly, with her tongue tickling me almost to distraction, she sank her mouth and throat onto my eight inches, opening her throat muscles wide to allow its breadth to enter all the way. She took me very deeply, and then, to my amazement, she began to hum, her vibrating throat muscles tickling me so unbearably that I gasped and murmured,

"Ellie, I'm going to cum, I'm going to . . . Ellie, here I . . . oh, take it! Take it! I'm cumming!" as I exploded in utter ecstasy. Her throat muscles moved and I felt my prick and her throat in unison, then in harmony, as she swallowed all of it I could pump.

Like almost any man, I was exhausted by the extreme sexual tension and ultimate strong release, and Ellie and I had not as yet been allowed to fuck each other!

We two lay side by side, stroking each other tenderly. After a while, something made us rise and go back to the other bedroom, to watch while Meggie and Mistress writhed against each other, locked tightly from lip to hip, their legs twining and re-twining about each other. I suppose I should have been, somehow, jealous, but I was too damn' tired, and, I think, too deeply under Mistress's spell, to bother.

Meggie, I saw, was suckling Mistress's nipples like a little pig at it's mother's tit, while Mistress was supine on the bed. Meggie had excited her considerably, though, for she moved her body constantly and her legs opened and closed together in a steady rhythm. There was more than moisture at her crotch, too, as fluid seeped down toward the bed along her inner thighs. Meggie's fingers were hard at work, pumping slowly, then rapidly in constant motion in and out of the Mistress, who suddenly crowed and came in a spasm of thrashing limbs and low cries of ecstasy. Her eyes opened at once.

"Good, Meggie, good! You are a good girl. "Now I want you to lick and suck me, Meggie, while you, Eloise, lick and suck Meggie. Jake, you will fuck Eloise as she sucks Meggie, and this time everyone may cum as the spasm takes them."

Meggie slid slowly down Mistress's body, pausing seconds to lick her nipples, her belly-button and then her bush. Mistress had a neat, closely-cropped bush, her lips showing through as brownish-pink. Her clit stuck out as a tiny nubbin, barely visible, but there nevertheless, because of her arousal.

Meggie softly began licking at her. Eloise lay on her back and skooched slowly between Meggie's spread thighs until she could get her head under Meggie and her mouth on Meggie's lips,, which she began sucking. I waited but a moment before I was so attracted by Eloise's scent that I was on her bush once again, suckling and this time, careful not to touch her clit at all. Something kept me back while Mistress had not climaxed, but from the sounds she was making, the increasing pace of Meggie's slurps, and Eloise's twitching and moaning through her filled mouth, I was aware that Mistress would cum any moment.

In maybe a minute after I was aware of her very aroused state, Mistress grunted, gave a little scream and I could see her pulling Meggie's head tightly into her crotch. Meggie gave a muffled scream and a long moan as she twitched and writhed slightly as she came. Then Eloise, my darling with the tasty cunt, began to climax and I was hard put to follow her convolutions as she freed her mouth from Meggie and concentrated on my mouth and her labia. My neck was wrenched slightly as she twisted and tried to turn over, but I held her with my hands and my arms at full strain as her powerful thigh muscles joined in her great climax. I had not tried to touch her clit, yet she acted as though it had been massaged, for her writhing did not cease as I removed my sopping mouth and face from between her thighs. I placed my hand on her belly and rubbed her gently as she slowly calmed.

"Jake, you are a dream. Let us all rest and have breakfast—it is a week-end and we shall have a wonderful time until poor Jake gives out. Perhaps we should find another partner, eh, my slaves?"

"I may give out eventually, Mistress, but there is plenty of vinegar left in me, so far."

I was braver than I realised, but somehow I knew that if she were to enfold someone outside our tight-knit group, we would be ruined sooner rather than later.

"Very well, Jake, we shall see. What shall we have for breakfast. Can any of you make crèpes suzettes? Well, then, I shall make them. Have we the ingredients?"

She and the two gals went off to the kitchen, after she had told me to clean up and rest awhile, until breakfast should be ready. I was astonished to see Eloise, fully dressed, with a market basket over her arm, set off down the path to town. Mistress came back as I finished washing up, still naked.

"Wash my back for me, Jake. You will wash me all over, but you will not be excited. I sent Eloise out to the market for some other ingredients, she will be perfectly all right. Would you like to fuck her, Jake?"


"All right, this afternoon, then. I like Meggie as a partner, she's so sweet, and gives good head. Did you and she try that, Jake?"

"No, Mistress, we usually just played with each other and talked until we got hot and then it was missionary, all the way. Nothing adventurous, save the talk."

Well, we talked and kidded, all the time she and I were washing that glorious body, and she did not have to remind me that I was her slave, for I kept seeing her eyes, even when she did not look at me. Afterwards, when we were drying off—I had gotten good and wet again—she turned in my toweled hands and looked straight at me.

"Jake, will you fuck me?" she asked, just like that. I was startled that she asked.

"All you have to do is command me and I would, of course," I answered.

"No, Jake, it's not a command, it's a question. Will you fuck me?"

"Mistress, I can answer nothing but ‘yes,' you know it. Your mind tells me to answer like that , and I must obey you."

"Uh-huh! So? My mind controls you, too?"

"Yes, Mistress—and the other two, I'm sure."

"Well, well,.let's see." She stood very still for a moment and then I heard Meggie's footsteps approaching along the hallway.

"Yes, Mistress?" she asked from the bathroom doorway. She never looked at me at all.

"Go back to whatever you were doing, Meggie."

Mistress suddenly reached down and stroked my prick, which was flaccid, since she had told me not to be excited by her body. Nothing happened, of course. She realised what she had commanded, for in a moment her soft touch had brought me to raging rigidity, my prick throbbing in her soft hand.

"Yes, Jake, you will fuck me, now. When I bend over, put your fingers in me and make me feel good. Then when I'm good and wet, fuck me, hard."

She had a gorgeous ass, her cheeks not large but nicely rounded and firm. Between them her lovely little asshole and the trim, small bush peeped out as I used my fingers, one, then two, then three, juggling them slowly, then faster and faster within her streaming cunt. I did not wait for any further command but placed my elongated cock against her labia and pushed gently forward.

Mistress pushed as gently back, but we broke through whatever impediment might have slowed us in a moment, and I pushed harder until I was flattening her cheeks with the force of my pounding belly against them.

How Mistress did it I don't know, but she backed as hard into me as I pounded into her until I could hear by her little groans and feel by the twitching of her cunt that she was about to climax. I was also about ready, and we did cum almost together, she a mite ahead of me.

That was an immovable object and an irresistible force—it's a wonder there was no explosion, we met and climaxed so furiously. I stayed inside her as far as I could as she slowly came down from that searing moment, both of us panting like the dogs in heat we had seemed.

Mistress was first to disengage, and once free of my still-hard prick, she turned and for the first time kissed me deeply in the mouth, her hot tongue stroking, trapping my tongue, and arousing my libidinous impulses once again.

"Oh, ye-es, Jake. can you do it again?"

"Yes, Mistress, I can, I am ready."

It seemed like a flash, but there was Meggie, and Mistress pushed us two together and we began making love to each other.

It was far different than our usual, for I went to my knees and for the first time tasted Meggie's lovely juices, flowing at Mistress's command. I licked and sucked at her cunt and to my astonishment and amazement, Meggie had a long, thick something where her clit had been which tasted wonderful and pumped little jets of juice into my eager mouth as I sucked it.

When Meggie and I had made love entirely, I was really tired, and I went to sleep.

That was just our first day. Sufficient unto the day...

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