tagErotic CouplingsBought & Paid For Ch. 03

Bought & Paid For Ch. 03


Risk paced his living room with only a towel wrapped around his waist for cover. His mind had been made up in the shower while Ivory watched him masturbate. He would pay her debts and then buy the house for her mother, and she would be free to come or go as she pleased. He wanted her to come freely.

Risk raised his phone, realizing at this late hour that he could accomplish only so much, but just the same he began leaving messages that would be carried out post haste in the morning.

Almost two hours later Risk returned to the bedroom to find Ivory asleep. A wave of desire swept through him looking at her swollen lips and thinking of how vulnerable she was in her unconscious state. He wanted to spread her thighs and fuck her before going to sleep himself, but she looked so peaceful, and he had been hard on her sexually despite the fact that he had taken her virginity a mere few hours before. She responded to his every touch and advance like a trained whore; was it any wonder that he wanted to treat her like one?

Risk's desires and fantasies got the better of him and before he realized what he was doing he had swept the blanket that was lightly covering Ivory from the bed.

Ivory didn't move as Risk pushed her thighs apart and positioned himself at her entrance.

Risk felt another wave of fire sweep through him as he acknowledged that she was still wet for him even in her sleep. Gently, he eased the tip of his penis into her dewy entrance and felt her tense slightly. As Risk continued to press forward, Ivory's flesh began to soften and embrace his forceful length.

Ivory awoke slowly from sleep to a pressure between her legs. She experienced a wave of varying emotions. Joy at his presence and the ripples of pleasure that were already whispering through her. Anger that he thought he could walk away from her and still have her whenever he wanted. And finally dismay that her body should welcome his even while she was unaware.

Despite these warring emotions, joy won out as Ivory wrapped her legs tightly behind Risk's back. Risk began thrusting deeper, enjoying the friction and the obvious pleasure on her face. Still, thoughts of her earlier taunt, that he bored her, played in the back of his mind.

Risk swiftly switched positions, repositioning Ivory's ankles on his shoulders.

"Ohhh," Ivory gave out a low moan as the deepness of Risk's thrusts took on a new dimension. The intimacy and newness of the position and the savagery that Risk exerted as he continued to pound into her yielding folds was overwhelming.

Risk felt the tremors chasing through Ivory's body, felt her flesh clenching around his length, and her nails clawing into his back as he kept her on the edge of her pleasure, and still he was not satisfied.

Risk shifted again, bending Ivory's knees and spreading them wide as he pushed them down on the mattress and continued to thrust. Ivory felt as though she was being offered as a sacrifice: open, displayed, and vulnerable. She didn't understand the angry passion that was driving Risk. Why his grip on her knees was so firm. Why he was relentlessly thrusting into her, denying her the ultimate pleasure, but forcing pleasure upon pleasure upon pleasure.

"Please," she begged.

"Keep begging," Risk demanded, "Keep begging and maybe I'll have mercy.

"Please," Ivory whispered twisting her head as she tried to deal with the pleasure; urgently she began pushing against his shoulders.

Risk grabbed Ivory's wrists, constraining them in one hand as he continued to make demands on her body. "Do I bore you," he demanded.

"No," Ivory refuted. "No, no, no. Please Risk. Please. Please. Please."

Ivory continued to beg, lost in a storm of pleasure, unable to deny Risk anything, unable to coherently understand what she was saying.

"Will you stay with me, and be my mistress for as long as I desire," Risk demanded, not willing to settle for her capitulation to his earlier request.

Ivory heard him through the haze of her desire and tried to decipher what he was saying. He wanted her to stay with him as his mistress. He wanted her to continue to whore for him. He wasn't going to help her after all.

So what, she argued with herself. So what if he doesn't pay my debts. I'll find a way. And isn't the pleasure worth staying in his bed no matter what the condition? Besides, it's not whoring if he's not paying, and clearly he doesn't intend to.

Unaware of her silent battle, Risk took her silence for a denial and shifted positions yet again, determined to get her to stay, to admit that she needed this.

Risk roughly shifted Ivory onto her stomach and forced her ass up into the air for his pleasure. Ivory tensed as she felt the tip of him prodding her puckering protesting hole.

"Stop," she insisted, partly in fear, not sure if he would hear her, if he would heed her, if he would care. "Stop! It's enough. I'll stay. Please, Risk."

Risk heard her, as if from a distance, telling him what he wanted to hear, but still it wasn't enough for his raging body. He wanted to tear into her and erase the traces of innocence he could still see on her face. He wanted to introduce her to all the ways that a man could pleasure a woman and vise versa. He wanted to spend the remainder of the day, the week, as long as it took to erase every other man from her mind. To make her want him to obsession . . . as he wanted her.

Risk abruptly vaulted off the bed. Yes, he realized, I am obsessed. One part of him felt like shrugging and regarding it as yet another of the many risks he had been willing to take throughout his life, but another part felt concern that he should be so obsessed over a girl he barely knew.

For the third time in the span of a few hours Risk turned his back on Ivory and walked away.

Ivory rolled over on the bed partially relieved and partially spitting mad. Who the hell did he think he was walking away from her yet again? Would it never end? First in the kitchen, then in the bathroom, now from the very bed where he was intent up until a few seconds ago of ravishing her. No girl likes to have her ass taken in anger, but she could have been persuaded.

Ivory stalked over to the shower and proceeded to take another shower, this time alone.

If he is not in the bedroom when I go in then I will leave, Ivory promised herself as she roughly toweled her hair dry.

Ivory pattered into the bedroom loosely wrapped in her towel to find that Risk was not in the bedroom. Ivory stormed through the apartment looking for him. She hadn't heard a door so he couldn't have left.

The kitchen was empty, as was the living room, the study. Ivory stopped short outside the spare bedroom wondering what she would do if he wasn't in there. I'll just leave, she promised herself yet again.

Ivory opened the door prepared to suffer further disappointment, but Risk was there, asleep in the spare bed. Naked as usual.

So the sex was great, Ivory thought, as she stood over Risk devouring him with her eyes. So what. She could do without the sex. Besides, did she really have time for a sex life that would take up even more of the precious time that she should be working? Not really.

Ivory stood there for countless moments debating back and forth whether to go or stay. Finally, common sense won out. She just couldn't afford the emotional roller coaster being with him one night had started and she couldn't afford to waste her time seeking after pleasure. Just once more. One more time and I'll go.

Ivory walked back to the master bedroom and took a few ties out of the closet before returning to the guest room. If this was going to be the last time then she had to make sure it was special.

Ivory gently climbed onto the bed and began to tie Risk's arms to the bed post. Having secured Risk's wrists, Ivory settled down to restrain his ankles. Ivory completed her task with a satisfied smile; her survival training classes had come in handy after all. Who ever thought a knot could be so important?

Ivory sat up and looked over her handy work. She hated to tie Risk down, but if Risk were free to move as he liked before she had achieved her goal, she would lose control of the situation and he would make it so she wouldn't want to leave. She had to finish this tonight and walk away.

Ivory kneeled in between Risk's legs and gave him a light tongue bath. She knew he found her mouth on him pleasurable. He began to grow under tongue even before he was fully awake.

Risk became aware of a tongue moving on his length and figured he must be dreaming, but as he opened his eyes he could see Ivory's head moving around and her hair feathering over his thighs and his stomach and she continued her work. Automatically Risk reached to grab her hair and guide her action, only then realizing that he was restrained.

Ivory realized the minute Risk realized his predicament, because despite whatever pleasure she was giving him, he tensed under her and grew very still.

"Untie me," he whispered in a deceptively calm and silky tone.

"I can't," Ivory answered, continuing to lick. "Please understand," she said as she took the head of his penis into her mouth and began to suck viciously on it.

Risk groaned in the back of his throat, angry and aroused all in the same moment.

"If you don't untie me, then you'll be sorry," he warned.

"I'm already sorry," Ivory whispered. "Already trapped, already ensnared, but I'm still going to walk away. You can't hold me here."

Ivory moved her head up to Risk's stomach and let her tongue play around his belly button. Allowing her hair to run along Risk's torso, Ivory took each of Risk's nipples into her mouth, laving and then nipping at each nub.

Risk was torn between focusing on the pleasure and demanding that Ivory not leave. Her promise to leave meant that his gamble hadn't paid off. He would lose her, and yet it wasn't over yet. She was still here, in his bed, and she described herself as trapped. Trapped meant no escape. It wasn't over yet.

"Why did you tie me up," he queried.

"So I could fuck your brains out. Why else," Ivory answered, trying to make light of the situation. "Why are you making this so difficult? Why all the chit chat?" Ivory frantically searched her mind to find something that would stop him from pursuing conversation. If he continued to talk she wouldn't want to leave.

Ivory's eyes lit up as she looked into Risk's eyes; she knew what to say.

Ivory allowed a slightly malicious smile to play over her lips, before finishing all conversation between her and Risk by simply saying, "You know, all this conversation is really starting to bore me."

Risk knew her game. He hadn't gotten this old and this rich without having people jerk him around and try to trip him up. But he would play her game if she wanted to, for now.

"It's a shame you're bored," he answered insolently, "But as you are controlling the action, then I guess it is you who is boring."

Ivory's eyes widened in surprise. She couldn't believe he would call her boring. She had done everything he had asked. She had refused him nothing, technically. Boring. She would show him.

Ivory climbed off of Risk and walked out of the bedroom. Risk closed his eyes, trying to deal with the sense of loss that overwhelmed him.

Ivory frantically searched the fridge for something like what she was looking for. Trust Risk to be a true bachelor and not have a lot of food in the house. Ivory closed the refrigerator door and began to search the cabinets. Nothing there either. Ivory let out an exasperated sigh as she turned to leave the kitchen, and of course, there on the table was a bunch of bananas. Perfectly acceptable for what she was looking for.

Ivory swiped a banana and headed back into the bedroom. Risk opened his eyes as she walked back into the bedroom. He hadn't dared hope she was staying when he heard the cabinet doors opening and closing.

Ivory strolled over to the bed and sat on Risk's thighs and spread her legs wide open. She parted the folds of her pussy lips and ran a finger tip up and down her slit until she was soaking wet. Risk watched in total fascination as her finger continued to stroke up and down. Ivory slid the banana in between her dewy folds and together they watched as it disappeared. Ivory's breath caught in her throat as she pulled it out and thrust it in again.

Risk strained against his bounds desperate to touch and to taste Ivory. Ivory continued to thrust the banana mercilessly in and out until she felt the shudders of pleasure chase through her. She let out a long satisfied moan and collapsed against Risk.

They lay together for a while, Ivory spent, Risk with a raging hard on straining towards her. After a few moments Ivory sat up. She looked down at Risk's desperate flesh, so beautiful, begging for attention.

Ivory crawled off the bed and left the room for a moment. She returned to the master bedroom to get dressed and call a cab. From there she went back into the guest bedroom. Ivory kissed Risk, letting her tongue learn the contours of his mouth. She sadly closed her eyes as she realized this was the first kiss they had shared. Ivory deepened the kiss, desperate for this one last taste to be memorable.

Ivory reluctantly pulled away, untying one of Risk's wrists as she did so. "I'm sorry if you were bored, but I excited the hell our of myself," she told him saucily before walking away.

Risk struggled to untie his other wrist and his ankles, but he heard the lift doors closing before he could complete his task and knew that Ivory was gone.

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