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Bought Ch. 03



Generations ago, society of the world split into two factions. Human and Fey. Daemon and Vampire. The humans allied themselves with the Fey out of fear, though the Fey often turned their noses up to the unenlightened brood. But the humans were right to endure it. After all, things darker lurked in corners ready and willing to turn them to cattle. Without the Fey, Humans would surely perish.

The same could be said about the Daemon. Despite a warrior's society, they were duty bound by their honor. They did not kill without justification. Though strong, they never brought their wrath down upon the innocents if they could manage. All too often, even the gentler sorts such as the succubi and incubi were slaughtered by humans who feared them. Vampires, unlike Daemon, held no honor or moral code. It was kill . . . or be killed. In the long run, the Daemon joined the honorless blood suckers to keep their own from slaughter. So, despite the fact that the Daemon viewed Vampires poorly, they became allies.


Three days had passed. Freedom was near. Finally.

Areica spent the last days being a good little pet. She stayed quiet. She did as she was asked by her "masters." She learned all they wished to teach her. Now, it was only a matter of time until she could decline their offer. Though there was nothing much out there for her, she could find a way on her own. Human hunters would most likely kill her once they found her out. Her body looked very human, but the length of her nails and color of her eyes gave her away if one looked too closely.

She stood in front of the full length mirror in her room. Her last duty as slave to this household was a final dinner. Odd to have dinner with two men who didn't eat food. Her hand came to her neck. Perhaps SHE was dinner? No. That didn't sound right. They wouldn't have requested that she wear this formal gown just to snack on her.

In fact, both Master Rhoe and Master Khelman had been gentlemen the last few days. Well, it was most surprising from Rhoeshard after all the abuse he'd already done to her. He didn't so much as touch her out of line. He must have been sweetening up the deal for her. The vampire was obviously mistaken to believe something like that would work. After the cruel violations, she could not bare staying. That and what they did to the people around them. Peddlers of narcotics.

Master Khelman surprised her more than Rhoe. The Vampire almost seemed human in his kindness. Though, she could sense an emptiness in his soul, something about him soothed her being whenever she happened to join him in a room. More often than not, he didn't speak. He stood by his window, looking out at the night sky. She watched him like that, just last night. Areica couldn't help noticing how darkly beautiful he was.

She shook her head, trying to banish the thought. Under no circumstance could she think things like that. These were nothing more than pretty corpses. Nothing more than living dead flesh. Nothing was pretty about them.

The dress she wore, however, was fabulous.

It looked tailored to her form. The bosom held her chest, causing the caramel colored mounds to plump with only ties in the back to hold the dress to her. The rest of the torso hugged tight, coating her body in burgundy silk with hints of black lace. The skirt of the dress spilled to her feet with a trail following. One of the servants, though she was nothing more than the same, curled her hair in shining ringlets with jewel clips decorating her head. And the shoes were made of burgundy sandal straps that laced nearly to her knee.

Now she stood before the mirror, admiring herself. She looked upper caste. Upper class like a wealthy woman. If only this hadn't come from Vampires . . .

Her door opened partially. She turned as she saw it open in the reflection. Benjamin, one of the older servants stood before her, giving her a bow.

"Don't do that . . . " she said to him, shaking her head.

"I must. I serve you and the masters of this home."

"You are not my servant, Ben."

"But I am. You may serve them, but I serve you." His tone was bitter as he said that

Areica's face flushed hot red as he said that. She was a slave just as he. She didn't enjoy either fact. In fact, she hated that Rhoeshard and Khelman put everyone in this position.

"Fine. If you feel that way about it, state your business then shove off." Anger seeped into her words

Ben stood straight, then looked her directly into the eye. His features turned darker as he eyed the expensive gown she wore. Areica wrapped her arms around her body, half hoping that would mysteriously hide her from his look.

"Dinner is served." he said cooly

"Thanks." She murmured back, feeling more embarrassed than angry now

The man turned on his heel then left the room. Areica took a few moments to collect herself before she walked out of the room. As she walked down the hallway to the stairs, she reminded herself over and over again that she would have her freedom in just a few hours. No lavish life was worth her soul.

When she reached the dining area, she gasped in surprise. Dinners were always set up in a formal way, but tonight it was awe inspiring. From the centerpiece of freshly cut night-blooming jasmine, to the hand-crafted silverware, it was beautiful. The table looked filled of food that would take hours of time to make. Roasted meats, vegetables, wines, platters of cheese and crackers. Were they expecting a dinner party?

"It's all for you, my pet." Rhoe said as though he heard her thoughts.

She turned her attention to him, sharply. He sat at the head of the table. His fingers touched his chin while he leaned over his plate. His green eyes glimmered in the candlelight of the table while he watched her closely. He seemed so pleased and so cocky. Inside, she squirmed, hoping that he would look away. She knew better.

"Why?" she asked, trying to keep herself in check

He blinked slowly and smiled at her. One of his hands moved to that silky blonde hair of his. A section of it twirled around between his fingers.

"Sit. Join me for dinner." He said, gesturing to the seat at the other end of the long table

She swallowed hard. Suddenly, nervousness shook her to her core. It was the way that he was watching her, perhaps.

"Where is Master Khelman?"

A look of anger crossed Rhoe's face. Whatever sparked it, quickly boiled off the surface of his face. His demeanor changed back to his casual nonchalant.

"He is away on business, for tonight." He answered with finality to keep her from asking anything else, "Now, come sit and join me for dinner. It is getting cold. Nothing worse than a cold meal."

The way he said that last part got him an odd look from the girl. She knew there was more meaning there, but decided to get any elaboration on it. Instead, she took her place at the table. Too nervous to eat, she took a drink of wine, hopefully to quiet the tension in her now.

No Khelman meant nothing between her and Rhoe. The older master kept his companion at bay for the most part. Without him, Areica knew she was in trouble.

Rhoe watched her from over the flowers. Areica tried hard to not get caught in his look. After the last time . . . She shivered at the memories of the orgasm and the feel of his cold seed on her body. It had felt good . . . and it had quieted a hunger that had been down in her for too long. Even though it had felt wonderful, she desperately tried to forget.

"You look stunning tonight, my pet." He whispered with a bit of huskiness

She took a long sip of her wine before responding, "Thank you, Master Rhoe."

A long silence passed between them. Areica continued to sip her glass. At one point, she attempted a little cheese and crackers, but in the end, it didn't settle well on her stomach. Damn, how was she going to tell him that she rejected their offer. She'd spent the last three days as compliant as possible. No doubt they believe she was going to stay.

Fools. Damn bloodsucking fools.

Still silence. She could feel his eyes drilling into her skin. What was he waiting for? Her to explode?

"This is a dinner of celebration." He said finally

She looked up at him with confusion, "What do you mean?"

"You are officially ours today." He said darkly

Areica dropped the glass of wine on the table, shattering it. It didn't matter. All she knew was that it was probably time to run.

"You said I can go after three days!" she yelled, standing up ready to flee or fight.

He laughed, standing as well. Slowly, he made his way closer.

"I lied." He said in the middle of the laugh

That was it. She had to run as fast as her feet could carry her. Picking up the hem of her dress from the floor, she ran toward the living room and the front door. Freedom was so close, she could almost smell it as she opened it. Moments before she stepped out of it, a hand wrapped around her neck, pulling her back in.

"Where do you think you're going, pet?" Rhoe sneered in her face, "There's nothing out there for you. At least here you have a home. Out there, the humans will feast on your flesh then kill you for it."

"You'll do the same!" she choked out

He kissed her cheek lightly as he pushed her body against the nearest wall.

"Not quite. But close." His hand squeezed her neck until she whimpered, "Now, I'm going to make it so that you never run away again, pet. You'll have to be punished."

The look in his eye made her more worried than the punishment. It was that hungry male look that he'd worn to bed her first night here. She clawed at his hand, struggling beneath his hold. Each movement made the world a little hazy. No breath reached her lungs.

Just as she thought she was going to pass out, Rhoeshard released her throat. Now that she was too weak to fight, he slung the girl over his shoulder.

"No . . . " she whispered hoarsely.

She barely recognized where he was taking her. Suddenly they went from warm light to cold darkness. Wherever he was venturing, it was cool and damp and smelled of stale air.

"I hate to have to do such a thing to you, pet, but I cannot just let your attempted escape slide. What will the other servants say?" he lowered her limp body to the floor

She swayed in front of him once she reached solid ground. Still barely aware of what was around her, she closed her eyes to attempt to focus.

"You promised . . . " she said with an ache in her voice

He laughed cruelly.

"Indeed. But why should I hold myself to such a silly thing? Promises are trite, pet." His fingers dug into her dress, "Why would I leave someone so delicious to the wolves? Humans and Fey alike would slay you. Daemon shun you for what you are. All you have are we Vampire." A horrible ripping sound echoed off the walls, followed by her dress pooling to the ground, "It's a pity that I'll have to break you to have you obey, but what must be done, must be done." Her undergarments ripped from her during his insincere words

Areica's eyes shot open when she realized that he now had her naked. She pushed away from him in an attempt to escape. However, as she turned, she tripped over something lying on the floor. Her body crashed to the ground, half on top of it. It didn't take her long to realize it was an open coffin.

"I see you've found my resting place. Good, you'll be joining me for the night."

She screamed and got up to run. His hands wrapped around her tightly, then pushed her into the opened coffin, on her back. She screamed as he pinned her inside, clamping her knees in some sort of contraption, then her arms.

When he was sure she was secured in, he stood, running fingers through his now disheveled hair. His eyes traveled down her now fully displayed body. Mortification rushed from her face to her toes.

"I've broken far too many servants this way, pet." He said while stripping off his clothes, "As you can tell, I've equipped for such things. Coffin big enough for two, after all."

Areica screamed and screamed while he continued to undress slowly, as though savoring her fear. She didn't doubt that he did.

"No one will help you, Areica. The servants hate you because of your step-above status. Besides, they've had this once before. They do not want to experience it again. Especially poor Benjamin. He nearly lost his mind." That cruel laugh sounded again as he stripped off the last of his clothing

He climbed on top of her, resting between her opened legs. She wiggled, desperate for escape, but there was no rescue this time. All that did was press her body into his ice cold, dead flesh.

"Oh, do that again, pet. It makes me nice and ready." He said while closing the coffin on top of them with a hand, "Don't worry, there are holes in here. Enough for you to breathe . . . barely."

His lips pressed against her neck, sucking on the skin there. She whimpered in fear while he feasted on the flesh there.

"Mmm, pet . . . I've waited three days for this. Three long days." He licked a line from her neck to her jaw

"Go to Hell!" she screamed at him

He laughed, then without warning, he buried fangs into her neck. She screamed out as the teeth burned into her. That fire spread throughout her body, searing every part of her before it settled on her loins. The sensation spread thin until it became that familiar wet warmth. Areica held the moan in, hoping that he wouldn't bring her in this humiliating manner. But it did, violently pulsing her loins. She trembled as she tumbled over the edge with a long groan.

Then more of him sank into her. Pain shot through her convulsing spot, ripping pleasure away. All of a sudden she was filled with something much too big and there was no escape from it. She screamed out in agony while it held there.

Rhoeshard licked her neck, sealing the wound, while chuckling.

"Hot and wet. Just like I knew you would be."

He moved inside of her then. There was no gentleness, just furious thrusts in and out like a wild beast. He gave her no time to adjust while he forced himself into the glorious tightness. All Areica could do was cry and hope he would be finished soon.

"Tears, pet?" he said. Even in the dark, she could feel his sneer, "I take your maidenhead and you cry." He slammed into her hard enough to shake the coffin, "If it had been Master Khelman, would you have cried?"

He slammed into her over and over again while she whimpered.

"I bet you wished it would be him, didn't you? The one to take you. I saw how you watched him last night." Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam. "You don't watch ME like that. I bet you want him in you!"

He grunted, stopping his movements for a time. He readjusted himself in her until he reached a particular spot. Suddenly the pain was gone. It gave way to pleasure enough to make her shudder again.

"I'm going to make you like it. You hear me?!" he yelled at her, then forced his mouth on hers

Areica's eyes widened at this new violation. Despite everything else this thing had done to her that had remained sacred. He had never kissed her, which had made her happy. Now his tongue was swirling in her mouth, sucking her up. She had half a mind to bite it off, but she was no fool.

His movements started again, this time slowly rubbing against that odd spot inside. She couldn't suppress the groan that rose in her throat as the wonderful pleasure tickled at her. Her walls tensed around his cock as he pushed in and out of her at a maddening pace.

Somehow that length stretched out her insides, giving that pleasure more to move along. That delicious sensation moved from the entrance to the very end of her. It felt too good. Too wonderful. How did this keep happening to her?

"That's right . . . " he said heatedly after parting lips, "I feel you tightening. Those little spasms not long before your end."

She was close. She could feel it. That initial orgasm had made her body sensitive to him. Now she rode that edge with ease.

"Please . . . " she groaned in a beg, though she didn't know why.

He moved slightly faster against that spot. Her body shuddered under him as he continued. Soon, her hole tightened and spasmed wildly, hugging the stiff thing in her. She screamed out, arching her body against his. Something gushed out from her body as the pulses continued.

"That's right, you little wench, cum around my cock. Squeeze it. Milk it." Rhoe whispered to her as she went over the edge again.

He held himself deep in her while waiting for her body to quiet. Areica's head slumped to the side as she panted. Finally, it ended.

No. It hadn't. Once she caught her breath, he started moving his hips. Now that she was wet and stretched, his movements didn't feel forced. In fact, he slid in her with ease now. Though she didn't want to enjoy him, she did. Again, she teetered on the edge of it. Only a few strokes later, she spasmed again while she screamed out in pleasure.

"You're such a slut, pet. You cum a little too easily. You noisy, wanton thing." He laughed, though it held no humor . . . just contempt

She didn't care what he said. He was still moving in and out of her. Sometimes quickly. Sometimes slowly as though pacing himself to prevent his end. He brought her over and over and over again for hours, until her body shook with exhaustion more than pleasure. Areica noted that, he too, was getting tired. His movements weren't forceful anymore. He barely pulled back enough to create motion. Now he was simply rocking into her without energy.

Finally, he stopped all together as she came one last time. He couldn't hold himself any longer. He spilled into her while he held himself deep in her. She felt that cool rush of his juices flowing into her.

He kissed her sweaty brow as he chuckled. He didn't move his stiffness out of her. He just held it as far as he could.

"Good morning, pet." He said.

Her eyes went wide as most of his body became limp on her. Only his stiffness remained solid as he died for the day. She struggled beneath him, whimpering, disgusted by the dead flesh on her . . . in her. He left her trapped until he woke for the night. She couldn't breathe thanks to the dead weight. Tears trickled down her face. How could the other servants endure this breed of punishment? No wonder they stayed . . . They would be caught, and . . . and . . .

Sickness welled in her stomach. If she ran, she would face this punishment again if caught. No! No! Never again! Anything was better than this! She gagged on the bile rising in her throat. Until she had a better plan, she was stuck as Rhoe's servant. But someday, she would break free. And on that day, he would die for the final time.

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