tagNonHumanBought Ch. 06

Bought Ch. 06


In a world of so many mysterious species, the humans have very little defense against "dark" creatures. For the most part, the Fey have been kind enough to offer support, though at a price. Whatever that price is, it is not mentioned by many.

However, there are some humans who have their own inner strength. Powers similar to the other species occasionally manifest in the more adaptable one. For the most part, these extraordinary humans were the soul protectors of the weaker species.


She was surprised that a human graced the dinner table at complete ease. Etonae swirled his glass of red wine with one hand as he told her Masters of his journeys. His demeanor was so casual. He even dared to become flippant at Master Rhoe, who was obviously biting his tongue and had been for two hours.

Areica eyed Etonae with trepidation as he spoke with his deeply, accented voice. He sounded educated, but the things he said struck her more of an adventurer than a scholar. And, much like Master Rhoeshard, he had this air of joviality that would pique anyone's interests. However, that was troublesome. If Etonae was anything like Rhoe, underneath that nice exterior lie something cruel. Too cruel.

To keep from staring, she focused on her plate. Rare roast, so decked with seasonings it formed a light crust on the top of the meat. Along with potatoes and leafy greens, it was quite a savory meal. However, her hunger felt satisfied without consumption. Instead, she picked at the tender meat.

Memories of Master Khelman came to her suddenly with a hot, throbbing pulse. The taste of his mouth . . . deceptively soft lips with the slightest hint of someone's blood. She remembered the scent of him as she pressed herself against him. Her body reveled in the feel of him buried to the hilt inside of her. A smile touched her lips as the after effects of memory flowed over her.


The voice snapped her back to the dinner table. She tried desperately to stop the growl that crept in her throat, but a little of it spilled out of her mouth. Her eyes met the new male at the dinner table as her hand covered her mouth in surprise.

He smiled at her, almost lewdly. His eyes, one grey blue, the other an electric shade of green, looked straight through her. Like he could see every part of her down to the soul. Her breath caught and his smile widened, auburn mustache twitching slightly as muscles worked.

In truth, this was the first time she'd looked at him. The moment she walked in after returning to her room to dress, she bowed her head slightly and took her place at the table. Now, he was unavoidable.

Long tinted fingers trailed down his jaw–a sharp slope ending in a point at the chin. Straggly red-brown hairs littered his chin, meeting with the thin mustache above his full brown lips. He moved his body until hunched over the table slightly. Propping an elbow, he rested his head in his hand, giving Areica a look as though waiting. She watched as his long, thick braids nearly dipped into his half-eaten meal. He must have known the danger, since he flung it over his shoulder, exposing his ear. It almost glowed in the light with all its gold posts starting from lobe to tip. Etonae's eyes batted as that nearly boyish smile grew.

"Areica!" Rhoeshard called from the left, fist slamming on the table in time.

Areica and the entire jolted. She turned in his direction. A shiver ran down her spine like an ice-coated finger. Though his face stayed deceptively calm, Master Rhoe's eyes held a heat. She knew that look too well. The vampire was angry and wanted quench that anger. Her stomach clenched as her hand began to shake. Wincing from the savageness and darkness of Rhoe's eyes, Areica turned to Master Khelman.

There was a weariness in her other Master's eyes. Suddenly, she understood a little of the tension. It made her tense that much more. How much of that anger Rhoe had would be paid with her body?

"Sorry, sirs." She said quietly, "Was something asked of me?"

Khelman shook his head. In front of her, Etonae cleared his throat. She turned to him expectantly.

"No, lady, I was simply trying to get you to stop staring at me." Etonae said as he waved a hand dismissively. "It's such a rude thing to do over dinner."

There was a hissing sound off to the left. Areica dared not turn to see the look on the blonde master's face.

"Not that I mind," continued Etonae, "Some say I'm nice to look at. But, you, lady, you're a sight far better than I am."

A flush spread over her cheeks. Whether from embarrassment or anger, she wasn't sure. There wasn't much time to ponder. An icy chill and static filled the air. A blur moved over the table, quickly as a flash of lightning in a storm, knocking over place settings and candelabras alike.

Before it could register in her mind, she saw Master Rhoe lording over Etonae. His claws dug into the other man's neck. There was nothing human in Rhoe then. Just an angry monster out for blood. Each choking sound Etonae made, it raised hairs on the back of Areica's neck. She felt something rush through her . . . some need to stop this. Her hand reached for the sharp knife on the table. Once in her hand, she clutched it tightly in her left hand, ready to strike.

Hiking up her long violet gown, she climbed onto the table. Distantly, she heard her plate clamber to the floor. As she raised her hand to strike, she noted a blazing feeling at her side. Wide-eyed, she turned only to see a blaze along the fine satin table cloth. Hissing, she tried to get away, but a clawed hand grabbed her wrist. Nails dug in so thoroughly, they broke her skin. Yelping, she dropped the knife.

The blaze was getting closer. Etonae's fist pounded on Rhoe's arm, but Rhoe could not be moved. In fact, his ice green gaze turned to Areica. Possession and anger were in that stare. She whimpered, knowing what her attempt to help Etonae would cost.

Another blast of different, but similar energy and Master Khelman appeared in front of Rhoe, fast as the wind. The darker man stared at his protege without expression. He just loomed, intimidatingly and still as the dead of night. Rhoe paid him little attention, until Khelman's hand turned his face.

Master Khelman's eyelids lowered sleepily as he stared at his vampire companion. Behind those lids, his eyes grew incredibly large until the whites no longer showed. There was something hollow about the darkness, encompassing too. It made Areica feel as though she might fall in if she watched too intently.

Rhoe tensed, then shook. His green eyes momentarily rolled in the back of his head. Areica tried to move, but whatever was happening didn't diminish Rhoe's strength. He simply held on as the fire began sizzling off the fine hairs of her exposed arm. Panic rose in her until the point she nearly lost thought and let instinct take over.

But he let go. Etonae first, then her. Blood dripped down her arm as she slid off the table which was now half covered in fire. Etonae gasped a few times, looking hazily at Khelman. Khelman was too focused on Rhoe, who now muttered incoherently.

Once he got himself steady, Etonae raised a hand over the fire. His hand was scarred and bandaged, but a massive blue jewel glimmered at his ring finger distractively.

"Afiran." He said calmly.

The jewel blazed to life as the fire died down from blaze to smolder. Suddenly, Areica felt as though she could breathe again. Of course, this also made her aware of other things like her pain. She clutched her still bleeding arm and held it close to her chest.

"Etonae. Take Areica to her room and fix her wound." Khelman said calmly, but darkly still focused on the confused looking Rhoe.

"Yes, Master." The man responded, then moved around the table

Once there, Etonae placed a hand on Areica's shoulder, turning her away from the sight of Khelman and Rhoe. Gently, he led her from the room. As they moved further down the hall, there was a blast of energies, swirling angrily. Areica shivered. The man beside her squeezed her shoulder tightly, then relaxed. Together, they moved up the stairs.

He opened the door to her room. She wasn't sure she liked the idea that he felt so casually about her space, but she swallowed that for now. There had been enough fighting for one night. Instead, she focused on the thing that just came to her.

"You're a Mage?" she asked, trying for casual and failing.

"Yes." He said, leading her to the bed, "Sit. I'll fix you."

Obediently, she sat on the edge of the bed. Blood dripped onto her carpet and onto the silky dress she wore. Though, at the moment, it didn't matter. She was still too shaken up to care about that.

"Let me see." He said, taking her arm, "Deep. Don't worry." He touched a finger to one of the wounds, "Congeal and seal this blood forced from the wound."

There was a tingling sensation along her arm. The blood stopped from the crescent moon cut, then the skin started to mend together. He repeated the spell for the last of her wounds. Once finished, he admired his handiwork.

"It's sealed, but it needs time to heal completely." He picked up a piece of blank parchment from her nightstand. With an awkward gesture the paper shredded and reformed into, which she found out as he wrapped the wrist, was soft and cloth like.

She watched in amazement. She'd never seen anything like the things he was doing. Her jaw dropped slightly as he wrapped her up.

"Why don't Mages rule?" she asked, barely audible

Though the words were more for her than a question to be asked, Etonae answered.

"Simple, really. It takes too long to do the spells. A vamp could have ripped my throat out by now if he attacked." He smirked and pointed to the marks on his neck, "Oh, and the aftermath of a big spell is murder on the aura."

He moved a hand over her face without touching. A tingling feeling moved along her skin, raising the fine hairs of her cheek. It gave her an odd sensation in the pit of her stomach, right above her navel. She raised a brow and pulled back from him. When eyes met, she saw the smirking humor in his eyes. Areica, however, couldn't manage to figure what was funny.

"Thank you." She said, "I'll be fine now."

Etonae just nodded, then began looking around Areica's room. Humming a tune that sound Feyish, he picked at her trinkets.

"Excuse me!" she huffed

"You're excused." He sighed as he took the locket Master Khelman had given her after his last travel, "Definitely Khelman's style. He loves giving nice things. Not long ago, he gave me this fantastic time orb."

Huffing, Areica stood up. Despite what this life meant for her, she enjoyed her private place. Now this stranger was bent on violating it. But the moment she moved, she winced. Her body was stiff from the day's earlier sparring session. Each move of an arm or leg was protested by tense muscles. A small yelp escaped her mouth, catching Etonae's attention.

"Hmm . . . sounds like you're not fine after all." He took a step closer, but she raised a hand.

"I'll be fine. Honestly." She strained with effort to lower her arm

"Hmph." He laughed, then closed the distance between them, "Rhoe challenges hard, doesn't he?" he said, shaking his head, "Welp, allow me to help you relax."

She raised a brow, then he raised his own. A laugh rose in his throat.

"Not in that capacity, dear." He moved around her, "But I know ways that are almost as interesting and fun."

Hands moved to her tense shoulders. Large, strong hands that, once placed properly, began kneading her skin. The persistence of the touch began relaxing her. The knots in her muscles untangled. Areica's eyes closed for a moment, enjoying the sensation. Behind her, she heard Etonae shuffling, but she ignored it in favor of sensation.

"That's more like it." He whispered, but in front of her

Areica opened her eyes with confusion. His hands were still massaging her from behind, yet he stood in front of her with two hands on her arms, pressing into her. His knowing smile made her uneasy.

"Magic can be used for many things." He nodded, "At any rate, let's get you undressed."

Her brows knit together, "Pardon?"

He rolled his eyes. His hands slid up her until they reached the shoulder lacings holding her dress closed.

"I thought you said–" she said jerking back

Phantom hands held her in place. Her cheeks stained pink as a look of coyness spread on Etonae's face.

"You're still thinking in a completely wrong direction." He smirked, "Just trying to give you a massage. Hard to do with layers of petticoats in the way." He pointed to her skirt.

He undid the ties of her dress with ease. One shoulder fell, then the next. Only her laced bodice kept her body from being exposed. He continued to pull at her clothing, stopping once to make eye contact. Taking her confusion for approval, he undid her bodice, allowing the last of her dress to cascade to the floor.

Now bare from waist up, Areica felt a twinge of shame. How far down the path she'd fallen. Even after all that she'd been through, at the moment, she felt even more whorish. She closed her eyes tightly while his fingers swiftly untied the belt of her petticoat. Her lips tensed to a slit as the material fell to the ground with a thump.

More phantom hands touched her skin, kneading it distractively. She swallowed hard as what she assumed were real hands steered her to the bed.

"You're awfully tense for a succubus." Etonae said as he helped her in the bed.

"Half-breed." She murmured, sounding slightly nervous.

He laughed once, a barking sound that made her jump. Hands pushed her back, begging her to relax. If it wasn't so comforting, she would have been upset.

"Half or whole, you're very fragile about your body."

She turned her head slightly and opened an eye. Etonae was beside her, kneeling next to the bed watching her. That playful charm only poked through his serious look.

"Why is that, by the way?" he asked. His charm was more in his voice than his face.

"Why do you think?" she whispered.

"It's like that, is it?" he propped an elbow on the bed, then rested his head, "Let me guess. Rhoeshard. Luckily, I was never allowed to be touched by him. I belong to Master Khelman only."

That was a painful thing for her to hear. Why was she so cursed to belong to Master Rhoe? Though, Rhoe had to share.

"What do you do for him?" Her voice sounded surprisingly relaxed to her ears

"Mmm," he pushed aside a lock of hair threatening to go into her eye, "Well, I take care of the dirty work. I take the . . . product . . . and distribute it. The buyers give me their funds. I, in turn, once my supply is depleted, return here and give Master Khelman his due rewards. Then I am sent out for whatever he wishes."

The hands on her skin continued to stroke away the tension in her body. Areica's body felt heavier and more relaxed after each touch. She barely noticed how the touches became bolder, moving along her stomach and thighs as though exploring.

"You're very pretty." He murmured as he played with another lock of hair.

"Hmph, you should see my older sister."

"I have. Intimately." He laughed at the surprised sound she made, "I do many things for my master's love, just as I am sure you will, too."

"I refuse."

"I think you shouldn't. Areica, you're a succubus. Your body is more of a weapon than any blade. I felt your energy surge. In time, you'll learn to use it." His statement didn't seem final.

"But . . . "

"But . . . " he sighed, "You'd be a threat I am not sure Master Rhoe would tolerate." He sighed again, "Let's not think on it right now. Right now, focus on what I am doing for you."

And she did. Each touch made her more sensitive. Her breathing sped up as the hands seem to move closer to more intimate places.

"Why ARE you doing this?"

"Mmm," a real hand slid down her back from her shoulder blade to the small of her back forcing a shudder, "We're going to be partners. A partner should be able to do these things. Now hush. It's about to get interesting."

The hands continued, being bolder by the moment. Nearly against her will, she moved her legs further apart, almost asking for more. There were so many hands: down her back, shoulders, neck, scalp, buttocks, thighs, and legs. All touched her with precision, giving her the right amount of stimulation to have her moan softly.

"I know you don't feel it, but your power is rising. It's pouring over me." Etonae whispered hoarsely, "Ahhh, it's hot. Feels good."

She couldn't answer. Areica was too involved in the hands to speak.

"I want to know more." He said, "Do you?"

She nodded; he groaned.

Real hands moved to her waist, digging into her flesh. Her back arched, and she moaned. The heat of his hands was so intense on her. What was innocent was close to obscene. He turned her over on her back.

"Partners should know the extent of each other's powers." He said, trying for casual, but failing.

His touch moved along her rib cage. Thumbs brushed the underside of her bare breasts. Areica whimpered quietly. Hands replaced thumbs, taking the full mounds into them. Her nipples hardened as the hands massaged. A tingling moved down her spine till it reached the place between her legs, which now started to heat.

Etonae's breath quickened as he took his place beside her again. She turned to look at him. There was a blankness in his eyes, but they were becoming hungry. Something about it was unnatural, though. There was a sensation of pulling between them, energies dancing around each other, tugging together and slipping apart.

"Powerful." He whispered, watching the fake copies of his hands massage her inner thighs. "The things you can do with this strength."

"B-but . . . " she said gasping as fingers teased at her lips, slightly exposing her heat to the coolness of the air, "I don't know how to control it."

She'd never experienced anything like this. How cruel was it that he turned her powers on like a switch. Her body arched as countless fingers ran gently down her stomach. Her breath hitched as he pinched her hard, pink-brown nipples.

"You'll learn." He groaned, moving away, but keeping his eyes focused like a vulture, "By the Gods, I hope you learn."

Before she could speak, hands spread her lips completely, stretching the moist folds open wide. More hands supported her legs, holding them up and apart at the knee. Now completely vulnerable, she whimpered, wiggling her hips to guide the hands to the right spots. Her unspoken request was answered by fingertips dancing along slick skin.

Breaths came in short pants as she was explored by the cool, phantom touch. But, the pace was a slow, sweet agony. Quick circles were broken with larger ones or with a long slide from her aching center to the apex of her womanhood. She thought she might be driven out of her skin as shocks of pleasure crashed together over and over.

She didn't notice that the room was thick with her energy. As wave after wave moved through her writhing body, Etonae felt it . . . swam in it along with the sweet scent of her sex. Areica was not the only one being driven wild.

Areica heard movement. With the haze of need clouding her eyes, she turned to see what was happening. He'd freed himself from his soft brown slacks, stiff and glistening from his own need. Etonae's hand wrapped around his erection. Soon, he pumped himself with an aching force.

Unable to tear her attention away, she watched him. She wanted to taste him the way she tasted Master Rhoe. Not as sex, but as food. Would he be cool and salty, or would the warm blood in his veins make the seed just as warm? She licked her lips, wanting to call out to him.

But she did not. Her legs spread wider as several fingers seemed to push into her. They split her open, but it felt wonderful. Her hot, wet walls clutched the fingers as they wiggled in and out of her tight space. Fingers played with her hard nub . . . fingers skated around her tightly clenched opening of her rear. The sensations were enough to make her burst.

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