tagBDSMBound & Blindfolded for Valentine's

Bound & Blindfolded for Valentine's


This is a Valentine's Day contest story. Please vote.

Bound & Blindfolded for Valentines

A Valentine's surprise of bondage and discipline for Charles' sex slave, Susan.

After some very hot pillow talk last night, Charles was intent on giving his girlfriend what she really wanted for Valentine's Day, her admitted sexual fantasy. Charles positioned a chair in middle of the reception hall in line with the front door with the second floor staircase behind her.

"Sit down and make yourself comfortable, Susan. I have a Valentine's Day surprise for you."

He looked at her. She was so beautiful. Every man's version of an American beauty, tall, blonde, and busty, she was his perfect Valentine's Day rose.

"Oh, goodie," said Susan relaxing in the wooden captain's chair. "I love surprises, especially on Valentine's Day."

"Give me your hands," said Charles standing behind her.


"I need to tie them."

"Tie them? Why? I don't want you tying my hands, Charles."

"I need to tie them because I know you. It's a Valentine's Day surprise and I don't want you feeling around to guess what it is," he said with a laugh.

"Okay," said Susan reticent to submit her hands. "I trust you, Charles, but don't tie them too tight. If I feel that I can't untie them myself, I get claustrophobic."

Charles pulled a scarf from out of his pocket.

"Just relax, baby. Happy Valentine's Day," he said giving her a kiss.

"You'd better not do anything nasty like put a big bug down my blouse," said Susan with a nervous laugh. "I mean it, Charles."

Charles quickly tied her wrists to the back of the chair with a scarf.

"Don't worry. I won't. There. That's not too tight is it?"

"No, but why are you doing this Charles? If tying me to a chair is my Valentine's Day surprise, then I'd rather not have a surprise at all. I wish you had bought me flowers and candy like everyone else buys their lover on Valentine's Day," said Susan making another nervous laugh. "What are you doing behind me? Are you doing something naughty? I don't like feeling helpless," she said testing her ties by pulling on them and making them tighter instead of loosening them.

"Nope," said Charles tying a blindfold over her eyes.

"A blindfold, too? Kinky. This must be a really big surprise. I know, you bought me a pony," she said with a laugh. "A dog? You bought me a puppy? I love puppies. Oh, Charles. I hope you didn't buy me a cat. I'm allergic to cats."

"Shh. You'll find out in time what your surprise is," he said with a sexy chuckle.

"Did you buy me a diamond? Is that it? You're going to propose, aren't you?"

"We're going to play a game," he said.

"A game? Okay, I like games, but aren't I going to need my hands to play this game. How am I going to stroke your cock if--"

"Silence! The game is that I'm your master and you're my sexy sex slave. You do whatever I want, no questions asked. If you yell, scream, or protest, I'll gag you. Do you understand, slave?"

"Yes, I think so, but I don't like--"


Susan heard the front unlock and then door open.

"Charles? Where you going? Don't leave me here like this? What if there's a fire? Charles?"

"I'm right here, baby."

Then, she heard a rustling sound, as if there was someone else there.

"Charles? Who's here?"

She started to panic when she heard a lot of feet shuffling over the welcome mat. Then, she heard footsteps on the tile floor of the reception hall by the front door.

"Okay guys. Come in, come in. She's already tied and blindfolded. She's ready."

"Charles? Ready for what? What's all this?" Susan pulled her knees together, so as not to expose her panties to anyone. "Who's here?"

"You can all line up around the reception hall, but be quiet," he whispered. "Come on, come on, don't dawdle there's plenty of room for everyone. Close the front door. I don't want my nosy neighbors to see what I'm doing. If they see Susan tied to a chair with all of you guys here, they'll call the police." The door shut with a loud slam. "No talking and no comments. Shh. Everyone be quiet. She's nervous already and I don't want to cause her any undue stress," said Charles in a hushed whisper.

"I can hear you, Charles. Who are you talking to? Who's here? C'mon, Charles, tell me. What's all this? Guys? What guys? Why are guys here? Who are they? What are you doing? How many men are in the house? Are they a men's choir? Are they going to sing to me? Is that my Valentine's Day gift? I don't like this Charles. Untie me and remove the blindfold, so that I can see. If I knew you were going to invite strange men in my house to watch whatever it is you're planning I--"

"Shh! Quiet slave!"

"Charles, I--" said Susan sounding as if she was about to cry.

"Don't worry, Susan. It's just a dozen men that you don't even know. Everything will be okay. Don't worry about a thing."

"A dozen men? I don't understand. Why are they here in our home? I would have vacuumed, if I knew you were inviting--"

"Silence slave! Sometimes you must be harsh with your sex slave," he said directing his conversation to someone else, before directing his words to her. "I charged them five dollars a head to see your tits and I made a bundle, Susan."

"Five dollars? To see my tits? Oh, no. How dare you? No one sees my tits but you and after this stunt, I swear, you'll never see my tits--"

"Hush up! I knew you'd never flash them your tits, which is why I had to tie you to the chair. The blindfold is to spare you the embarrassment."

"And this is my Valentine's Day surprise, you tying me to a chair and forcing me to show a dozen men my tits? This sounds like more of a Valentine's Day surprise for you than for me, you sick bastard. Untie me now, Charles!"

"Well, to be honest Susan, I'm excited, too. I can only imagine the pillow talk we'll have later," he said suddenly fondling her big breasts through her blouse and bra.

"Pillow talk? If you so much as unbutton one button of my blouse, I swear, you'll never touch me again," she said recoiling and trying to pull away from his touch. "The only pillow talk we'll be having is me tossing your pillow out the window after your ass hits the sidewalk, you pervert."

She squirmed away from his touch, when he deftly fingered her nipples through her blouse and bra and stopped, when they made their impression through her clothes.

"Susan, solely based on our pillow talk last night, I know you want to show these men your big tits, as much as these men want to see your tits," he said cupping her breasts through her blouse and beneath her bra and holding them up, as if displaying them to the men.

"Fuck you, Charlie. That pillow talk was between you and me. Untie me this instant. I mean it. Now, Charles! Fucking untie me."

"Sorry, I can't do that, Susan. They've already paid to see your breasts. And if you continue to protest, you'll force me to gag you."

Then with Charles standing behind her and leaning down, he slowly started unbuttoning her blouse, one button at a time.

"No! Charles! No! Stop!"

"Quiet slave."

She resisted his touch with a wiggle and a recoil and he paused with each unbuttoned button to hold her blouse open, as if he was showing the men what each unbuttoned button revealed. She was afraid. She was embarrassed and she tried to grab his testicles and squeeze them, but he leaned away, out of the reach of her tied hands.

In the way that he was slowly undressing her, by now she knew that it was his intention to show all the men present her cleavage, then to show them her bra, and lastly to show them her tits. Finally, with her blouse unbuttoned, he flayed it open, while fondling her big tits through her bra. Albeit with a twinge of excitement, never had she felt such embarrassment.

"Charles, please don't do this. This is so wrong. I don't mind playing around with just you and talking dirty before, during, and after we have sex, but this is crossing the line with having so many men seeing my breasts."

"You said this was your sexual fantasy, Susan, and I've gone through a lot of trouble to give you this as a Valentine's Day present, while making a little cash on the side. Besides, as I said before, you don't know any of the men and, once we're done, they'll never see you again."

"I don't care if I don't know any of the men. I don't care if these men never see me again. It's bad enough that I'm sitting here in my bra in front of all these men. I'm beyond being embarrassed. I'm mortified. This is really humiliating, Charles. Please don't do this," she said quietly sobbing. "Besides, Charles, they know where I live," she said in a hoarse whisper. "What if they return to rape me? How would you feel then, or don't you care?"

"Sorry, Susan, but you said you'd meet my every challenge, when you told me this was your secret fantasy to flash your body to other men and maybe even have sex with another man, while I watched."

"Okay, okay, you win and I lose. You called my bluff, when you asked me last night during our nightly pillow talk how far I'd go in exposing my body, I was only telling you what you wanted to hear. I only said that I'd love to expose my tits to a bunch of men, just to get you excited and just to get you off. I really didn't mean any of that. I was only kidding about exposing my breasts to men. I lied when I said that it excited me to show my tits to strange men. It doesn't. Not at all. I'd be so embarrassed, Charles, if you did that to me. Maybe I would show my breasts to just one man, but not to a dozen men, while tied to the chair and blindfolded. And I'd never have sex with anyone but you, Charles. I love you, Charles. Please don't do this. I'd be so very angry with you, if you--"

"Quiet slave! Sorry, Susan, but my Valentine's Day gift to you is giving you your sexual fantasy. Besides, these men paid me good money to see your tits and I can't disappoint my customers. Moreover, I'm a little short on cash this month and we need the extra money to pay for our mortgage."

"Sixty dollars isn't going to pay our mortgage, Charles."

"I have five more groups lined up to see your breasts waiting outside with more still to come. I posted an ad on Craigslist. If you disappoint them now, they'll never return for the next show, when I expose your pussy to them."

"My pussy? Charlie! No fucking way! What the Hell has gotten into you? Untie me this instant. I mean it. I'm not fooling around," she said struggling against her ties to free herself, but only making them tighter. "If you don't untied me now and if you expose my breasts to--"

Reaching down and around from behind her, with one upward swipe of his fingers, he lifted her bra and both her breasts fell out, first one and then the other. Even with her hands tied behind her back she visually cringed and lowered her head in shame, while sobbing.

"Okay, step right up. Who wants a feel? For an extra five bucks you can feel her breasts and for another five bucks you can suck her nipples."

She heard the sound of money being counted out and passed around.

"Charlie, I'm mortified. I'm beyond embarrassed. This is so wrong. At least remove the blindfold so that I can see who is sexually assaulting me."

Susan felt a hand on her breast, then another, and another, and another. Then, she felt someone take her nipple in their mouth and then another man was sucking her nipples. The first man that sucked her nipples was clean shaven, the second man had a stiff mustache, the third man had a beard, the fourth man was clean shaven, and the fifth man had a soft mustache.

Even with her sight blocked by the blindfold, it was amazing how much she imagined she could see. She couldn't believe she was being manhandled in such a way and by so many men. Men were touching her breasts, feeling her tits, squeezing them, fondling them, caressing them, and lifting them, while fingering and sucking her nipples. She felt as if she was a side show at a carnival. Before Charles, no one had so much as seen her tits, since her last boyfriend, years ago. Now she was exposed to all these men, who were groping her and sucking her nipples.

"Raise your hands. Who wants to see her panties? For another five bucks, Susan will flash you her panties."

"Charles, no! It's bad enough you flashed all these men my tits, allowed them to grope me, and suck my nipples, but I won't flash my panties. I refuse. Untie me now. I mean it."

Susan heard the sound of money exchanging hands again. It's unbelievable what she could hear. Her sense of hearing heightened by blocking her sense of sight with a blindfolded.

"You do as I say, slave," he said whispering in her ear. Then, what she heard him say to the men sickened her. "You guys can masturbate, while you look, if you'd like. There's a box of tissue on the hall table."

Susan heard a zipper, then another, and another, and another. Then, she heard the sound of men masturbating, stroking their erections by what they could see of her. She wanted to vomit.

"Charles, this has gone far enough. This is just too much. It's disgusting. I feel used, manipulated, and abused. You make me feel, as if I'm a common whore. You said you loved me. How can you do this to someone you supposedly love?"

"I don't remember giving you permission to speak, Susan. Besides, aren't you even just a little bit excited that a dozen men you don't know have seen your big boobs? Did it make you just a little wet, when they touched, felt, and caressed your breasts? Surely, it must have given you some sexual satisfaction to have your nipples sucked by so many men. Aren't you excited that all these men are masturbating over the sight of you topless."

"Eww, gross. Charles, my body is only for your eyes and for your pleasure and not for a bunch of perverted men. You're no better than a pimp. You've prostituted me."

"For another five bucks, when you're ready to cum, you can cum on her tits," he said ignoring her.

"What? No! Charles, no. Please don't. Eww. That's so gross. That's so nasty."

"When you're ready to cum, step closer to her and let it fly."

She recoiled when she felt the first warm ooze hit her chest. Then, the second load of warm cum dripped down her chest, and another, and another. She was getting a real cum bath now with the third, fourth, five, and sixth man ejaculating all over her tits.

"Charles! Stop this! Eww! Oh, my God, this is so disgusting. I can't believe you're doing this to me. I'm gonna be sick. I need to take a shower."

"Tell me first," he said walking behind her, bending down, and whispering in her ear. "Did you get a just little bit excited, when I tied your hands behind your back and blindfolded you?"

"Yes, a little, but that was different then. I thought it was just you and I in the room."

"Did you get just a little bit excited when I unbuttoned your blouse, lifted your bra, flashed your tits and they all touched you, while sucking your nipples," he said breathing in her ear, while feeling her big tits and fingering her nipples."

"Okay, maybe just a little," she said squirming in the chair. "Even though it's scary," she said whispering. "I'm human, you know, but I felt somewhat safer with you here with me in the hall."

"Now, I'm going to hike up your skirt and I want you to gradually spread your knees. Okay?"

"Okay," she said in a little voice, while nodding her head.

"Flash them your white panties. These men are all willing to pay us money to see your bright, white cotton bikini panties, Susan. And slide down a little in the chair, so that they can see your slit through your panties."

"Okay," she said breathlessly, while gradually spreading her knees and sliding down in the chair, after Charles hiked up her skirt.

Susan sat there exposed. Never was she so exposed to so many men. At first she was embarrassed, mortified, but now she was feverishly sexually excited. Then, she felt a couple more loads of warm cum hit her chest, slide down her tits, and rest on her stomach.

"For another five bucks, I'll remove her panty and show you her pussy. Who wants to see my hot girlfriend's pussy? Raise your hands and hand over the cash."

"Charles, no. Please, stop," she said in a hushed whisper. "This is so wrong. This is gone far enough. I don't think I--"

Charles reached under her skirt with both hands and Susan lifted her butt, so that he could remove her panty. Now with her tits out and her pussy exposed, she was totally vulnerable.

"Okay, gentlemen, another five bucks will get you a closer look, a touch, and a lick of her pussy. Who wants to lick Susan's pussy for five dollars more. Look how beautiful she is. Surely it's worth five bucks to lick my sexy girlfriend's pussy, while finger fucking her."

Susan sat quietly shivering, while each man touched her pussy, played with her clit, licked her, and finger fucked her. One after another, man after man, they paid their five dollars to inspect, touch, smell, finger, and lick Susan's pussy. She was soaking wet from having so many men touch her. Never in her wildest fantasy has she ever imagined something like this happening to her. Never had she felt such sexual and erotic excitement.

"Oh, my God, Charles, I'm going to cum," said Susan in a dazed whisper, as one of the men licked and licked her pussy, while finger fucking her. "This is crazy. Never have I been so sexually excited. I don't believe this. I had no idea that I was such a slut. Oh, God! Oh, God! I'm cumming."

"This is the last one, baby. Who wants Susan to suck their cock for twenty-five dollars?"

"Charles, oh, my God, no! It's one thing to flash me and for all those men to touch me, lick me, and finger fuck me, but I'm not going to suck strange men's cocks. There's just no way that I can suck--"

Susan's mouth was filled with a stiff cock, before she could even finish speaking. At first she was reticent, turning her head one way and then another with her lips tightly pursed, after pushing the cock out of her mouth with her tongue. Then, with a hand to the back of her head and a pinch to her nostrils, when she opened her mouth to breath, a big, hard, hairy cock filled her mouth again.

She was taking it all in now, all of it, and sucking the man's cock without complaint. With her tongue licking the head and sucking the entire shaft, she was hungry for whoever's cock that was in her mouth. It could have been anyone's cock. She had no idea. At that point, she was so wet and so horny that she didn't care. In the way she was blowing this lucky man, she looked as if she could suck a hundred cocks.

"Okay, that's enough," said Charles.

"Who else wants Susan to blow them. Who else wants their cock sucked for twenty-five dollars?"

Man, after man, after man stepped out and offered her their cock for her to suck. One after the other, she took them in her mouth with erotic relish and with sexual zest. Queen of the cocksuckers, she was a real blowjob professional.

"Oh, my God, Charles," she said spitting out whoever's cock she was sucking to speak. "I can't believe I'm blowing all these men and sucking all these cocks. Tell them, Charles. Tell them for another twenty-five dollars, they can cum in my mouth and I'll swallow."

"Are you sure, Susan? You'd really have them cum in your mouth and you'd swallow?"

"Yes, oh God, yes. I'd blow them all," she said with a wild, mad look to her face. "I love sucking their cocks, while being blindfolded. It's so hot not to know who I'm sucking. Only, tell them to feel my tits and finger my nipples, while I'm blowing them. I really like that."

With his cock still semi-hard and dangling out of his unzipped pants, Charles stepped back from Susan, after she spit his cock out to speak. He stepped around behind her and removed the blindfold.

"Charles," she said looking up at him, before looking behind him and around the reception hall. "Where are all the men? Where'd everyone go? Is there another group standing outside waiting? Hurry, fix my bra, button my blouse, and put my panties back on, before you open the door and don't forget to blindfold me," she said.

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