Bound & Blindfolded for Valentine's


"What men? There's no one here but me and you, Susan. We're alone."

"But I heard feet shuffling across the welcome mat and footsteps on the tile floor."

Taking a shoe in each hand, as if doing a pushup, Charles stepped with his feet and his hands to make the sound of multiple footsteps.

"What about all those zippers?"

Charles unzipped and zipped the four zippers of his down vest.

"I distinctly felt men with mustaches and a beard," she said.

Charles pulled a phony mustache and beard from his vest pocket.

"Is this what you felt?" He held a mustache up to his face, before leaning down to take her nipple in his mouth.

"And what about all that cum that I felt on my chest," she said looking down. "What about all of this? How do you explain all of that?"

Charles took his finger and took a gob off her chest and inserted his finger in his mouth.

"Oatmeal heavy on the cream," he said with a laugh.

"Oh, you asshole," she said relieved and laughing. "I really thought--"

"I know. Look at your nipples. I never saw them so erect. Even though you were totally embarrassed, you were totally excited. I love it that you're such a slut. Let's have sex."

"Now, you know that I'm really a slut, but only your slut. You made me so hot thinking that I was blowing all those men," she said with a laugh. "Now, untie me please, so that I can enjoy having sex with you."

"Actually, I like you tied. Maybe you can finish your blowjob," he said holding up his exposed prick to her mouth again.

"I'll finish sucking you off, after you untie me. Please Charles, the scarf is so tight that it's cutting off my circulation."

"Okay, Susan, just give me a minute. By you pulling, this knot got really tight. I can't untie it. I'm going to have to cut the scarf. Just let me get some scissors."

"Oh, Charles, I was so angry with you at first and then, when you lifted my bra and I thought all those men were seeing and touching my tits and sucking my nipples, I've never been so excited. I'm dripping wet. Then, when I thought a bunch of guys were finger fucking me, while licking my pussy, I had an orgasm. I really thought I was blowing some guy. God, I was so hot for his cock. I can't believe that I so wanted him to cum in my mouth."

"Where's the scissors, honey?"

"Oh, I think they may be upstairs in the sewing room."

Charles ran upstairs and disappeared in the back of the house, just as the front door opened.



"What the Hell is going on here?"

"Dad? Oh, God."

"Gees, big sister? Why are you nearly naked and tied to a chair?"

"Michael? Oh, my God! This can't be happening to me. Charles!"

"Don't look at your sister, Michael," said her mother. "Here's my coat, Susan," she said covering her daughter's naked breasts.

"Mom? What are you doing here? I invited you for Valentine's Day dinner not Valentine's Day breakfast," said Susan.

"We were going to do some shopping and--"

"And your mother had to pee for the fifth time," said Susan's father. "She has the bladder the size of a thimble. We were closer to your house than we were to the mall, so..."

"Nice tits, sis," said her brother reaching out his hand. "Can I have a feel?"

"Michael," said her mother slapping him across the back of his head.

"I'm so embarrassed," she said.

"I found the scissors, Susan. Oh, hello," said Charles bounding and bouncing down the stairs, while Susan's mother stared wide-eyes at her future son-in-law.



"Zip up! You're cock is hanging out of your pants in front of my mother," said Susan.

"Oops, sorry," said Charles stuffing his cock back in his pants. "We, uhm, were just, uhm, celebrating Valentine's Day with some role playing."

"That's okay. Susan's Mom and I used to--"

"Walter, don't you dare."

"I'd like to hear what you and Mom did, Dad," said Michael.

"Shut up, Michael," said his Dad slapping him across the back of his head.

"It's none of your business, what we did in our youth," said his mother slapping him across the back of his head.

"This is the reason why I get all C's in school because of the brain damage you've given me with so many slaps to the back of my head, over the years, but it was worth it to see my big sister's big tits," said Michael and ducking, when both his Mom and Dad went to slap him and missed.

"Well, hurry and go pee, Ruth, so that we can continue our shopping trip at the mall and they can continue their Valentine's Day in private," said Walter giving Charles a wink.

With Ruth only taking a few seconds, they all hurried out the door.

"We'll see you later this evening," said Ruth to her daughter going out the door.

"Oh, you forgot your coat, Mom. I'll get it for you," said Michael going back in the house and removing his mother's coat from his sister's tits, while taking an incestuous feel of her Susan's big breasts and fingering her nipples with both hands.

"Eww! Get out of here, Michael, you little pervert."

Charles just stood there laughing at the incestuously, perverted aggressiveness of her 18-year-old, little brother.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Susan," said Charles cutting the scarf with the scissors to free her hands.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Charles."

"How about finishing that blowjob, now," he said unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock again.

"Sure," she said laughing, "and for twenty-five dollars you can cum in my mouth, while feeling my tits."

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