tagBDSMBound and Flogged

Bound and Flogged


I pull into your driveway and you greet me at the door with a gentle kiss, pulling me inside. We spend a while chatting, kissing and cuddling before you tell me, "I'm sure you need to freshen up after your journey. Come upstairs."

In the bedroom, your demeanour changes and your voice is sterner when you tell me to strip. I can see you watching me intently as I remove my jumper, jeans, socks and top. Pausing, I look up at you, standing before you in just my bra and knickers. The look of approval in your eyes gives me the confidence to unfasten my bra, letting it fall to the floor, displaying my nipples which are already hard with arousal. Before I can remove my knickers, you move towards me and your hand reaches between my legs, cupping your hand around me and then rubbing me through the knickers.

"I can already feel how wet you are," you comment, making me blush slightly. You kneel down in front of me and slowly pull down my knickers. I am exposed to you, your face at eye level with my pussy. You lower my knickers to mid-thigh and firmly order me to keep them there. I quickly realise that the only way to do this is to widen my legs so that the knickers remain taut. This further increases both my feeling of exposure and my arousal. You order me to place my hands behind my back. I tense in slight embarrassment as your fingers spread my lips and you just look at my pussy and clit for a few moments, occasionally blowing on it and watching me wriggle slightly as the cool air hits a sensitive area. Somehow, this intimate inspection makes me feel more vulnerable than when you are touching me and I can feel my pussy dripping.

Standing up, you remove your jumper. "Take off the knickers and kneel in front of me," you order. I comply and feel your hand caressing my cheek before you order me to undo your belt and jeans. Pulling them down, I am rewarded with the sight of your hard cock straining against your underwear. You remove the rest of your clothes and my tongue instinctively reaches out to lick your cock, stopping only when I hear your firm voice, "Did I tell you to lick my cock?"

"No, Sir," I reply quietly.

"No, what?" you say, waiting for me to repeat your words, enjoying hearing my voice, which is unaccustomed to using such language.

"No, Sir, you did not tell me to lick your cock," I say softly.

"You will get to taste it later, but I have other things planned first," you tell me, reaching out your hand to help me up from my kneeling position. You keep hold of my hand and lead me into the bathroom, where you turn on the shower before stepping in and reaching out your hand again to help me to step in behind you. This subtle combination of gentlemanliness alongside your firm commands makes me want to obey your every command and to please you in every way as well as reassuring me that you care about me and will look after me.

I relax further as the warm water falls on my shoulders and I feel your arms around me, pulling me into your strong chest. You reach behind me to pour a handful of shower gel, rubbing it into a lather on my back, seeking out any patches of tightness to gently knead beneath your fingers. Then you turn your attention to my front, rubbing more shower gel over my breasts, groping them and squeezing my nipples between your finger and thumb, listening to the gentle moans that this causes. Your soapy hands explore every inch of my torso before they reach down to my thighs, gradually moving upwards until you reach my pussy lips. You rub the lather over my clit and then move your hand between my arse cheeks, rubbing your finger over my tight hole.

Removing the shower head from its hook, you begin to rinse the shower gel off my torso. The water is warm on my skin as it travels down. I gasp as you move downwards and I feel jets of water hitting my pussy lips and then my clit. Your fingers rub over me again, removing all traces of shower gel, as you direct the stream of water straight at my clit, making me squirm.

When I am clean, you hand me the bottle of shower gel, telling me to wash you. I pour a handful of shower gel and begin to rub it over your back, my hands smoothing over your skin from your shoulders down to your arse, gently reaching between your legs to find the sensitive spots there. Moving in front of you, I repeat this on your front, your chest hair making it lather and foam. I relish the feeling of your strong muscles beneath my hands. And then I move my attention down, gently rubbing shower gel over your balls before wrapping my hand around your cock, working it slowly up and down and gently rubbing my thumb over the tip. I smile as I look forward to feeling it inside me later. Finally, I reach over you to take the shower head and use it to rinse your body thoroughly. Your arm snakes around my waist, pulling me into you and I rest my head contentedly on your shoulder.

We step out of the shower and you wrap me in a towel, drying yourself before turning your attention back to me. You use the towel to rub every part of my body, dragging the roughest part over my nipples and hearing me moan softly. When we are both dry, you tell me to go and get dressed.

"What would you like me to wear, Sir?" I ask.

"You can start off in a thong, hold ups, knee high boots and your little black dress," you reply. "But you won't be wearing much of it for very long!"

You dress quickly and then leave me to dry my hair and get dressed, telling me to go into the spare room when I am ready and kneel on all fours on the table. I prepare myself and then go into the spare room and climb onto the table, which you have positioned on a rug in the middle of the room. Kneeling on the table, I feel like I am putting myself on display for you, surrendering myself to your control, and that thought makes my pussy drip with anticipation.

You leave me waiting for a few moments before you come upstairs, telling me how beautiful I look and coming over to run your hands over the smooth fabric of the dress and my curves. Your obvious approval relaxes me and makes me feel more confident. I can almost imagine myself as the attractive woman that you keep telling me I am, seeing myself through your eyes.

Smiling, you pull the front of my dress down so that my breasts hang freely beneath me as you run your hand down my back, over my arse and onto my thighs. I try to wriggle myself towards your hand, but you respond with a sharp spank on my arse. You pull on my nipples, watching my breasts stretching and hearing me moan.

Then you order me to get down from the table. "Stand with your hands behind your head," you tell me. I place my hands on my neck, sensing my breasts push forwards. You gesture with your hands for me to spread my legs and I obey almost instinctively, feeling the dress ride up my thighs. Every time you do this, I am amazed by my desire to please you, knowing that I would not do this for anyone else, and aroused by your confident display of dominance.

As you move behind me, I feel you push my hair away from my neck and then you plant a few gentle kisses on the back of my neck before you wrap the leather collar around my neck, fastening it securely. You lift the dress up, pulling it over my head and leaving me standing before you almost naked again, wearing just hold ups with a lacy top around my thigh and my knee-high boots.

As I return my hands to their position behind my head, you pick up a length of rope, trailing the tasselled end over my collar bone and down to my chest, making me shiver at the slight tickle. You wrap the rope around my torso and around my breasts, trapping them and squeezing them, before bringing the rope around the back of my neck. I smile at the sensation of the soft rope against my skin and the feeling of being constricted, my breasts lifted up and out, on display for your pleasure.

Then you gently take hold of one of my wrists, pulling it outwards in front of me so that you can fasten a cuff around it. You repeat this on the other wrist before pulling me towards you and kissing me deeply, holding my head still, pushing your tongue into me and claiming my mouth with yours. I relax into the kiss, submitting naturally to your dominance.

Next, you lead me back to the table, gently pushing me down so that I am bent forwards over the length of it, making me spread my legs apart so that they are touching the legs of the table. You move away, returning with two bungee cords in your hand. Then you wrap each one around my ankle and the table leg before hooking the ends together. My pussy grows even wetter as I feel them holding my ankles firmly in place, keeping my legs spread and exposing my arse to whatever you choose to do.

You move around the table and pull my wrists towards the opposite corners of the table before fastening them in place with chains looped around the table legs. Then you place a folded towel under my head as a pillow. You finalise my restraint by passing another piece of soft rope around my waist and then fastening it under the table. I am now almost completely immobilised, my torso stretched across the table. My breathing is shallow as I contemplate my vulnerability, but a few gentle kisses on my shoulder help me to relax.

I watch you as you move away and retrieve something from a bag, keeping it hidden from me. You come to stand beside me and I feel soft tendrils of leather trailing over my back, down my spine to my arse and then back up. Then you move the flogger away from me and pause, leaving me for a moment to anticipate the first blow and watching me as my breathing becomes harder and a soft whimper escapes my lips.

Your first blows are gentle, letting the strands fall onto my upper back. As I begin to relax into the unfamiliar sensation, you move to a different spot, still keeping your blows gentle. Without warning, you land a harder blow in that spot, which causes me to cry out in surprise. Your strokes become harder but slower as you concentrate on hitting the right spots and avoiding letting the ends wrap around my body.

Each blow sends a thud of pain that makes me cry out and then a spreading warmth that turns my cry into more of a moan. As your strikes continue, now moving to my upper thighs and arse, they merge into one continuous sensation of pain mixed with pleasure. I can feel the blood rushing into the area and the warmth suggesting how red my cheeks might be looking.

You pause and stand behind me. Suddenly I feel your huge cock forcing its way into my pussy. I am wet enough for it to slide in easily, filling me completely. You begin slowly thrusting in and out of me and resume flogging my back, much more gently now as you are aware that you are somewhat distracted. My brain can't seem to work out which sensation to focus on and the pleasure of your cock inside me merges with the warmth of the flogger falling on my back and your hips bashing into my red and sensitive arse.

The flogging stops once again as you reach down underneath me and place a small bullet vibrator against my clit, moving it around until my moans tell you that it is in just the right spot. You hold it in place as you continue to fuck me, building up the speed and depth of your thrusts. It is not long before the combination of the sensations on my clit and in my pussy overwhelm me and I cry out in a powerful orgasm. As I squirm beneath you, my clit now highly sensitised, you turn off the vibrator but continue to fuck me hard. This continued pleasure seems to extend the orgasm and I continue to moan in ecstasy until your thrusts cease.

You pull your cock out of me and gaze down at me, lying on the table in a relaxed, post-orgasmic haze. Smiling wickedly, you pull me out of that haze with a few strikes of the flogger, beginning gently and then building up a rhythm of harder and faster strokes. With the endorphins still rushing around my body after the orgasm, my pain threshold is higher and you take advantage of this, until my back, thighs and arse are bright red.

Then you plunge your cock back into my exposed pussy, listening to my moans change tone again. Your thrusts are so hard and deep in this position that it is almost painful every time your cock bumps against my cervix. But there is a delicious pleasure mixed in with the pain, revelling in your animalistic fucking and the way that you are taking your pleasure from my body. You continue to fuck me until I feel you stiffen behind me and you cry out with your own orgasm.

As you recover, you gently stroke my sides in a tender gesture that contrasts wonderfully with your domineering manner a few moments ago. You stand up and I hear the click of your phone camera, capturing my helplessness and the redness of my skin. Then you unfasten the bungee cords, ropes and chains that bind me to the table and rub each limb to loosen any stiffness. You help me to my feet and support me as my legs seem to weaken, pulling me into your strong chest and showering me with compliments and kisses.

When I have recovered enough strength to stand, you tell me to go into the bedroom and get dressed for dinner. Dressing yourself quickly, you hurry downstairs to finish preparing dinner, ready to switch back to romancing me and smiling as you think of all the other pleasures, vanilla and kinky, that you have in store for the rest of the weekend.

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very good

This is realistic and safe! I don't like stories that leave out aftercare, you did a good job

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