tagBDSMBound Awakening

Bound Awakening


She was in that transition between sleep and consciousness where everything is hazy. She felt the slightest caress on her face, and wanted to reach for it as if a dream were escaping her grasp. She couldn't reach, her hands weren't responding to her thoughts. Not that they didn't want to, it was that they were bound at the wrist to the headboard. Coming fully awake now she realized that not only were her ankles also bound, but she had a blindfold on as well. Panic was welling up inside, because she knew their was someone else in the room with her.

She heard the comforting words from a man informing her that she was fine and he wasn't going to hurt her. She recognized the voice but could not place it immediately. She could hear him moving about the room, opening drawers and then heard the bedroom door open and close - as if he were looking for something. She asked what he wanted, he told her, " I've only ever wanted to please you".

She now knew who was in the room with her...her lover. He came to the bed, leaned next to her head and whispered in her ear, " Tonight's the night...enjoy it".

His words were elusive, and she didn't understand what he meant.

She heard him sit down on the chair that was in the corner of the room, but felt the bed move as if someone was getting on the bed. How can he be in two places at once? Unless...

Someone else was there. Who was it?

She was splayed for the entire world to see. She slept in the nude and knew that the bed sheets didn't cover her. Who else would he bring to see her helpless like this?

Although she was nervous, she could feel the stirrings of arousal as well. She felt the stranger touch her feet and ankles, over the restraints, and up her legs. The stranger's touch was very soft and gentle. As the hands glided up her legs to mid thigh, she could now feel the sensations of small kisses by her knees, and soon the wet licking of a tongue as it made tiny circles up towards her now wet sex. These feelings were starting

to make her wet. She couldn't close her legs or touch herself. She was at the complete mercy of this unknown person.

The stranger didn't speak as they slowly moved their hands past her tummy to her chest to rub her tits and play with her stiffening nipples. As the hands grasped, their tongue began to lick at her swelling clit. She could feel the juices run freely down her lips now and her nipples were tingling at the touch.

This stranger was turning her on immensely. They knew what to touch and when to do it. She could only moan and squirm since she couldn't touch herself or the stranger. They gently blew on her clit, sending small shivers up her body. She writhed as long slender fingers probed her inside, as the thumb continued to rub her clit area.

Did she feel fingernails?

She couldn't stand not knowing who this was! She remembered talking with her lover about a fantasy of having a 3rd person join them. But this was definitely a twist. At this moment she didn't care, the sensations of those fingers as the not so gently plunged in and out of her had her squealing.

Relief was soon forthcoming as she let an orgasm rip through her body. She felt the strangers tongue lick away the residue that came with it.

She heard her lover move from across the room, and soon heard him in her ear, " How would like something to suck on?" he asked.

She heard his fly unzip and as he removed his pants she felt the stranger knead her breasts and play with them. Then she felt something soft against the side of her face. She knew what it was before she opened her mouth, to take him in. He had a distinct cock. She'd felt it so many times before that she knew whom it belonged to in the dark. So she began to suck in earnest what she couldn't touch with her hands. It was awkward because she couldn't see or touch it; only suck what he gave her. He would pull it away every so often and she heard what sounded like someone else was sucking on her lovers cock.

Who is this?!?!

When he resumed letting her blow him, dangling his balls to her mouth, she felt the stranger leave the bed and return a moment later. She felt them down between her legs and was curious what was going to happen. As she blew him, the stranger began licking at her brown knot. This brought moans of approval from her. When they pulled away she was disappointed for she fully enjoyed what she felt. Her disappointment didn't last long as she felt a familiar toy work its way inside her backdoor. A butt plug from her drawer was being inserted into her ass after it was coated with saliva from the stranger. After it was fully in, she felt her lover pull away again. She would have asked where he was going but she had an idea, a wish actually.

Again she wasn't disappointed as she felt him between her legs. He playfully teased her by rubbing his cock head against her wet cunt and clit making sure he had her full attention. He began pushing his hard cock inside her wet pussy. He had no problems getting in as she left his dick coated with her creamy juices. He entered her with one strong thrust. She gasped at the sensations, he felt huge, felt as though he could tear her apart. Both holes were filled and he savagely pounded her. She could feel her tits bounce as they were along for the ride. As she felt her lover fuck her she'd forgotten all about the stranger.

She felt the stranger at the head of the bed, and as they began kissing her she wondered again, who is this person. They exchanged tongues in each other's mouth. Kissing as her lover made love to her. They ended the kiss and she felt the bed move as the stranger lowered themselves over her head.

"Suck me " was all she heard, she didn't know what to suck, until she smelled a musky fragrance in front of her and tentatively stuck out her tongue and found herself licking another woman. The woman held her head in place as she guided her tongue up and down the wet cunt lips. As she nibbled on her engorged clit she heard the other woman moan. " Oh, Oh, yes, yesss -- Lick me- suck on my pussy " she did just that and more.

She heard the woman's breathing change as she gasped for breath. She stuck her tongue deep inside and tasted those sweet juices on the tip of her tongue. The women wailed before she came all over her face. She felt her lover's rhythm speed up, as he too was going to shoot his load. She had another orgasm feeling him slide deep within her waiting for him and as he pulled out, the other woman was there teasing her clit as he pumped out his milky cum onto her chest and stomach.

When they were finished the blindfold was removed and she was staring into the eyes of her friend from work. Her lover has told her how they planned the whole thing after their fantasy talks from weeks before. She was soon released from her bindings and couldn't suppress the urge to reach out and touch her friends breasts as she climbed up her body starting round two as her lover watched.

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