Bound for Fun


I reached out my right hand, feeling around in the dark for the last handcuff. Lying spread eagle on the floor, cock sticking straight up and throbbing with anticipation, I stretched out to clasp the last cuff tightly around my wrist. My wife was at a friend's baby shower, but had told me she would be home around 8, which was only 15 minutes away. I had just showered and shaved (yes, my face, but also my cock and balls) and had decided to surprise my wife of five years with a little show when she got home, so had dug out our four handcuffs, a blindfold, and some additional rope so I could properly present myself in the living room when she came home. After tying the ropes off to various fixed points in the room (including a couple door knobs and the staircase banister), I had dragged the other ends of the ropes to the middle of the room. I then tied up four handcuffs, and started to cuff myself down.

I began with the easy part, first affixing a cuff to each of my ankles, binding my ankles about two and half or three feet apart from one another. I then laid back. The rest would take a little more flexibility, something for which I am not known. I first reached above and to the left, cuffing my left arm above my head. I then grabbed the blindfold, which I had earlier tied to the right size and then left lying where I could reach it easily. I slid it down over my eyes and laid my head back. Now the hardest part, trying to affix the final cuff with one hand and no vision. After wiggling around and flopping the cuff back and forth about ten times, I finally got it wrapped around my wrist and was able to clasp it shut.

Done. Now the waiting. My cock was rock hard in anticipation. My wife and I love to play kinky games on occasion, and I knew that she would be excited to come home and see her toy all tied up and waiting for her. With the blindfold on and my body tied up rigid (in every way possible) I began to think of what she might do to me. Would she go slow, torturing me while kissing every inch of me except the parts I so wanted her to touch? Or, would she quickly grasp my cock with her hand and suck it as deep as she could down her throat, licking and slurping at my cock? Or, would she decide that she needed to have a little of her own fun first, and place her wet pussy at my mouth until I brought her to climax with my tongue? Would she impale her pussy on my hard cock? So many options, each one exciting for its own reasons! My heart was racing with anticipation as I lay, totally immobile, naked on the living room floor.

It's not always easy to tell time when your senses are blocked, but it sure seemed like I had been there more than 15 minutes. My heart started to slow, and my cock slowly grew flaccid. My ears remained on high alert, however, ready for any sign of my wife. I began to worry about what I would do if she came home long after she had told me. I didn't want to (nor could I) sleep this way, and eventually laying spread eagle tied up on the floor was likely to start to be pretty painful. I began to wonder whether maybe I should have given myself a means out of this situation in case she ended up being late, but quickly put it out of mind, knowing that it was going to be well-worth it when she got home. I love the feeling of loss of control, and my beautiful wife knew well by now how to drive me crazy.

At this point, I should probably tell you a bit about my wife. She is a dark haired beauty, with jet black hair, a soft, heart shaped face, deep brown eyes, and a killer body. About 5'6", she weighs around 115 lbs with perfect C cup breasts with the cutest little pink nipples on top. They're almost small for the size of her breasts. She also has an amazingly tight pussy. She occasionally waxes that, although recently it was just neatly trimmed into a patch of hair just above her pussy.

I knew she would enjoy my newly shaved body. The last time I shaved my cock she commented on how large it made my cock look. I guessed that when she saw it, she would want to immediately lower her sopping wet pussy on it and ride it hard. As I imagined her wetness enveloping me I immediately got hard again. After all this anticipation, I was kind of hoping that she would choose to just jump on and fuck. I was definitely ready for release.

Another 10-15 minutes passed, and I again worried that I had maybe chosen the wrong night for our adventure. I had not brought my cell phone out from the bedroom with me (being a bit tied up and not able to answer anyway) so was not sure whether I had gotten a call telling me she would be late. I had thought to turn on a little music, so I at least had that to listen to, but it had blocked me from even being able to hear if my phone rang in the other room. All I knew was that I was beginning to grow a little uncomfortable after what seemed like an hour.

Finally, I heard a car pull into our driveway. She was home at last. My cock immediately surged to life in anticipation. I had positioned myself in the middle of the living room, the first place she would walk as she entered the front door (we had no garage, only a driveway). There would be no missing me. I smiled at the thought of her walking in, finding me blindfolded, naked on the floor.

I heard the car door slam. My heart was racing as I thought about what would happen in 20-30 seconds. I could not wait...

Another door slammed. And another. Then I heard faint laughter and the sound of various female voices outside in the driveway.

Oh crap!

This was not the plan. I immediately came to life, squirming and stretching, trying to find some way to extricate myself from this situation. Why had I done such a good job tying myself down? I had left no key within reach, not that I could have done anything with it in my position in the 20 seconds it would take for them to get to the door. My only hope was that my wife Sarah would enter first and somehow run an audible to fix this situation.

The female voices grew louder. I could make out my wife's voice, but couldn't really place the others as they all laughed and moved closer to the door.

I heard the door handle turn. I braced myself, my face red with embarrassment yet my cock rock hard in anticipation.

The door slammed open. The laughter quickly turned to a gasp and shocked silence. "Oh shit!" I heard my wife exclaim, and then the door slammed shut again.

Well, that wasn't so bad. Although I assumed that at least one or two others from the group (whoever they were) had obviously seen me from the sound of the gasps I heard, it appeared that Sarah had thought quickly on her feet and would soon have me out of my situation.

After a moment there was laughter outside. Not the most reassuring sound to a rock hard man lying on the floor on display, but understandable due to the situation. Obviously, the facts of what they had just seen took a moment to digest, and were amusing to the ladies outside. I heard some muted discussion that I couldn't quite make out, and then, a minute later, the door knob turned once again.

Because I was blindfolded I couldn't tell who had entered, but I was sure that Sarah had entered to save me. "Hey babe." I said. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know you were bringing over friends. Hopefully no one saw too much, huh? I'll just go hide in the bedroom forever after you get me out of this. I have never been so embarrassed."

There was no answer. I could tell someone had just stepped over me, but I couldn't tell what she was doing. "What's going on babe? Where are you going?" She walked out of the room.

Again no answer. I heard shuffling around in the room next door, and then what sounded like rifling through drawers. Maybe she was looking for the key. "Hey, the key is on the table in the dining room if you're looking for it," I called out.

Then, I heard footsteps back toward me. I felt a hand reach down to my face, and then someone bending over me. In a moment, I felt soft lips on mine. My wife's beautiful, soft lips. A little confused as to why I wasn't untied yet, I nevertheless enjoyed the kiss and began to kiss back What man with a raging hard-on wouldn't? Too soon, she broke the kiss and brought something else over my mouth. Some kind of fabric. I opened my mouth to ask what was going on but was quickly muffled when she pulled the fabric tight against my mouth and tied it behind my head.

What the heck? Had she sent her friends away so she could have fun? I wouldn't mind it, though I was a little embarrassed that whoever had come home with her had to know exactly what was going on after they left.

I heard more shuffling around and drawers opening and closing. I tried to call out a question but could only get out muffled grunts against the gag. A minute or two later she was back, again hovering over my head. I felt her hands on both sides of my head. What was she doing? I felt something being placed over both my ears. Headphones? Yep, a minute later it was confirmed that I had headphones on as I began to hear music pulsing through my ears.

My confusion and embarrassment was doing a number on my cock, as it grew flaccid once again. I was ready to be untied or fucked, and just couldn't understand what was going on. I felt Sarah stand up again, and walk away.... Toward the front door... I heard a muffled voice call out, though I couldn't tell what she said because of the headphones in my ears.

A minute later, I understood what she had done. Rather than saving me, she had fed me to the wolves. I heard laughter over the music as her friends, whoever and however many they were, came into the living room and stood around. I couldn't see them, but could feel them and hear muted laughter. Even though I couldn't see them, I could also feel their stares at my naked, shaved body.

I again tried to call out but could only grunt into the fabric in my mouth. I squirmed around but could barely move; I had done much too good a job tying myself up. I couldn't believe what was going on, my wife was exposing my shaved, naked body to her friends. And, she was doing it on purpose. As I came to the realization of my situation my heart again began to race, and my cock twitched back to life, bringing a chorus of muted laughter over the music and what sounded like clapping.

As the moments passed, the headphones began to make more and more sense. I could hear faint voices and occasional laughter, but simply could not make out what was being said, nor could I make out to whom any of the voices belonged. Here I was on display to what had to be four or five (or maybe six) females, and the only one I knew for sure was my wife. Who were the others? Was it her work friends? Was it friends from the shower she just attended? Was her sister there? Sarah had plenty of attractive friends, and right now I was on display to some number of blonde and brunette (maybe even a redhead) beauties who I could not see or recognize.

I felt something placed on my chest. What was that? Some kind of small, cold object. A little moist. Then another, and another. And some more. I felt people walk toward me. Although I couldn't see them, I could feel the girls begin to sit down on each side of me. One at my head, what felt like two on my left, one on my right. There was even one between my legs. Then, I felt something wet and cold poured into my belly button and onto my stomach.

My senses of touch and smell were primed as all my other senses were blocked, and it became clear very quickly that there were a couple plates of fruit and vegetables on my chest. Interesting. So I was to serve as some kind of naked fruit and veggie tray for these ladies. I felt arms and hands reaching to the objects that I believed to be food on my chest. The laughter and muted talking picked up as I felt hands reach out and grab objects from my chest, and dip them across my belly. Every once in a while I felt someone's arm or hand brush against my cock, which was at full mast and twitching from the touch. It was often the person seated between my legs that did the brushing (I think whoever that was did it on purpose just about every time she reached for a bite) but the others all occasionally also seemed to go out of their way to gently brush my raging manhood.

I was going crazy, and couldn't decide what to think. Here I was bound and naked lying on the floor and on display in front of some number of what I believed to be pretty hot women. I couldn't tell who they were, but I could tell that they were ogling me and enjoying my predicament. I couldn't hear what they were saying, nor could I make out their voices. But, I knew they were enjoying themselves with food and abundant laughter. I was obviously embarrassed at my situation, but also incredibly turned on.

The "dining" and conversation went on for what must have been ten to fifteen minutes. As the time moved on, the ladies seemed to lose a bit of interest in my rock hard cock, as the "inadvertent" brushes dwindled. In turn, my cock also slowly softened. I was still incredibly turned on, as well as incredibly embarrassed, but eventually I guess the blood decides to flow to some other "essential" parts of the body.

I felt the woman at my head stand and then bend over my body to pick up the remainder of the objects on my chest. She then walked away and returned a moment later. I felt her kneel at my shoulder and reach down to my chest with some kind of wet fabric. It only took me a moment for me to realize that she was cleaning me off, starting at my chest and then moving down to my stomach to wipe off the remainder of the dip that had been spread there earlier. As she kneeled over I could feel the cloth of her shirt falling over my skin, and occasionally I felt what must have been her breasts pushing against my shoulder and chest as she continued to wipe me clean. I was fairly sure this was Sarah, as her perfume seemed familiar, although I could not be 100% sure.

She stood up and I felt her move away again. A few minutes later, she was back at my head, seated. I then felt the woman to my right reach across my body. She must have been grabbing a towel from whoever had just come back, because she began to use a dry towel to dry me off. She started at my chest, slowly wiping circles across both of my nipples and then moving down to my stomach. In contrast to the first woman, she took her time. She continued to move the towel lower and lower on my abs until she reached my newly shaved cock. She slowly "toweled off" my cock, started at the base, moving up to the head, and moving slow circles around the head. I was quickly back to my fully rigid state. I could again hear muted laughter over the music in my ears, obviously responding to the attention being paid my cock and my response. She moved back down my cock, reaching my balls and cupping each one in the towel in her hand. I was enjoying the attention immensely, with my cock beginning to twitch in anticipation again from this soft caress. However, just as quickly as it started, it was over. She removed her hand from my cock and moved away.

There I was again, hard as rock, blindfolded and laying spread eagle, encircled by a group of beauties. As the excitement and pleasure of the recent touching wore off, the embarrassment again rose as I realized my predicament. I couldn't hear anything really going on, and no one was moving. I'm sure there was some conversation going on, but I simply couldn't hear it over the music blaring in my ears.

I began to wonder how long we were going to stay like this until I felt the woman at my head reach to my chest again and lay down something light and hard. It felt rectangular and flat, like cardboard. She then laid another, and then three more. Some more time passed, and one of the ladies laid what appeared to be two more of the same objects on my side. Then another. Then it started again. No one was really paying attention to my cock, these new objects appeared to be the focus of their attentions, at least as far as their arms and hands were concerned.

Eventually, the woman at my head picked up all the objects on my chest, and started the cycle again.

It only took me a hand or two to realize they were playing poker. Turn one card, then another, and then the river. I couldn't tell what they were betting, as all I felt on my body (again the "table," if you will) was the cards being set out, hands being folded, and hands being shown. The women were moving around some, especially between hands, but to my never-ending frustration this didn't result in any brushes with my cock or balls. My cock was almost flaccid now, still engorged from all the excitement but a bit "let down" by the lack of attention.

This went on for what must have been thirty to forty-five minutes. Someone would shuffle the cards on my chest, and another hand would start. Having been tied up for about two hours now, give or take, all of my body was getting stiff, not just the good parts. I was unable to voice any complaint, however, not that the ladies would have paid a complaint any heed anyway.

Eventually, the card playing came to a stop. I felt everyone around me stand up and walk away from my body.

I couldn't hear anything going on. There had been spots of laughter throughout the card game (as there had been throughout the night) but now there was nothing. Just the sound of music playing in my ears.

I laid there, wondering what was going on. Had everyone left? Still nothing. No movement around, no laughter, no loud talking. At one point I thought I might have heard some discussion going on, but it really was impossible to tell and it only lasted a few seconds, so probably not.

I wasn't too worried, as I assumed that Sarah would untie me once everyone left. There was no way she would leave me like this all night. However, I was extremely curious as to what was going on and frustrated by my total inability to use any of my senses to figure out what was going on. Was everyone just sitting on the couches watching me quietly, and I couldn't tell? Were they enjoying my total lack of control? Or, had everyone left? Had they moved to another room? If so, why?

My frustration level rose as the minutes passed by. Of course, it could have only been five minutes, my sensory deprivation was definitely playing tricks on me, but it was still frustrating.

Finally, I felt movement above me. Was Sarah here to finally untie and unbind me? Whoever it was walked from my feet and then stepped over my waist so that her legs were on each side of my chest. She was standing there for a moment, and I could almost feel her looking at me, even though I couldn't see her.

Slowly, she began to kneel, placing her feet at my chest, and her knees on my shoulders. Her hands reached down and removed the cloth from my mouth. My cock began to twitch and grow once again.

After an agonizing few seconds I could feel soft skin above my lips, as she pressed down on my face. My eyes rolled back into my head in pleasure as I opened my lips and stuck my tongue into a soft, wet pussy.

Obviously, my wife had let her friends go home and was now going to use her toy, and I was more than happy to oblige. Her pussy lips were soft and smooth as I stuck out my tongue and licked long strokes up and down the slit of her pussy, and then avoided the slit and licked large circles around her pussy. I got to the top of the slit with my tongue, and could just feel the hint of her well manicured thatch of hair. I then took a long stroke back down to the bottom. As I continued to tease and torment, I could feel her getting more and more excited. Wetness started to ooze out of her inviting pussy, and she began to grind her pussy harder and harder into my face.

Finally, I felt her reach down with both hands to part her pussy wide. Ah how I wished I was not blindfolded, to see inside her folds into the wet, pink love canal where I hoped I would soon be pounding my rock hard cock. Not being able to see, I did the next best thing and tongue fucked her pussy for a good couple of minutes, straining to reach my tongue as deep as I could into her.

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