Bound For My Daddy


"You'll get in trouble!" I told them, feeling like a little kid.

"If you rat us out sure." Laurie shrugged, "But you said she didn't know anyone was coming over so you just don't tell her who."

"But you'll have bigger problems," Krissy continued, "Because Mom's not just going to get an eyeful of your skinny little body, but this nice empty bottle here on the nightstand and we left a couple of roaches in the ashtray."

"I'll get..."

"In a lot of trouble," Krissy nodded. "Grounded for a long time I'm sure and," she smiled, "That car you said your parents were buying you, for getting into college and being such a good girl? See you later!"

I started to cry, "This isn't fair!"

"Tough shit." Laurie said, "You picked the wrong cock to suck so deal with it."

"There is some good news." Krissy said while they both stood up. "Melissa really wants you in the sisterhood. We told her about this, but she still would like you to join us and she said this will count as one of your hazing, so you can still be one of us!"

"I hope she isn't." Laurie muttered, then reaching down ran her long red nail around my nipple. "See you later skank, have fun explaining this to Mommy."

"I hope she tells your dad." Krissy laughed as they headed for the door. "That way he can be pissed he didn't find her here all tied up and naked, maybe he'd even fuck her."

"Christ you're sick Krissy." Laurie said as she opened the door. "Just because you fucked your step father before he left your mother doesn't mean everyone wants to do weird shit like that."

They closed the door behind them and as I heard them walk down the stairs began to sob, I was so fucked!


My cell phone began to ring again, and I whimpered in frustration. It was the third time it had rang in the last few minutes which told me it was either Mom, or maybe Dad calling, asking me to run an errand or something. I'd been laying here for the last hour alternately crying and trying to get loose. The stockings had gotten tighter each time I pulled and I'd had to give up and was now resigned to what would be the worst punishment I would ever imagine. I wanted that car so bad! Dad had told me he was going to take me to a couple of dealers this weekend to look around. And it wasn't fair! I hadn't known Laurie liked Mark!

I was pulled from my thoughts by the home phone ringing on my desk. It rang until the answering machine picked up and I heard Mom come on.

"Hey Keri, I've been trying to reach you. Maybe you're phones charging. Anyway the meeting ran late and I'm catching a later flight. I won't be flying in until tonight. I left Dad a message, but when you see him tell him just in case because he needs to pick me up. Bye honey, love you!"

A fresh wave of panic went through me; Dad was going to be home before Mom! Oh my fucking God, he was going to find me like this! I struggled against the stockings, but gave up when I felt them tighten even more. The tears began to flow down my cheeks. As of Mom finding me wasn't going to be humiliating enough! My only hope would be Dad thinking I was out and maybe he wouldn't come up here. That would mean being stuck like this all day. Sooner or later I'd have to go to the bathroom, but what the hell, pissing the bed couldn't be more embarrassing than being found butt ass naked by my....

"Oh no!" I moaned as I heard the familiar roar of Dad's large Ford pickup pull into the drive way.

I turned my head and looked at the clock on the nightstand, it was only 10:30 he was early. I turned back and stared at the ceiling. My window was open and I heard Dad's voice as he got out of the truck.

"Yeah Julie I got your message, I'll be there for seven." He paused then said, "They ran out of material so I'm home a little early. Hey listen, Keri's around today; I was thinking of taking her to Rizzo Ford, what do you think?"

Shit! He was going to come looking for me! I heard the downstairs door slam and Dad wandering around downstairs. My heart began to pound when I heard him coming up the stairs and towards my room. I sighed in relief when he walked past and a couple of minutes later I heard the shower running. After what seemed like an eternity I heard the water stop, a minute later he left the bathroom and his footsteps went the other way towards their bedroom. I started to pray that he would lie down and take a nap, then maybe forget about doing anything with me.

I'd just started to relax when I heard his footsteps coming and jumped when he knocked on my door. "Hey Keri, you up?"

I didn't answer, hoping that maybe he would either let me sleep, or think I was out. The knock repeated, "Keri? Hey I know your home kiddo, your keys are downstairs," he paused then laughed, "Let's go sunshine, I'm not going to ask you to clean the house, I got a surprise for you!"

Unable to help it, I released a loud sob, I was tied up and scared and didn't care anymore.

"Keri?" Dad's voice sounded concerned, "You okay in there?"

"Daddy help me!" I cried out in tears.

I usually referred to him as Dad, but this upset daddy was what had come out, making me seem even more pathetic. The door flew open and Dad, wearing jeans and a t-shirt came charging into the room.

"Keri! Are you...." He froze when he saw me lying naked spread eagled on the bed. "I..." his eyes made their way up and down my body for a moment before he gasped, "Jesus Christ!"

In a move that would have been funny if I wasn't so humiliated, Dad put his hand in front of his eyes and looking down, stumbled over to the bed. He quickly stripped his t-shirt off and looking down at my legs, awkwardly spread the shirt out and draped it over me. The shirt just covered the tops of my tits, but only made it to the bottom of my stomach, leaving my pussy exposed. Dad however, had headed for the top of the bed so couldn't see from that angle.

"What the fuck happened?" he demanded as he reached down behind the headboard and started trying to untie my wrists.

"I..." I struggled to speak through my tears, "I'm sorry! I had a couple of girls over last night and they....they did this to me as a sorority prank!"

It came out better than I thought and I wondered if I might be able to get away with this with not much more than a "Why were you so stupid?"

"You're not even in one of those yet!" Dad grunted as he continued to fumble with the knot.

He was leaning over me and I was staring at his broad chest and his stomach which, although not a six pack was flat and damn hard. Maybe it was because I probably still had some effects from all the alcohol going through me, but I recalled Krissy talking about him and thought he really was fine. That thought occurred again as I watched the muscles bulge in his arms as he pulled against the headboard to try to slip the knot over the post.

"I...I pledged to one," I stuttered, "And they wanted to hang out with me and I...I was stupid."

"Yes you were." Dad sighed disgustedly and sat down on the bed next to me. "I'm going to have to get something to cut these, my fingers are too big to get the knots," he held his large strong hands up, "Not much for dexterity I guess." Shaking his head at me he said,

"Keri, this is what your mother and I warned you about. These kids are trouble, they all hang together cause no one else can stand them and they use their clubs as an excuse to be mean. Maybe this will teach you a lesson. I hope to hell you're still not thinking of joining them."

"No daddy!" I shook my head, grimacing at the pain it caused. "I...learned! Really!"

"So they let you fall asleep and tied you up?"

"Yes.!" I gave an exaggerated nod. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

"They tied you up like this and you didn't wake up?"

"Well I...."

I stopped when reaching across me; Dad grabbed the empty bottle of Southern off the nightstand.

"You didn't wake up because you were shitfaced." He said quietly

"No! I...I wasn't drinking daddy! I swear!"

"Daddy?" He grunted disgustedly. "That should tell me you're lying right there, but okay let's see."

Dad brought his face so close to mine I had the insane thought he was going to kiss me. He placed his nose just over my mouth and sniffed, sitting up he shook his head.

"You reek of booze Keri, or did they hold you down and make you drink it?"


His gaze had wandered away from me and I saw him frown and sniff again. His eyes widened and he pointed at the nightstand. "You were smoking fucking pot in here!" He yelled causing me to flinch.

"Daddy, I..." Giving up, I started crying again, "Please untie me!"

Dad leaned over and after angrily throwing the ashtray and bottle into the waste paper basket. Sat back up and looked down at me.

"No, I'm not going to untie you!"

"W...why?" I asked in surprise.

"Because I want you to stay like that while I tell you how much trouble you're in that's why! I want you to lay there and feel even more embarrassed for what you did!" He pointed at me. "Tell you what; I should leave you here for your mother to see this."

"No!" I whined.

"I won't, it's too long until, but I will until I'm done because you know you're in trouble, but I bet there's something you haven't thought of yet so you'll stay there because it'll prove my point."

"Yes daddy." I said softly.

"Stop with the Daddy shit!" he snapped, "You're not a little girl!"

He looked away disgusted and I saw him looking down the length of my body. He reached out and grabbing the shirt slid it further down past my stomach to cover my pussy. His hand lingered on the shirt and for a moment was resting on my lower stomach just above where my legs were spread. It was hard to see from where my head was resting, but he seemed to be staring down at my legs. "Not a little girl at all." He whispered. Turning back to me he removed his hand and started in on me.

"I think you know how fucking stupid this was. But I don't think you know how disrespectful it is!"

"Sorry dad."

"Not yet, you're not, you only think you are." He sighed and pointed at the trash, "Look Keri, I'm not as naïve or as tight assed as your mother is. You're a good girl, but still eighteen and having fun. I know you're going to parties and having a couple of drinks and maybe smoking a bone here and there." He paused and again his eyes seemed to roam over my body. "And as pretty and sexy as you are, I'm sure there's been more than a joint and some booze in your mouth."

"Don't talk like that dad, I..."

"Oh, stop it Keri!" he laughed nastily, "You're not going to tell me you've never gotten laid or sucked on a few cocks."

My mouth dropped open at the way he'd said that last part. He was looking at me with a nasty smirk on his face.

"Don't even try it, you're a hot little piece of ass and the boys are all over you." He shrugged, "But like I said, I'm not mom, I know you'll drink a little, smoke a little," the smirk widened, "Fuck a lot, but I figure you'll know the limits and stay a good girl."

"I...Promise I will!" I said quietly, "Really dad and please don't..."

"But that's how I feel outside the house." He cut me off. "But to do that here, to booze it up and get stoned under our roof? That's bullshit Keri!"

"I don't know what I was thinking," I told him.

"You weren't obviously. And we've told you before about not trying to hang with the popular kids. They're not like you and all they are is bad news!"

"I know."

"Now you do, but only because of this!" he snapped. "But back to this, Keri your mother is proud of you and she loves you and will do anything for you."

"I..." I closed my eyes and could feel the tears trickling down my cheeks.

"And I will too." he went on, "I took the shittiest shift the City has because it pays more so we can afford you to go to a good school." He sighed, "We've been good to you and we deserve better than this shit!"

"I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed, the tears flowing heavier.

"Only because you were caught. Now, I'll ask once, who were the two girls, because they're asses could, and should, get arrested over this."

I stared at him and swallowed hard. I should tell him. They left me tied up, humiliated and in a lot of trouble. Then again I was going to school with them next year. If I got them in trouble they would make school hell for me. Seeing me undecided, Dad rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, I figured, wouldn't want to rat out the little bitches would you? Okay forget it. You take the fall alone."

"What are you going to tell Mom?" I asked.

"Everything, like I should!" he told me. "Trust me she will be more disappointed than I am. I'll tell you this right now. No phone, no face book, no going anywhere but work and back for the next month, maybe longer!"

"Yes sir." I whispered, hoping that would be it.

"Oh, and that car? The one I was going to take you to look at today? Kiss that good bye!"

"No please!" I begged, "Please not that dad! I worked so hard in school and I've been good and..."

He laughed, "Yeah you look like a good girl laying here with your legs spread, reeking of booze. Good girl, more like a nasty little slut."

"Please?" I whispered.

Dad looked at me and narrowing his eyes, sat back and seemed to be thinking. As I watched, his eyes again made their way up and down my body. When they had returned to the top they lingered on the shirt which barely covered my tits.

"You know Keri," he began softly, "I think this is a lesson for you and might just leave it at you being embarrassed and scared shitless." He put his hands out, "I mean we all do stupid things and we all do bad things we would like to keep secret no?"

"Yes." I nodded, feeling a glimmer of hope rising within me.

"Hell I've had some very bad thoughts I'd never want your mother to know about." He shrugged, "Having them now actually."

"What are you talking about?"

"Anyway, I could forget this; I'd even still get the car for you. After all, one dumb thing shouldn't hurt that much," he gave me a strange smile, "And I'm sure you'd be a good girl for me from now on."

"Of course I will!" I said excitedly.

"But," he put his hand up, "Your mother wouldn't let this go. You know damn well I always go easy on you, I'm a sucker for that pretty little face of yours, but Mom?" he laughed, "She's the tough guy out of the two of us and she's going to do everything I said I would and more."

"Dad, please don't tell her!" I sobbed out, starting to cry again. "She doesn't have to know! don't have to tell her!"

"I don't, but I should." He nodded. "And she is not going to feel bad for you," he gave me that smirk; "little skirts and long legs don't do anything for her."

I wasn't sure what the hell that meant, but right now didn't care. Letting my tears really start flowing, I started begging, "Please don't tell her! I'm sorry dad!"

"Why shouldn't I?" He asked, his blue eyes staring into mine. "Give me a good reason not to."

"Because it was a mistake and I'm sorry!" I cried out, "I promise I'll be good from now on!" I let out a desperate sob, "I'll be a good girl Dad! I'll do anything you want! Please just...."

"Say that again."

"I...say what?" I asked confused.

"Tell me you'll be a good girl and do what I want," he grinned, "Except say daddy, I think I like it."

"Okay," I nodded, "I'll be a good girl daddy! I'll do anything you want!"

"Deal." He nodded, "I won't tell your mother."

"Oh thank you!" I gave him a huge smile. "You'll see, I'll be good!"

"Oh, I know you will," he whispered, "I'll bet you'll be damn good."

"I will! Promise!"

"That's right promise." He said, still speaking quietly, "I promise not to tell your mother about this and you promise not to tell her what you did for me to forget it."

"Okay." I nodded, "I'll do whatever favor you want." I pulled against the bed, "Now can you cut me loose?"

"Nope." He shook his head, smirking.

"What?" I asked.

"I told you there was a reason I left you like this Keri." He pointed at me. "Remember? I said something you hadn't thought of?"

"What...what is it?"

I started getting nervous. I didn't like the look on his face or the way his eyes had started wandering again.

"You see what those girls did to you? It was just embarrassing because it was here in your house. They figure your mom finds you or worst case I do and you're more humiliated."

He leaned over and began whispering softly, "Now what if they did this at the dorm Keri? What if they leave you tied up with your legs spread and the person to walk in is one of their little frat boy buddies?"

"I..." I trailed off as he lowered his face so close to mine his lips were almost touching my ear.

"That happens a lot in those schools you know. They drug you and leave you like a prize for the frat boys. They tell them to go on in and do what they want. Next thing you know, little Keri's getting fucked and maybe by more than one guy and then what?"

"They...they didn't do that." I said softly, he was really starting to scare me. "And I'm done with them and..."

"Yup," Dad sat up and shook his head, "They come in there and they see this."

Grabbing the shirt he threw it off of me.

"Dad!" I exclaimed, "What are you doing?"

Dad didn't answer; instead he was looking down at my tits. I felt myself turning red in embarrassment as he stared down at me.

"Dad please! Don't look at me I'm...."

I trailed off when Dad slowly licked his lips and placed his hand just under my right tit.

"Oh yeah," he whispered, "They come in and they see this tight little body, laid out all nice and helpless."

" you're scaring me." I whispered.

"They come over and they..." he sighed, "How can they resist? How can they look at these perfect little tits and not touch them?"

I cried out in surprise as Dad slid his hand up and across my tit. His large calloused hand completely covered it and he started sliding his palm across it. I gasped as I could feel my nipple getting hard from the contact.

", stop!" I yelled at him, "I...I'm your daughter! Stop touching me!"

"That's true you are," he said softly, "Tell you what else you really are Keri, and that's a hot little thing." He licked his lips again and I whimpered as he lifted his hand and taking my nipple between his fingers, started to roll it between them.

"Please." I said my lip trembling.

"See that's our deal Keri, I don't tell mom about any of this and later this afternoon we're going to go pick you out a nice little car. But for that, you're going to let me play with this," he let out a low whistle, "Goddamn tight little body." He looked back down the bed, "Christ, you've got some legs, I've been staring at them a lot lately."

"No!" I gasped as he leaned over and started playing with my other nipple. "Stop it! You can't do this!" Grasping at straws I blurted out. "What about Mom?"

"Mom doesn't look like this." He whispered and giving my tit a gentle squeeze added, "Damn they're firm." He slid his hand down from my tits to slide across my stomach, "So soft." His hand strayed lower and I jerked myself against my bonds, straining to get loose and yelling, "Please don't touch me! I...I don't want too!"

"Yes you do." He said smiling at me. "Well maybe not now, but you will when I start making you feel good." He shrugged. "If not, whatever, it's a favor for a favor." He shrugged, "Or I can tell mom about your drinking and smoking."

"'re sick." I whispered.

"No, just a guy who's been teased by his hot little daughter." He shook his head as his hand strayed back to my tits. "Those little shorts, the cheerleader outfit, damn you're hot Keri." He laughed, "You don't know how many times I've fucked your mother thinking of you."

"Sick." I repeated and yelped as his fingers found my nipple again.

"Oh come on," he said smiling at me. "You haven't looked at me? I've seen you Keri, you and your friends, I'm a good looking guy, you know you've thought of it."

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