Bound For My Daddy


"No." I shook my head.

"Yes you have, probably even played with your little pussy and thought of me."


I shouted as he slid his other hand down between my legs and slid his fingers across my pussy.

"This smooth little pussy." He said softly.

I whimpered as his fingers began sliding up and down between the lips of my pussy. I closed my eyes and let out a soft sob as he continued to fondle me.

"Aww come on Keri," Dad said, "You know that feels good. Just pretend I'm one of those loser kids you let fuck you."


"Daddy." He said. "Call me daddy."

"You're a sick bastard!" I moaned as he started stroking my pussy harder.

"And you're a little girl in a lot of trouble if you don't stop pretending you don't want this and I have to tell mom. Just think Keri no trouble and a nice new car and..." he leaned over and flicked his tongue across my nipple, "The best fuck you ever had,"

I didn't answer; instead I bit my lip to hold back a moan as his fingers were starting to feel good. My pussy was getting wet and he was gently toying with my nipple.

"There you go." He said, "That's a good girl, feels good doesn't it?"


I couldn't hold back a groan as Dad started to push two fingers into my pussy.

"Goddamn you're tight." He sighed as he slowly pushed them deep inside me.

I tried to speak, but all that came out was a low moan as he started pumping his fingers in and out. Like the way he was touching my nipple he wasn't being rough and I found myself starting to like the way he was looking at my body. He looked....hungry. I closed my eyes and tried to stop moaning. This was sick! Maybe it was the booze, but I'd be lying if I said hearing him say he thought about fucking me wasn't a turn on. I opened my eyes and yelped in surprise when I felt his tongue on my nipple. Dad was teasing just the tip of it across my swollen pink flesh and as he did my hips twitched, pushing his fingers deep into me.

'That's a good girl." He said softly as he continued to tongue me. "You know you want this, that little pussy wouldn't be so wet if you didn't." My answer was a loud moan as he placed his thumb in my clit and started rubbing it. "Like that Keri?"

"I....yes." I whispered.

"You like me playing with your hot little pussy?"

"I....Ohhhh" I released a long moan as he began pushing his fingers faster and started rubbing my clit in slow circles. "Oh Dad, oh that feels good!"

"Daddy." He said, "You tell your daddy you love it."

"I...can't" I told him, this was sick enough but....I groaned as Dad stopped moving his finger and took his tongue from my nipple. "Don't stop." I told him, thrusting my hips at him.

"Ask." He said looking me in the eye. "Be a good little girl and ask Daddy to play with your pussy. This is my game Keri, it's my rules." His voice softened and he added, "I won't hurt you, honey I just want too." He licked his lips, "Enjoy you!"

His words sent a wave of heat through me and figuring there wasn't really anything that could make this more wrong, I whispered, "Daddy, please play with my pussy, it feels so good!"

"There you go!" he exclaimed and caused me to yelp as his fingers started moving again.

Dad looked so excited; I couldn't help smiling and said, "You like my pussy daddy?"

"Hell yeah! It is a pretty little pussy." He flicked his tongue across my nipple again, "Perfect, just like these tits!"

" like my tits?' I asked, trying to push the words out past my moans as his fingers went back to work.

"Love them!" he exclaimed and sucked my nipple into his mouth for emphasis.

"I had a guy make fun of them and the girls did too."

"Some guys like big tits, but these," he sighed, "So fucking firm and perky and... just perfect Keri, like the rest of you."

Dad started sucking on my tit again and I began breathing heavier. His mouth was on one nipple, his fingers on the other and he was working my clit while thrusting his large fingers inside me. God it felt good! No guy had ever made me feel this good and he hadn't even made me cum yet! I looked at Dad's tanned muscular shoulders and asked, "Daddy, please untie me so I can play too!"

Dad smiled up at me from my tit. "Nope, you stay just like that."

"Why?" I whimpered, "I want to touch you!"

"Why?" he laughed, "Because I'm teaching you a lesson so you're going to stay tied down while I do whatever I want. Even though you're being good, you were bad."

Dad sat up and I moaned as he removed his fingers from my pussy. I started to protest, but stopped when he began removing his shoes and socks, while speaking.

"Besides, maybe next time I'll let you tie me up or do whatever, but this time I want you just like you are."

"Next time?" I repeated.

"Sure." Dad said as he stood up and unsnapped his jeans. "Look Keri, your mother doesn't like sex. I don't know why, I'm good to her. But she's never in the mood and travels a lot."

He pulled his jeans down and I licked my lips at the sight of the huge bulge in the black boxers he was wearing.

"I've tried to be good. I haven't cheated, but I'm tired of jerking off to porn and then you..." he shook his head, "Parading that sweet little ass around and those legs and... Shit Keri, I've wanted to fuck you for a long time now."

He pulled his underwear off and his cock sprang out.

"Oh look at that." I whispered.

Dad's cock was huge, bigger than any of the guys I'd slept with. It was long and hard as a rock standing straight up. He was worked up and I could see the tip was oozing. I could feel my mouth starting to water as he got onto the bed on his knees next to me. What the hell was wrong with my mother? At that, I felt a twinge of guilt. I was helping Dad cheat on her, but then again what she didn't know.

"Yes next time." Dad spoke and made me moan as grabbing his cock he started slapping it on my right tit.

"Oh yes!" I gasped as I saw how sticky he was making it.

"I love sex and I watch all kinds of porn, I want to play and have fun! I love having you tied up and I..." he sighed, "We can have a lot of fun Keri, you're mom won't know, I..."

"Daddy?" I cut him off. "Please let me suck your cock."

"Oh fuck!" Dad laughed, "Oh you nasty little thing! You like sucking cock?"

"Oh yeah!" I licked my lips, "I want it!"

"Well my little girl always gets what she wants doesn't she?"

Dad swung his leg over my waist so he was straddling me and his cock was resting on my chest, between my tits. Grabbing them, Dad pushed my tits together wrapping them around his hard cock and started sliding it back and forth.

"Oh damn." I said softly as I watched the tip of his cock sliding up towards me.

"See, your tits are perfect." He said, "Just big enough to tit fuck. I...oh!"

Dad gasped as I flicked my tongue out and caught the tip of his cock. I moaned as a trail of his sticky precum stuck to it and I eagerly sucked my tongue back into my mouth.

"Oh, you bad girl, you want that cock don't you?"

"Yes please!" I begged.

Reaching behind me, Dad lifted my head and slid another pillow under it so I was propped up higher. He thrust his cock back though my tits and I gladly opened my mouth for him. Dad moaned as he pushed his cock partway into my mouth. Wrapping my lips tightly around it, I sucked hard, rolling my eyes back at the sensation of his pre cum on my tongue and going down my throat.

'Oh yeah," Dad moaned, "That's my girl!"

Dad lifted himself up and sliding further over me, started pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I moaned around his hard flesh as he thrust it in and out. He was pushing it deeper each time and I angled my head back so I could take more of him.

"Look at you," he moaned, "Letting daddy fuck your pretty little mouth."

I whimpered in pleasure as his long thick cock slid between my soft lips. I pressed my tongue against his shaft so it would slide across his hard flesh. I strained against my bonds, wishing I could touch him. Dad saw me and smiled, "See if you were good you could touch, maybe next time, right now you just let me have that mouth."

Dad started pumping faster and I could feel my pussy dripping as he had his way with my mouth. He slid his cock all the way out and lifting higher, placed his balls against my lips.

"Go ahead, lick..."

He stopped and moaned when I obediently started sucking on his balls. I went from one to the other, taking each in my hot little mouth before swirling my tongue around them. Dad was moaning loudly and the sound was getting me even hotter. I couldn't wait for him to come! Dad swung his leg back over me and turning to the side, knelt next to my head. Reaching down he got a handful of my curly black hair and turned my head to face his cock. I opened wide and wagged my tongue at him.

Dad immediately shoved his cock deep into his little girl's mouth and I cried out around it as he also reached down and shoved his fingers back into my pussy. I squealed delightedly as his thumb found my clit and started rubbing it as he began fucking my mouth.

"Oh Keri," he moaned, "Damn girl you can suck cock!

I moaned in agreement and started bobbing my head, thrusting my mouth onto his cock as he continued to face fuck me. Dad was breathing harder and starting to moan with each thrust. I could feel my legs starting to tremble and whimpered as I strained against the ties, trying to close them around his hand.

"You going to come for Daddy?" Dad asked as he started stroking my clit faster while his fingers pumped me.

I was so wet I could hear his fingers plunging into me and I started bucking my hips into them. I moved my head faster and swirled my tongue around his thrusting cock. As Dad started moaning my name over and over, I had the thought that could this really be happening? Was I really tied to the bed, getting face fucked by my father and about to come? The answer was hell yes as I could feel my pussy getting hotter and an orgasm starting to build within me.

"Oh, fuck!" Dad groaned, "Oh, look at those lips, look at those big eyes!" he paused to moan, "God you look good sucking me!"

Dad started using my hair as a handle, pushing and pulling my face on and off his cock. I relaxed and let him, moaning around his throbbing cock. I started thrusting my hips as hard as I could into his fingers and whimpering as I could feel myself right on the edge. Dad suddenly started thrusting his cock hard and fast into my mouth and cried out, "Oh Keri!"

If his words weren't enough to send me over the edge, his cock exploding into my mouth certainly was. I screamed around his cock and as the first hot thick stream of cum flowed down my throat, my pussy convulsed around his fingers. Dad moaned and continued to fuck my mouth, each thrust ending in more delicious cum. As I arched my back and squealed around his cock, I eagerly sucked on him, drawing every bit of his hot juice from him. I squealed and bucked my hips into his still pumping fingers and writhed against my restraints as the strongest orgasm I'd ever had smashed through me.

Dad thrust his cock into my mouth one last time and then removed it. I let out a loud squeal of pleasure as the last of the orgasm flowed through me and then laid there gasping.

"Oh...." I panted, "Oh I came hard," smiling up at him I whispered, "Thank you Daddy."

"Thank you." He said in between deep breaths. "That was the best blow job I ever got!"

"I took every drop," I purred, "Like a good girl!"

"And good girls get rewards," Dad said and swinging his leg back over me, bent his head down and kissed me hard.

I moaned into his mouth as his tongue plunged between my parted lips. Dad was groaning as well and I wondered if he were getting off on tasting himself. Dad slowed the kiss up and started teasing his lips across mine. I pulled against the stockings wanting badly to be able to put my arms around him. Dad sighed and slowed the kiss down even more. I relaxed as well and started to thoroughly enjoy our long passionate kiss. As our tongues played across each other I imagined doing this all the time, kissing and fucking and playing. Mom traveled at least once a month and worked late all the time. I could be Dad's hot little mistress, his dirty little....

My thoughts were cut off by Dad breaking the kiss and sliding down began tonguing my nipples.

"Oh please untie me!" I pleaded.

Dad simply laughed and after sucking my tit into his mouth started sliding further down. Oh yes! He was going to go down on me! Even though I'd just come I could feel my pussy dripping in anticipation. Dad was licking my stomach and I giggled as it tickled. Dad smiled up at me and I smiled back, sex had never been this fun! My hips bucked as he got between my legs and started kissing and licking my thighs. I whimpered as I tried to move my legs. Sitting up, Dad turned and to my delight began to untie my ankle.

"Yes! Thank you!"

"I have to feel these legs around me." He said as unable to untie the knot he ripped the stocking from the bed then repeated the motion with my other leg.

I immediately lifted my long legs and started to wrap them around his waist. Dad grabbed my right ankle and bringing my foot to his face kissed it.

"Damn girl, even your feet are sexy!"

I giggled again as Dad sucked my toes into his mouth and started licking them. I began squirming around and moaned, "Lick my pussy daddy!"

Dad put my foot down and shook his head, "That's the hottest thing I've ever heard!"

As he stretched out between my legs, I whispered, "I bet fuck me daddy would be better!"

"We'll get there." He said, then propping himself up on his elbows he licked his lips, "Keri this is the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen."

My response turned into a whimper as he gently spread my lips and blew on my sensitive clit. Dad took a deep breath and his eyes rolled as he took in the forbidden scent of his daughter's pussy. Dad placed a soft kiss on my clit that caused my hips to jerk off the bed.

"Please don't tease me daddy!" I whined.

Dad gave me a wink and I cried out when, with no hesitation, he pushed his tongue into my pussy. I gasped and squirmed as I felt his tongue swirling around inside of me. Dad sucked hard and I could feel him lapping up my pussy juice. I moaned as he started to move his head back and forth, fucking me with his rigid tongue. I watched, my heart pounding as removing his tongue from inside me, he made a show of licking the length of my smooth wet pussy. Dad looked fucking amazing, his tanned shoulders and muscular back looked damn good lying between my legs. His perfect tight ass was moving back and forth as his hips worked his cock against the sheet while going down on me.

I sighed as I envisioned that ass pumping while thrusting his hard cock into my tight young pussy. Meanwhile his tongue felt incredible and lifting my legs I placed my feet on his shoulders, opening myself even more for him.

"Oh, what a good girl" he whispered into my pussy.

"Your good girl." I said then groaned as he started swirling his tongue back and forth, working it up and down between the soft wet folds of my pussy.

Dad reached the top and I cried out as his tongue swirled across my swollen button. The cry turned into an ecstatic moan as he slid his fingers inside of me while tracing a slow circle around my clit. I let my head fall back on the pillow and began to moan continuously as his tongue worked my clit and his fingers started plunging faster inside me. My nipples were aching and I yearned to touch them. As much as I wanted to fondle myself the idea of being bound and helpless while Dad had his way with me was getting me even hotter. He had said he wanted to play all kinds of games, well I'd let him!

No matter how wrong this was I was going to let him fuck me anytime he wanted too anyway he wanted too! I released a loud squeal as Dad took my clit into his mouth and started gently sucking on it.

"Ohh Daddy," I cooed as I started sliding my soft feet over his shoulders and across his hard back, "How's your little girl's pussy taste?"

"Delicious," Dad said, then gave me a smile that caused a gush of hot sticky fluid around his fingers, "But not as good as your cum is going to taste."

I yelped as he took my clit back into his mouth, but this time was sucking a lot harder. I released another yelp and lifted my back off the bed as he started really driving his thick fingers into my tight little box. He was thrusting them in so hard it was starting to hurt a little, but felt good at the same time. Meanwhile he was now sucking on my clit so hard his lips were making smacking sounds as my clit was released from his mouth before he would suck it back in. I arched my back as far as I could off the bed and began to whimper as I felt myself getting closer to coming. Dad's other hand had been resting on my thigh and sliding it down between my legs, he started caressing my ass with his fingertip.

I moaned at the odd sensation of his finger playing with my ass and strained hard against my bonds, using them to lift me even higher off the mattress. I started rocking my hips into his fingers and whimpered again, "Ohhh, I'm so close daddy! Please let me...oh!"

With no warning, Dad shoved his finger hard into my virgin ass. I cried out in pain, but at the same time he sucked my clit back into his mouth and as his finger started pumping my ass, I threw my head back and screamed. I was coming even harder than before and as the orgasm crashed through me, I clamped my legs tightly around Dad's head, pinning his face against my convulsing pussy. Dad's mouth was still working my clit and all three fingers were thrusting into my holes. I could feel his fingers pressing against each other through the thin flesh of my pussy and asshole and I squealed at how good it felt.

There was a hint of pain, but it made the pleasure even better. The fact that it was my father down there was making it all even better. Dad jammed his finger all the way into my ass and I let out a long loud wail as my hips thrust wildly into him. I wondered if the neighbors could hear this and smiled at the thought I was probably sneaking some guy in the house. I stopped thinking as my body tensed up and my orgasm seemed to pause. I gasped as I could feel my legs trembling and then cried out as my pussy contracted around his fingers and I felt a warm gush of wet sticky fluid squirt from my pussy.

Dad moaned between my legs and tried to pull back, but my long strong legs were wrapped around his head and he wasn't going anywhere. I pumped my hips into his tongue and fingers several more times, then with a pathetic sounding whimper, let my legs fall away from his back as I slumped back down into the mattress, gasping for breath.

"Holy shit Keri!" Dad exclaimed.

I looked to see that he had sat up and his entire face was glistening from my pussy. He made a show of smacking his lips and laughed, "Fuck kid, you came right in my mouth!"

I giggled, "You came in mine!"

Dad leaned over me and pressed his lips into mine. I moaned as he shoved his tongue into my mouth and I could taste my pussy from him. He rubbed his face across mine, smearing my pussy juice all over my face, before sitting back between my legs. I closed my eyes and lay there panting, breathless from the kiss and still trying to recover from the orgasm. My entire body felt like rubber. My eyes jerked open when Dad grabbed my ankles and putting my feet on his shoulders, pushed his hard cock against my pussy.

"Oh look at that little pussy." He whispered as he took his long hard cock and started slapping it against my clit.

I moaned and felt my breathing pick up even more as he started sliding his huge dick through my wet pussy. He was way bigger than the guys I'd had sex with before, as he pressed the head to the entrance of my pussy, I whispered, "Go easy Daddy, please?"

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