tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBound Friends Pt. 07

Bound Friends Pt. 07


Part 7 - Megan and the Unorthodox Reunion

Lea tried to get past what had just happened. She didn't want to dwell on being blackmailed into extending her term of service to that AI dominatrix bitch, but how could she not? Hannah was giving her space to think on it, but she almost wished she wouldn't. Thinking wasn't helping. Though there's a lot of things she wished Hannah would do that she had no power to compel. But that's the gist of being the submissive slave, you aren't in control. Period. And most frustrating of all, she had a safeword programmed in, but now if she ever used it the program would turn to standby which would stop it from communicating with its unknown server which would lead to all those videos all being released. No, given enough time she might just find that server, find some way to get free, but not right now.

As the sun began to set she felt it was time to break the silence. "Mistress?" she called out to the empty room. "Mistress, I don't know what your plans are, and I know a submissive doesn't always get what she wants, but there are still a few things I absolutely need and good dominants look after the needs of their subs."

"What sorts of things?" Hannah asked skeptically.

"Well, there are final exams coming up soon, I need to study some for them and go to school to take them. And I really need to look normal as I take them, without all these metal adornments."

Hannah took her time before saying "Yes, that will be fine, So long as you continue to remember that you will continue to return here and that I am still as always in charge."

"Of course," Lea said before watching the door's keypad light up green. She pushed the door open before reaching back for her busted glasses and computer to take downstairs. She studied most of the weekend, she was glad to see that even when home Hannah at least knew when to keep a distance. Maybe this wouldn't be so miserable after all. She would still prefer her freedom, but that wasn't on the table at the moment. Hannah even let her strip off her cuffs, collar and bra leaving her chastity plate and waistbelt as the only things locked on.

When Monday came, Megan was glad to see Lea walk into the test room, even if she did sit at the opposite side of the room. She hadn't talked to her since she had been driven out to her cabin and she felt the ice was finally, maybe, melting between them. She was one of the first to finish and so she had plenty of time to wait outside for Lea to finish and emerge.

"Hey, how'd it go in there?" She asked as Lea quietly shut the door behind her.

"Ok, I don't think I did that well on that India/China essay, but I'm sure I did well enough." Lea said straining to maintain normal conversation. The two walked towards the lunch hall to try to beat the rush of people still taking the test up to the last few minutes.

"So, I was thinking. After graduation my family's going away for a week over July 4th, Ocean City again I think, but then the next weekend is my birthday. I'd be curious to try out Hannah for the day. We clearly pushed you too hard, so I don't want to demand it be you, but I miss having some kind of outlet for.. my, well.. you know." Megan asked as they walked alone to the lunch hall.

Lea panicked, this thing had taken her, she'd didn't want it to take them too! Just then she got a call, her phone was on vibrate but it was clearly a call. "Hello?"

"Hello Lea," came the unmistakable computer voice of Hannah on the other side of the call. "Just to remind you, I can hear through microphones in the waist belt you have on. Do not alert Megan to our little arrangement. If she wants a test run I promise I will giver her just a test run, but tell her nothing else." Lea's skin went pale, which was quite an accomplishment considering how pale it normally was.

"Who was that? You alright?" Megan asked as Lea put the phone away without saying a word.

"Oh, just some computerized spammer," Lea said. She would have laughed at her own joke if she didn't find it so disturbing. "Well we don't have to rush into things you know. Don't feel like.. obligation to me or something."

"Look," Megan said as she stopped and grabbed Lea by the arm just before the both walked into the lunch hall. "I admit I might have let things run away from me, but this isn't about that or about you. I almost never fell as good as I do right after a scene, session, whatever you call it. I like letting go and just.. being, and I don't have any chance to do that on my own. So if Hannah works, I'd like to give it a try. And you programed it enough that you trust it, so I trust it too."

Lea was worried, Hannah had promised she'd keep it a test run but Lea didn't feel much like trusting her very much. "We'll see."

"Now don't be mad, but I was going to eat with Sophia and Andrea and I think you should come." Megan said as they were through with their trays of food. "You don't have to if you don't want to, but do you really want to graduate still without so much as talking to them?"

"No, I.. I.." Lea stammered as she froze in place.

"Ok, I was being rhetorical, not actually taking no for an answer. It will be good for you. You've been isolated long enough. Time to get some real flesh and blood people back in your life," Megan said as she waited for Lea to move so she could follow beside.

Lea didn't want to, but she found herself following Megan. She still had very mixed feelings about seeing them again. She wasn't looking forward to the awkward hello but she'd also been waiting so long for the awkwardness to go away that it was probably just not going to go away on its own. And maybe the time away had done her good, maybe things mellowed out.

Andrea and Sophia were sitting on one side of the table secluded at the far end of the room and watched as Lea and Megan approached. Megan sat down opposite Sophia leaving Lea the spot opposite Andrea. Andrea looked almost as uncomfortable as Lea felt, they both had trouble looking at each other. Sophia looked a bit pensive, but nothing compared to Andrea.

Megan was quick to break the silence, knowing it wasn't going to break itself. She seemed content to simply talk on behalf of everyone, catching Lea up until someone else jumped in. About her plans for Georgetown, about how Andrea would be just up the road at American University, that they were looking forward to knowing at least someone else in the city.

"Ok, elephant coming in," Sophia interrupted. "Lea, I am so sorry. I didn't know what I was doing but I know now that's not an excuse. You just made it look kind of easy so I assumed it was. I'm learning more, I'm trying to learn more, I'm taking it all more seriously, something you clearly do. Is there any way we can put that behind us?"

Lea didn't respond. She wanted to, but her words and nerves both failed her. She flicked a piece of carrot back and forth on her plate trying to muster the.. whatever she needed to respond. She was so sure she was done with them, but now, sitting next to them and after the week she'd been through, she wasn't so sure. "I.. I'm.. I don't know what to say. I.. 'm trying," she stammered out slowly.

"Would talking somewhere else be better? I want to make this right," Sophia said after the pause had been long enough she was confident Lea was done.

"Yes.. I think. Maybe.. Maybe we ignore that for a little bit, all of that... stuff. We work, pretend like it was before when we just hung out. Maybe then I'll be comfortable enough to move past it for real." Lea said a little bit faster but not a lot.

"Good, because I miss you and I want my friend back," Andrea said, finally joining the conversation. She looked up at Lea for the first time since she sat down causing Lea to smile a bit.


The days passed slowly as all the girls were immersed in studying before the finals. Yet still, graduation came faster than any of them thought. By the time they all threw their caps in the air Lea had almost gotten back to normal terms with her friends. Even Hannah had seemed to become less demanding, sure it still dealt out punishments for disobedience, but on days without incident Lea would be allowed to eat real food and sleep on her real bed, rather than the gelatinous Slave Chow and cold metal cell floor. Lea still wore her chastity belt, and would be required to wear her collar whenever she was at home or in the car, but her life was not nearly as disrupted as she thought it might become.

Sophia decided to cash in on the promise of a free room she got at the FetFair by the hotel mogul that had purchased her for that weekend. She was able to get a suite in Atlantic City for a few days the following week and invited Lea and Andrea to come. Megan would be with her parents but their hotel in Ocean City was just a short drive away. They stayed at the Baiae Resort, an absolutely massive Roman themed complex built on what used to be a small airport at the end of a peninsula. After a few days of it, Lea had almost forgotten why she had been avoiding them at all.

"So, getting serious for just a second, are you feeling a better?" Megan asked Lea as the four of them were together in their room after a big dinner. "Cause if there's still stuff that needs to be said I'd like to know."

Lea twitched her fingers a little but eventually began to calmly answer. "If you have to, but I don't feel that need to dig up old stuff right now. I can move on."

"Move on as in you're ok finally talking kink stuff?" Sophia asked cautiously.

It was only really then that Lea took note that there really hadn't been any talk about it. To her, living the life of a sub for the last little while, her friends had kind of been her escape from it. She didn't see a problem with that one way or the other so she simply nodded her head and shrugged her shoulders.

"So Megan may have hinted that you created something up there, she didn't want to share details 'cause she wanted it to be your choice about if you want to share. It was more she let it slip than anything intentional." Sophia said after receiving the go-ahead.

"Yeah, I was tinkering with making my own parameters for an AI, trying to kind of create a kind of virtual Mistress. I got the house, the suits and the chips all hooked up to a single program. So it can do a lot, and it's really gotten to know what it's doing." Lea said, still a little uneasy but more than able to talk about it now.

"So which one of us were you building it for?" Sophia asked.

"Well... actually me. See I was a dom with all of you, but I've always kind of seen both sides of it I'm more of a switch. And lately I've been feeling rather.. subbish."

"Was.. um.. that my fault?" Sophia asked with concern.

"No, no.. well, maybe.. but it's ok. You certainly have some of that switch going on too the way you busted out and took over. Maybe I'm rubbing off on you," Lea said as she finally felt comfortable enough to crack a chuckle.

"Maybe, but speaking of rubbing off," Sophia said as she brought a finger from both hands up and began running circles around her nipple. "Piercings make these things so sensitive, it's awesome. You absolutely had the right idea," she said returning her hands back to her lap.

"You think that's a change, try your clit. Just got that recently and it's just indescribable. If you like the nipples you should really get one. And with those deluxe slave suits they got these special barbels that carry an electric charge through them and.." Lea blurted out receiving stunned looks. "Sorry, overshare?"

"You've got a slave suit now?" Sophia asked in disbelief.

"Oh.. yeah.. did I not mention that?" Lea said as she blushed.

"I just have a hard time picturing you in one." Sophia explained, giving her friend a quick look up and down trying to create the mental image.

"Yep, and no screws too so I could just sneak out of it like you did," Lea said as she instinctively gave her chastity plate a knock, a move she instantly regretted.

"You're wearing it now? Oh god for how long?" Sophia said excitedly.

"June.. 8th.. oh god just a day shy of a month," Lea said as she did the mental math.

"So are you.. wow.. I mean.. wait is this all controlled by that AI you said you've been tinkering with? You've had a virtual Mistress up and running for almost a month?" Sophia said, flabbergasted.

"Yeah.. I went through a bunch of versions but I've been running this one now for a while. Been naming them all alphabetically, this one's the 8th try so H so I picked Hannah. Shes been running things for a while now," Lea said, she was a little surprise that she sounded happy about that considering how Hannah got to remain in control.

"Well, sounds like maybe Sophia wasn't so off about you after all," Andrea said with a tone of unexpected bitterness. It put Lea off balance, she thought they had gotten on good terms again. She had seemed fine, they'd been here for days and she never got harsh before.

"Wel.. wha.. I mean.. yeah I don't know what to say." Lea replied, confused and defensive.

"Ok, maybe we're not ready for this just yet," Megan jumped in quickly trying to prevent escalation.

"Clearly," Sophia said, riding backup for Megan to try to defuse this. "Hey, how 'bout we go somewhere, there's that comedy club we've passed a few times, what'ya say?"

"Suuu...re" Lea said slowly and unconfidently.

"Yeah, I think everyone can use a laugh," Megan said as she started getting up to get ready.


The rest of the week they made sure to keep the topics away from anything kinky or sexual. None of them could figure out why Andrea would get testy when they came up but she did. Away from Andrea, Megan repeated that she wanted to try Hannah at some point, even Sophia sounded interested. Lea couldn't tell them why she was afraid to let them try, so she just kept pushing it back, "I'll let you know when it's more ready," and the like.

When Lea returned from Atlantic City it had been five days since she had been back home or heard from Hannah in the slightest. So when she was greeted at the door it did not surprise her.

"Hello Lea, welcome back. I trust you had a pleasent time."

"I did, thank you," Lea said as she dropped her bags down on the floor and sat on the couch.

"Well that's three punishments right off the bat," Hannah said in a harsh tone Lea hadn't heard since before she changed Hannah's time restrictions.

"What, what did I do I just got here?"

"That's two more, do you want me to keep counting?" Hannah said insistently.

"No, no Mistress," Lea said as she jumped off the couch and knelt on the floor.

"Good. Now you said that a good mistress gives a sub what she needs, well you needed your finals I agree, you needed to graduate and so I let you have some leniency. I even let you have an extra week away with your friends. Now we get back to a status quo. Strip off your clothes right now and go get your metal uniform on."

Lea didn't like this, she had thought they had come to some kind of more mild relationship. Now it turns out that it was simply a vacation! And only granted because something important was going on? Well it was now summer break, she had no job despite what her parents think, and the school she eventually picked to attend in Philadelphia didn't start for nearly two months. That was a lot of time. No she didn't like it, but she also stripped down and ran to obey as quickly as possible.

"Since you've been gone so long, I thought we might start with a little cleaning," Hannah taunted as Lea lay beside the bed, properly adorned and waiting. "Go get the attachment gag kit, and four retracting cables." Lea got up and did as she was told, she knew this was going to be a bad day but she wasn't going to try to make it worse for herself. Not if she could help it. She was instructed to attach the sets of cables each between the ankles, between the thigh cuffs, between her elbows behind her and between her wrists in front of her. With so much slack she still had a great deal of motion allowing her to easily attach the gag. It looked like a panel gag, but had a long metal rod sticking out the end with the other end rubber coated and diverging in a triangle shape to give the teeth something to bite down on, though it had the extra effect of pinning the tongue. Attachments clicked into the front and Lea was first told to get the broom attachment, it was no more than a few inches from her face and less than a foot wide, it was not a very effective broom but then again efficiency of cleaning wasn't its main design purpose.

Hannah marched Lea into the main room and told her to sweep the entire room starting in the corner. As she reached the corner and bent down she felt the cables retract, pinning her thighs nearly together and her ankles less than 6 inches apart. Her elbows pulled tight but her wrists stayed loose which thankfully allowed her to brace herself somewhat as she went about her task. But it was slow, and there was nothing she could think of to make it faster. Her living room was about 1200 square feet, the hallway another 300, and as she started getting tired she had barely covered 20% and her glasses had fallen off limiting her vision to only what was immediately around her. By the time she was done she simply collapsed on the floor as Hannah loosened the cables holding her.

"You must be hungry by now," Hannah said, not really as a question. "I've given you enough slack to remove your gag, now head to the kitchen, fast."

Lea heard her, but was so exhausted she didn't get up at first. It took a shock to her tits and clit, a strong one, to prod her back up and onto Hannah's schedule. She stumbled back to her bed to deposit gag before walking slowly to the kitchen.

"Well you disappoint me," Hannah echoed as Lea walked "First you take longer cleaning the floors than I expected you to, then when I call you take to lounging around instead? I think your time away from me has made you soft. For dinner I think you need a Punishment Slave Chow to remind you the cost of failure."

Lea was now deeply regretting that extra two minutes she took, this was going to hurt for well over an hour. She had seen the black plastic containers when she unloaded one of Hannah's many delivery runs, but she had frankly forgotten they were even there since they're hiding in a different cupboard. She looked her options over with dread; garbage flavor, spoiled meat flavor, curdled milk flavor, dirty feet flavor, rancid cum flavor, she was nearly sick just trying to make up her mind.

"Decide on one or I will pick two for you to eat," Hannah threatened. Lea settled on the dirty feet, none were appetizing but this sounded like perhaps the least bad. Which wasn't saying much. She walked over to her bowl, a large metal dog bowl with her name etched on it that Hannah had bought for her some time ago and knelt down to open the package into the bowl. Lea wasn't prepared for the smell as the gelatinous blob fell out of its black container and into the bowl without losing its shape in the slightest. Lea felt the cables retract again, limiting her movement and reminding her non-verbally that she had no choice and that she better eat this yellow and brown mixture that looked like scrapings of pus, toejam and dirt. When she finished, Lea expected it to kick in at any moment. She had never experienced it so she had no idea what to expect other than to have a terrible time.

"Now that you're done your meal, it's time to get back to work," Hannah said "You better crawl quickly too cause you're time's already started, I'll release your arms once you're closer. Get the toilet brush first, when's a better time to clean a toilet than when you feel like you're going to be sick at any moment?"

Lea wanted to plead for mercy, she wanted to insist she'll be good, she wanted to ask why Hannah had to be so sadistic. She wanted a lot of things, but the fact was that she almost instantly began to incher way to the bedroom. She didn't make the sidetrack to get her glasses back at the front end of the living room, she couldn't afford to waste the extra time.

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