tagBDSMBound in a Hotel Room Ch. 02

Bound in a Hotel Room Ch. 02


My body was cramping up from being in the same tied position for almost 4 hours. I could feel the marks the rope engraved into my body around my breasts, digging into my wrists and ankles, and practically push my own pussy lips inside me. My jaw was aching from being locked around the ball gag. Saliva was building up around the edges of the ball and even seeping out a bit. As my body grew restless, i began struggling against the ropes, twisting and yanking, hoping for some slack. I checked the clock quick. 5:12. my body was growing impatient and I kept struggling until I heard the lock click. I quickly rolled back over on my side back to the other side of the bed where i originally lay. As he opened the door, his words echoed in my head, "Those ropes better stay tight". Shit!

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him lay down his briefcase, take off his coat, and approach me. He patted my ass affectionately,

"Have you been a good girl?"

I noticed some slack in the rope of my pussy, as well as the connection between my wrists and ankles. I quickly forced my body into the rope to keep it taught. I nodded, but he didn't miss a thing. He hooked a finger over the rope covering my pussy and pulled. The rope came out just under 2 inches, and he let go of it quickly, in disappointment. "I thought I said these were supposed to be tight, slave." My face turned red, still aching from the ball between my lips. "Roll over on your stomach" he ordered. I rolled to my stomach, my face to the side, my hands and feet up in the air. He came up to the bed, and began untying me...something I did not expect him to do. He moved me about how he wanted me to undo all the tangles around my body and then he took off the ball gag. I quickly wiped my mouth, embarrassed. "Off the bed."

I sat up and stood up off the bed, almost falling, weak from my knees being bent that entire time. He came up to me rather close and pinched my nipples between his fingers.

"Were you moving around a lot?"

I nodded with my head down. He pulled my nipples up, gesturing for my head up.

"What was that slave?"

I looked up at him reflexively and said, "Yes, Master."

"I told you I wanted them tight...tight against your body so you WOULDN'T be able to move!"

"I...I know, Master, I'm sorry," I stuttered. "I couldn't help it. I was cramping up and..." He twisted my right nipple a bit, and I moaned.

"Bend over the bed...now." He let go of me and I walked over to the end of the bed and bent over it. He smacked my right cheek hard, 'Spread". I spread my legs slightly further than shoulder width apart, and waited. I could hear him open my bag and rummage through my bag of toys.

Suddenly I felt a rubbery object rubbing against my wet pussy. "You're really wet, aren't you?" I could hear him smirk a little.

I nodded, my face blushing red again.

He pushed my butt plug inside my pussy deeper, then all the way in so the base was against my lips. Then he pulled it out, a layer of pussy juices surrounding it. "Mmm...Yes you are, but I think you are way too tight for me to play with quite yet." He pushed the plug into my ass a little, and then adjusted his hand so that the heel of his palm was against the base and he shoved it in hard. I groaned a bit, feeling it slide up inside me, but I also felt a gush of wetness seep out of my pussy. "Better make sure it doesn't slip," he said as he stepped away.

I tried closing my muscles around it, which happened to push it out just a little. I could hear him going through a different bag now. "I also got you another toy while I was out. I figured it'd give both you and me some more fun". I looked back to see what he was talking about but he grabbed a handful of my hair and forced my head back straight. I felt myself get even wetter, loving my hair being pulled.

A hard object was then thrust up inside my pussy. I tensed up and groaned from some pain. He tapped my ass affectionately again, "Relax....relax slave, let it in." I tried relaxing as I felt the rest of the hard object sink inside my wet pussy. "That a girl." I also felt a tiny ball push up against my clitoris. He turned the dildo inside me a bit and it started vibrating, along with the ball against my clit. I moaned as it felt soooo good. He began rubbing my ass cheeks a bit and then said, "Can't wait to have both of those later....but first, you need to prepare me for them. So get up...and make sure those don't fall out"

I get up carefully, holding my legs together uncomfortably. He sits down where I was just laying and says, "Mmm...Why don't you come down here?" I get down on my knees in front of him and he pets my hair, pulling my face towards him...encouraging me between his legs. I reach up, watching his eyes the entire time for permission, while I begin undoing his pants. There was no movement or say against my actions, so I continued unzipping his pants and slide them down, along with his boxers, his semi hard cock in front of me. I moved in to start licking, my tongue just touching the head when he lifts my head above his cock. "Use those beautiful tits," he suggests. I smile up at him and slide myself up more, kind of squatting since I can't quite reach on my knees. I take my breasts, feeling a mark on the outsides from the rope a bit, and press them around his cock, which grows almost instantly hard. I begin jerking him with my tits, back and forth, up and down. Occasionally when my tits are pressed around the base near his balls, his head is up far enough so that I lower my chin and lick the tip of his cock.

"Ohhh yes....mmmm," He moans. I can't help but smile, hearing his enjoyment. He puts his hands over mine on my tits and starts making me go faster....jerking his pulsing cock hard with my titties. He reaches down and pinches my nipples, I moan, his pinching turns me on even more...and suddenly I realize that I, myself, stuffed full with both toys, am very close to cumming. I try to not pay attention to the throbbing of my own pussy, the contracting walls trying to push the toy out, but in at the same time.

I pause to ask, "May I please cum?"

"Don't stop, slave! Keep going..." He pulls my breasts to him more, and fucks them back and forth. "Massage my cock with your tits and lick the head."

I press my tits all the way down to the base and rub them in circles around his cock and down by his balls some, while I lick and suck on the tip. I keep massaging but ask again quickly, "Mmmm...I need to cum so bad, may I please?"

"No...Not yet."

"But...but Master, I'm going to...I can't help it. I've been holding back but I'm right there, please just let me."

"Stop." he orders quickly. "Stop everything...now." I let go of my tits, and move away from him. "Stand up." I stand up quickly and he reaches in front and pushes the vibrating ball over my clit hard. I moan out loudly... "MMMMMMmmmm! Master please," I start begging. "Don't." He pushes it in harder. I try thinking about everything BUT the pleasure...the cold fan in the room, the blaring air conditioning, the clock flashing 5:47. After what seemed like forever...he stops. "Good girl. Did you cum?" I shake my head, still trying not to think about it. "Gooooood girl." He couldn't hide his smile, and I knew he was pleased with me. "You may take your toys out now." I thankfully took out the vibrator first, seeing the dripping wetness oozing over it, turning it off as well, and then I take out the plug. "Clean off your vibrator. Lick it clean." I grin, not minding so much and begin licking off all my juices from the toy, swallowing the sweetness.

"Mmm...You're being such a good girl....after being such a naughty one. Do you want to be teased anymore?"

I shake my head. "No, Sir, please don't. I want to fuck you so bad right now, you don't even know."

He chuckles and says, "Put your toys down...but nearby. Right here on the bed...and come ride me."

I smile and set them beside him and get up on his lap right away. His cock is hard in the air, throbbing for me, waiting for this wet pussy of mine. I get up and start sliding my hot wet pussy over his cock, slowly at first...but I realize that the vibrator really did help prepare me and I slide myself down a bit quicker. He grabs my hips and forces me down all the way. I lean into him, moaning in his ear. He grabs hold of my face and starts kissing me hard and deep. This is what I'd been waiting for all day!!!....and way before...all the times we talked about meeting up....and here it was. My pussy was hot...as I rode him back and forth quicker, we could both hear how wet my pussy was, the smacking of my pussy down on his cock. I leaned in to start kissing his neck and down by collarbone...from this I felt his balls tense up beneath me and he pulled my hair, jerking my head away, shaking his head at me. I smiled, knowing that was where it'd get him most. He let go and I kept going. He smacked my ass a couple times to make me go faster...and I was like a horse responding to a whip. I rode harder, faster...deeper...feeling his cock head slam against the inside of me. He grabbed my hips now and then and tilted me different ways, trying to thrust into my g-spot, which he occasionally hit. Now and then I try to go back in for his neck, but he grabbed my nipples and twisted them. "No, slave, I don't want to cum yet." I just gave him this innocent I'm sorry look...feeling more comfortable around him by now to tease him this way. He rubbed my nipples softly, making me wetter, and now and then reached down and rubbed my sensitive wet clit for me. I moaned in his ear softly and then he whispered in my ear, after nibbling on it, making me squirm, "Get up."

I slide up, "Is something wrong, Sir?" He shook his head smiling as he still held my hips, standing up himself.

"On your hands and knees on the bed." I crawled over on my hands and knees on the queen sized bed, my ass facing him.

Apparently I wasn't close enough to the edge, so he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer. He then grabbed the vibrator, and pushed it up inside my pussy, turning the vibrator on again. It slipped in so easily after him fucking me, plus my pussy was still dripping wet, some of my juices dripping down my inner thigh. He swiped his finger up between my lips, gathering a decent sized drop on it and reached around bringing it to my lips. I sucked it off his finger, and as soon as he moved his hand away he rammed his hard wet cock in my ass without hesitation. I let out a loud groan, not expecting it, his size not even comparable to the small plug. His huge cock burned my ass, but it made me wetter below. He reached around front and fucked me with the vibrator while he fucked my ass back and forth.

"Oohhhh my gosh!" I moaned out loud.

He smacked my ass a few times, pulled my hair, reached under and pinched my nipples. It was all happening so fast...the pain went away with distraction to all the other tweaks and pleasures he gave me. I thrust my hips back against him, trying to keep up with his quick thrusts. I got closer and closer to cumming, but right before I was about to ask, He shoved his cock in me hard, pressing his balls to my cheeks, and shoved the vibrator inside me just as hard...it almost felt like they were touching inside me....and I felt him shoot his hot sticky cum all inside my ass hole. "Mmm...NOW you may cum baby," he said, right after he reached his peak. He made it a point to make me cum as he fucked me faster with the vibrator. I moaned...held my breath...trying to enjoy the feeling. He kept his cock inside me, still hard...blocking most of the cum from coming out just yet. When he pushed it inside me deep I begged that he kept it there, as the ball on my clit dug into that as well. He did so, and I came almost instantly. I bucked my hips back and forth, moaning, leaning my head back, my arms buckling, and my hips pressing down against him. After I came...I tried hard to keep myself up, until he pulled the vibrator out, and pulled his own cock out...with his cum dripping over it, and oozing out of my own ass. I was exhausted....but I could tell...he was ready to keep going.

"Why don't we clean ourselves up...We have dinner in about 45 minutes." he suggested, glancing at the clock which read 6:42.

He held his hand out for me, and I took it, barely able to stand. He led me to the bathroom so we could clean ourselves up in the shower, and prepare for dinner....which in my exhausted, weak-kneed condition...I was not ready for.

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